i just cannot with them ok

i fuckin hate classical music playlists because fucking 99% of them are like “music to study to :]” and “relaxing playlist <3″ and “get~inspired” and fucking “instrumental tracks for rainy days” and then they play goddamn strauss tone poems or schumann or Mars or some shit and i want to just quietly take away someone’s computer and chuck it into a goddamn volcano because you know what??????? that’s how your fucking relaxing playlist INSPIRED ME ok buddy i cannot STUDY to fucking SHOSTAKOVICH because i just get distracted planning violent ways to TAKE DOWN THE SOVIET REGIME

I have been thinking so much of this lately and my heart is sore and hurts so deeply. I don’t want to eat and drink and be merry on Thanksgiving. I don’t want to celebrate a holiday now when the treatment of Native Americans, is, was, and will undoubtably continue to be so astonishingly poor. When there are men and women and children being sprayed with freezing water, with rubber bullets, with tear gas and terror. How can we pretend it’s ok to celebrate a holiday in which the only reason we, we white foreign immigrants, survived, was due to the compassion and kindness of those who were already here, when this is how we repaid them? With genocide and the blatant thievery of all that belonged to them, and only them. I just cannot be ok with this, and it makes me ache in ways I cannot describe and I think how ridiculous that is, me, privileged, so far removed from a half a millennium of suffering and endurance and the tireless fight they have had to fight just to remain a people.

I wish we could go back in time and give it all back. Every blade of grass, every drop of water. I wish we could arrive on those old ships and ask questions, not shout demands. I wish we could have learned, watched, transformed, and became what they were. What they still are. I wish.

Three words just keep rattling around my mouth, spilling out to everyone that deserves it, and they still feel empty. I. Am. Sorry. It’s not enough, it won’t be enough, and sorry is for the sayer. Nevertheless, I am sorry.

Ok, ok, don’t laugh at me.
Promise you won’t.
I miss Merlin, I miss that marvellous TV series so much
I miss Arthur and Merlin and their unbreakable and immortal bond
That show taught me a lot
I just cannot bear it is over
I’m crying, I’m feeling stupid
I just miss them

Comfort - One Shot

Prompt(s): @marvel-music-books “there is like some family arguments and tensions going on and the reader is just stressed and Bucky just calms them down (the fluff part) and makes them feel loved.”

Warnings: language, little teeniest bit of fluffy/smut? Maybe? If you try really hard to believe it’s smut.

Word Count: 1772

Author’s Note: Ok, this request is wonderful. I cannot put into words how frustrated I have been with my own family lately, so this is just perfect timing! I listened to Keaton Henson’s Romantic Works album writing this, it’s fucking beautiful. Healah Dancing and Earnestly Yours especially during the floof if you’re at all interested in living in my imagination. :)

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Laying in the grass, your head on Bucky’s lap, holding a book up to block the warm light of the sun, you drew in a deep contented breath. Bucky smiled softly as he ran his fingers through your hair, adoring the simple, uncomplicated time together.

He had put his book down some time ago but loved to watch your sharp eyes devouring every word. Loved how your brow furrowed sometimes when you were real focused, or the corner of your mouth pulled up into the tiniest smile if you read something amusing. He couldn’t understand how you got so lost in books, but it was one of those little mysteries about you that only drew him in deeper.

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karasuno otp fights in order of intensity
  • tsukkiyama fight: "you gotta do the thing tsukki" "shit u right ur so cool yams" *is ok the next day*
  • asanoya fight: "do the thing asahi-san" "no i cannot I am not strong enough" *breaks a broom* *breaks a vase* *doesn't talk for a summer*
  • kagehina fight number 538: hinata uses TACKLE. kageyama THROWS hinata across the gym. yachi is using CRY. tanaka uses CUT THAT SHIT OUT. it's been THREE WEEKS. EVERYONE is involved. tune in next time for more DRAMA.
Roadtrip! with Namjoon

this is my favorite gif of namjoon no joke

Roadtripping with Namjoon would include:

  • “ok so if you won’t let me drive then i get to be the navigator”
  • lord KNOWS
  • that this boy cannot drive
  • but you have to trust him with directions unfortunately
  • thank god for gps
  • there will be so many wrong turns on this trip
  • and honestly 
  • some of them you would just end up fighting about it
  • then making out in the car until it started to get dark
  • namjoon would be adamant about going to florida and he would begggg to go see alligators
  • and you told him that they’re not that exciting
  • but all he would do at that comment is scrunch up his lil nose and pout
  • “but they’re like dinosaurs y/n. i want to see the dinosaurs.”
  • “alright, alright”
  • when it was really late and you knew that you needed to stop, you’d ask him to search up motels and he’d somehow always find the most
  • ass
  • hotels in the area
  • and you’d be too tired to smack him because you needed that money to do cool stuff in florida
  • like water ski and like namjoon wants, pet the goddamn alligators
  • but you wouldn’t mind it when it was like 3AM, and his raspy voice was laced with sleep and his eyes are closed but he’s slightly smiling as you try to talk to him
  • “yeah, mm just go to sleep okay”
  • “but i want to talk to you”
  • “talk to me in the morning baby”
  • “you know i love you a lot, right?”
  • “mm.”
  • and you’d cuddle up to him and by 6am you’d wake up sweaty and gross because the air conditioning stopped working but he’d pull you tighter to his chest if you tried to move away
  • FINALLY when ya’ll got back on the road
  • he would continue sleeping in the seat but before he fell asleep he’d take one of your hands in his and hold it while you drove
  • fsidghfjghfs so cUTE
  • but then you’d get bored and decide to fuck around with him
  • you’d blast the loudest music you could find on your playlist and it would scare the piss out of him
  • he would just roll his head back and stick his middle finger at you as you laughed
  • as you neared florida he’d get so excited and poke his head out of the window like a dog
  • and he’d get so hyped at the sight of the ocean and when you guys crossed a bridge from tampa
  • he’d be super sweet and nice when you guys stopped at your grandparents for a night
  • and even tho your grandparents had separate rooms for you two, he’d text you things like
  • “im lonely”
  • “its so cold in here”
  • “i miss you”
  • and you’d drag yourself to the other room and collapse on top of him, where he’d wrap his arms around you and your grandma would awkwardly find you guys snoring in sync the next morning
  • woops
  • and once you had breakfast you’d begin driving again, off to to para-sailing and he would act like a pro
  • and you’d be deadass scared out of your mind but he kept wooping and being all cute and excited so you had to laugh
  • and finally after being in florida for like 3 days you two finally began to pack up for texas
  • and as you began to drive again, he’d take your hand and fall asleep, this time snoring so loud the music couldn’t drown him out

guys i would give anything to go on a roadtrip with this boy goodbye

Character’s Bonniebird Isn’t allowed to look after should they ever magically become real

My Friend keeps a list and it has reasons xD thought i’d share.

1. Jerome Valeska:

Me: Isn’t he cute, little blood covered pumkin.

Friend: He just killed like all of Gotham’s cops

Me: But he’s so happy, that cuties going to sleep so well

Friend: No, that is… no.

2. Klaus Mikaelson:

Friend: Its is not ok to keep uncontrollable hybrids in captivity when you A. can’t control them and B plan to feed them on a diet of your enemies (Of which you have none)

3. Saphira the Dragon:

Friend: You cannot keep a dragon in your house, It will burn.

Me: I’ll live outside with it.

Friend: no internet, no electricity, cold, no plumbing and I can’t have a unicorn so you can’t have a dragon

4. Captain Kirk:

Friend: He’s mine you can’t have him.

Me: But…

Friend: Mine!

5. Theo Raeken

Me: He is soooo cute!

Friend: Didn’t he kill all the people you like?

Me: no he just tried to.

Friend: If he comes to life surly they would to and they’d be in danger, also he sound evil

6. Void Stiles

Friend: No

Me: But

Friend: No!

Me: Fine

7. Demon Dean

Friend: Would you let him kill who he wants because he’s hot?

Me: Um… I guess i’d try and avoid it?

Friend: Then no you can maybe have normal Dean… as long as he clean out my ghosts for free

Me: Ghosts?

8. Alex Russo

Friend: You’d get in to much trouble and she wouldn’t help you out of it.

Me: You might actually be right on that one.

Friend: excuse me your blond vampire wolf guy would eat you before you explained your plan.

Me: No he wouldn’t he’d just trick me into working for him

Magi 337 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Judar gives his answer.

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the digimon original gang all older and revamped im going to cry  

anonymous asked:

Ok first of all, I LOVE your work, okay? <3 Second, I have a request~! Ok, so post time skip, the chocobros are daemon hunting in the wilderness. I request them finding a small child (1-3?), just orphaned because of the daemons- and they take the kid home to their S/O who already falls in love with the child. How does everything play out? Thanks for listening to the long winded request ^^

THIS IS SO CUTE OMG THANK YOU FOR SENDING THIS IN! <3 I’m also turning this into a mini-series of one-shots Anon, because I cannot stop typing these scenarios up! They also have a life of their own so it may not strictly adhere to the request per se. This is what I hope comes across as a ‘gender neutral reader insert’ series- but if it seems like I’m making it too ‘female-biased’, it’s probably because I am female myself and I get too immersed in my own written day dreams! Feel free to send me an anonymous message in my ask box with tips on how to make things more gender neutral in my writing- I like receiving writing tips and feedback! :D Now, without further ado, here’s Part 1 to this four part series!

Until I See You Again (Noctis- Part One)

When you catch your ten year-long absent partner step out of Talcott’s delivery truck in Hammerhead, you immediately burst into an uncontrollable fit of tears. You immediately run out into the artificial lighting that wards the daemons off from Hammerhead HQ and make a beeline towards your prince- no… your king. You notice Noctis’ midnight blue eyes widen in mild surprise at your approach before a sad smile washed over his handsomely aged features. Additionally, you notice that he’s cradling a bundle of bloodied blankets in his arms. You slow your run into a jog immediately before you stop right in front of Noctis and reach out to cup his face. He’s grown facial hair during his time asleep in the Crystal- you can’t help by internally swoon at how handsomely he has aged.

“Noct, you’ve come back. About time,” you speak in a soft voice. You watch as Noctis’ Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he gulps nervously. He nods, affirming your words.

“I know. I’m ready to reclaim my throne.” You smile, your eyes making direct contact with Noctis’. You then let your gaze fall to the bundle of blankets in Noctis’ arms. You desperately want to kiss your boyfriend, as you have missed him terribly for the past ten years, but the sight of a slumbering infant in Noctis’ arms renders you still. Noctis’ sheepish laughter breaks the silence between the two of you. “Ah, yeah- the baby. I found her in a basket under a rocky alcove near the road before Talcott picked us up. Her parents’ bodies were… I couldn’t make out their faces so I can’t really describe them. She was crying the whole way here- she only just fell asleep.” Noctis explains, his gaze softening as he stared down at the baby. He ran a finger over the baby girl’s cheek and smiled fondly at the small, fragile life.

You step up beside Noctis and peer over at the baby, a fond yet sad smile forming on your lips at the sight of the slumbering infant girl. She looks absolutely precious- like a cherub. But there’s blood on the blankets… there’s so much blood! You shoot an alarmed look at Noctis, gesturing at the blankets in a hurry.

“Is she hurt? Where’s the blood from? Or are you the one bleeding? Do you need first aid?” You rattle off all these questions in one breath, chest rising and falling quickly as the panic you held in for the past ten years about Noctis’ safety overwhelms you into a mild panic attack. Noctis carefully adjusts his grip on the infant girl and wraps his now-free arm around you with a weak chuckle emanating from his dry lips. He presses those familiar lips against your temple and you can’t help but sigh as his familiar scent engulfs you in a much needed embrace. You really had missed Noctis. You hadn’t once looked at another man- you were devoted to your prince… your Noctis.

“She’s fine. The blood probably belongs to her mother. She… was the closest to her when I found her under the alcove.” Noctis squeezes you gently before letting go and tilting his head to his other side. He lets out a relieved laugh and you turn your head towards Prompto, Gladio and Ignis, who stood idly to the side while you and Noctis had your moment. You blush and move out of the way, allowing the boys to exchange words with their prince, and best friend, before you find yourself pinned by Noctis’ intense gaze.

“Noct? What’s wrong?” You ask, and Noctis immediately looks down at the baby who is still slumbering in his arms. Something inside you desperately wants to hold that child- she’s like a piece of the moon to Noctis, so precious and warm… you want to help him preserve the sanctity that is that little baby girl’s life.

Noctis offers you a sad smile, and you can’t help but feel a little uneasy. Still, you push the uneasiness from your consciousness and smile back at Noctis. He needs your strength right now, and that is exactly what you’re going to give him.

“I want you to take care of this baby. Raise her as our own. I thought about it on the way here, and I want her name to be Aeris Lucis Caelum. Is that okay? Will you do that for me, y/n?” You are shocked by the decisive intensity of your boyfriend’s words, but you nod immediately in agreement. In all your time spent together with Noctis, you never witnessed this side of your boyfriend. He has always been awkward and a little indecisive. Hell, Ignis was usually the one who did all of Noctis’ deep thinking and made most of his life-changing decisions for him. You find Noctis’ new found maturity very becoming of the future King of Lucis. You swell with pride on his behalf and nod quickly in agreement.

“Of course- anything for you love. Aeris is a beautiful name.” Noctis smiles at you and makes his way towards you, handing the baby over to your very carefully. The little girl stirs slightly in your arms, and then settles quietly, snuggling into the warmth of your chest. You’re filled with an unexplainable warmth in that very moment, and you gently press a soft kiss onto the baby girl’s forehead. She’s so precious. And she’s both yours and Noctis’ now- a miracle borne out of the darkness. You bring your gaze up to Noctis’ sad eyes, and you offer him another small smile in response. “We’re parents now Noct. So you better come back in one piece, alright?” Noctis’ eyes cloud up for a moment before he blinks and shakes his head slightly. You can’t help but frown at his strange behaviour. Still, you choose to remain quiet, holding onto the baby girl who is quickly claiming your heart.

“Promise you’ll take good care of her until I see you again?” Noctis asks suddenly, his voice unnaturally quiet. You gaze straight into Noctis’ dull eyes, and you know that something’s terribly wrong. You don’t have the guts to ask him what though, so you just nod once more in agreement.

“Of course, Noct. She’s safe with me. She’ll always be safe with me, I promise.” You’re relieved to see a smile form on Noctis’ face- relief reaching his eyes and lighting them up with a mixture of sorrow and elation. The look in his eyes bothers you, and you immediately look away- opting to gaze upon the warm bundle cuddling up to your chest.

The hours passed by quickly as the boys made haste in their preparations for battle. Garbed in their formal Kingsglaive attire, Noctis’ friends stand around you and Aeris, waiting for Noctis to emerge from the caravan. Ignis suddenly clears his throat and looks your way, despite not being able to see you.

“Y/n, we’ll be waiting at the gate. We’ll give you and Noct some private time to say goodbye before we leave.” Ignis says in a gentle voice. Prompto hums in agreement while Gladio grunts his assent. You smile at the three boys-turned-men… your friends, and nod gratefully.

“Thanks guys, you all take care out there too- okay? I want to see all of you back here on time for breakfast, or you’re all grounded!” You jest, trying to lighten the mood. Ignis chuckles at your attempt at humour.

“Getting immersed into the role of mother hen already? That’s a heartening development, truly.” Ignis says, humour in his tone. You nudge him gently with your head just in time for Noctis to exit the caravan. You turn towards your boyfriend and gasp at his visage. He looks the epitome of a king. His Royal Raiment fits perfectly and his handsomely aged features suit the look. You stare at this man… this person that looks and acts like a complete stranger, but you finally meet his midnight blue eyes after critically observing his appearance and realise that he’s the very same Noctis you met twelve years ago outside the arcade.

The very same man you fell head over heels in love with.

You start to walk forward, only to be stopped by Gladio. You shoot him a look and he just sighs before carefully collecting Aeris out of your arms. He then tilts his head towards Noctis and shrugs nonchalantly. “Figured you’d need both your arms to hug him… or whatever. Anyways, just make it quick. We’re wasting daylight- oh wait.” Gladio winks at you and you promptly roll your eyes at his terrible joke.

“You’re impossible Gladio,” you say, unable to help the amused grin that forms on your lips, “thanks.” Gladio smirks back at you and then turns towards Ignis and Prompto, Aeris in tow. You watch the big man leave before you feel arms encircle your waist. You sigh in contentment and press yourself back into Noctis’ chest.

“I missed you.” Noctis simply says. You lean your head back onto his shoulder and sigh happily as his lips descend onto your cheek. He leaves a trail of butterfly kisses from your cheek to the corner of your waiting lips before he quickly turns you around and crashes his lips down onto yours. You gasp at the sudden force of his kiss, but you’re not complaining. It had been much too long. Both of you needed this kiss. You let your hands cup Noctis’ bearded cheeks and you pull away. He’s panting, pressing his forehead against yours as his hands move to cup your face lovingly. “I love you. I wanted to have a family with you… and I know that Aeris isn’t really ours-” You quickly press your lips against his to get him to stop talking.

“Love, she’s perfect. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. She needs us.” Noctis’ gaze falls to your shoulder, and again you’re hit with an anxious twisting in the pit of your stomach. You’re not brave enough to ask him what’s wrong. So you just press another gently kiss to your king’s lips. Noctis sighs against your lips as you retract again, his eyes boring down into your own, almost as if he’s searching for your very soul.

“Know that I love you, y/n. I’m so fucking scared, but it has to be done. I made my peace… but it’s just so hard.” Noctis stops speaking, tears forming his tired eyes. You don’t know what else to do but to pull his face down to the crook of your neck, and you let him cry silently until he’s got it all out of his system. What “it” is, you don’t know. But when he pulls away and offers you a final sad smile and tender kiss to the cheek, you can’t help but be haunted by his final parting words to you.

You hold onto the child Noctis brought to you, cradling her close, as you watch your best friends and your love head off to battle. All the while, Noctis’ last whispered words echo hauntingly in your ears.

“Walk tall, my love.”


I got tagged by @dangerous-stain-builds​ for the one word challenge (thank you!) Rules: Pick any or all characters in your current story/generation and use one word to describe them. Words cannot be repeated!

I have so many sims that I don’t even post so I just did the 2 most important ones from each save (my moms and dads)!

  • Johnny: underestimated
  • Frankie: mischievous
  • Quinn: gemini…..
  • Wren: genuine

I never know who to tag in these things but if u haven’t done it yet and want to, please consider urself tagged!! I wanna learn about ur sims!

Okayyyyyyy so earlier today someone posted a pic of Luke captioned “he’s not fat anymore” and I messaged (very nicely btw) them saying it’s not ok to comment that buttt instead of responding LIKE A MATURE ADULT THEY MADE ANOTHER POST ABOUT CALUM (which I can’t reblog) saying “he’s so skinny he’s not that big” so just an fyi THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR IS NOT ALLOWED YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT ON ANY OF THE BOYS WEIGHT (or lack thereof) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AS TO WHO WEIGHS HOW MUCH AND I CANNOT BELIEVE I EVEN HAVE TO MAKE THIS POST and if you see any other people making posts like that CALL THEM THE FUCK OUT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT ON SOMEONES WEIGHT like how would you feel if someone commented on your weight I know it’s a very slim chance that the boys will even see it but still don’t talk about it it’s none of your business and just another fyi being fat is NOT a bad thing AT ALL but people are sensitive to the topic. so do. Not. Talk. About. It. Just… please don’t make any comments on how much the boys (or anyone else for that matter) weighs like why?? would you do that it’s not cool it’s not nice please just stop. And tbh I don’t think that post will do much but I just had to put this issue out there bc I will not stand for this type of awfulness on my dash

My Five Stages of Yuri on Ice Grief

Denial: No. Just no- NO. There is no way Yuuri actually just said that.

Anger: I CANNOT believe he actually said that. Why would they put that at the end of the episode and DO that to us?! 

Bargaining: Ok so hear me out, they are literally the perfect couple and they have to stay together.  I would give my own happiness, my firstborn and so much more for them just to stay happy and whole and together and-

Depression: -and now I am just actually crying.  I am so sad right now and I don’t know if I feel anything at the moment.  I am just numb, yet the tears are there, so I guess I am also sad?

Acceptance: Okay I just went through an emotional roller coaster. I cried, saw some sad tumblr posts while others were happy and hopeful.  But at the end of it all, it’s going to be ok.  They love each other and that is not going to change.


Mafumafu: Around twice a week, Sakatan comes to my house to eat dinner, and just now whilst eating and having a fun chat about rhino beetles, I thought ‘There’s no way he can give off this much of a psycho feeling’ as I smiled and listened.

By the way our LINE looked like this again


M: Ramen ramen

M: Satsuma

M: Satsuma ramen

M: Walk

S: Oh!!! Today ok????

M: Satsuma!!

M: Satsuma satsuma!!

M: Ramen!! I can make it!!

M: Today today

S: Fua!? Tuna! Tuna!! Sakana*!!! I’m Sakata!!!!! Just kidding!

You have blocked this user, so you cannot talk to them. Unblock

*Sakana = fish

that moment when various people you love and admire are havin’ a bad time and u just got out of ur rut and u jsutt

why this

why the people i love gotta have shit happen to them like this

fukn take my happiness i dun need it anyways just go be happy lil butts for me dammit

Taecyeon is so so cool. Read this

Somene had bulk-bought his concert? tickets and selling them at really high price like 50K yen worth of ticket for 120K yen. Like someone bought 28 tickets!!!!!!!

Fans were complaining on Twitter (not directly to him I think. More like talking to each other) and he found out.

He said: (Korean tweet)


★Please don’t buy tickets from proxies and scalpers. Cannot take responsibility for the disadvantages.


💬Mental note: OK CEO mode on💬

Then this: (in English)


★DO NOT purchase tickets unless it is from the designated official site

i am going to find a way to cut these overpriced tickets


💭Me: Pissed Taecyeon? Uh-oh. 💭
💭also me: Taecyeon is so cool. 💭
💭Also me: Marry me!!!💭 haha

And its 3AM but he found the screenshots where fans were complaining and tweets “It’s this one, right?” with screenshots of the seller’s tickets. And now he is probably busy doing something about it.

I stan the right guy.💚 so proud.

Can we stop pretending it’s okay to follow Dan and Phil to their tour bus, corner them and force them to sign stuff and take pictures with you? I just saw a video and they sound downright pissed and they have every right to. It’s like staying in front of their house waiting for them to arrive, it’s just WRONG. 


They shouldn’t be signing ANYTHING out of the show cause some people PAID for it and you didn’t, ok, and you’re just being an entitled piece of shit thinking you’re better than everyone else when all you’re doing is cornering them so they’re forced to do stuff for you against their will. 

I’ve never heard Dan and Phil sound like that before and I truly wish I won’t have to listen to it again. And it’s all because you guys are pushing them and they know if they refuse you’re gonna yell about how rude they are irl on social media. They cannot win and it pains me to see. Stop bothering Dan and Phil, they are people, they deserve better!

So, I have somewhere between moderate and severe(?) depression and as of late my mom’s been giving me plushies with smiley faces on ‘em (one is a smiling rainbow star and another is the sunglasses emoji, for examples) and I’m not sure if it’s just her way of helping with my low days, but I really love them and they do actually help in a way? Like they just sit on my bed and smile at me, but it’s oddly comforting.

farkas? ugh i cannot stand him. he is such a nerd— [trips and hundreds of pictures of farkas fall out of her pockets] w-what an idiot listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like that stupid werewolf i’m just [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i— just listen [thousands of pictures of farkas spill out onto the floor] fUCK i’m just i’m holding them for a friend ok just LISTEN