i just cant deal with him anymore

someone: one direction has to come back

me thinking about how dead harry looked in 2015 and him discussing not wanting to burn out, and liam’s drinking problems and how he forced a smile, and zayn’s eating disorder and mental health, and niall mentioning they had to write and record an album in 6 weeks: ……………………o…k….


Request:  Hello could you maybe do a story where jughead and the reader are together and they get into a huge fight and the reader says “if you walk out that door don’t ever come back” and he walks out and she attempts suicide and she ends up in the hospital and he comes to see her and they make up and there’s tones of fluff and tears thanks. I’m sorry if it’s super long. I’m big fan of your writing!♥️😜

AN: Thanks Anon! If you ever have suicidal thoughts please seek help if you can, there is always someone out there who can help you and cares about you. I found this hard to write so sorry its short.

You didn’t know what had started the fight and you didn’t care. You and Jughead had had a rocky relationship for a while know, ever since Jason Blossoms death. You would constantly get into fights, scream until your throats were sore and one of you had stormed out. You just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Tonight you and Jughead had another fight but this one was particularly bad.

“I cant do this im leaving.” Jughead began to walk to the door.

“If you walk out that door don’t ever come back!” You shouted at him. He glanced at you and slammed the door. You bro down crying. You couldn’t take it anymore. You walked to your bathroom and opened the cupboard and grabbed a pill bottle. You shook as you swallowed them and everything went black.

You woke up blinded by lights. You heard a light snore from net to you you turned your head and saw Jughead. You smiled.

“Juggie?” You said in a small voice, he woke up and smiled at you. He got up and hugged you. 

“Dont you ever scare me like that again. What were you thinking?” His voice quivered and you felt your eyes begin to get wet.

“I just couldn’t do it anymore Juggie. I..I couldn’t deal with the fighting anymore juggie.” You felt a tear fall down your cheek. 

“I love you. Dont scare me like that again.” 

“I love you too, Juggie. Dont worry i wont.”

people are upset about a “lack of evidence”. but do you really think he would have been suspended from his job and put under investigation for nothing? with no evidence? do you think past and current coworkers would put their two cents in, for the most part agreeing with the accusations or voicing their disgustion and anger and sadness? if it wasnt true??? something must have happened. i know tumblr sometimes jumps to crucify innocent people. and its true that fans and anyone not involved doesnt know the specifics about what happened. buts its hard to just shrug and say “no direct screenshots or anything? must not have happened!” again the editor in chief of polygon (vox?) has tweeted briefly on the issue. nick is currently suspended and under investigation. and i also get thats its heartbreaking, ill be the first to say i lovED him and his content. but i cant appreciate his content anymore knowing hes a manipulative sexist. and im sorry if im spamming yall by reblogging things about this. but this is a huge deal to me im just so emotional about it all…

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How to deal with singing being your stim but your brother is also autistic and he cant stand any kind of singing so i dont cause i dont want to bother him and over time losing all confidence of singing in front of anyone ever and then you can only sing when nobodys around which is almost never and now your once beautiful singing voice is not as good anymore because you almost never get to sing and its been years and im just kinda sad right now

Steve picks on Sodas girl

Steve had his license, Soda had his license, shoot! even two has his. But you didnt, and you were 17 and were pretty insecure about it. Especially when Steve teases you about it. He was Sodas best friend, and you loved Soda so you didnt say anything.

That is, until he took it too far. The reason why you dont drive is because you can barely see. You’ve gone to a handful of doctors, and have gone through a handful of glasses but nothing has worked and you still cant see well enough to pass your permit test. 

“ Cmon! why cant your drive? Are you too short to reach the pedals?” Steve was joking around with you again but this time it just struck you differently and really bothered you. You were getting tired of everyone driving and you not being able to. “Would you just cut it out?!? I cant drive because I caant see! now drop it.” 

THat took him by surprise. He didnt know how much it bothered you. “Woah, y/n I’m sorry.” he felt guilty about everything, ‘I didnt know it bothered you, wow Im sorry.” 

“Just dont do it anymore, okay? 

“Okay, deal.”

this sucks 

so like everyone’s talking about how great the whole “Yuuri is actually the playboy” plot twist was and yes, it was fabulous and i am literally on fire, but I also love that this episode revealed that Viktor is basically just like a giant, somewhat emotionally stunted fucking nerd? Like, he’s put his entire life into becoming The Best Skater and he IS, but all it takes is one wild party and getting physical with a cute guy on the dance floor for him to realize “wait there’s like so much I’m missing out on?? I’m only just realizing that I’m massively unfulfilled OOPS” and then all of a sudden being the best in the biz doesn’t mean shit anymore. like, he straight up pines over this guy for like FOUR MONTHS before dropping everything to move in with him on the subtlest hint that he may like him back, like, this is literally the most adorable high school crush-ass situation ever except y’know, Viktor is a celebrity athlete who lives on his own and is at the height of his career so suddenly catching feelings and deciding to just go for them is kind of a Big Deal

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before the tribute concert i couldnt really wrap my head around his passing but ever since it just made it REAL and it hurts so much more then it did before. nothing feels right anymore. i cant listen to anything but linkin park and im just so fucking mad that it had to be him.

And you’re angry

And you should be

It’s not fair 

Just cause you can’t see it

Doesn’t mean it isn’t there 

I know. I am fucking angry too. And I have these deals in my head where I trade my life for him to be back. And I fail to understand how can anything make any sense ever again and I question my faith in higher good and carma and all that shit. What does it even matter when he’s not here, when he had to suffer this much?? But at the end of each day I have to accept over and over again that he is gone and he is not coming back. And it fucking hurts. But I’d go through all of this every single time just to know him, just to have him in my life and in this world. It wasn’t nearly long enough, no, but he did exist, and we get to remember him forever, we get to live the rest of our lives with the knowledge that it is possible to be that strong and that good and that kind. His time here was short, but look at how many lives he has impacted/saved/changed, look at how much good he has done and is continuing to do. That has to be worth something. I wish I could change things, but everything that happened both good and bad made him a part of all of our lives and I am grateful for that and would not trade it for anything. He is gone but HE DID EXIST and that’s a miracle in itself. 

im sorry but when flint literally looses his shit with billy and shouts ‘why the fuck didn’t you warn us?!’ as his voice does the high pitched thing that it always does when hes emotional.. like not only did i get the impression that this was him upset because he’s just found out that john is probably dead and its billy’s fault, but it also reminded me so much of the scenes with him and miranda when he ends up blaming her for thomas’ death like the exact same emotion came across in his voice like even his crew were like wtf because they’ve never seen him genuinely upset before  

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Hi~ Imagine Andy just being a magnet for trouble & serial killers? Like from the time he's a teen (right after the 3rd movie) he's encountered and survived Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michel Myers, Leatherface... basically he'd dealed with guys way scarier than Chucky by the time they meet again? Imagine Chucky's reaction when Andy shows him all the scars he has from those encounters? =O

You know, there’s two thoughts I have in response to this:

A- I imagine Andy has been threatened, hurt, abused, etc, by various foster homes. 

B- Whether we’re in your AU or in mine, Chucky is gonna be hella angry/jealous that someone laid hands on Andy. Mostly angry. 

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I'm madly in love with this man and he just broke up with me, I guess it was a mutual decision. I want to not want him back but it just hurts every time I wake up and hes not there. I go to text him and then I realize I cant..I don't wanna hurt like this and I don't want to love him anymore. Hes such an amazing man and always goes out of his way for others but I feel like I wasn't worth that. I'm not writing this to say hes a horrible person, hes not. But I cant help but hate him right now. Idk.

Love isn’t always fair and I’m sorry your heart has to deal with this right now, but I want you to know that one day you’ll end up in the right place with the right person and you’ll wonder why you ever even worried in the first place

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with him like seriously
Look at HiM



SERIOUSLY I HIGHLY DEBUT HES BLOODY 20 .. He’s .. “Whisper” 5 .. Yep he’s

“Looks up to Jesus” I need holy water cuz I can’t deal with this white man anymore

He’s going to be the death of me ….

Preference #11: Surprise

A/N: Again I’m always taking requests. He will either give you a surprise or you will surprise him. Also I start school soon so my schedule will be crazy, I promise to try to upload a pref once a week!  Enjoy! xoxo

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IM5 Preference : Broken Relationship - Song Based

Cole - What If by Jason Derulo

Don’t know what tomorrow brings,

But I’m still hoping,

That you are the one for me.

I smiled brightly, as Cole went on about how the boys teased him about forgetting the dance. “They said I was daydreaming about you.” Cole added. A smile crept on my face as I continued to eat dinner. “Were you?” I questioned. “Maybe,” He mumbled shyly.

I giggled slightly, “Focus on work, not me.” Cole just smiled. “But you’re my world,” He smirked. I shook my head, smiling. We ate comfortably, but Cole’s smile slowly turned into a frown.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked curiously. “Nothing, I was just thinking.” He responded, but I could tell it was a lie. “About?” You nudged him in the shoulder. “Just that, we only have two choices.” He said blandly.

“What are you talking about?” You smiled, he was acting very serious. “With us. We’re either going to get married or breakup.” He stated. My smile fell. “That’s true.” I answered hesitantly. 

The rest of dinner was silent. I didn’t know what to say, and I could tell neither did he. I made my way to bed, getting under the covers, pondering what Cole had said.

“Would you want too?” Cole asked from the hall. “Want to what?” I muttered. “Get married.” Cole said bluntly, as if it were nothing. “Marriage is a big deal Cole.” I replied. “Not really, it’s just a piece of paper.” He shrugged.I was shocked. Cole was usually a hopeless romantic,but now he was being inconsiderate.

“A piece of paper that vows you together with someone for life? A piece of paper that tells the world that you’ve met the person that you want to live with until the day you die. A piece of paper that promises the two to care for each other, love each other, protect each other, no matter what argument, what circumstance, what problem comes in their way. Cole it is not just a piece of paper.” You argued.

His face turned pale white. “I never thought of it that way.” He hung his head down. ‘Do you want to get married, Cole?“ I asked, anticipating his answer. "I don’t know.” He paused. My eyes looked down at the floor, holding back tears. “But, I do know who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He added, climbing into the bed next to me.

“We only have two choices,” I whispered, laying my head against his chest. “I know we’ll make the right one.” Cole responds, kissing me softly on the forehead, drifting off to sleep.

Dana - Deuces by Chris Brown ft Tyga

I know you mad but so what,

I wish you best of luck.

Now I’m gonna throw them deuces up.

“I can’t believe you.” I screamed, pushing Dana away from me. “I was drunk, it didn’t mean anything.” Dana argued, but I didn’t believe. For the past couple months, our relationship had been breaking, and their was no fixing it.

Fame had gone to Dana’s head, and he had turned into some cocky monster I didn’t even recognize. He was always hungover, and if he wasn’t, he was about to be.

“You kissed her, and they have it on video! You were shoving your tongue down her throat, and it didn’t mean anything?” I was holding in sobs. He didn’t reply, scoffing as he rolled his eyes.

“I’m not dealing with this anymore.” I pushed him aside, sprinting into your bedroom, packing your suitcase. “What do you think you’re doing now?” Dana growled, standing in the doorway. “Leaving.” I mumbled, quickly grabbing everything of mine.“You threaten that every week, you’re not going anywhere.” He chuckled to himself.

“No Dana, I’m leaving for real this time. You just don’t understand. I cant sit here, defending you, saying your some wonderful person, when your not! Your a monster, and I’m not letting you leech of me anymore. I need to leave before you hurt me more, or worse yourself.” I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

Silence. I continued throwing things violently into my bag. “Please, please don’t leave.” He begged softly.“I-I can’t function without you.” He whimpered, choking up as if he were to cry.

“You never needed me, Dana. You used me.” I replied coldly, placing your final clothes in my bag. He grabbed my arm roughly, “I always have. I just always knew I was going to lose you, but now. I can’t lose you now.” Fear was in eyes, he was scared.

“Dana, let me go.” I ordered, trying not to look at him. “Please, I’ll change. I’ll do anything.” He begged, down on his knees. I pulled my arm away quickly, zipping up my bag, and rushing to the door.

“What about the ring?” He asked as I placed my hand on the doorknob. I looked down at the engagement ring on my finger. “Please, don’t go.” He whispered one last time. I slowly pulled it of my finger, placing it down on the  table next to me. 

“Goodbye, Dana.” You said firmly, closing the door behind as one last tear fell.

Will - She Looks So Perfect - 5SOS

If I showed up with a plane ticket,

And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it

Would you wanna run away too?

Will and I were cuddled up on the couch, watching his favorite cartoon, Spongebob. I wasn’t very into it, but Will seemed to be enjoying it. “Spongebob can travel anywhere in the world, and always be happy. Isn’t that amazing?” Will asked. I just nodded, smiling at his interest.

“He had such an optimistic look on the world, it’s as if nothing can hurt him.” Will added. “Will, I think you’re taking this a bit too far.” I joked. “It’s true though.” He grunted. I could tell he was being serious.

“I wish life were like that. If you showed people your positivity, you could conquer anything,” He acknowledged. I sat up, looking down at him. “Will, is something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“Why does he hate me?” He asked. “Will, what are you talking about?” I asked, completely confused now. “Your dad, he hates me. With a passion.” Will grumbled. I looked down with a sigh.

“He’s just protective.” I replied, shrugging my shoulders. “He thinks I’m unreliable. That the music business is terrible. He even told me that you deserved better than me.” Will added, looking hurt. 

“Will, I don’t want better than you. There is no better than you.” I explained, trying to calm him down. I could see a mixture of anger and sadness in his eyes. “No matter what I do, I’ll never be good enough, for you, for him, for anybody." 

"Will, that’s a lie. Do you know why I love you? Because you’re you. You never let anything get you down, because of your optimism.” I smiled, hugging him tightly.

“All I want to do is travel the world and make you happy. I would fly you anywhere you wanted to, just to see you smile.” Will added, making my cheeks blush.

“Why don’t you then?” I asked. He smiled brightly, “Wouldn’t your parents wonder where you’ve gone?” He asked. "As long as I’m with you, I don’t care.“ I smiled, kissing his lips softly as we both fell back onto the couch.

David - She Ain’t You by Chris Brown

I think I better let her go

Can’t leave you alone,

Every day that I’m with her, all I want is you

I walked into the restaurant, looking around for David. "Over here!” I heard his voice yell, standing up from his booth, waving his arms in the air. “Hey,” I smiled, heading toward him. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

The hug was long, longer than it should have been, but I didn’t mind. I missed the smell of his cologne, and the touch of his skin. “It has,” I smiled, pulling away and sitting down. “How have you been?’ He asked. 

"I’ve been alright, I finally got settled down in a small apartment near here. I got a new job too. How about you?” He smiled, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ve been okay. The bands going strong, we’re going on tour again.” He mentioned. I wanted to roll my eyes, but just nodded.

David and I were complicated. We never officially dated, we just had flings., but they were prolonged flings. It was more romantic than friends with benefits, but less complicated than an actual exclusive relationship. Although we cared deeply about each other, our long distance relationship ruined everything. Mistrust, lies, secrets, everything. We just decided to go our separate ways.

“Sounds fun.” I smiled falsely, trying to be happy for him. “So, hows Becca?” I asked shyly. Becca was his girlfriend, and he wasn’t very shy about her. Every magazine had at least one picture of the two, but he never looked happy. 

“She’s fine. She’s really happy.” He nodded, not making eye contact with me. “David, why did you call me here?” I asked forcefully. He stayed quiet, staring at his menu. “ I think I’ll have steak.” He mumbled to himself. “David, answer me.” I ordered, but once again, he ignored me completely. “David, just tell me why.” I begged, but he wouldn’t even look at me.

Frustrated, I grabbed my bag, and stood up to leave. “Wait,” he shouted, grabbing my wrist tightly, pulling me back to him. “I just wanted, no needed, to talk to you.” He replied, motioning for me to sit back down.

“Becca, she’s a great girl,” He started, I scoffed to myself, but continued to listen. “But she’s not you.” He stared at me deeply. “David, I can’t. We can’t.” I sighed, looking away from him.

“I’m not asking for you to walk with me down the aisle, but I just needed for you to know. Becca, she just want’s fame. She and I will never have anything like we did. I know, we both wanted our space, but I had to tell you that, I love you, and I am still in love with you.” He blurted out. I choked, as if there was a rock in my throat.

“I need time.” I breathed out. He looked up at me for a while, but just nodded. “I should be going, I have work tomorrow.” I lied, needing an excuse to leave. “I’ll see you soon then?” David asked.

“Hopefully.” I smiled softly, he let out a little smirk but quickly composed himself. “And David, I missed you too.” I added, quickly turning on my heel, leaving David to sit alone in his own shock.

Gabe - Shot For Me by Drake

The way you walk, thats me.

The way you talk, thats me.

The way you got your hair up did you forget that’s me?

“It’s been a while.” Gabe mumbled, sitting down at the bar next to me. I didn’t even want to answer him, all it brought up was bad memories.

Gabe and I, we were inseparable at first. I gave him 3 good years of my life, but after a while, we turned into trouble. He stayed out late, not coming home until the next morning. I always accused him of cheating, even when I had no evidence. We argued 24/7, and he scared me. He turned into a different person when he was angry.

After a while, we just broke it off. We moved away from each other, starting over. We lost contact with each other, but never completely. I still his number on my phone, I still had pictures of him on there, I just couldn’t bring myself to delete them.

“It has.” I stuttered, my eyes burning from holding back tears. “I see your with someone.” He noted. I looked over at my current boyfriend, Jack. He was on the other side of the bar, some woman draped around his shoulder, but I really didn’t care. I never really cared what he did.

“Yeah, he’s nice.” I shrugged. I didn’t want to lie to Gabe, but I didn’t want to tell the truth either. Ever since we split, everything had been hard for me. I was dating a complete asshole, I started drinking heavily, and I was just lonely all the time.

When I was bored, I would think about how Gabe and I would run around the house, calling each other Catwoman and Batwoman. Sometimes, it would bring tears to my eyes, the memories.

“I see you still like that drink.” He added, pointing to my drink. “Oh yeah, you always had good taste.” I complimented. He was always showing me different things, and I always fell in love wit them. “I guess it just stuck.”

He nodded. “I miss you.” He sighed. A part of me just wanted to hug him, screaming I miss you too, but I couldn’t do it. I just stayed silent, stirring my drink. I could feel him just waiting, but gave up, storming off. “I miss you too.” I whispered to myself, a tear falling down my cheek and into my drink.


I got lazy on Will’s dont judge me.

I really like these, I’m probably going to do more of them. Kay byeee!

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Help part 2

Peter x reader
Prompt: “Fine, leave see if I care!” & “Wait a minute are you jealous?”
N/A- I love this character so much. Also Civil war isnt happening in this so they are all together in one big odd family.

Warning- cursing, alcohol

Part 1


It been awhile since I’ve seen Spider-ass, it was my personal favorite nickname so far. I kind of missed the like asshole, not that he actually was an asshole, he’s actually so nice it could make you vomit. That night was a cluster-fuck but I’d do it again to see that arthropod. I hated the way he made me feel, it was a damn clitché and I cant deal with it. My older sister, whom I live with, is constantly picking on my little “superhero crush” on him. She also picked on me when she found out I had a crush on Peter Parker, a boy in my Physics class. My response was just a fuck off, normally my response to a lot of what she says but in a joking and loving way. That is until she told me she got a call from Tony Stark, that gave me a shock. I honestly didnt believe her. I had heard about Spider- Boy getting a call but I didnt realize I would too. I called Tony Stark the next day, it was summer so I didnt have to worry about school. My sister, Kate, knows about my abilities so it made it easier for me not having to lie about going to the Avenger Tower for a few days to get a feel of the place and Tony offered me a new suit, which I am very thankful for. The car would be there in an hour to get me which led to me rushing around like a mad woman, throwing random bits in a floral backpack. I freshen up, running my fingers through my hair, fixing my makeup, I felt oddly nervous which never happened. I could be held at gunpoint and not even flinch an inch. I dont know if thats just me being cocky, which it probably is but I’m never nervous nor awkward not since I got my powers.

I say goodbye to Kate, she looks nervous, probably because this is my first time away for awhile without her since our parents died. I see a sadness in her eyes causing me to hug her a put a flower in her hair, its the only way I say goodbye, thats what flowers signify to me now. I mean, think of what you put on a grave. Kate starts to cry and thats when I leave, I cant deal with crying or maybe just sadness in general.

The driver is a tall man, like bigfoot tall. He is also wearing a uniform that sports the Avenger logo. He opens the door for me and takes my bag, I tell him its fine next to me but he insists. The ride there is quiet until I decide I cant stay quiet anymore.

“So, How are you?” I say just trying to make conversation. He looks in the mirror and smiles. 

“I’m good, thank you Ms.” After that I give up trying to be friendly, I’ll save all my energy for the team. That is until he carries on the conversation so by the time we are at the tower I know his name is Franklin and he has a wonderful wife, they just celebrated their 41st anniversary and they have a daughter and son, both who are in college. When he opens the door for me he hands me my bag and smiles at me. I wave my hand in an weird way which causes Franklin to look at me oddly. A bright blue carnation pops up from the crack in the cement, I pick it and hand it to Franklin. Goodbye. I make my way into the lobby, my fingers are shaking so much they may fall off. I talk to the receptionist and after a few minutes she points me in the direction of the elevators and tells me a floor number. I was expecting someone to at least be there waiting, that would have calmed me a tad. 

“You’re great, you have powers people wished they had. You are great.” I say to myself and then taking a deep breathe, composing myself. Im starting to feel my normal assholey self, Im cool. The elevator doors open and all the Avengers are standing and some sitting. I walk out, a huge smile on my face. 

“Everyone, This is Rose.” They all wave, Natasha is first to shake my hand then Steve, wow, his eyes are blue. Then Sam and Vision. Wanda gives me a hug and thanks god that there is someone around her age there thats not Parker. Parker? That name sounds familiar but I ignore it.

 “Dinner will be done in an hour. Wanda can you show her to her room please?” She nods and takes my hand, taking me to the elevators. When we reach the floor it opens up to a common room

 “Tony decorated your room so if you don’t like it, blame him. Also Peter is on this floor as well, he stays in his room a lot either doing homework or something.“ Her accent is thick, it makes it harder to read her.

 The room is the same green as my suit with a balcony thats covered in plants. Wanda leaves me to unpack and settle in which I’m thankful for. I turn on some music on my phone as I put my clothes into the dresser and closet since I will be here for a week. My music is interrupted by a knock at the door, I lower the music just in case thats what they came to complain about. I walk to the door and open is quickly.

 It was Peter. Peter Parker. The boy I have had a crush on since the 6th grade. He looks shocked to see me, probably more than I am. I furrow my brows and awkwardly look at him. Hes probably yet to notice hes staring.

 “Earth to Parker.” I say and wave my hands in front of his face. He snaps out of it, a blush spreads across his face. “Y/N? W-What are you doing here?” He tries to lower his voice as to act calm. I smirk at him, I want to joke with him a bit.

 “Well, I figured, Peter Parker of all people can get a nice deal here so why cant I?“ He looked a bit frustrated, it’s adorable. I smile at his frustration.

 “But, why are you here? Like in a room? Not in a lab?” The smirk returns to my face once more. I only send him a wink and walk back into my room, shutting the door behind me. I turn my music back up, drowning out all outside noise.

 “Mrs. Y/L/N, Mr. Stark wishes to see you in his Lab.” The AI system says, nearly scaring me to death, I turn my music off and shut the dresser drawer I was putting things in.

 “Please call me Rose, Mr. Or Mrs. AI system.” I says while walking into the hallway. I pass a room, which has music playing from it too, surprisingly good music. I peek in and notice Peter tinkering with something, he’s using the wrong screwdriver for the screw head. I can tell by the way he’s pushing it.

 “Keep doing that and you’ll strip the screw, you’d be better off using scissors.” I say causing him to jump, I walk away and stroll down to Tonys Lab where I lightly knock on the door frame since the door was already open.

 “You needed me Tin-Can?” 

 “Ah yes, finally you’re here, didnt think it would have taken that long.”

 “Got curious.” I shrug, sitting in a rolly chair across from his work space. 

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He so sarcastic, it will be fun to bounce sarcasm off one another. 

 “Well, then, good thing I’m not T'Challa.” He chuckles, not looking at me too invested in his work. “I need you to come tomorrow and do some measurements and answer some questions for your suit, the whole all black and halloween mask thing just its working for you anymore.” I gasp dramatically and put my hand over my mouth, acting offended.

 “I think it suits me really well.” He rolls his eyes at my pun, he’s just jealous. 

 “Mr. Stark, Ms. Rose, Dinner is ready. The rest of the team is already there.” Tony walks over the to door holding it open for me, I thank him and we make our way to the dining room. The whole team is sitting at the table, Wanda motions me to sit by her. Peter is sitting on the other side of me. Great. 

“Why are you here?” Peter whispers, I chuckle, scooping mashed potatoes onto my plate. I honestly don’t know why he’s here either but I ignore it. 

 “Wow, I’d hope you’d be happier to see me.” I look at him, a sliver of plaid fabric catching my eye, his fly was down.

 “Looks like you might be happier than I thought.” I chuckle, He looks down instantly flustered. Nat over hears to conversation and begins to laugh and soon the whole table knows of what just happened. 

 “Spiderling, Keep your pants on. I understand she is pretty and all but we can’t have you scaring her off with your Ironman underwear.” Tony says making Peter blush even more if possible

. “Actually, then are plaid. But Spiderling?” I look at him confused. Is he Spiderman? Fan-fucking-tastic. The irony is honestly great, has to be my third favorite type of humor after sarcasm and puns.

 “It’s Spiderman.”

 “Yeah, I know Spiderass.” I lean back in my chair, scooping mashed potatoes into my mouth. A gush of realization sweeps over his face, the nickname, it was his favorite.


 “In the flesh, oh dammit. My secret identity is out! Someone alert the press.” I state, sarcasm seeping from my words. Tony chuckles, it did sound like something he would say.

 “So Rose is Y/n?” Peter says almost as if he is trying to sort out his thoughts. 

“More like Y/n is Rose but I get where you’re coming from.” I scoop more potatoes into my mouth, god they are good.

 “Wow, I’ve always thought you were cool but now you’re even better, if possible.” Peter rambles with a blush tinting his cheeks. Tony coughs interrupting the moment, I could punch him for it. 

 “wait, Spiderling and Venus fly trap are friends?” Tony scoffs, his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes in frustration. 

“We had Physics together last year.” I state with a shrug and a slight smile. I dont know if we are friends or not, sure we have talked but not That much but the times I told Flash to cut his shit and to lay off Peter. I really dont want to scare him off.

 "Yeah, I always thought she was bad ass and pretty but now I know shes bad ass and still pretty as always.“

 "Nope, Spider-ling you have to quit flirting! Your awkwardness is going to scare her off.” Tony jokingly yells from across the table. By this time I have finished my potatoes and I lean over and try and start to Wanda as the conversation shifts away from Peter and I. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Peter whispers, I can see the redness in his cheeks and the worry in his eyes. I grab his hand which is under the table trying to reassure him that he is fine, honestly I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

“Bugboy has a liking for Lady Y/N. How nice.” Thor says with a smile, which you happily return while squeezing Peters hand a bit and rubbing my thumb against the back of his hand. His cheeks heat up because of your actions but he’s doing the same as you look at his nice face. 


Once dinner was over with you all some how ended up playing Never have I ever with the team, it was Tony’s idea, You thought it was funny because Steve put up a fight thinking Tony wanted you and Peter to drink. You ended up with apple juice in place of alcohol with no complainants, it was Nat’s idea. 

“Never have I ever colored my hair.” You say with a smirk making direct eye with Tony which makes him roll his eyes as majority of the team doesn’t even move the slightest as Tony drinks resulting in the rest of the team laughing.

“It was one time!” Tony yells in defense, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout placed upon his lips. 

“Well, Know at least we know what to get Tony for Christmas.” You reply, stifling a laugh. “What color are you? Just so I know for sure.” Something flashes across Tonys face, an idea.

“My turn!” He announces, smirking at you now, you can almost hear him thinking, Oh how the tables have turned. You try to ignore it and put up a strong front. “Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” 

You were tempted to lie and drink but look over at Peter and he doesn’t move.You can feel the tension as you and Peter nervously stare at one another. Tony mischievously smiled like the Cheshire cat and spun the glass of alcohol against the floor, looking between you and Peter. Nat is glaring at Tony while Thor just looks kind of confused. 

“Fine! I give! I like Rose and Y/N. A lot.” Peter caves making you grin and scoot closer to him slowly.

“Really? Even my sarcastic and idiotic ways?” You were talking about how you acted as Rose. You wanted to say how much of an asshole you actually are but then realize that Peter knows first hand. You still wanted to apologize for that.

“I like every part of you, especially the sarcasm and I see no idiotic.” He smiles shyly as you grab his hand holding it in yours. You can feel everyone eyes on you and it makes you second guess you actions but Peter leans in and you cant help but do you same. His lips are soft and slightly chapped, it was a quick but amazing kiss but it ended as soon as the teams started to Aw. 

“Please tell me you feel the same because if not this will be very awkward.” He chuckles lightly, your faces still close enough you can feel his breath on your cheek.

“Wow, Parker I thought you’d be able to tell by the kiss but yes you dork. Of course I do.” 

“Thank God but maybe I still need some reassurance.”