i just cant handle this sign

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wht kinda person do u see jimin thinking he's into vs the kinda person u think his soul mate is

like all air signs, i think jimin would think he’d b into a really cool girl. like an aloof girl who’s hard to get or someone who seems to hold alot of things on the inside. he’d find her really interesting and try to be with that person. but i think later down di line, he’ll realize that being with someone like that is hard bc in general, air signs cant b around negative ppl for long or ppl who just dont open up. they just cant handle it.

his soul mate?? someone who’s just really light hearted, takes him serious and is honest w him but not blunt w him, if u kno what i mean and not overly mushy and headass tbh. jimin is headass but would b di type to laugh if their partner did something really headass. also, that person would b his best friend bc air signs loves best friend kind of relationships so much. basically someone like taehyung tbh 

Things The Signs Have Said To Me

Aries: HAHAHAHAHA, no.

Taurus: *sighs* Everyone is so used to my inappropriate humor hahaha

Gemini: *knocks on my door while opening it* I brought you fooooood!

Cancer: Are you doing okay? You want me to make you something? 

Leo: I need to eat everything in the world before the dentist touches my teeth.

Virgo: I like school but also cant handle it. 

Libra: I’m with you always…watching……..I’m not a stalker.

Scorpio: Puppies? Kittens? Where?

Sagittarius: Yo friendo!

Capricorn: I just want to be a jellyfish.

Aquarius: Found a dog and am currently in a relationship with him.

Pisces: I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.