i just can't think of them rn

When the effin movie is not out and I have come up with a fic… Whaaaat?!

Is it- is this normal? I don’t think so, nope but- but it’s the author and fangirl in me just going crazy and yeah there comes that. Yet another one to obsess over, alright this job is really tiring to be honest… but also looots of fun.

Guide to Borderline: #2
  • ((Before I start, I want to point out that there are other types of bpd, not everyone fits in this "guides" but if you agree feel free to like/rb the post.))
  • x
  • What BPD People Think When You Tell Them;
  • x
  • Let's go out sometime!: When? Everyday is a possible "sometime" so you gotta be specific. Also, should I call you/text you first? Because I will totally wait for you to do it.
  • x
  • Get ready! I am coming to get you! : No. Just no. When I have to go outside I have to prepare myself for days you ain't getting nothing friend.
  • x
  • Why didn't you tell me? : I probably hinted it and you probably missed it because it was a way too small hint so I still secretly blame you for not asking more so I have reasons but they gonna sound stupid.
  • x
  • What is wrong: If you don't want me to keep repeating my "I wanna die because" list then you should stop asking stupid questions.
  • x
  • You are overreacting: Ok I am not, but I can't explain that I am not overreacting because you would see that overreacting too but my settings are just higher then yours so my normal is overreact for you.
  • x
  • Do you miss them?: Honey I miss everything. I miss my fucking self what the hell do you think?
  • x
  • Calm down: Omg what is next? Get yourself together?? Go get your life and hopes and ambitions back?? Which universe you live in pal that ain't happening.
  • x
  • Wanna tell me? : I want to tell my whole life story to people that is passing by the street rn of course I want to tell you. The real question is, you wanna hear a real sad and fucked up story that is my life?
  • x
  • I love you: For now.

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Update: am now like, 18 episodes in, Jake has gotten considerably less annoying, Sergeant Jeffords is my favourite (and he looks like he gives good hugs), and I have aww'd over Captain Holt and his husband. <3

Yay, I’m really glad you’re getting into it! :)

And yeah honestly Captain Holt and Kevin are just such a great couple?

Look at these precious husbands

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it just doesn't make sense anymore. People say he signed with syco because of the last right of refusal thing but why would they spend that much on a client just to sabotage them. People say it's because louis stood up to the suits while in 1d but syco, as a company that's basically failing, can't afford to sabotage their biggest client rn because of petty revenge? I just don't understand anymore.

Honestly you are me, anon. I legitimately don’t understand either. I was just saying to someone earlier tonight that I need to sit down with Tyler Brown and Russell Eslamifar and be like please. Explain to me like I’m 5 what you’re doing with Louis’ career and why you think the choices you’ve made are the right ones. Break it down for me because I’m seriously not getting it. It makes no sense from ANY angle.

but he loves youuu

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What went down in Kung Food
  • Marinette: hey Alya so I need to talk to my Chinese uncle but I don't speak Chinese
  • Marinette: what should I do
  • Alya: does he speak any English
  • Marinette: what good would that do?
  • Marinette: I don't speak any English
  • Alya: then what are you speaking rn
  • Marinette: French, remember?
  • Alya: oh right I forgot
  • Marinette: yeah this is confusing
  • Alya: so does he speak any French
  • Marinette: idk I don't think imma bother to check
  • Alya: you're trying to get me to send Adrien as an interpreter
  • Marinette: pls Alya
  • Alya: fine he's on his way
  • Wang: this isn't at all awkward
  • Adrien: hey guys!
  • Wang: hey Adrien!
  • Adrien: so you actually speak English then
  • Wang: no this is French
  • Adrien: right
  • Wang: anyway imma be on this cooking competition
  • Adrien: kk cool do you want me to interpret for you
  • Wang: nah I'm sure nothing will go wrong
  • Chloé: *happens*
  • Wang: in retrospect...
  • Hawkmoth: fly my akuma
  • Kung Food: it's time for Chloé to get WRECKED
  • Chloé: wow real original there
  • Kung Food: I'll show you original!!!
  • Kung Food: prepare for a sticky situation as my protégés coat the building in IMPENETRABLE CARAMEL
  • Kung Food: get ready to cry when you witness my FLYING ONION CAMERAS
  • Kung Food: you'll be the one getting cut into slices as you face off against my TEN-FOOT PIZZA SWORD
  • Ladybug: should we jump in and stop him
  • Chat Noir: no not yet he's on a roll here
  • Kung Food: your salty attitude will be the perfect seasoning for my SWIMMING POOL OF BOILING SOUP
  • Kung Food: I always said that the fennel was mightier than the sword
  • Kung Food: pasta la vista, baby
  • Chat Noir: okay, looks like he's out of ideas
  • Ladybug: yeah he defs stole that last one from somewhere
  • Chat Noir: well it's time to take him down
  • Kung Food: *retreats to the roof*
  • Chloé: oh good
  • Kung Food: *suspends Chloé over a swimming pool of boiling soup*
  • Chloé: oh no
  • Jagged Stone: so anyways y'all gotta fight me first
  • Ladybug: what's that weapon you've got?
  • Jagged Stone: you'll be like fish in a barrel as I come at you with my SEAFOOD STAFF
  • Chat Noir:
  • Ladybug: *locks Jagged Stone in the closet like a badass*
  • André: and now you gotta fight me!
  • Ladybug: and what's your deal
  • André: something something sausage fest
  • Ladybug: yeah nope
  • Ladybug: *drops a chandelier on him*
  • Marlena and Alec: and now there's TWO OF US
  • Marlena: prepare to face an onslaught of flavor from my THOUSAND FLYING CAKES
  • Ladybug: okay but
  • Ladybug: let's get real here
  • Ladybug: "thousand flying cakes" is the coolest attack name EVER
  • Ladybug: like, respect
  • Alec: and I can't think of a pun, but here are some BLINDING STINKY CHEESE BOMBS
  • Chat Noir: my inner Plagg is v conflicted
  • Chat Noir: also I just realized my inner Plagg is v literal rn
  • Chat Noir: whoa that's really weird to think about
  • Alec: *wrecks him*
  • Ladybug: *wrecks both Alec and Marlena*
  • Ladybug: and now for the boss fight
  • Chat Noir: don't you mean the chef fight
  • Ladybug: don't try and say one-liners, you're bad at it
  • Chat Noir: I call them pun-liners
  • Kung Food: HEY GUYS
  • Kung Food: *drops Chloé toward soup*
  • Ladybug: whoa Chloé's about to die
  • Ladybug: like wow the stakes have never been higher
  • Ladybug: I can't imagine what life would be like with her gone
  • Kung Food: do you want me to pull her back out so you've got enough time to rescue her
  • Ladybug: nah I got this
  • Ladybug: *rescues Chloé like a badass*
  • Chloé: *is herself*
  • Ladybug: *drops Chloé off roof*
  • Chat Noir: did you just
  • Ladybug: she'll be fine
  • Chat Noir: how do you know
  • Ladybug: the screenwriters need somebody to get people akumatized
  • Chat Noir: oh right
  • Kung Food: *attacks*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *fight back*
  • Ladybug: hey Kung Food hang on a minute
  • Chloé: hey guys so I climbed back up
  • Ladybug: *chucks Chloé off the roof again*
  • Kung Food: that was a worthy diversion
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Payment terminal: *happens*
  • Ladybug: "payment terminal"? really?
  • Chat Noir: do you have a better name for those things
  • Chat Noir: that's even what it's called on the wiki
  • Ladybug: idk but I've got a good one-liner for it
  • Ladybug: hey Kung Food, we've finished our meal and it's time to pay the bill!
  • Chat Noir: needs work
  • Ladybug: *wrecks Kung Food*
  • Ladybug: you were saying
  • Chat Noir: FINISH HIM
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Wang: anyway here's the soup I made
  • Alec & co: ok you've won the competition
  • Alec & co: like there are defs no more contestants
  • Wang: btw I renamed the soup
  • Wang: it's now called Marinette Soup
  • Alec & co: might I ask why
  • Wang: bc Marinette fell in the swimming pool of soup
  • Wang: she's responsible for the flavor
  • Marinette: um no I'm right here
  • Wang: oh wow this is awkward
  • Wang: so who was that who fell in the soup
  • Marinette: idk
Even More YouTube Au Hcs
  • Nico and Percy plays the Sims together - Dan and Phil style, only 10x gayer with even more screaming and panicking because they’re ‘too young to be parents, oh my god Percy, how the fuck are we supposed to look after these kids, we’re going to kill them’. Annabeth and Piper also play the Sims with 90% of their time spent with Annabeth messing with the houses and Piper trying to stop her, and the other 10% spent with Piper trying to summon aliens and Annabeth trying to stop her
  • Nico is the one you’ll search out video game songs, learn them off by heart, and play them loudly in the morning
  • They all do the ‘hip youtuber thing’ and dye their hair bright colours every few months
  • Nico (as does Rachel) loves referencing ‘so bad they’re good’ films, especially The Room, and you can see Annabeth lose the will to live whenever it happens
  • They make reviews and parodies of the films in hopes that it will make Nico shut up about them (it doesn’t. It just encourages him)

I understand how mainstream popularity can be traced to relevancy of an artist but I think if anything, that’s more damaging to the career now compared to before.

The second an artist fucks up now, it’s over for them. Strictly from a musical standpoint. You drop a trash project, you’re basically asking to drop into the shadows to let the next artist eat.

If you can keep dropping quality, you’ll stay relevant, but that’s rarely ever the case with mainstream artist these days. They’re made for consumption and then people move on to the next thing.

Jay-Z got half a career of garbage albums and he didn’t start moving down the ladder until MCHG. Migos drop a trash project next and I guarantee you the hype will be dead.

circle of life
  • Allistics: Hmmm, autistic people don't have *normal* feelings and emotions, so their obsessions need a specific word, they can't just be *normal* obsessions and interests.... why don't we call them..... """special""" interests.... to highlight how Abnormal their feelings are...
  • Autistics: Ok whatever
  • Autistics: I love my special interests! Tfw you get a new special interest! I can't stop thinking about my special interest rn guys omg. I love having special interests they're so good for helping me cope!
  • Allistics: LOL are you kidding me? Everyone has obsessions wtf you're just trying to be a special snowflake, stop trying to act like being autistic makes you soooooo *~different~* you're not special smh #SJWS #triggered #special snowflakes

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Im struggling to love my stretch marks rn but I can just imagine Bucky absolutely loving them. Tracing his hand slowly over each line, kissing each and every one, holding you close to him as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear. Bucky's had to struggle with loving the scars by his metal arm, so he knows kinda what you're feeling, and he can't stand to see you hate yourself. So he spends every waking moment making sure you never think those horrible thoughts about yourself💜

He’d do everything he can to remind you that scars are just stories written on your skin, stretch marks are normal and he kisses them all the time 

Everything Day™

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I'm sorry that the other anon made you uncomfortable and also it's cool that you're busy it's life we all get it (well most of us) but yeah just idk I can't words rn so 💕

Thank you😭😭 I’m really exhausted to the point that I rlly want to cry but ayy its life haha. And yeah it made me uncomfortable bc I don’t really like to show my relationships to others. Sometimes I do it but it’s rare and I usually dont start it ahah, it’s just that Im a pretty private person. I still don’t know who they are tho, made me sad bc I don’t want them to think that they did smt wrong. But yea I decided that I wont answer any of their anonyme ask anymore, if they want to have a private conversation I will be very happy to talk, if they still want to message me anonymously I wont answer, bc this has nothing to do with yall or with my blog
BUT ANYWAY LETS STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS🐿🐿🐿🐿 (also ty for all ur kind messages I’ve read everything and sorry that I wasnt able to answer to everyone!!)

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don't read this if you haven't seen ep 8 yet. what are your thoughts on nick & june in the ep? i'm unsure. it's not as bad as it could've been, & i'm still convinced that there's more of nick's story to be revealed or that he'll develop in some way. i don't think offred and nick are over by any means. i understand nick's inner conflict entirely - does he risk himself & offred, or does he say fuck it because at least it gives them hope & something to live for? i really think he can't decide. +

+ however his lack of communication w/ offred and almost messing her about isn’t fair and i’m starting to get angry at him for it. she doesn’t deserve that treatment, and it sucks when it’s coming from the only positive thing in her life rn. he needs to get his shit together and make a decision or at least voice his thoughts to her so she can understand. i’d love to know your thoughts :)

alright. i literally just finished watching the episode (i kept pausing it far too many times because it was just so disturbing) and i still have to gather my thoughts about it but i’ll share what i have now

ep 8 spoilers ahead!

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little drawing projects in the future

  • something to say goodbye and thank you to fairy tail
  • redraws of my favourite fairy tail scenes
  • really need to draw something with gajeel and levy (feat. blue haired babies? but also Battle Pose gajevy)
  • gotta draw something for ladybug (idk why i never got around to it)
  • obviously scatter some ocs things in between


  • i wanted to draw like an au where lucy joined fairy tail when she was younger - team natsu as itty bitties. imagine.

second edit

  • S A R A D A  U C H I H A

Art block ew