i just cant sometimes

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Im 16 and out of all my friends im the only one whos still a virgin. They always talk about sex and boys and I feel left out sometimes cause I cant relate to them. I just want to get it over with and lose it already.

You may think that now but please understand that your virginity is the only thing that is truly yours. Once you lose it, you will never get it back and that memory of losing it is something that will always stay with you. You may want to just “get it over with” since all your friends have and it’s okay to feel that. However, losing it to someone just to lose it and losing it to someone you truly love feels completely different; the emotional connection during sex is an indescribable feeling when its with someone you love and loves you back.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my friends lost their virginity at a young age and live to regret it. A good majority wishes they stayed a virgin until they found a person they truly loved and cared for. Some of my friends that gave their virginity to someone at a young age aren’t even with that person now. Its sucks. 

Please don’t feel indifferent about your situation. When you meet someone you are crazy about and feel that connection with, you’re going to be so happy you’ve waited for the right one.  

i love clint barton because he is the kind of guy who would drive all the way across town to pick you up from a bar when you’re too drunk to walk straight and will complain about it the entire drive back and probably for the next week or so but he will still drop everything and do it again in a heartbeat (or two)

Sometimes i just wanna go away and stop listening people … I just wanna listen to my head and understand what she really want… running for running …
Don’t think … Don’t talk … Just run and forget the past …