i just cant stop loving you

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with my ex still. We broke up and stopped talking because of misunderstandings and people. I'm dating someone now, but, he's not "him" And on top of that, my ex wont talk to me (Still mad about everything I believe) I cant stop thinking about him... what should I do?

Break up with your current boyfriend. You’re still loving your ex and yo are just using your boyfriend now to get away from your ex. This is wrong. Never date someone thinking he could be like your ex. 

Before you date someone new you need to be over your ex. Don’t use anybody as a distraction. You need to let your ex go, he isn’t interested in you anymore. 


Michael Jackson & Siedah Garret in the studio recording “I just can’t stop loving you”

“At night when the stars shine I pray in you’ll find a love so true… when morning awakes me will you come and take me, I’ll wait for you. You know how I feel I won’t stop until I hear your voice saying "I do”, I do this thing can’t go wrong this feeling so strong, well, my life ain’t worth living if I can’t be with you"