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hello (: some time ago you mentioned you haven't read "Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run" since it was a WIP, but now that it's done would you mind writing a bit about your thoughts on it? it's always super super helpful when i'm deciding what to read next. thanks so much <3

Ooh! What a lovely ask!!! Thank you for giving me the chance to gush about Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run by @waspabi, because it was an absolutely AMAZING fic and it deserves all of the gushes. 

Summary: ‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work.

(Harry never went to Hogwarts, and is finally found by Hermione, Draco, Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny when he’s seventeen. They spirit him away, then teach him magic and FRIENDSHIP while on the run living out of a tent)

Thoughts: Okay, the CHARACTERIZATION in this fic!!! Goddamn. Everyone is written so perfectly and the group dynamic somehow just feels so right! Really, everything about the fic constantly had me like “yes!!!!” The story is poignant but also fucking hilarious; I laughed out loud so much I embarrassed myself a few times. Also this fic contains possibly my favorite line of anything I’ve ever read, and it was the most random unrelated-to-the-plot line (so no spoiler alert, haha):

(from a description of a new setting) Several middle-aged women sobbed by a long table of dried fruit.

And I know loving this line so much makes me Very Strange, but like it just gave SUCH A PERFECT SENSE OF THE TYPE OF GATHERING THEY WERE AT and so succinctly and I think the fact that I loved this random (not even Drarry-related!!) line so much just goes to show how truly amazing the writing of the fic was overall. I aspire to write like this. So omg anon, if you are wondering what to read next, look no further :)

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So I just started following you, but I met Jon Bernthal & I wore my pandamonium shirt (it was a Panda throwing a table) & he loved it. You keep showing up on my dash today & it keeps reminding me I met Jon & he loved my shirt & it was the best day of my life. Keep portraying Frank Castle amazingly & keep being badass!

not a meme! | @salvcs

                  I’m so jealous you got to meet him?? But omg, that’s so amazing! I bet that’s a moment you’ll never forget! c: He seems like a really cool guy to have the honor of meeting. —– But ahh!! Thank you for the kind words! They mean so much! I was creeping on your writing yesterday when you followed and I’m loving your Lara! You keep being badass with her, too! She’s one of my favorites in game franchises!

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so I'm assuming you don't get the NYC new year's eve show in England because that would be ridiculous but last night a soldier was with his group of friends and the host was asking all of them about their resolutions and he was last and standing by his girlfriend and said "Actually, my new year's resolution is to marry her" and dropped down to one knee. It was the cutest thing ever and I'm happy for them of course but I also can't stop thinking of Steve and Tony in their place. just imagine it.