i just cant with them ok


Ok I know I was gonna stop posting BatB drawings after I saw the movie but I CANT RESIST!! THE MOVIE WAS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO NOT DRAW AT LEAST A FEW THINGS!! Anyway I’m gonna colour it later so look forward to it😊( ps also super excited for @crappyartforyou s upcoming underfell BatB fanfic! If you love BatB and undertale stuff check them out, there just starting the story✌️

LISTEN ITS TUESDAY IN AUSTRALIA OK ( also ive had this finished since the day i made the post and I love how it turned out and i cant WAIT ANY LONGER)

@rainys-shipsandcanons, Rainy, it is BROTP DAYS and ofc i chose Perrin and Kai! 

Honestly, whether its platonic, romantic, fwb, or anything else, they just work. They just vibe so freakin well man, i cant with these two 

also honestly they’re both such pretty boys i hate them???? 

look i got white privilege but even i, a saltine cracker, cant relate to all u other dumbs with white privilege jus being like “just accept the presidency and respect him, he’s your leader” like no??? i’m not going to??? he gives me diarrhea and is a racist like …. y'all also are probably the type of people who are friends w someone who bullies other people but ur ok with them bc they’re nice to u…. so u can choke

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..

real talk how many little duets do you think dan and phil have from across the flat

  • riverdale ep 3: Betty and Veronica... B and V... ~forged forever~
  • riverdale ep 4, 5, 6 & 7: lmao beronica who??

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back,
                             as he had been looking back for months.

kravitz: so, it seems like those three ‘reclaimers’ have defied death even more, along with the entire town of Refuge

the raven queen: i suppose so. i wouldnt worry about it, though; lady istus took care of that whole shebang 

kravitz: … i should probably go talk to one of them just to be sure

trq: hm, i appreciate your enthusiasm, but that wont be-

kravitz, picking out his best suit: no no its ok ill take care of this whole situation

trq: kravitz no youre literally dont have to-

kravitz, checking himself in the mirror: ill just stop by and make sure shenanigans arent at play here

trq: this really isnt necessa-

kravitz, already stepping through a rift: dont worry my lady ill get to the bottom of this


Ok, like I know there were a lot of other pictures of the dance battle at the banquet, but these are just a few of my favorite with Yurio in them because

The fact that Yurio actually did this???? Oh my gosh???

Also holy crud they can breakdance

Yuri and Yuuri can breakdance

*deep inhale*

How can these bois get any more perfect like pls spare my heart

me, being held at gunpoint: wait pls let me say one thing before i die

bad guy: ok

me, crying ugly: i just wanna say.. my otp is so real and i love them

“i didn’t steal it from your garden this time!”

listen. if you are 15-16-17 you need to get out of your head the idea that you stop being a human being once you hit 18. you need to stop taking characters older than you and labelling them as ‘old’ or implying that they cant do the things they do because of their age. 

you’re young. i get it. but you do not understand how damaging and horrible it can be. surprise surprise, you are not going to be 16 forever. you are going to age. you are going to turn 19, 20, 23, 25, 30, it happens to everyone!

the media already portrays women as only useful until they turn 20. as soon as a women turns older than 20, she is shunned, hated, forced to lie about her age or essentially removed from the media completely. growing up, that fucks with your head and can bring on severe depression. because as soon as you turn 19, you feel like you only have one more left in life before you become ‘old’. you obsess over it. it ruins your damn life.

guess what? sombra is 30. the people in overwatch who are 30-40 years old? you should not scramble for a reason to say otherwise. women at 30 can still be fun, reckless, athletic, ‘childish’, edgy.. anything! they can be whatever they want because 30 is not even old! 30 is not even close to old! in the grand scheme of life, being 30 years old is still INCREDIBLY young. even from culture to culture, different ages mean different things. 

you do not realise it, but you are damaging and hurting people. let 30 year old women have something they can relate to in the media they love. let 40 year old women see themselves! dont try and grab all this evidence to say ‘this character isnt 30 because theyre fun and silly and adventurous and childish!’ because all you’re doing is reinforcing the idea that once you turn 20, you’re old and no one will ever want you anymore and you’re not allowed to have a personality.

age representation in the media (specifically for women) is incredibly important.



anyway they’re watching kingsman, as per oikawa’s only non-scifi-related request and lbr kuroo’s enjoying it but nobody lets go of a chance to tease oikawa

anyway yeah just some quick doodle stuff while i reconcile the thought that i ship pretty much every combination of captains out there