i just can't with the moral in this show

Honestly, Rose Quartz is such a Dumbledore character because no matter how often she does something morally ambiguous or just flat out wrong, no matter how often her ideas or actions directly hurt or negatively impact those around her, no matter how hypocritical she is, no matter how much shit she literally hid from everybody and left Steven to clean up without giving him any information about anything, despite ALL OF THIS, people still worship the very ground she walks on, in the show and in the fandom.

I like how, slowly but surely, her “precious cinnamon roll” facade is being broken down and reanalyzed, especially by Steven who has no prior knowledge of Rose except through what the CG tell her. Just because we’re told to look at her as a good character doesn’t mean she actually is, and I can’t wait until they reveal all of her true motives for the gem war.

Also the fact that Trump can still be president even though he is directly violating the constitution shows that old white men carry absolutely no regard for it, and that it is in-fact malleable or just plain ignorable under the right circumstances. 

And yet you wont get rid of guns. 

Let’s review the facts:

The main CANON ship on Person of Interest is between two women, one of whom is a PoC.

The show has evolved from “bad guy of the week” to “question all your moral, socio-political beliefs”

Acting on point.

Writing sharp as a knife.

But CBS is being a soggy sponge about its future.

Like wtf does it take to survive as a show in the US? Obviously not quality.

That yongguk wants to do social message songs makes me stan them more because it’s like they make music not just to be famous or because they want to make cool music videos where they look awesome. No, they want to make music because they have a moral they want to show the world. Through their music they want to make the world a little bit better. There’s more to it then wearing fancy clothes and being worldwide. There’s a point. They have a message and a reason to make music. Now, that’s true artist.

How dare I?  rant

How dare I be offended and appalled by hypocrisy and double standards on a TV show?  Especially when the hypocrisy and double standards are mostly and often committed by sanctimonious “good” guys?

How dare I expect the “good” guys to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions just like the “bad” guys?

How dare I expect all characters to be judged on the same criteria and the same morals and ethics?

How dare I take offense to one character being called a murderer, but none of the others even though they have all murdered others as well?  Are “bad” guys not human beings?

How dare I see the good in a flawed and broken character and hope they heal, and become better?

How dare I want redemption for a character that has screwed up?

How dare I be appalled at the conditions of a prisoner who attempted multiple suicide attempts, never got psychiatric help, is kept in solitary with not sunlight or even a sink or toilet? 

How dare I question the authority of an organization that fell apart and is not recognized by any governing entity in the entire world and is considered a terrorist group by some and their right to interfere in anything?

How dare I find it reprehensible that a man who had a procedure done to him against his will, a program he ran and then closed, and then had to stop a murderer who went insane from said program is going around threatening and actually implementing such a program on other human beings?  How dare I be appalled at such a man playing god with people’s lives and erasing another person?

How dare I expect a character that spouts ideals to actually live by them and to mete them out to all, not just a chosen few?  How dare I be against double standards?

How dare I want complex and deep characters?

How dare I look for and expect literary devices and tropes to be used and traceable in the story?

How dare I notice the blatant hypocrisy and double standards and break with sanity when main characters state or act out, “SHIELD is better than/different than Hydra because of X."  then SHIELD does X and the main characters never have to deal with the consequences and ramifications of such sanctimony?

How dare I be offended that "physco” is used incorrectly?

How dare I be disappointed characters are needlessly killed off?

How dare I expect good guys to actually have morals and ethics?

How dare I want characters to acknowledge and try to fix their flaws?

How dare I no longer want to blindly follow or root for sanctimonious hypocrites?

How dare I think it is wrong to lie to and sacrifice agents for a quinjet?

How dare I think it wrong to sacrifice someone against their will and then gaslight them when they confront the person who betrayed them?

How dare I think it is morally wrong to sell someone to their abuser for a political favor?

How dare I think it is wrong to dehumanize someone so they can be left behind after stating that loss of agents is unacceptable?

How dare I think it is appalling for someone to attempt to murder someone in cold blood then call the intended victim a “monster” after inadvertently murdering a bystander by disintegrating them with a bomb?

How dare I think it is abhorrent for a “good” character to attempt to be judge, jury, and executioner with no ramifications for such immoral actions?

How dare I think it is wrong to try to swap and trade lives for other lives?

How dare I expect spies to be spies on a supposed spy show? 

How dare I feel empathy, compassion, and understanding for a character after being shown their past circumstances and how they were abused and manipulated?

How dare I take offense when actors, producers, and writers of a show bully, lie to, mock, ridicule, and try to embarrass a fan group of their own show?  How dare I think that is not immoral, incredibly stupid, and disgusting?

How dare YOU, creators, producers, and writers of Agents of SHIELD let such misguiding and disgusting messages be paraded about in such a sanctimonious way?  It is almost like this show is a satire or irony about an organization who claims to want to protect people, but fails miserably while believing they are heroes. 

Why do I dare find offense?  Because I have morals and ethics and expect heroes and good guys to have them as well.  Shame on me for assuming a show that claims to be about an organization who wants to protect the world from what it is not ready to deal with yet, and about heroes super or not so super would actually have morals and ethics.  Since I am not the only one has noticed this disconnect I guess at least part of the world is not ready for your corrupt drivel and skewed “morals” and “ethics”.