i just care about the animals haha

I hope you’ve been feeling at least a little better lately, and if you haven’t that’s okay too! Take the time you need ^^ I tried to animate but it’s literally only two frames so it’s quite choppy haha– I hope you like it anyway! Please take care of yourself <3

hOLY HECK THISIS SO CUTE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i am feeling better, actually! i just.. kinda forget about the blog sometimes when i dont get frequent asks, and my mouse is acting up a lot lately (i draw with a mouse, and rn clicking and dragging is like… more like clicking 800 times lately) so im not super motivated but thank you so much!!!!!1 posts will start again tomorrow >:3c 

Large chain pet stores, like Petco and Petsmart, are notorious for neglect and abuse of the animals they sell. People especially look over animals that are not cats or dogs. People think “Oh its just a fish” or see reptiles and birds as display items. These stores sell the animals as a commodity.

I personally have gone and talked to someone about their ball pythons because they had no water, humidity under 15 degrees and no shelter for the two little wrinkly pythons. And I have seen and heard stories about employees who do their best and inform costumers about the animals. Take time and research the animal you want and if you can afford it and care for it properly and find a someone/or group who sell healthy animals.

Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hour: 18:17}

Previous Hours | List | Mobile List | Next Hour 

♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ 

It takes a lot of guts to live alone in a place completely out of your element. But it helps to realize that everyone is the same, we all go through problems, we all fight, laugh, smile, make opinions, and et cetera. Still, “Geez” there was something about talking to ZEN, or to any of the RFA members, that made them feel different. Intimidating even. Maybe it was because he had never talked to them face to face or maybe it was because he was so confident in the chatroom that talking to them in real life would just be


Zack held the phone in his left hand loosely as he stared out the window of Rika’s apartment. It was starting to rain again and the water was lightly hitting the window pane. He had his headphones on listening to some calming music on repeat and thinking back to the past four days. He looked down at his phone to check the time. No wonder he was starting to get hunger pangs, it was nearly 6. He didn’t want to change out of his sweats so ordering takeout seemed nice. Oh, but could he? 

{Zack} Can I order takeout? 

[707]: Pfft why are you asking me? 

{Zack} Just wanted to get the OK 

[707]: Very good young one! Yes the master says you may order take out. 
[707]: Ah but make sure they only deliver it to the front desk and they contact you only on your phone. 

{Zack} Alright. Thanks for being so kind master 

[707]: ❤~❤

He unlocked his phone and order Thai food before going back to listening to his music. He leaned a pillow against the window near his bed and grabbed a book. He wasn’t too much of a reader but the weather, the music he had, and he atmosphere was perfect. He turned on his favorite lamp that let off a soft orange glow, almost like a flame, and opened the book when. 

Bzzt Bzzt 

RFA chat. He couldn’t ignore it even if he tried, he had to know what these interesting social links had to say. 

ZEN: Zack, you’re here ^^

     <: Hey, how was your coffee? 

ZEN>: Not as bitter today. 
ZEN>: You were right, the last chat did annoy me. 

      <: Yeah, figured. 

ZEN>: But I’m not too mad. I’m still in a good mood from today’s events. 

Jaehee Kang>: ???
Jaehee Kang>: What happened today? Is it your rehearsals? 

ZEN>: Well there is that. 
ZEN>: But~ 
ZEN>: I met the newest RFA member. 

Jaehee Kang>: What? 

ZEN>: He works at a coffee shop in the city near Sun Uni, I think that’s nearby. 

       <: Yes. 

ZEN>: Well anyways, I’m happy. 

Jaehee Kang>: And was he suspicious? 

ZEN>: Not at all ^_^

Jaehee Kang>: Good, I feel like I can finally rest easy. 

     <: Ya. 

ZEN>: Heh heh I feel special~❤ 
ZEN>: But… that commercial. 
ZEN>: Is Trust Fund crazy? I’m ALLERGIC to cats. 

Jaehee Kang>: I’m sure it was meant as a joke. 

     <: Mmngh 

Jaehee Kang>: What does that mean? 

     <: It means I’m not too sure. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s just pretend he’s not serious. 
Jaehee Kang>: Please.
Jaehee Kang>: I cannot take another cat project. 

     <: You got it rough. 

ZEN>: He’s just wasting money. 

     <: Wasteful or not it’s really up to you if you want to do that. But since you’re so allergic that even the mention of the forbidden word nearly throws you into an episode I take it that’s a no. 

ZEN>: Lol “forbidden word”
ZEN>: But yes, that’d be a definite N. O .

Jaehee Kang>: This is almost as ridiculous as the “find the world’s largest cat” event we had last year. 

     <: Please don’t tell me that was an RFA event… 

ZEN>: God no. 

     <: Wait, now that you mention it, I was rooming with a guy near your company. I heard about that. 
     <: I went just out of curiosity. 
     <: It was… interesting. 

Jaehee Kang>: The companies stocks went down for weeks ;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: As they always do when he wants to host those events. 

      <: Maybe he should just buy a DS and play Nintendo Catz and just play with virtual ones. 

Jaehee Kang>: DELETE!!!! 

     <: What? 

Jaehee Kang>: Don’t say that;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: I don’t even want to think about that 
Jaehee Kang>: He’d never leave his house….;;;;;; 

     <: Oh, haha!, sorry;

ZEN>: Bet that’s what Seven does. 
ZEN>: Takes care of a virtual Elizabeth. 

      <: Probably has his own cat simulator. 

ZEN>: Geez. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s not give Mr. Han any more ideas okay? ^^ 

     <: Yeah good idea. 

ZEN>: Do either of you like cats? 

Jaehee Kang>: Not really. I like animals but I don’t like them as pets. 

     <: I’m allergic and I like dogs. 

ZEN>: Oh that’s right! You said so before Zack. Heh we’re the same. 

    <: Except I won’t die if I see one. 

ZEN>: I won’t die, I’ll just sneeze all day. 

Jaehee Kang>: Enough about cats… 

ZEN>: Yeah lolol 
ZEN>: Instead let’s talk about my new role! lololololololol

     <: Ah hold on, my food is here.

Zack got up and stretched before putting a shirt on. He yawned and walked down the steps of the stairs. “Hmm?” He looked over his shoulder and felt a shudder go up his spine. Was someone watching him? He slowly looked forward and jogged down the steps. 

In the front lobby he paid for his food and felt another alarming shudder. He looked back and shook his head. Weird. 

“Sir?” The delivery girl looked at him. 

“Ah, sorry, here’s the bill.” He glanced behind him but saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Oh I don’t carry change, let’s just say it was just this amount.” She chuckled and gave him back some bills. “Enjoy your meal.” 

Zack nodded and took the elevator back up to the room. He was happy to be alone in it, hopefully it was safer. When the doors opened he cautiously peaked out before swiftly getting back into the apartment. 

     <: Um, sorry about that. Oh Jaehee left. 

ZEN>: yeah, I wanted to wait up for you. 
ZEN>: Food smell good? 

     <: Yeah I’m really hungry. 

Best to not talk about that strange feeling of being watched. He didn’t want to worry them. 

     <: Um, I’m too lazy to go back and read what ya’ll were talking about but, congratulations again for your new role. 

ZEN>: Heh, you really know what to say don’t you. 

     <: What? I dunno, I’m just saying what’s on my mind. 

ZEN>: Yeah. I like that thanks ^^ 
ZEN>: Let’s meet up soon, okay? 

     <: Sure. 

ZEN>: My schedule is hectic but I really, like seriously, want to sit down and talk with you. 

     <: You’re hyping me up too much. 

ZEN>: I’m not. I know it’ll be something I really need. 
ZEN>: Well, I gotta go. 
ZEN>: Have a good dinner! 

     <: Right. You have a good night. 

ZEN>: Bye bye

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

Something he really needs huh? Heh, silly. Don’t get…my hopes up like that… He leaned back with his food in his lap and read while listening to the soft rain falling against the window. 


I will make this a thing from now on – some doodles of some shows I’m watching this season. And I guess I will write something about them. I have a lot to say so I’m putting it under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

AAAAAAAA I'M FUCKING SCREAMING THANK YOU FOR EXISTING I MEAN I LOVE JOTARO SO HARD AND YOUR HC'S JUST MAKE ME AAAAA IDK IM DYING SO PLEASE KEEP WRITING THEM... And just as an idea, why not writing a hc about Jotaro's weird love for sea animals. I mean it can be interesting and all 7w7 But WHAT I REALLY NEED IS A FUCKING DADTARO HC I MEAN HOW WOULD HE TAKE CARE OF JOLYNE BEING ALONE IN HOME AAAAAAA JUsT iDeAsss 7w7 (english isnt my idiom so there may be mistakes fuck im runningoutofletters)

Hey! ❤ I know how you feel haha Jotaro is just… too much (。T ω T。) Don’t worry, I’ll keep writing them if requests keep coming, but I’ll be honest… Just as you, English isn’t my first language and sometimes it’s very hard for me to answer, perhaps bc my vocabulary is still a bit limited and I keep forgetting some important things -oops- that’s why I bring new hcs once every 100 years. But I love Jotaro and I have a lot of fun thinking about how he would react to certain situations, so I have no intention to abandon this (´。• ᵕ •。`).

Let’s go with the hcs~ both of your requests are good, so I’ll do both, since another anon also wanted Dadtaro hcs (btw, thank you, Anon #2! I’m glad you think that about this blog, I’m so happy now!).

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

~ Jotaro’s weird love for sea animals ~

☆ As we’ve seen, Star Platinum is a very good artist, that’s why Jotaro’s room is full of super realistic sea animals’ drawings (and it seems he’s very proud of it).

☆ He has some weird accessories, I mean, we saw it in part 4. But I’m pretty sure there’s more. It’s not that he buys every single thing-with-a-dolphin he finds, but he might have some shirts and underwear with sea creatures on them.

☆ Jotaro is kind of “If I like it then s/o might like it too” so things like s/o receiving a stuffed whale or a dolphin pendant on their birthday will happen.

☆ He also buys stuffed sea animals for himself.

☆ He shows his love to these creatures by being a nerd and collecting figures or stuff like that, he also buys lots of magazines and reads A LOT about them, but that’s pretty much it. He’s a good man and doesn’t fuck animals, you pervs.

~ Dadtaro ❤ ~

☆ He talks to little Jolyne as if she was a grown up, like… wtf(?), I mean, he’ll never ever make a cute voice or act dumb to make her laugh. If she’s crying, Jotaro would be more like “yare yare…” and then he’d just talk to her as he’d do with another adult.

☆ Jotaro is not very affectionate, but every night when he’s back from work and Jolyne is already asleep, he’d go to her room to make sure she’s fine, then he’d kiss her in the forehead and go to sleep.

☆ He thinks Jolyne will have fun just like him while watching a documental. (spoiler: she always falls asleep).

☆ Jotaro tells disturbing facts about sea animals to Jolyne while she’s watching sea-life cartoons or movies. Most of the time Jolyne gets mad at him because of this (she thinks he’s doing it just to bother her and he’s telling lies).

☆ This is important: Jolyne asks her father to buy her a puppy for her birthday, Jotaro gives her a fish.

☆ Also this: Jotaro says he’ll give her a puppy if she learns to take care of a fish first. In the end, Jotaro is always the one who cleans the fishbowl and feeds the poor little thing. (And he ends up buying more fishes).

☆ When only he’s at home with Jolyne and there’s no work to do, he’d play with her. Jotaro kinda likes to go to Jolyne’s ‘tea party’, he secretly thinks she looks adorable. And, since Jolyne knows her dad is going to be there, stuffed dolphins are welcome, so it’s extra adorable.

☆ Jotaro gets a bit embarrassed when Jolyne hugs him or kisses him.

☆ Jolyne likes very much going to aquariums with her dad, though Jotaro would start answering every question she asks with weird terms, so Jolyne would be like “and… what does [put here a marine-biologist-weird-term] mean?” all the time. 

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Thanks for reading u///u I ran out of ideas, but you can ask for more Dadtaro hcs, he’s cute af.

Teacher 707 x MC - Lucky Meeting

As promised, here’s the short fanfic based off of Seven’s Headcanon that was requested by a sweet anon (I hope you see this! <3)

He was on his way to work, feeling extra excited because it was finally time to troll his students this week. He had the best prank planned; first, he’d go to the staff room and then he’d-

His train of thought was suddenly washed away by the sight of a shivering little kitten who huddled desperately next to a nearby garbage can. As he started to approach the poor thing, he was cut short by a person who was almost glowing with kindness. Her aura filled his heart with love and happiness, he felt like she’d come and wrapped him in a peaceful warmth. She was so gentle with the kitten, carefully taking it into her arms as she wrapped her scarf around it. When she started to walk away, he called out to her involuntarily, almost as if his mind didn’t have to process the thought of it at all. 

“Hey, excuse me, miss? Where are you going to take that kitten?”

A little surprised, she turned around but as soon as she understood his concern, she gave him a warm smile. 

“Don’t worry, I work at the cat shelter down the street. I’m on my way to work right now so I’ll take good care of her.” she beamed. 

Seven didn’t know what to say.  He wanted to keep her attention but he didn’t know how to.

For the whole day at school, he kept replaying the scene over and over. She was just so beautiful - both inside and out. His students who were awaiting the monthly prank, didn’t understand why nothing was happening.

During lunch, it was as if his legs were moving on their own; not long after, he found himself inside the cat shelter when he finally gained his consciousness from hearing the delicate chimes of the door.
There she was, tenderly bathing another kitten with the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. Although her hair was a little disheveled and her clothes didn’t do much justice to her figure, he was completely captivated by her beauty.  

“Sorry,” she said without looking away from the kitten, “I’ll be right there with you, please give me a few minutes to dry her off.”

Seven distracted himself by looking at the other cats inside the kettles, but he caught himself glancing back at her through his peripheral vision.

“Um, sir?”

He turned around, losing his breath at the sight of her. 

“Oh!” she said, sounding pleasantly surprised, “I saw you this morning, do you remember?”

Of course he did. 

“Ah, yes,. Uh, I was on my way to work this morning… Sorry if I sounded like I was doubting you.” He replied sheepishly. 

“No, it’s actually good to see someone who cares about animals, I really can’t stand people who think that animal abuse isn’t important… their lives are just as important as ours.” A sudden hurt filled her bright eyes. Before Seven could say anything more, her smile came back and overpowered the sad atmosphere. “Are you here to take up an adoption?”

“Yes. Actually, I was thinking of the kitten you picked up this morning.”

“Oh, haha, about that…” she laughed nervously, “I was going to adopt her myself… I kind of grew attached to her after this morning. Sorry, I know it’s wrong for me to want to keep her for myself, but-”

“It’s… it’s okay, you can keep her but can I make a deal with you first?”

“Uhm.. sure?” she replied, a little anxious at his sudden offer.

“If- if you keep the kitten, you have to promise me that you’ll meet up with me once every week.” he stated a little too bluntly. 

“Do you mean with the kitten or just…?” She blushed a peachy pink, unable to finish her sentence.

“No. I mean, yes… yes, it’s so I can see the kitten too. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind it if it was only you either because um, because…” he scratched his head with embarrassment.

She laughed at his shyness and his nervous splurge of words as she reached out for a handshake.

“It’s a deal.”

LOLOL sorry this was kinda cheesy

but I hope this is what you wanted anon :) thanks for reading~

~Cherry L.


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So I've been wondering, lately a lot of blue tongue skink owners have been talking about how great their skinks are doing on cat food. And I was curious if there is proof whether cat food is indeed good or bad for them? I'm definitely skeptical since it's something Brian Barczyk has been promoting, plus we've all seen what dog/cat kibble does to tortoises. I mean even the best cat food on the market has fillers. And I couldn't imagine feeding a cat food exclusive diet even if it was healthy.

So while I don’t know a ton about skinks, I have read about their eating habits. Canned cat food is mostly meat, and can make up the meat part of their diet if properly supplemented and provided with good vegetables. As long as it is the proper type of wet food, of course, and they have to have their veggies as well. Now what BHB does is literally just give them dry dog food (which generally has more fillers than cat food) and that is all he feeds them. That is absolutely terrible for them and he does it because it is cost effective and frankly, I am starting to believe he doesn’t give a crap about his animals anymore, just cares about being famous and making money because he absolutely will not listen to reason or do research on animals he keeps anymore. He just buys them and puts them in whatever he deems okay. 
Anyways sorry for the rant, haha. But yes in certain situations cat/dog food is not a good thing, but if it is made of mostly meat the wet cans of cat food can make up the meat part of the diet if done correctly. (meaning good veggies and fruit provided) 

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Be interesting if there was some kind of sun worshipping religion sprung up in junkertown. People do all kinds of stuff in bad situations

:/ careful with your tone anon

sun-worship is cool & good, and people using religion to cope isn’t ‘haha crazy stuff you do in bad situations’

junkrat is deffo a sun worshiper tho. not in a traditional sense, but just as a kind of, lazy whatever animism. sun worship’s probably not super popular. depending on how bad the radioactive rain is, i guess.

but the sun mother is also an important mythological feature in a lot of aboriginal cultures. there are many different stories about her from different peoples. some that she created all life, and that aboriginal people are descended from her. some that she was a human woman who walked right off the earth, carrying a burning torch. some that she decorates herself in ochre each day before she carries her torch across the sky, which creates a red dawn and dusk as it spills off. (TIL: herehere)

the pan-aboriginal flag even has a sun symbol. so, actually it wouldn’t be that weird at all

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers ( non-negotiable, positivity is cool ☺)

Thank you for sending me this @inuykago

I usually never talked about this but, here you go:

1. I’m probably caring. I just can’t let my friends suffer alone so I always help them to give some advices
2. Probably kind and nice.
3. Funny, haha! I always tend to make my friends laugh by saying funny things or simply just act it out
4. I can act silly 😂
5. I have kind of different hobbies. Like watching Tennis, Motogp, Japanese dramas, or sometimes animes like Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin. Many of my friends say it is unusual to find a girl like me LOL

formidablefoes  asked:

Hi Dana! You're a huge inspiration and I was curious; what's it like working as a storyboard revisionist? Will you eventually become a story artist or are there other areas you'd like to specialise in? I'll be graduating soon but still haven't found my niche area, I enjoy it all but can't decide... Do you have any set goals as an artist? (studio you'd like to work at, projects you'd like to make within the next 5-10 years) I can't wait to see where you go next. :) Thanks so much & good luck!

Hello hello and thank you thank you! I’m actually a story artist now haha but being a revisionist was a blaaasst. More after the bump ~~

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autodidactylous  asked:

Astronomy and geology

Astronomy: The biggest dream/aspiration you have

I’d have to say that it would be to live in Canada, with my dream job (zoo keeper or like a have a kennel or something to care for homeless animals as I search for homes for them… Or just anything animal related). I will live there with someone that I love and care about dearly, and we will get married somewhere nice if she wants to. We will have two or three children. And lots of animals of our own of course xD I don’t know… But like, I’d really like that. Or just, you know… Meet my crush one day and be able to do things that I can’t right now haha. But oh well. Someday.

Geology: The person who keep you most grounded

My crush is the person that keeps me most grounded. Her or my family… Mostly my older sister though.

listening to Smile by Sheppard (this song reminds me of crush and she knows it)

minikahyakuya  asked:

Honestly, in my opinion, I think the OVA should've been on Gurens past(Guren Ichinoses Catastrophe at Sixteen) instead of some random story they came up with. I mean, it would've made much more sense. Of course, this is just my opinion, but still. The whole fandom would've seen what Guren and his squad had to go through and basically what happened to made the virus happen. So, yea. What do you think?

The art is just so bad. I literally cringed. But the story was okay. I know a lot of people love Shahar, and I do too, I just think his story was rushed and felt like standard filler wrapped up in a nice little inconsequential bow. I too would have rather seen maybe some of the things they took out of the manga or something instead that connected more with the overall story. Chapter 0 would have been soooo much better of a choice in my personal opinion. It’s literally one short story arc that is canon, has character development, and is something that would never get animated otherwise. Ugh, why couldn’t they just do that…I don’t know how much they could have done with Guren’s story in one episode is the only thing. I really want as many fans to read his story as possible because it just gives so much more to the characters. The novels do are much better at character building than the manga imo. I don’t know if 1 (admittedly crappily animated) episode would impact those who haven’t delved into his story enough. 

I have had many a discussion with @xatanic about the whole animating Guren’s story haha. It’s sooo hard because I would explode of happiness to see it animated. Just thinking about it being an anime makes me super happy (^-^)….but either with a different studio or a part of Wit Studio that cares enough about the source material. I really do like Wit Studio, and the sound for Seraph was high quality. So if we could keep the same sound (ost+VAs) but get an animation style more akin to Yamamoto’s, Id sell my soul for it XD

just some reasons why i love matthew daddario

  • is the dad friend
  • have you seen his stupid hair? ?? have you!! its beautiful and fluffy
  • dumb eye crinckles
  • actual ray of sunshine
  • loves cows
  • makes a slightly not even really offensive in any way joke and then follows it with “haha just kidding sorry” 
  • seems like a v great hugger
  • tall
  • so so so tall
  • cares so much about alec lightwood and his feelings?? and cares soooo much about the way the fans feel about him
  • doesnt understand the internet at all
  • is basically snow white with animals tbh
  • daddy oreo
  • did i mention the cows

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I don't know if you've been asked this already (if so I'm really sorry). But when the hybrids get sick or injured, do they go to a human doctor or to a vet? I just remembered that Ryan mentioned in a Let's Play that his wife's a vet and that's what made me think of it, lol.

oooh! this is a good question. hmmm I also have a feeling i’m going to write a lot soooo…

Read more time!

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Neat, good talk.. that's okay. Good luck to you.

sorry man i just literally don’t care. in the nicest way possible, i don’t care. i said that in the first message and i don’t know how many times i can politely say it after this, i just do-not-care about other peoples diets haha. literally everyones wrong. meat eaters need to shut the fuck up about bacon, vegetarians need to stop pretending that they’re liberating animals while drinking store bought milk, vegans need to check their privilege and realize that not everybody is lucky enough to even have a choice. it’s all just a cluster fuck of a debate that i’ve been having for six years and i don’t want to think about it anymore.

drink water and eat fruits and vegetables and appreciate the sunlight, but consider everything else stuff i don’t care to talk about.

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Have you ever been to Washington State, USA by any chance?

I haven’t been to the usa in general!

Anon:How did you feel about the second half of Inside Out?

already replied here!

Anon:seeing John angry is so weird omg

he’s been angry in canon several times tho lmao (possibly even more often than some other characters)

Anon:Have you ever thought about animating?

yeahh it would be really interesting but it’s too time consuming and I don’t think I have the patience haha;;

Anon:Have you ever thought about Jake X Dave? I don’t even care if you draw it, I just wanna know your opinion on it.

no feelings in particular and I don’t ship it ;v; I drew it once as commission if you check my tag for it

anonymous asked:

I hunt for fun and I am a sophomore in high school taking college level classes lmao. So there goes the stereotype of us having no brain capacity haha(:

I usually don’t care about what other people do but when it includes killing animals for fun, then I care. What’s fair about it when you have a gun and therefor they clearly don’t stand a chance? It’s just pathetic. Being book smart means nothing when you clearly lack empathy and are so self-entitled.

When you look at an animal as just something you can just kill for fun and to make you feel big and tough then you’re a prick. You clearly cannot comprehend, or just don’t care, that they are a living being with feelings, emotions, and a family and life of their own and you want to take that away just so you can feel like a big man. Can you not find a more productive way and less disgusting way to spend your time?

anonymous asked:

what things do you love about your gf?

ohh boy that’s a lot of stuff, I don’t think I can name absolutely everything, but some of the first things that come to mind is that I always have lots of fun around her! she’s very entertaining and we have the same sense of humor, probs partially because we’ve spent a LOT of time together over many years now, haha ; 7 ; we share so many interests and I can talk to her very easily and feel totally comfortable around her. she’s caring and very sweet, and it sounds mega cliché but I genuinely have never met anyone as cute as her?? like, everything about her just radiates cute and she does a lot of stuff that makes me wanna just !!! squeezehug her into oblivion like when you’re watching tiny adorable baby animals, you know?? she’s just hhhhhh so adorable, both her personality and appearance, if I’m allowed to be superficial and bring that up, haha =7= she’s a great listener which is great because I talk A LOT. she’s very kind and she’s interesting, she obviously cares a lot about me too and I feel very appreciated. she’s great at dealing with me when I get difficult and angry or sad, too. no matter if we’re dressing up and going out or just staying home watching anime or baking or w/e we have such a good time in each other’s company and I truly feel like she’s my best friend as well as girlfriend! I just love spending time with her and I feel really really happy around her <33 ; 7 ;/