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Hey meabhd, do you hapen to have any tips on how i can pick colors more easily because thats just a huge problem for me. I know the basics of color but i cant actually put them to use. Im confident with my line art but the entire drawing starts looking awful when i put color in it.

So a secret. I am rubbish at colour, it’s 100% the thing I struggle most with besides backgrounds but I have learned a cheat from my good friend @magicelum who taught me about how to fuck with gradients (follow him cause holy crap his art is absolutely stunning)

So… I start off with the flat colours and some shadows

For this one I used the gradient tool in photoshop and a red colour on Screen mode.

Then used the same tool but on a different layer on Lighten mode with a blue colour.

Finally I made her hair look all glowy by using a soft brush with a reddy-orange colour over her hair, with the layer on Divide mode.

Now looks all cohesive and like I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to colour!

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Ok tho for real, between Reaper and s76, who do you think is the more embarrassing Overwatch dad? Keep in mind, Reaper:

-Wears owl/skull/plague doctor masks at all times, unironically
-Just dresses Like That in general
-Tells dad jokes like “Dead man walking”, “I’m back in Black” and “I’m dressed to kill” about himself. To no one in particular. Also unironically
-Uses his bullshit zombie magic to obtain infinite guns + then throw them everywhere instead of reloading
-Makes 60 year old basketball references abt the Lakers
-Keeps shotgun shells all over his outfit despite, again, throwing his guns everywhere and never reloading them
-Has pretty mariachi outfits to bring on missions. Also brings his guitar. On missions
-John Freeman Beard


Morrison can and will wear this:

okay so i moved into this apartment like 4 years ago and there’s this kid who lives a floor below me who started learning the piano just around the time i moved in and the thing with apartments is that you can Hear Everything so i’ve spent goddamned years listening to this kid stumble on the piano and play off-key but just now as i was about to go to sleep i heard them play the entirety of can you feel the love tonight without any bumps or missteps and it was fucking awesome, and i don’t know this kid and i’ve never even seen them before but i’m so proud of them and it’s awesome how i’ve somehow managed to hear this kid’s journey into playing the piano for the past 4 years of my life. i hope they are doing well. i cant wait for more mini-concerts at 9 pm

A Different Kind of Chatfic

Day 2: Social Media or Celebrations (¿por qué no las dos?)

OG-angel has entered the chat

mrsplisetsky15 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 changed chat name to !!!!!!!!

yurislover_1997: guYS DID YOU HEAR

OG-angel: you mean abt otabek and yuratchka?!?!?!!

yurislover_1997: YES OMG

yurislover_1997: im crying help

OG-angel: im not going to be any help wtf do u think im doing

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Well to be fair fifth harmonys statement before made her look bad now shes making it look like fifth harmony is bad so i guess its just the typical group drama. But no matter how much i love camila i cant help but be bitter that she seems to be doing soo much more than 5h and they're stuck being overshadowed like always.

You can’t hold it against Camila, she’s doing her thing, she’s working her ass off and she’s definitely not wasting any time, which is smart. She redirected all the attention that was created from the drama towards her music and that’s why she’s been center stage non stop since she left 5H. She has a very good management team, which is what 5H lacks unfortunately. You basically have to strike while the iron is hot and since the PCA performance 5H hasn’t done anything to be noticeable while Camila is doing project after project. I really hope that 5H makes a great album and an awesome come back. I think we need to start dissociating the two because now 5H and Camila are on two very different path and I’m tired of feeling like I have to take a side or feel bad for one when the other is doing good. I think right now it’s gonna be Camila’s time and her career on the front page and I’m gonna root for that - then once 5H puts out a great album (which I’m sure they will) it’s gonna be their time and I’m gonna root for them just as much.


“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”

hey help pls

so, ive been studying witchcraft lately after repetitive dreams seemed to be pointing towards it and its been quite strange if im honest, the dreams made more sense when studying it so im not sure what that means? im just wondering, if someone could message me and help me please? what should i look out for? study? risks? advantages? how to start? advice?? thank you id really love some help asap, i cant really find any so i dont know what to do :(

THEORY TIME 3 (more spoilers)

ok its been about 2 hours and ive been thinking about nothing but gotham. lovely. SO:


-ed knows oswald killed isabella, ed knows oswald loves him. dandy

-ed imagined himself stabbing oswald. also just….. dandy. :)

-ed did not actually stab oswald! its a step in the right direction at least!! (silver lining, people)

-oswald doesnt know ed knows he killed isabella

-ed is now teamed up with babs and tabs and butchie (i need a name for them)

-oswald does not know that ed is teamed up with his enemies. oh goodie.


-is ed actually betraying oswald


-is ed tricking BT&B


-the entire “love is a weakness” spiel might come up again later (in what context idk? 

ed: “love was my weakness and i let myself be betrayed by you because of it.”

ed: “love was your weakness and you let yourself be betrayed by me because of it”

oswald: “love really is my greatest weakness, the only thing it’s brought is pain, im never going to love anyone again and im going to kill everyone forever, bye”

-”i would betray him in a heartbeat” - 2 options here

        1. it comes back in that it really was just a trick, eddie really meant it when         he said this and he would never ever betray oswald

        2. eddie was telling the truth here, he really would betray oswald at his               first chance

-”i would do anything for you oswald” (idk but this seemed PRETTY HEARTFELT to me). but just how far does “anything” really go??

-”good luck” in 3x05 in parallel with “remember that” from this episode. i mentioned this in a different post, but possibly the same kind of warning? a “everything is going to go wrong and itll seem like im betraying you but itll be fine in the end, love u bby, xoxo”

-eddie always has a plan, and he can always read people. babs is very obviously manipulating him; what does he really have to gain from helping them? they wont give him power after oswald is taken care of, and he knows that.

-very specific wording of “i dont want to kill oswald” (also “i want to take away everything he loves” but oswald doesnt love anything. except him. he should know that)

-ed looked super conflicted in that book award scene. after oswald talked to him, he came to some sort of decision. we dont know exactly what that decision was, whether it was to start forgiving oswald or fully commit to hating him forever. (im praying for the former)


-ed is actually just tricking BT&B. the way he acted in the sirens scene was odd to me; he didnt look genuine when he was telling them he wants to help them. plus that smile at the end looked completely faked/manipulative

-ed really does want to see oswald suffer, but he doesnt want him to really get hurt. he honestly cares about oswald (“youre my best friend as well”) but he also cared about isabelle (excuse me, isabellaaaa). he wants revenge and closure

-he’ll use BT&B to get his revenge (enter Elijah) then he’ll go back to oswald (”you needed to feel how i did, you needed to get your heart broken too, yadda yadda yadda, some big speech”)

-ed sees babs as a threat to his own/ozzies power/the general balance that needs to be taken care of ASAP (”what’s your motive”) and wants to do so by acting as a double agent. he can’t tell oswald because “your reactions needed to be genuine” (tbt)


-absurd optimism:

ed really was just playing double agent like in 3x05, he comes back to oswald, they miraculously end up together and smooch and everything is heavenly

-logical pessimism:

ed really does hate oswald, he starts a war and does everything in his power to hurt him, they eventually end up in a neutral antagonism situation where theyll never be friends again but theyre not actively trying to kill each other so hey, thats a plus. ed goes full riddler, oz goes full penguin, they both turn into completely heartless supervillains and never care about anyone else ever again.


ed betrays both oswald and BT&B, takes power for himself. congrats, everyone hates you and you have no friends, good job loser. 

(-other other:

i really wish they would resolve that whole isabella nonsense and actually tell us whether or not she was a plant to cause drama b/w ed and ozzie. otherwise i guess itll just be left forever and she really is just an abnormally normal person. great.)

im tentatively non-pessimistic (bordering on cautiously optimistic). i still expect it to turn out in the worst most painful possible way, but there is a minuscule remote chance that it could end ok, or even almost happily! im going to hang onto this hope so i dont implode over the next 2 months. bye

Remember when I said there were like 40 something swatches on the skirt??

Lmao just kidding there are 100.

You would think someone ambitious enough to do 100 swatches would have no problem importing 100 thumbnails for them right?


Only the first one gonna have a thumbnail and IDGAF.

Which leads me to my question, I made some “curvy” bottom pants/jeans. Like they give ya females thick thighs, defined booty cheeks xD rounded calves and just a more sexy lower figure. HOWEVER you cant wear them with any shoes that go past the ankles since they don’t 100% match ea mesh. Do you guys still want the “curvy” pants anyways???

just so u all know drawing all the time and filling sketchbooks doesnt work for everybody and isnt feasible for everyone so if you dont do one or either of those things, that doesnt make you any less of an artist it took me a while to realize that

drawing all the time could actually have the opposite effect for some people and make art seem more like a chore and get u frustrated and upset so just take a break…i usually draw once every few days, maybe once a week its okay and it doesnt make your art any less serious just because you cant do it all the time 

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Seventeen's reaction to reader kissing them to shut them up

wow, I’m blushing (GIF credits to their owners.)

Seungcheol: Would actually blush and die inside. Would complain because he feels really attacked.

Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

Jeonghan: “I knew you couldn’t stand my lips”

Originally posted by wonnhao

Joshua: Is really giddy after the kiss that he keeps giggling and you’re like god how do i shut him up from this ?

Originally posted by jisooosgf

Jun: ”You couldn’t even wait until i finished talking hmm i didn’t know my kisses were that good.”

Originally posted by satanteen17

Hoshi: Gets really happy and asks “Will you give me this treatment every time i talk too much???”

Originally posted by hosoeks

Wonwoo: Starts thanking the lords because if he talked any longer he would have exploded.

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Woozi: “Ahh just tell me to shush next time. My heart cant take it”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

DK: *Feels like he’s Einstein* All i had to do was talk and she kissed me …”

Originally posted by dokyummm

Mingyu: “If i be a good boy and shut up, can i have some more??”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

The8: “What do i see? oh its just my gf dying over how good my lips are that she couldn’t even wait for me to stop talking.”

Originally posted by csoups

Seungkwan: Gosh if you wanted me to shut up then you should have said so but im not complaining. Your method is good.

Originally posted by seventns

Vernon: He doesn’t care as long as he gets his kisses (His face says it all)

Originally posted by vernon-yespls

Dino: (Excuse woozi) He would blush so hard and completely forget what he was saying “Ohh umm *clears his throat* yeahh um”

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Thanks for requesting! This was super cute :)

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Repeating backgrounds ft. tournament rivals

They’re free to use, just credit me if you do!

Here’s what I’ve realized: nobody owns existence and I deserve to be here just as much as any of them and if my burden in life is embarrassing and they think negatively of me b/c of it, it doesn’t matter because it’s my world just as much it is theirs. I’m paying to be at this school and to take classes and theres literally nothing they can do to hurt me. Theres nothing they can do to me that I haven’t already done, or wanted to do, to myself. I KNOW that I humiliated myself so what can they tell me that I don’t already know?? what insult could they give that I haven’t already insulted myself with??? I am more ashamed of myself than they are of me. I cant GET ANY LOWER I AM ALREADY AT MY LOWEST so I might as well face them

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I can't find an KOBB Fics, do you know any good ones? Btw, your art is amazing! Especially the KOBB art!

That’s cause there hardly is any, welcome to suffer with me. No but really there is some really nice ones. Just go to like Ao3 but here’s some of ‘em i really like
First (nsfw kinda, also they’re based on my humanformers design), Second (nsfw) , Third, Fourth
Also thank you, that’s really nice of you!

Sweet Envy (M)

REQUEST:  A smut scenario with anyone from the maknae line where you are greek and he finds the while thing really sexy like your accent and the way you look and stuff. Teheheee =^^=

AUTHORS NOTE: 2,706 words of fluffy smut with taetae (but can i just mention how outrageous taehyung is getting) ally xx

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Another animation test! I promised to tell you all about the story of the trinity and i’m going to do just that.

The trinity is about a group of three. CIII, rickey, and kazmua. They live in the world of ingea and live on the continent of north anazwel. They are what everyone refers to as vibrants. Vibrants are people that are able to radiate their aura outside their body. This causes each vibrant to have a special power! There are also neutrals, people who cant radiate their aura. They dont have any powers but have adanced technology and some have more physical strength. Long ago, vibrants and neutrals were not equal and there was also a all out war. Ill get much more in depth with this in another post!