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hello! is it possible for me to ask if you could make a masterlist of 'wrong number au's'? they are currently my craving and so far i've only read 4-5 and i can't imagine that being all of them... and or if that doesn't work, maybe secret admirer au's? love notes, emails, texts, etc thank you soooo very much

Hi! I’m pretty sure you’ve read most (if not all) of these then (maybe except for the last one, which is fairly new), but just in case, here you have all the wrong number!au’s I know of and that are all definitely worth reading:

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle
    Summary: "I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description" Or, Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • Wrong number by IsakEven
    Summary: Isak wants to text Jonas but he accidentally texts Even.

  • juste la fin du monde by loglady95
    Summary: Sana blackmailed Isak into hosting a party at his place and gave his number to a stranger.

  • Love Me Harder by tech_ftw
    Summary: In which accidentally being added to a group text has unexpected consequences. Like falling in love. 

  • company by violeteloiv 
    Summary: isak knows he should stop this call, that this would be the perfect time for him to say something, ‘hey sorry but you got the wrong number dude’ — anything before this call gets any more weird or awkward. whether it is his curiosity getting the best of him or just plain out horniness he couldn’t find a will in himself to do so. his grip to his phone is tighter as he listens to the heavy breathing at the end of the line. he stays silent pushing down the guilt bubbling in his gut.

  • call me any, anytime by elspethelf
    Summary: Isak texts Vilde… except it turns out not to be her.

  • don’t u let me go tonight by artcmonkeys
    Summary: in which isak calls the wrong number, finding a charming boy named even who he becomes infatuated with.


Now, because I’m a sucker for those too, here are the three secret admirer!au fics which everyone needs to read asap:

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties and iriswests
    Summary: Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • “You don’t know it yet, Isak Valtersen, but you’re mine” by  Jules_poupard
    Summary: Isak is broken, and Even finally notices. Maybe he’ll be able to put him back together, or at the very least show Isak where his forgotten pieces lie.

  • You Scare Me (And I Love It) by i_once_wrote_a_dream 
    Summary: He’s chill. Except he isn’t when he feels something hit the back of his head. He doesn’t dare look back, but his face is flushed and heat pools around his ears and neck. He sits up straighter and forces himself to rewrite the last sentence. Alternatively, Isak’s got a secret admirer and Even is persistent.

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I've always been in support of Cuban Lance but I also never saw the problem with him only being half until that last anon you answered "where my culture gets qualified by white culture" like....wow. as a white person that just kinda made me rethink everything like that one line shuts down any doubt (to me at least) that Lance is fully Cuban

thank you I’m glad that I was about to change your mind on it. Unfortunately a lot of other people haven’t had the same changed of heart that you have but hopefully in time more people will see this side of the issue

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Fmk: Daveed, Lin, Oak

First of all, this is evil, how dare you. Second, I’m changing the last category to “avoid” just as a preference. Sorry, I’m lame. 

Fuck: Oak – he seems like he’d be into rough kinky sex that I’m down for but he also has this Soft™️ vibe about him that I would love to dom.

Marry: Lin – this one’s obvious (also if we’re married we can fuck all we want so it’s a win-win my dudes)

Avoid: Daveed – he intimidates the hell out of me so I’ll just avoid him (but also leave him available for @imaginebeinghamiltrash)

Sleepover Saturday

@m3cuti3 replied to your quote “All throughout the meal, Lucas found himself staring in their…”

OMG I can’t wait for the next chapter. Every story has so much angst and fluff, it’s so great. It broke my heart with the last chapter, but I couldn’t help but say typical because it going to lead there anyway. With this preview, it helped my Rucas heart because I know Lucas is going to confront Riley again. Btw, I won’t be opposed if there was one chapter that was rated M because it seemed Riley and Lucas might just bang it out anyway:P :D after all it is vegas….

AHHHHH!!!! I JUST got over my INTENSE need to change the rating on this fic. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG….I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff.  This has been the BIGGEST struggle with this fic.  I’m playing jump rope with this line between T and M and I will feel like such a jerk if I change the rating half way through.

But I’m not gonna lie….there are two very distinct paths I can take coming up VERY soon…and I haven’t decided which would be better for the story yet.

Thank you so much for reading it! <33333

Having fun with this crying boy today~ I mean it’s a meme of tears for fuck’s sake Bucky’s name is carved all over it
“Please stop!” and “God fucking dammit” were the most fun but holy damn was the last one also cute to make, I just wanted to make him happy cry for a change ♥
Protect this bby

7.) What was your life like last year?

I’m not sure if you mean like 2016 of last school year but imma stick with last school year bc hEY why not

  • im not sure if I even knew BTS existed??? Nope jk i knew them I just hadn’t stanned them
  • I became not single ;) @saturnsky101213 ily waifu
  • I had a really good english teacher and a history teacher that ranted about China a lot?? idfk
  • I pretended to ship my wife and one of my friends to hide the fact i was gay af
  • I got depressed?? Idk when but I remember this one point where i just completely doubted myse– oh wait that might have been over the summer rip
  • I got really awkward last year n thats had an affect on me :,)
  • Other than that i havent really changed,,, i think.,,..,. waifu if u remember anything help me,.,,..,.,.

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Lance, Coran, and Black Lion

Lance: What’s your type of humor and do you have a favorite meme?

I’m an ironic humor type of person. The more ironic the better. I can’t say I have a favorite meme. There’s just so many out there.

Coran: What is your favorite show other than Voltron?

This one is hard to answer. When my favorite show changes, the old favorite is usually left behind a bit but I still love it just as much, I’m just not obsessive over it anymore…So I guess I’ll name my last 3? Haikyuu!!, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, and Tokyo Ghoul

Black Lion: What are some things you want in season 3?

*sweat* this is such a loaded question. I’ll try to stick to safe zones… 

I want Lance and Keith to bond more. 

I want some Langst, especially zeroing in more on his insecurities. 

Of course, I want Shiro back. In one piece and alive preferably. 

And I want to see Keith grow through his more than likely unwanted leadership position. 

Also some backstory for Hunk would be nice. Doesn’t need to be some deep, painful revelation, but just….something. We have an idea of where everyone came from except him. He’s just kinda…there. What’s his story?

Send me Voltron Asks!


look at victor. look at this man. he finds out his boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping so he brings him up to a private room, strip him to his underwear and a sleeping mask, and then proceeds to sleep on top of him so he won’t have any ideas of slipping away during his nap time. if that’s not dedication to your significant other i don’t know what is.

Realest Fucking Panic! Lyrics Ever
  • i need a little sympathy to sore my insecurities
  • our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos, i set my expectations high so nothing ever comes out right
  • should’ve known right from the start you can’t predict the end
  • and being blue is better than being over it
  • you could tell me secrets that i’ll probably repeat; i’m not trying to hurt you, i just love to speak
  • fought resistance nearly my entire life
  • it’s better to burn than to fade away, it’s better to leave than be replaced
  • girls love girls and boys and love is not a choice
  • i want to complicate you, don’t let me do this to myself
  • in the sickness of you, i’m just a white blood cell fighting like hell for you
  • all of trade mistakes
  • you are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card
  • all of the calendar lmao that whole song’s a masterpiece
  • how does a heart love if no one has noticed its presence and where does it go
  • wake up to despise a world i once loved
  • if i wake in the morning i only need two more miracles to be a saint, everything i promised everyone i’d be well i just ain’t
  • can’t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid; sit back, relax, sit back, relapse again
  • talk to the mirror, oh choke back tears
  • im cutting my mind off, feels like my heart is going to burst
  • things have changed for me and that’s ok

“On Tuesday, January 10, I’ll go home to Chicago to say my grateful farewell to you, even if you can’t be there in person. I’m just beginning to write my remarks. But I’m thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you’ve changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here…I hope you’ll join me one last time. Because for me, it’s always been about you.” —President Obama. Get the details on his Farewell Address at wh.gov/Farewell.

I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much

RFA pickup lines ;)))
  • You: *sneezes*
  • Zen: I would say God bless you, but he already did.
  • You: B L U S H I N G
  • Yoosung: MC!
  • You: Yeah?
  • Yoosung: Can you hold this? *offers piece of candy*
  • You: *takes it* yeah-
  • Yoosung: *is now holding hands with you*
  • slim fucker
  • Jumin: I know you're perfect, but the one thing I would change is your last name.
  • Seven: Are you a hipster? Becoz you make my hips STIR
  • You: ..
  • Seven: 8D
  • V: *is already turning red* I'm not this tall, I'm just standing on my love for you.
  • Saeran: If I told you your body was hot would you hold it against me
  • You: What did you just say
  • Saeran: nOTHING

16.11.08 fancafe - bts_rap monster

Last broadcast rain

Bangtan did the last broadcast. We did the last broadcast and the rain was pouring down

It’s as if it had been waiting to come down

I know a little about loneliness since? since yesterday? I don’t remember but, I became fond of the rain. No one knows but, I would often go out without an umbrella and just wander (In fact, even these days I still do)

Rain and music are quite similar. Depending on the setting during that time, your expression changes according to the situation, and the implications can be different, right? There can be extended time of sorrow, also times it’s the complete opposite, to times of just purification, rest, wry smiles etc.. However I have always liked the smell of rain constantly. Is it because the dust is being washed away?

In fact the past few years, always, I’ve wanted to write a song about the rain. (we do have Rain… But I want to do my own version) A lot of my favourite songs are songs about the rain. Epik High hyung’s ‘Umbrella’, Let It Rain, Younha noona’s 'Sound Of The Rain’, X-Japan’s 'Endless Rain’ FreeTempo’s 'Rain’, Razah’s 'Rain’, Kim Hyunsik teacher’s 'Like Music Like The Rain’ etc. It’s seriously a lot, right? The rain has gladly became a muse for so many people. The world has become better to live in because of the rain

We learn from a science book when you are child - The amount of water is constant, that it can become the see, become the river, become the rain, that makes the earth spin - this is really really interesting. The raindrops hitting against my window now could be from the Himalayas. Endless mixing, dividing.. I wish I could live as raindrops too, I wonder if raindrops knew the feelings of loneliness, I would feel a little pitiful. Coming and going.

Anyways, much like the rain, things passed by like a panorama this month. I can’t believe we’ve already done the last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but, it was more like it this time really. For four weeks, the rain has come come down like never before for me and you.

The world is that rain “is Korea’s best rainfall in year”, “first such and such of rain”. 'x00mm’ with similar things said people are going to record such things and of course it’s something to be happy about but, our rain cannot be left to just number. as if that’s all we know. Before this rainfall there’s been countless others, in my eyes, in you’re eyes, and even my body every time I’m on stage. Every minute there are floods and waves driven. At this moment, I’m not far away, I like that you guys and I are here, mixing and falling like raindrops. So I just wanted to say that I don’t want us to be left as just numbers.
Singers follow the song title, really as this title says this rain contains mine and your blood, sweat and tears.

Listen to the rain now!
Have a good night.

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okay pls let me elaborate on why i love “look for the force and you will always find me” so much one last time. chirrut and blaze’s relationship on based on trust, and this trust is absolute. these words, chirrut’s last words, are not a promise or consolation or some shit, bc they don’t need that. chirrut has no doubt that he and baze are meant to be together, he has no doubt that even death can’t change that, and he has no doubt that baze is gonna be looking for him in the afterlife. so he is not giving any promises, they are so past promises in their relationship; no, instead he leaves an instruction on how to find him. what he says is “we will always find each other, and i will be waiting for you, so here’s where you need to go so we can meet again and spend our eternity together”. i just can’t believe how big their love is and how sure they are of each other

Team RWBY, 20 minutes compiling and editing (original roughly 4-5 hours each, so in total around 20-25 hours for all 4 girls.)

I did some smaller edits to this team version: changed Blake’s belly and edited Yang’s hair because I thought the original one’s looked a bit strange.Yang’s hair doesn’t seem that noticeable when seen from afar and still looks like the original version. Weiss has a bit of chin deflation and Ruby just has a bit more rose petals painted in.

Anyway, this will probably be the last drawing of 2016 (other than the occasional twitter shitpost doodles.) I’ll be leaving to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the rest of December, so I’ll see you guys next year. 

Here’s to 2017! :D Happy Holidays (winter break, or regular winter), and may you have a Happy New Year! 

“Story Time! Once a guy tried out an app and it changed his life. Thank you, Vine”

Yes, Vine. Thank you for bringing Thomas Sanders into my life! And can I just wanna say that I’m incredibly thankful that Vine was a thing!? And since I’ve done so many I felt the need to do one last Vine related drawing since it ended today!

Thomas, thank you so much for being the stupendous individual that you are and continue to be! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow over these past 4 years!! I’m so freakin proud of you! And with Vine ending I feel we just finished the most recent chapter, that was just volume 1! Your story has only begun, Thomas! And honestly I can’t wait to see where it goes! I love you to the moon and back! ✌🏾️💜💚