i just can't with the moral in this show

You know, if Soma does die, at least Ciel will finally experience some fucking consequences for his actions. It’ll be the first time since the Jack the Ripper arc that Ciel will have to deal with people close to him dying suddenly without his consent. What with this on top of Lizzy’s unwillingness to return home and her implied knowledge about the contract, it seems like this’ll be the arc where all of Ciel’s platitudes about “standing on a pile of dead allies” will finally be put to the test.

Well it’s official you cannot see anything that is remotely romantic with it it being relevant to destiel….

Aladdin/Dean: I can show you the world/humanity, shining shimmering splendid. Tell me “Cas” now when did you last let your heart decide? Have some free will? I can open your eyes, take you Wonder by Wonder… and don’t tell me baby isn’t the magic carpet ;)

Jasmine / Cas: I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far I can’t go back to where I used to be…. wants to escape their prison style life and experience humanity, teaches Aladdin to embrace his hidden side and morals while aspiring to be better, free and honest.

It’s not even just a love story it’s a DISNEY ROMANCE. It’s Beauty and the Beast, it’s Pocahontas, it’s the little Mermaid, IT’S EVERY FREAKING DISNEY ROMANCE.

And as @amwritingmeta reminded me, Dean even REFERENCES DORY, ELSA AND A WHOLE NEW WORLD IN SEASON 12!


Over and out.

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I'm both a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. My friends said that I was lying, so they created a second pottermore account to test (my original house was Ravenclaw but I constantly showed traits of a Hufflepuff.) I ended up getting Hufflepuff on the first test, then they made another account and I got alternating Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff twice. I don't know what to do bc if someone asks me what house I am, I can't say Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff with full confidence. Am I honestly having an identity crisis?

Hogwarts houses are just another label that we, as a generation, use to define ourselves. And like with all labels, it’s about choosing what feels right to you

The best advice is to look at your morals. Stop taking tests and just sit down and think about where your priorities are. What’s your goal in life? 

A ravenclaw will say to learn. To understand the crazy world we live in and make some kind of contribution towards it. To show their passions to the world and to see everything. They want to explore their interests and gain everything life has to offer

A hufflepuff will say to do the best they can. To work and make the most of what life has handed to them. They want to help others, to find a group they can connect with and care for. They want to right all the wrongs in the world and love fiercely 

So what do you want from life? I guess that’s the real question here

Can somebody just stop produce 101 by Mnet?

I don’t watch produce 101 and not loving the whole concept anyway (reminds me too much of gladiator/ hunger games underage-fate-in-public’s-hand type of thing) but putting caste system for food and toilet priority is just too far (just google produce 101 season 2 grade system).

They basically means “A grade trainees got access to better food and priority for toilet/bathroom, and got worse to F grade”.

This is outright discrimination and abuse, how is this getting approved for public broadcast??? (It’s already recording btw) And they put people in hard place because they can’t just ignore the show since it will affect the grade. Mnet needs to put a stop with their drama thirst, these trainees already got their career hang on their editing in this show what else do you want to sacrifice?? Their morals? Their health?

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For reason aside from both Dipper and Alcor being snarky, salty (and a teasing troll on Alcor's part) to each other in the transdimensional arc, I can't help but find an interesting in-depth character analysis between these two and their interactions. Dipper can't deny the fact that Alcor IS him, since he himself does have a vindictive streak, only Alcor just shows that he doesn't hold back on that and it terrifies him that he could be like him and lose his morals.

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okay, but if Maedhros did die in the Nirnaeth, I can't imagine Maglor continuing to go after the Silmarils. not that I have a high opinion of his moral character or anything, good Lord, I just can't picture him bothering to put in the effort when he could instead resort to his lifelong strategy 'wait for an older relative to show up and tell me what to do.' Maglor, obsessively tuning his zither: look, I've probably still got at least one uncle left, you never know, it worked last time

“Uncle Finarfin! Thank the Valar you came at last!” The ragged creature scrabbled down the scree towards the great host of the west. There was seaweed drying on its boots and the gull feathers in its tatty cap were wilting. The zither in its hands, however, was meticulously oiled.

“I’m grieved for your losses, Nephew,” Finarfin said - the zither made plain the creature’s identity where its weary, weathered face did not. “And for what they have driven you to do.” He tried not to wrinkle his nose too obviously.

“Yes yes, it’s all very sad.” Maglor blew his nose and, though he did it upon his ragged sleeve, the gesture was as elegant and theatrical as ever. “What is the plan, my lord?”

“I am no lord of yours.”

“I’ve always admired you for not letting the crown get in the way of family bonds. Uncle then. Command me.”  His nephew smiled, but he wore it ill, like a coat long since outgrown. There was something in his bright, bright eyes that unsettled the king near as much as what he had seen in the thralls freed from the pit.


Maglor crumpled to his knees. He was, Finarfin noted, very careful not to fall upon his zither. “Please. Please, tell me what I must do. I’ll fight for you, I’ll swear or be forsworn, only tell me what to do.”

“Get up.” His nephew rose with the alacrity of a puppet jerked by strings. Be kind, he had always been kind and there were so few of his family left. But he has spoken with Elwing of the Havens, with starving, ragged Sindar mourning murdered kings and princes, and Finarfin steeled his heart. “You came in peace and so in peace you will depart. Now get you gone.”

“Ah well,” said Maglor, his empty smile back in place. He brushed the sand from off his ragged breeches. “Perhaps your daughter will be more kind.”

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Hi why can't you just let someone ship what they want and block their content if it bothers you? I don't wanna call you out but like why do you want to stop someone from enjoying the show their way when instead all you have to do is ,,, ignore them and enjoy the show YOUR way

because shipping a minor and an adult is gross and i have morals

Dear Grama

1) Just because I’m not pursuing an argument does Not mean I agree with you.

2) When I say ‘my family doesn’t accept my sexuality’ that includes your “you just haven’t found the right man” ass.

3) Really? You think the only people who die in pain because of bad sexual experiences are gay men? Are you serious?

4) Consistently informing me that you were jealous of the 'relationship’ that I had with Jesus (despite the fact that I’ve informed you that I was mentally unstable at the time you are referring too) won’t convince me to return to your religion.

5) The fact that your grandson didn’t want to stop hugging you (after not seeing you for a year because last time you wanted to visit you got into a car crash and nearly died) isn’t a sign of his bad home life, it’s because he actually has a shred of humanity left in his little heart. Bless him.

6) Persisting in the one-sided conversation about you not wanting to live beside a Muslim family, after I’ve told you to stop talking because we don’t and will never agree on your racist views, won’t convince me that you are right in your bigotry.

7) Forcing personal views of morality onto the rest of humanity hasn’t worked for anyone in history and it sure as shit won’t work for you. Just because you don’t understand why someone would do something doesn’t mean no one does.

8) Assuming that all Muslims are bad regardless of the proven fact that culture and society have more to do with a person’s morality then religion does (for all religions, not just Muslims) is, in fact, not ok. Shut up.

9) Not that it matters because you are Canadian, but Trump is Not a good man and excusing his horrific statements as both a candidate and president as 'man talk’ will not Ever be acceptable.

10) Kindly shut up and watch the TV Show I’m trying to show you. As a side note, saying “see, man talk!” every time the males on Game of Thrones talk about tits and sex does not endear me to the credibility of your statements regarding a modern governmental figure head.

The thing is, I’m just not very good friend material. I can’t keep up with the emotional and social burden of a close friendship. I’m fine with shallow interactions, or regular friendships conducted behind a certain barrier (time, distance). But the constant sense of guilt over not being a good or patient listener, not caring, not finding the energy to maintain a friendship makes it all not worth the effort.

I like the idea of having close friends, but in reality the golden sheen of it wears off very quickly. I get tired of people much like I get tired of just about everything. No attention span or dedication to speak of.

And I’m okay with it. It’s just that I know that not everyone’s like me, and I feel guilty about not being a good friend.

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Your jiminnie is the cutest person ever. I've always been a fan of you but now i'm kinda their fan too because they're just so nice?? I mean it's hard to love someone without even really knowing them right??? But they always show their love to you just to lift your morals up ;-; and honestly it's so cute i feel sad knowing that sweet person is not feeling okay. So jiminnie i hope you cheer up soon because you deserve the world (ノTTДTT)ノ(lol i'm shy so i'll just put my nickname) -umi


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5sos have also done random acoustic shows for fans who can't go to their actual concerts. They have done that every once and while within the past years. I've seen hv do acoustic shows and i doubt the morals of it are the same as theres...

5sos do it outside of their hotels, yes! they did one the other day actually!
they use to go to parks randomly when they were younger, or sit on a bench in town and just play their songs and covers,
HV do it before shows, outside the venue, and ended up bringing security with them

5sos live by music, it’s all they wanted to do and they’re so passionate about it, they love to play,
hv aren’t like that, i can’t quite figure out why they do it, but probably because it’s easy
they don’t have the same drive and probably never will

Inktober day 15!
My dream zombie fighting team using tv show characters!
Pidge from Voltron because she’s super smart and strategic but also a good fighter
Enid from O.K. K.O. because she’s badass
Cisco from The Flash because he’s a genius with super cool powers and also the ability to teleport (which seems hecking useful)
And finally:
Tim Gunn from Project Runway for moral support just because I love that man
From @thatsthat24 amazing prompt list!

Liberal feminists on the burqini ban (rightly so): The burqini ban is bad! A woman should be allowed to cover herself as much as she wants or reveal as much as she wants! Forcibly making someone remove their clothing in public is sexual harassment!

Liberal feminists on enforced hijab on female chess competitors in Iran: *crickets* Uh… when in Rome do as the Romans do… it’s just showing respect for their culture… Uh… Islam is a beautiful religion?

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I still feel like Aang killing Ozai wouldn't be the best way to end the show, even if I do agree with you that it could have been set up a little better. My concern is that it would turn a show from a positive show with morals into a show where characters throw away what they know is right to meet their goals, even if their goals seem honorable. I just can't see it ending in a satisfying way like that. Though maybe it's all yet another reason why they should have made Book 4 instead of a movie.

I agree with you: Aαng killing Ozai would be inconsistent in tone with a series so focused on hope and changing the world for the better. 

Just as it was inconsistent for the series which taught us to practice relentlessly, avoid the easy path, think of the consequences, and never treat gaining power as the solution to a problem, to turn around and deliver a solution with no training, no failure, no consequences, and an instant power-up, as the only answer to a moral dilemma. 

Which path is less true to the show is a matter of opinion. But consider:

Never before in A:TLA had bending been used as a get-out-of-quandary free card. Katara’s mastery of water didn’t make her anger at her mother’s murderer go away, or cause her to be less overbearing to her teammates. Sokka’s space sword didn’t magically imbue him with the confidence he needed for public speaking. Zuko learned lightning redirection, but it didn’t help him achieve inner peace or take out Azula. Toph’s metalbending solved her physical imprisonment, but not the estrangement she felt between herself and her family.

But energybending did provide the solution to Aαng’s problem of killing Ozai when nothing else would. What lesson are we supposed to take from that, exactly? It’s not as though we can apply “just have the known laws of your universe suddenly change to benefit you” to our everyday lives. In A:TLA, whenever we watched a character shed a bias, forge a friendship, stand up for a belief, or make restitution, we could be there, too. But with energybending, we have to watch from the outside looking in, because the wisdom is imparted so rapidly that there is no process involved for Aαng’s learning.


Is more like this:

Than it is like this:

And that is why fans still struggle with the ending years later.

  • Me: Farkle and Riley are literally perfect for each other and they're both such cinnamon rolls and totally endgame.
  • Also me: I love Smackle and Farkle, those two are just little baby nerds and I love them together forever.
  • Also...: I want Lucaya to happen. It's just so... fiery ? They just have so much chemistry that they can't just not play it out.
  • Andddd: I want Joshaya to happen if the show is played out that long; they are actually adorable together and I need them in my life.

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I noticed that lots of people who try to say that " You can't accept change. You just have nostalgia goggles on. " Or " It's not supposed to be for our generation so it's fine " Don't realize that most of us tend to like new things of our favorite games, shows, and books! It's just that the reboot is poorly written, the main characters are flanderized, the jokes pander too much to main stream media, and the morals seem to be backwards.

Exactlllyyyyy. Exactly.

When PPGZ started airing, I liked it. It was nuts but it was its own thing so I wasn’t bothered. When Dance Pantsed happened, I liked it. I didn’t like the story too much and it was kinda OOC but I loved the artwork, so I was cool with it. This is honestly the first time for a PPG show that I’m like nope, no, never, this is not right. I’ve never actually been like totally turned off from a PPG thing. This time I am. And for reasons that I can coherently point to.

And I mean, some of my favorite movies are sequels that I like better than the original. Some of my favorite video games are part of huge franchises and there are good games and bad games. And there are reasons for those likes and dislikes way beyond the nostalgia factor or the target audience factor.


Nothing about the way Walt treats Skyler is okay, at least after season 2.

I guess you could judge my morals based off the show and stuff, but I really can’t like or support anyone who mistreats those closest to them, even if they are fictional. Like, that’s where I draw the line. I can root for Mike even though objectively, he’s a bad person, because I recognize the humanity in him. He loves his granddaughter, he treats “his guys” with respect, and he is protective of Jesse.

Walt doesn’t have decency towards ANYONE, not even his own family, all while claiming to be protecting and providing for his family. Fuck that guy.

okay so there’s already Bismuth Discourse™ so I’m gonna put in my two cents

1. we didn’t have enough time. like. we really didn’t. and it’s probably a budget thing, especially with hiring a voice actress who’s really high profile and probably expensive. this isn’t a movie, they probably wouldn’t have been able to afford Uzo Aduba for more than the half hour special episode. (I still hate how they promo’d about her being The New Team Member, but that’s a Cartoon Network problem and doesn’t really involve the Crewniverse) so like, we gotta keep that info on the sidelines when meta-ing, yknow?

2. this absolutely could have been solved with time and more talking. bismuth didn’t have all the post-active war information. she’s coming at this from an active war standpoint. that makes a Huge difference.

3. seriously bismuth doesn’t have the context of lapis, peridot, or the shattered gem experiments. those are all huge factors into Steven’s ideals, on top of the fact that he’s a c h i l d.

4. bismuth is in the right in active wartime conditions, and tbh I. generally agree with her ideals and tactics. but she still doesn’t have all the information, and in the real world we don’t have to worry about the torture of shattered corpse psyches. seriously, we don’t even know if bismuth knows how many gems were corrupted btw.

5. have I mentioned that Steven is a child yet? have I mentioned this is a show for children? Murder Is Bad is. a pretty basic kids show moral, and it’s shown that rose was in the wrong in the past and bismuth is in the wrong in the present (where we have present knowledge and circumstances. seriously context is such a huge thing with this episode)

6. bismuth wasn’t a villain. that’s. literally now how she was framed from a narrative standpoint. she has differing ideology from a completely different contextual area and kids will probably pick up on that. if they can get Aduba in again (which isn’t that likely but we can hope) then we’ll probably see everything more fleshed out.

7. I can’t mention this enough - and this is a general qualm with the fandom - but this is a kids show. this wasn’t made for us, we’re just part of the audience. if we’re gonna Discourse™ can we at least look at it through that lens instead of as if this were an Adult Show with Adult Morals.

but this is just my onion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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"I’ve got news for you. On this show, there are NO GOOD GUYS. Everyone’s a piece of shit on this show." I get that 100%, I just get the feeling that PETE doesn't know that lol. I wasn't trying to claim Asher was the worst person on the show or anything, but Pete calling him the last good guy, and Jack calling him the moral compass or w/e is kinda pushing it imo?

Excellent point, Anon!

When Jack called him the moral compass, at first I was like lol wut? But then the more I thought about it, the more I agree with him. 

Annalise and Frank certainly aren’t moral leaders. Frank’s a murderer. Bonnie killed Rebecca. These guys are easy to cross off. 

Now the Keating 5: Connor and Michaela are ruthlessly ambitious. S1 Connor was willing to sleep around to get ahead. Michaela’s willing to do whatever it takes for any case. He just wants to stay out of prison, and she has no problem defending the guilty. Laurel has no problem covering up dead bodies, or letting a killer walk free. The only time she showed uncertainty was when she told Annalise, maybe we should go to prison, after she almost shot her. And Wes doesn’t seem to care about anything but his own issues. 

Asher is an ass, no doubt about that. Here’s his moral compass: 

  • Ep 1x11, the woman who let her husband hold two girls captive in her basement, Asher was the most outraged about defending her.
  • Held his father accountable for putting an innocent man in prison.
  • Didn’t want to sleep with Bonnie when she’s intoxicated.
  • Asher is the only one who shows remorse over a dead body on this show. Wes isn’t sorry over Sam’s death or having shot Annalise, Frank killed Lila, and Bonnie killed Rebecca, yet have we seen any remorse from these guys? 
  • Asher wanted to turn himself in so that the others wouldn’t be dragged into the mess that he caused. Did Wes ever offer to do the same? No, he just wanted to protect his girlfriend, never mind the fact that he dragged his classmates into a murder coverup to do so.
  • Asher was torn between turning in a murderer (Bonnie for Sam’s death) + his own immunity/protection and protecting said murderer when he finds out about her past. This is literally the definition of a moral struggle. 

No, Asher is not a “good” guy. But like I said before, no one is on this show. I do think he’s the best of a bad bunch. At the very least, he seems to actually have a conscience.