i just cant

do you ever stop and think about how lost viktor was like he was legit wondering what the fuck he wanted to do with his life now that he was losing his passion and then all of a sudden yuuri fuckin’ katsuki shows up pole dancing and grinding on him and skating his goddamn program and he was just like “yep. that’s the rest of my life right there.” and then he just packs up all his shit and just moves to a whole other country ready to fuckin commit because yuuri katsuki was going to be the rest of his fucking life


“Self-pity was something he had never experienced before, and it sickened him. Rapp took his pathetic, self-absorbed emotion and shoved it as far down in his gut as it would go, and he plugged it with the first and only thing he had available - anger. That anger slowly metastasized into a suit of armour”

- American Assassin, Vince Flynn

I’ve got to admit...

Chae Hyungwon just made me fall in love with him more ;u; Here’s a Hyungwon x ray appreciation post huhuhu i haven’t watched ep 3 and 4 fml

Just look at this masterpiece

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look at how fast his expression changes

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look at how cute he looks when he’s on pause… i mean thinking

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just look at him, trying to be that cat on the picture

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who wouldn’t want to have him as a wife? i mean a husband…. wearing a hanbok….

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he’s so shook tho huhuhu <3

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such a cutiepatootie

I love how the Strawhats spend their free time

Nami and Robin shopping for clothes

Sanji shopping for ingredients

Then we have Zoro

Lost again