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honestly jason todd’s death was awful for so many reasons but one of those reasons was the blatant classism of it. jason was a street kid; he was snarky and defensive, sympathized with victims and pointed out flaws in the justice system. it made his robin very complex. but people were used to batman and robin being from high society, and were uncomfortable with this, so they had this 15 year old kid brutally murdered and replaced him with a genius upperclass boy. don’t get me wrong tim is my son and great as robin, i’m just angry about this

jealous | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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prompt: 28- “shut up, just shut up!”

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it’s been two months since Reggie and I started dating, two truly beautiful months.

we’ve been best friends since the kindergarten so we practically grew up together, even though our families hated each other for unknown reasons.

because of that, we decided to keep our whole relationship as a secret. so the two of us were happy, at least for a while.

it was Sunday night and as a weirdo that I am, I spent it watching my favorite horror movies. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my flashlight.

“Who… who is it?” I stuttered.

“Michael Myers” I heard a familiar voice. It was my beloved significant other, Reginald Mantle.

“Reggie?!” I was upset and creeped out.

“What on earth are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Now, now, can I come in or not?” He said trough laughter. I quickly dragged him inside my room, trying not to wake up my parents.

“So? What is so important, Mantle?”

“Look" he sighed

“Will you come to the match tomorrow night?”

“The football match?“ he nodded. 

“Reggie… I don’t think we…” “Y/N…”

“My parents will be there!” I halfshouted

“I’m sick of these secrets, Y/N! You are my girlfriend, my soulmate. I would kill for you, I would take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. I care about you more than I care about their reaction.”

he grabbed my hand “please” he whispered

I was truly touched with his words, so I decided to say yes to the match.

“Fine.” I sighed

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ I thought. well, I wasn’t right.

I spent the whole day thinking about the match and my boyfriend. I hoped that my parents won't be there, regardless to the fact that my older brother was in the team too.


unexpectedly my best friend, Veronica approached me

I met Veronica last year and we have been friends since then. Best friends, actually. In attempt to grab my coffee, she realized that I was in fact wearing a Riverdale Bulldogs shirt underneath my denim jacket.

“You are not going to that match, right?”

“I am, actually.”

Even though we were besties, I haven’t told her about my relationship with Reggie.

“You… have some something you wish to tell me?” Crap, she knew me well. She knew I was hiding something.

I shook my head “No, I do not.”

That was a terrible mistake.

It was finally 6:30PM. I grabbed my phone along with my car keys and left the family house.

i was terrified and excited at the same time. The stands were full, this surely was an important match for the Bulldogs. All of a sudden, Veronica appeared in front of me.

“Veronica?” I gasped.

“What… what are you doing here?" "I'm a cheerleader, silly” she laughed.

the situation was getting worse and worse “Are… are my parents here?” I asked the raven haired girl in front of me

“Oh yeah. They are with your brother in the changing room.” Boom. That was it. It always gets worse.

“Veronica… I have to tell you somet….”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual Riverdale High vs Kingsley High match.” I was cut off by the host.

“Listen, I gotta go. See you later, okay?” She kissed my cheek and ran away to her River Vixens.

I quickly sat on my seat in the stands, waiting for my boyfriend to appear.

I saw my parents, sitting there, without even noticing me. My anxiety hit me.

Suddenly, a strange group of boys in lather jackets sat next to me. I couldn't recognize them, they weren't from our school.

“Hello there, beautiful” One of them spoke, grabbing my shoulder.

“I… I'm not” I was fearful. I tried to pull down his hand

“… and now we welcome the Riverdale Bulldogs and our one and only, River Vixens!”

“I have a boyfriend” I whispered, my voice was shaky. On spur of moment, the Bulldogs appeared, with my boyfriend in the first row.

“He doesn't have to know, babe” He tried to press his lips against mine.

“No!” I slapped him. That caught my boyfriend's eye.

“Hey!” Reggie said to the guy next to me.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“What do you think you're doing?”

He was furious. The guy in the lather jacket stood up.

“Reggie…” I tried to calm him down. The whole crowd, including my parents, was staring.

“If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend, I will murder your ass!"  He said with anger in his voice. Tears started forming in my eyes.

Everybody started clapping and cheering "Reggie?!” I whispered.

“My… OUR parents, we cannot…”

“Shut up, just shut up.”

He sensually kissed me and the clapping became even louder.  I saw my parents, sitting there, laughing and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

I was happy, for the first time in my life, I was actually happy. I loved Reggie, the way his eyes met mine. He surely was a jealous type, but if you weren't jealous every once in a while, you wouldn't be in love.

Life goals: to always have a lap available to lay my head in and hands attached to that lap to give me pets and head scratches whenever I lay there


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My god you are saving my life this week! Literally! I was supposed to be on holiday this week with the in laws and despite my breaking my heart a month ago my ex is sending me photos from the holiday, as you can imagine I want the ground to swallow me! But your blog is getting me through the pain! I will be spending the week watching as many Jeremy Irons movies as possible with the rest of the boys thrown in for good measure! Any recommendations?? Xxx

OoOoOo!!! *Rubs hands together because is ready to enlist Jeremy Irons films*.

But first things first, that was a shitty very shitty thing your ex did so,

Moving on.

I’d star with “Betrayal” (1983), i posted about it a couple days ago. Jeremy’s drunk love confession will make anyone smile and fall deeply in love with him or even more. I swear to god. His acting is delightful.

And if you do, we must talk about it because i am exploding here! Apparently no one’s seen it.

I’d watch “Dead Ringers” if i want horror to make me forget about everything. Besides you get Jeremy²:

I mean, who doesn’t want that?

I’d also watch “Damage” which i just cannot shut up about because it’s so good and Jeremy, as usual, is soooo naughty in it:

“High-Rise” if i want this lovely combo: 

(or “The Hollow Crown” but it’s a show, you said films ;P)


“The Correspondence” because, i mean… who doesn’t want to see this:

This movie, however, is very romantic and will murder anyone. (Says the girl who always has it in the background on Netflix when there’s nothing else to watch).

 “Reversal of Fortune” because it earned him an Oscar.

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” if you want to see him sporting huge 19th century sideburns and then a late 1970′s look in the same film:

“The Words” if you want to see an actual old-looking Jeremy, which won’t ever truly happen apparently.

And of course, the wonderful film “The Man in the Iron Mask” if you want to laugh and swoon over this fucking musketeer, more like HUNKeteer:

Enjoy, love. These will make you fall harder for this gorgeous man.

Yes, you are, baby. Yes, you are.


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Gosh, your Hanzo headcanons hurt my heart, but feel very real. Your Hanzo in general is so much more human and fleshed out than a lot of fandom makes him. If you feel like it, could you tell us if/how others help him?

godddd iv been sittin on this ask forever sorry i just,, rly needed to organise my thoughts abt this in my head!! ok keep in mind that this is not anyone’s canon or written in stone it’s just,, how i see him ok… ok also .. readmore because i accidentally wrote like one and a half a4 about this see this is why no one likes me. 

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I haven’t left my house or seen anyone besides my shitty brother in a while now and I can feel depression rly getting heavy on me

I KNOW I could have called or sent a message to one of my friends last weekend but I didn’t for some reason and now it’s monday so they’re prob busy and I just want to die tbh


Daniel Radcliffe + awards acceptance speeches. (2001-2014)


I miss Anders, I said. I’ll make a custom Hawke, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

@losebetter and I nearly suffocated from laughter doing this. MODS - NOT EVEN ONCE.

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Oh, fuck off. I know you'd rather suck those poor, oppressed men's cocks than do anything with your life, but can you just, like... Shut up?

I cannot tell if this is a white supremacist or someone from black tumblr but you’re right, I do love to suck dick. 👌