i just cant handle this scene

8 minutes of a lifetime

You know I rewatched the whole episode again

And even if the last scene with Marco not remembering his password of his laptop seems unsettling I think it was there to remind us that what happened to Marco in that dimension DID happened, but he is in the process to going back to his 14 yearls old self. His mental state is not going to return to his normal age as fast as his body, because if that happened, it would have been disturbing for him.

The next scene is what, at least for me, proves my point

“Still warm”

That means he did remembers the burger, that he bought that and that’s why he says “Still warm”. This is showing us that he is starting to going back to his old mental self.

And lastly

“Alright, let’s go for a walk”

He still remembers this and it’s not doubtfoul of what the puppies want and he is doing it with a smile. He is sure of what he needs to do, something that didnt happened with the laptop. I think by this moment confirms that he is back to being 14-years-old Marco.

So this scene is actually shwoing us a slower process of him regaining his 14-old mind. Mind and body are different things and I think this is very realistic in the point of handling differently a body change with a mental change. You cant just show two different realities to someone an expect them to addapt quickly to them. It took a little more time that his body, but he is back to his teenage mental state.

His memories of what happened in those 16 years will go away? Probably not. But he isn’t going to remember it as “what-i-am-now” but a “what-i-can probably-be” more likely scenario. That he can have a future if he proposes things.

With the experience he gained, he is going to enjoy his teenage life with his friends and family. 

He knows he have a future.

But for now, he is going to live his present.


‘The Spectacular Now’ Deleted Scene
 We lie there silently for a long time, and I stroke her hair until finally she’s like, “You’re incredible. It was like we were just one soul joined together.”
I kiss her forehead and go, “Thanks. I guess it’s pretty easy to seem incredible to someone on their first time.”

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Do you think it was intentional that the Traxx in the mixtape was written like "TRA XX", with a space before the XX? It just seems inconsistent. Could Dean meant to imply kisses? Also, do we get any other instances of Dean's handwriting to compare?

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*Tink looks into the camera*

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Pls make another reaction that was so good!!! 😍 (maybe a reaction to their idol crush giving them a kiss on the cheek?)

Yoongi: *Tried to act nonchalant but everyone could tell that got a lot more cheerful, smiling way more than ever*

“What?” “What’s wrong with me smiling?” “It’s the weather, I’m in a good mood”

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Jin: *Couldn’t stop bragging about you to the members, told the same story a hundred times, in a hundred different ways* 

“-so my heart was beating so fast and at that point I didn’t know what to do and-”

[Yoongi finally told him to shut the fuck up]

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Namjoon: *Attempted to keep his calm but failed miserably; dimples involuntarily showing up. The members teased him non-stop as they know he’s head over heels for you*

“It wasn’t anything like that” “It’s just a kiss on the cheek” “It’s just…”

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Hoseok: *Had no idea what to do so he just laughed awkwardly while the members struggled to hold their laughter looking at his face, knowing that he has a crush on you since forever*

[After the show ended]


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Jimin: *Couldn’t believe what just happened and broke into a fit of giggles. His brain short circuited, unable to think about anything else but you. Immediately seek for advice from the members*

[Everyone can’t help but think that he’s too cute]

“NO I didn’t say I like her” “I just-” “She’s…” “OKAY FINE I do” 

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Taehyung: *Cheerful like usual on the outside but couldn’t help but overthink about your action when the day’s over and he’s alone*

[Talking to himself]

“Why did she do that?” “Obviously it’s just for the show” “She couldn’t possibly like me back…right?” “But-” 

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Jungkook: *Oblivious to your constant flirting, underestimated himself and didn’t believe that you have a crush on him too, the whole world knows you like him; except him*

[The hyungs became frustrated]

“What do you mean she likes me” “Okay she did kissed me on the cheek” “What” 

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I thought Chou-Chou would definitely be the captain because of her subtle teasing at the beginning episodes but damn, Mitsuki just went straight for the kill LMFAO.

Look at their blushing faces HAHAHA. We got that Boruto blushing from Sarada because she was looking too close into his eyes and that scene where Sarada blushed because Boruto said he will become her right hand man when she becomes hokage, now we got this. Too much blushing I just cant handle these two *faints*

We all know Mitsuki has a keen sight and observation. He was the first to figure out that the class rep was behind the ghost incident. Therefore, I believe his conclusion about Boruto and Sarada being a good couple is reliable, no one can tell me otherwise lol

My BoruSara heart is happy with this episode tho I still wish SP animated this scene:

Our lord, our savior, the one and only Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto, drew Sarada stalking Boruto.  This is motherfucking canon!!! Oh well, even if SP won’t ever animate this, we all know and we cannot deny the fact that there is this one time that Sarada stalked Boruto. Eat that haters :P

I can’t wait for more BoruSara moments in the future. I’m so excited to see the development of their relationship as teammates, rivals and *cough*lovers*cough*


Sarada’s future includes:

Becoming Hokage and

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i saw screenshots of my girl and imo the anime…didn’t really do this scene justice in terms of scripting so i switched it up a bit


Coming to #tfcon2017 ? Be sure to snag a copy of my new (and first!) sketchbook at the show! It’s full of things like warm-ups, sketches I took way too far (lol), and one of the only places you’ll find a print version of the #MTMTE 22 deleted scene that I illustrated awhile back! A book meant to showcase the stuff that would probably never see print otherwise (and also room for a quick head sketch, inside, with purchase!) Price will be just $20!

I cant even handle how much i’m looking forward to seeing you all at the show this coming weekend. Its gonna be fun :D

Some filler shit

idk I haven’t written in a while so here have this quick piece of shit that I wrote in ten minutes. 

I used some prompts from this list, feel free to send me some requests. 


“If you pull out my earphone, i will pull out your lungs.” you warn and grin when your friend cautiously retracts her hand from where it was hovering near your face.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a triple chocolate brownie. “He’s talking about you again, you know” she says as she breaks a chunk of brownie off and holds it above your waiting hand. “You don’t get brownie points unless you respond.”

You roll your eyes at her because what a surprise, you had been Shawn’s favourite subject to talk about ever since you bumped into him. “Do i get bonus points if i act like i care?” you ask, voice dripping with contempt.

“Yes, actually,” She responds, dropping the chunk into your palm, “I don’t get his obsession with you, like what’s his problem?”

“Me either,” you mutter nibbling on the edge of the brownie and checking across the field to find shawn and co walking towards you. Hardly surprising considering you both had gym last period.

“Speak of the devil” his friend hollers, gesturing to where you and your friend were sat at a picnic bench. “What have i told you about calling her the devil?” You hear shawn reply, “Its offensive to the devil.”

You sigh pulling out your earphones, if you can hear them with music blaring in the background then your sure half the school can hear them too. “Excuse me, i have to go make a scene” Throwing your bag over your shoulder you turn to catch up with the group of boys who had walked past.

She looks up at you, throwing a thumbs up. “Knock his teeth down his throat” She calls to your disappearing figure.

“Shes crazy, like just when you think you’ve got to the bottom of the crazy, you find a fucking underground garage.” “What’s wrong shawn, afraid you cant handle it?” his friend teases causing Shawn to snort.

“You couldnt handle me even if i came with instructions.” you retort from behind them, watching them freeze for a split second before a chorus of ‘ooooohhh’ spreads round the group

“Y/n, always a pleasure” shawn murmurs, turning to face you with a smirk. His friends nudging each other as if this is the best entertainment they’ve had all day. Considering their attention span you wouldn’t be surprised.

“Wish i could say the same” you reply icily, adjusting your bag strap on your shoulder.

The smirk falls off his face and you watch him clench his jaw at you, “What do you want?” he deadpans, features dark.

“Stop talking about me.” His friends laugh, throwing off handed remarks and bumping into each other like a collection of bouncy balls, but not shawn.

He doesn’t laugh, eyes flicking over your small form squinting slightly, as if he can’t work out why you are choosing now to call him out. “And why would i do that” he muses, stepping towards you until his entire frame is hovering over you, forcing you to have to look up to see his face.

From this angle you can see every single eyelash framing his eyes, they are surprisingly delicate considering his hostile personality. You stare up at him, ignoring the crowd gathering behind you. “Why wouldn’t you?” you breathe, eyes darting between his as you register the shock displayed on his face, he opens his mouth to respond.

“Dont look in her eyes, she may steal your soul.” the comment comes from behind him, drawing a laugh from deep within his chest, hitting you in the face as he looms over you. Whatever tenuous connection you thought you had made severs, bringing you crashing back down to reality.

“As if he has a soul to steal in the first place.” You mutter glaring into his copper eyes, watching them flash in something that looks very much like hurt, before spinning on your heel and walking back to your picnic bench.


“Hey Captain.”

Captain Underpants stills at the soft, tired voice that crackles through his ear piece. With a groan, he tries to get up, but the bruises and cuts that litter his body from the giant robot that continus to stomp on buildings just a block away keep him from moving. Through bleary eyes, he can make out the form of his Benny sprinting towards the villains contraption, his bright white polo shirt sticking out from the crowd of fleeing civilians.

“I got to say, this has been a rough day for you, huh?” Benny’s words are split apart by harsh breaths, as the larger man is not used to running this fast for so long. “And also, I just have to say that this is the worst plan ever,” Captain can’t help but let out a small giggle at the snark, despite the situation. From afar, he sees Benny reach the robot, assess the monstrosity, and then climb it.

A realization begins to dawn on him.

“So, I know from every romance action movie you forced me to watch that this is a real shitty, if heroic, thing to do, and I’m sorry,” Benny continues as Captains horror grows, and he desperately gets up and tries to move, only to stumble forward a few steps and fall to the ground once more. “This whole situation sucks, but isn’t that the story of my life? Hell, the one good thing in it was meeting you,” And Captains eyes burn like the rest of his body, but this is because of the frustrated, helpless tears that he blinks away because he needs to see, and he watches Benny climb up to the glowing core, slipping inside the machinery and out of view.

“I left you the house. I paid off the damn thing finally, and redid my will. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep a straight face when I told my lawyer to leave the house to ‘Captain Underpants’? I don’t think he thought me as in sound of mind, but I paid him enough that he didn’t care I guess.” Captain can hear the hum of the inside mechanics, and he has one last hurrah, one moment where he lifts himself up into the air, before exhaustion sends his face into the asphalt. He imagines going into Benny’s house without him there, and he feels sick.

“Take care of the boys, alright? Those troublemakers need someone looking out for them, and Melvin needs a better influence than some crazed scientist. And make sure the new principal they get knows what he’s doing. Don’t let them get the kind of guy who thinks that ‘All children are precious angels,’” Captain wants to laugh again at the silly voice Benny uses, the familiar sarcasm and cynicism that bleeds into his words, but his response sounds more like a sob as he chokes on words to say back. “Make sure they get a guy who knows children are great, but also knows that they can be little bastards from time to time, alright?” Captain nods even if Benny can’t see, because he cant swallow the lump in his throat to speak and all he can see is a grave marker with Benny’s name on it, can see a new person in Benny’s chair in Benny’s office in Benny’s school and he can’t handle the scene that is so heartwrenching that he curls his cape around himself for just the smallest bit of comfort.

“I, uh, well that’s all I need you to do, besides the whole moving on and living your life thing. I know you’re going to be fine, okay? You’re a hero, Cap. People need you more than they need me.”

“I need you.”

Captain’s voice is small over the intercom, and he finally allows tears to drip down his face while he hears Benny swallow, a moment of crackling static silence permeating the battle scene.
“I…I know. I’m sorry Captain.” Benny’s voice sounds like he’s crying too, but he doesn’t say he’ll be fine, and it may as well be a death sentence. There’s a sound of shuffling, and a loud buzz filters into the intercom.

“I love you.”

Even with the quiet click that preceeds the intercom turning off, the sound of the explosion is both deafening and heartbreaking.

The robot falls, and Captain’s heart shatters.

OK WOW! did not need that first thing in the morning so i rolled back over and went back to sleep



Really? So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who’s capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you? I did once, when I thought he was worth it, but it turns out some people can’t be fixed. People who do terrible things are just terrible people.

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what are a few things you DON'T like about gilmore girls? not characters or anything, but like the way things were written and how they handled certain things and things you just can't Get Over™.

this is gonna make it seem like i hate the show like i truly love it but its problematic as hell so like ya i have a few issues

  • lack of diversity (only 3 main characters of color (michel, lane, mrs kim), 2 of whom are supposed to be korean but have japanese actors; 1 gay character whose sexuality was only made specific in the revival and (to me) seemed like an “afterthought”; emily’s maid in the revival, etc)
  • offensive jokes (the fat, trigger, and gay jokes in the revival; the gay/lesbian jokes in the og series; the “thats my native american name” joke; abeist jokes (i know they exist but i cant think rn so i cant give a specific example), the fact that she named a character (g*psy) a slur; etc)
  • woody allen references (and references to other abusers)
  • i dont like how the characters look down on anyone (especially other women) who don’t share the same taste in them….the one scene that comes to mind is when lindsey says she like michelle branch & the others character like….physically cringe. (lol i know this is a thing real ppl do too but i hate it and its just a pet peeve of mine)
  • luke and lorelai falling apart because of how they handled the april situation…..im sorry but luke wouldve talked to lorelai about it. he wouldve wanted her help. he wouldve wanted her and april to have a good relationship. it was ooc and they only had him do it to cause drama 
  • chris slept with lorelai when she was upset and vulnerable and he clearly took advantage of her but no one in the show seems to care?? or notice how gross that is????
  • the romanticization of chris in general. and dean. and jess. and logan. lmfao
  • the lack of development between season 7 and the revival, in terms of both character development (rory, for example) and plot development (lorelai only bringing up kids like 8 years after they got back together)

asdfgh i promise i dont hate the show im just not a fan of asp or her humor or her brand of feminism so a lot of my problems w/the show stem from her and like….ya

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On the subject of 13rw like when i tell people i didnt watch it theyre like "omg whyyy???" So i say i can't cause i know i cant handle certain scenes but sure enough everyone wants a 5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format on why i cant watch 13rw. Like you don't need my life story just take your stupid show and get away from me (sidenote, whys it getting a second season?? Like what are they gonna do in it? Relistening to tapes??)

Okay so firstly: Fuck those people

Secondly: I can go on a rant about the Second Season™ sooooooo….

Thirdly: The first thing that jumped out at me was “5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format” SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Why 13RW Does NOT Deserve the Progressive Title People are Giving It

                                               An Essay by Me

13RW made its debut back in 2007 as a novel written by author Jay Asher. Now, the book had its problems with handling such a sensitive subject BUT these problems were only highlighted once the novel found its way to Netflix. 

The first problem is the fact that they do NOT follow guidlines laid out for them (by “them”, I’m kind of grouping them under the term “media” since this is the media) in a nifty handbook for media outlets called “Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide”, which outlines responsible ways to talk about suicide. This includes the acknowledgement that suicide is not so easily pinpointed to one or two specific events but the culmination of numerous causes, most often including mental illness. This also includes staying away from graphic depictions and descriptions of the suicide. Otherwise, you risk what is called the “copycat effect” where people will take these ideas of suicide and apply them to their own suicide. Which has already happened because of this show. 

Now, to the show’s credit, it does put a warning in front of the episodes. But warnings are an…. iffy sort of deal. For example, I was going through a difficult time when I first started watching the show. And when I saw the warnings, I figured that they wouldn’t phase me because usually I’m not very sensitive to things like that. I’m usually pretty good about separating myself from the story. But this was very different because the story doesn’t just focus on her, it focuses on all of this pain and regret and saddness over her loss, all of this attention and love she was getting afterwards. And for someone who was on the border of having a SHITTY™ time, something, almost anything, that would earn me so much attention and feeling from other people was appealing. I honestly sat down and thought very seriously about it before gathering myself and taking MANY walks outside to cool my head. And the worst part is that if I was feeling this way, someone more sensitive than me would be feeling 100x worse and would have no resources given to them at ANY POINT during ANY of those episodes. At no time did they list any resources before the credits, or peppered in the episodes. None. In fact the only alternative the audience is presented is in the line “[cutting is] what you do instead of killing yourself.” 

That being said- they then also try to bring in the issue of rape and sexual assault. Of which they also graphically show (which, again they do put warnings but) And this is where it gets sticky so I’m gonna bullet list people, or rather characters at fault here: 

  • Bryce- He’s the one that does the raping here (TWICE on screen) 
  • Justin- Sits back and does nothing to help Jessica, his girl, and lies about it to her face for months(?) before finally coming clean and telling her the truth but also trying to convince her that it’s okay because they just have to keep quiet about it. 
  • Hannah- Ah, the black sheep no one wants to talk about. The other person who ALSO witnessed the rape occurring and did absolutely nothing about it whatsoever until making the tapes where she spends then entire time putting the blame on Justin and Bryce despite being in there and witnessing the entire thing and going on to do, again, N O T H I N G to help Jessica either.

And of course, over the course of these tapes being listened to, no one ELSE does anything about any of this either until Clay gets his hands on the tapes. 

Which brings me to my next point: Mother. Fucking. Clay. Jensen. The boy who acted like a dick to her while she was dealing with the rumors and the bullying. The one we’re supposed to sympathize with because he wanted to bone her so badly but never got the chance. NEWS FLASH- Clay Jensen is a “Nice Guy” in sheep’s clothing. His entire character arc is trying to redeem this girl that he thought he was in love with because he regrets not being able to “love” her back to life somehow- despite the fact that his relationship does not: 

  1. Suddenly erase the rumors 
  2. Take away the fact that there is a counselor on staff who has no regard for his student’s safety or mental health 
  3. Fix her developing mental health issues
  4. Mean that people will change their minds so quickly

This just in- dating someone who has a mental illness, who has the kind of issues that she does, is not butterflies and rose colored lighting. It is not saying “I love you” and everything just being magical and okay. And that’s exactly the picture this show paints, there is an entire scene devoted to it. And this furthers the unrealistic and problematic picture that being in a relationship will solve all of your problems.

And, after ALL of this, there are the subplots being introduced in the show of: 

  1. That kid (Tyler?) about to shoot the school up because Hannah told those people about how he took naked pictures of her (but when Justin took a similar picture of her underwear and showed his friends- that was okay and didn’t deserve the same kind of punishment?) 
  2. Justin’s family life isn’t too hot and we’re supposed to sympathize with him and understand that this is why he acts out and he’s so devoted to Bryce because Bryce has on numerous occasions supported him and this is, presumably, why he does nothing to stop him from having his moment with Jessica (because to Bryce women are property, no different from an Xbox, and so Justin has to act that same way), why he goes along with Bryce sending out the picture of Hannah, and why he is trying to help protect Bryce. 
  3. Alex has shown signs of suicide on multiple occasions, including actively trying to kill himself at least twice in the show. 
  4. Jessica, now having to deal with her rape.

That last point is probably the one I want you to pay attention to most because the PR team or w/e released a video of Jessica’s phone in use. Justin calls Jessica a whore (or slut…. something) and she confronts him. And then, suddenly, the conversations flips to him saying how much he loves her and needs her.

Well, little miss Jessica, who has been exposed to the tapes just like the rest of us now, gets an idea in her head and good thing there are weapons in her house. She sends a snapchat of a gun to Justin and leaves a note on her phone addressed to her parents and that’s where the video ends. So yet again, suicide is used as the big dramatic plot device to move the story along. 

And in ALL of this talk about suicide not ONCE is ANY sort of mental illness addressed. There are a few glimmers of a serious conversation about it from an English teacher who then immediately gets drowned out because of whatever angst Clay is feeling over his unsatisfied Hannah needs.

The show tries to act like it’s the knight in shining armor riding in on the white horse of “Media Representation” when in all actuality it’s the court jester trying to stall his beheading by telling the King some convoluted drama just enough to plan his escape. 

It tries to say that it’s going to address the issues of rape, sexual assault/harassment, and mental illness. It tries to say that it is trying to bring awareness to suicide because it shouldn’t be an option. But the fact of the matter is: It doesn’t. The social media accounts the show runs only post “cute”, ~relatable~ pictures and quotes from the show, with little to nothing about any potential resources anyone might need or be curious about. 

The ONLY actual, real conversations that MAY be productive are in a video called “Beyond the Reasons” that is also on Netflix but presented as a completely separate entity that does not how up in recommendations after the show or otherwise, and had next to no publicity whatsoever around the release of the show. 

Overall, the conversations the show has stirred up are not about mental illness, not about how rape is reported or viewed in our society, and it’s not about how we can be working to prevent suicide in young people. The conversation has been about the show itself and the question of whether or not it’s a “good” or “powerful” show and if/how we should be letting younger, more impressionable people (i.e, middle schoolers and young high schoolers) watch this show. 

The writers and producers will sit there and tell you that they want to show this in a “real” way. They’ll say they wanted to portray these to mimic reality, the nitty girtty truth. Well, guess what? If you are going to take on that responsibility to be truthful about what goes on, about how these things happen, then it is ALSO your responsibility to make sure that you actually give people REAL WORKING alternatives. And the fact that there is no sort of master list of resources, no conversation in the show about how to handle all of this, no sort of conversation about these ISSUES THEMSELVES in the show proves that the writers and producers don’t care about being accurate. They don’t care about helping the community, they don’t care about representation. 

They care about views and money. 

Some articles/sources: 








And some places to get help: 






   So as of late I’ve really gotten into Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir and… HOLY FUCK I CANT HANDLE THE AMOUNT I SHIP THIS, I LITERALLY CANT BREATHE PROPERLY WHEN THEY ARE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER. I just finished Season one…. I have a whole new look towards umbrellas, and I’ve rewatched the scene God knows how many times, and I’m currently listening to the song that was in the background and I’m also crying and my heart feels funny, and OMFG I CANT STOP, I LOVE THIS SHIP SOOOOO MUCH OMFSGsfkdjfghdhfj

Be Respectful! Don’t Harras BTS or Any Idol For God’s Sake!

Okay. Recently there is someone in twitter who writes inappropriate things to Jungkook. They are writing perverted things and tagging them. Normally this is a common thing although it shouldn’t be. But this is a verified account. Since BTS sees verified accounts’ posts if they are tagged, this is a serious issue. And there are people who support this. They say that they are grown ups, that they can handle it, that they can say that they are disturbed or stand up for themselves. But they actually can’t. If you’re an idol in Korea, you can’t do various things; like speaking back to fans, expressing your anger etc. Hell, a fan even took an idol off the stage by force and she couldn’t do anything about it. The security handled it. So don’t say that they are grown ups and don’t tell us to stop protecting them. Just be empathic. Would you like to be bullied or sexually harassed on social media. If you wouldn’t be bothered by that, know that normal people would be. Stop harassing them. And Kookie is only 20. They don’t deserve this.

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Ashley you precious cinnamon bun why did you even offer food to a 60ft skeleton

…Welp. Turns out I’m not leaving the hospital anytime soon.

I cant believe they genuinely addressed the ledge scene??? Magnus straight up told Alec that he couldnt handle the sight of him about to jump even under the influence of magic and Alec was so quick to try and shove it under the carpet and blame it all to magic yet Magnus just knows because Magnus knows everything and let him know he understands because he’s been there himself and he knows how it feels like, Alec was openly uncomfortable about Magnus knowing, but not the “ugh can he just not talk about it” uncomfortable, it was more like the “im not used to talking about it because i did such a good job at hiding it” but he likes how Magnus will never stop reminding him how he’s always there for him despite his self harm tedencies, and hes glad to see Magnus being openly supporting and not pitying him like he feared of and kept everything to himself