i just can't stop taking pictures of her

  • Dramione in the waiting room at the doctors
  • Draco: I'm bored, can't I...
  • Hermione: *reading magazine* No magic.
  • Draco: But I'm sooo bored, when will it be our turn?
  • Hermione: As soon as you stop complaining. Read a magazine, it will help pass the time.
  • Draco: But the pictures don't even move!
  • Hermione: *reaches into her bag, hands something to Draco* Here.
  • Draco: *takes it* What's this? *opens lid* A mirror? Really Hermione I think I am a bit more mature than...hey wait....there is a smudge on this mirror...*rubs at it* it...it won't come off...just need to use something...*keeps at it*
  • Hermione: *turns the page in her magazine*

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Hi~ Can we get a hc for the RFA, and how they be on a vacation with MC perhaps? (Sorry I can't think of anything but you're new so I wanted to help get you started <3)


 -Got a job to save up for the trip so MC wouldn’t have to pay for anything

-Worked just about every day for 7 months for Jumin, but still made time for LOLOL

-Once they’re there he cannot stop taking pictures of her and complimenting on how pretty she looks

-Tries to take her to the beach at least once a day

-Makes sure that they visit the theme park at least once and makes MC go on every ride with him

-Wants her to feel like a princess and does his best to make sure that happens

-Takes her to a super fancy dinner at the end of the trip as a last kinda super special thing


-Constant picture taking

-Literally every moment of the trip is on camera

-Takes MC somewhere super romantic at the end of each day

-Takes her to a small little place somewhere on the map that makes it hard for his fans to find but it’s still close-ish to fun spots

-Makes sure the trip is super relaxing for both of them

-But also finds a really fun activity for every day (Takes her to the carnival and wins her stuff, goes to the waterpark, and takes her to the zoo to see pretty animals)

-At the end of the trip he decides to spend it somewhere private where it’s just the 2 of them

-He literally spend half the trip talking to locals and looking at a map to find somewhere beautiful and secluded to make sure the only eyes on her that day were his


-Plans out the whole trip to the minute

-Probably has a set schedule of activities for each day

-But as soon as they get there MC makes her completely forget about her schedule and they just wing it

-But one thing that does stay from the list is a trip to an art museum where Zen’s selfies are on the wall

-Cuddles the entire trip

-One day they’ll just spend in they’re room just watching movies and order room service

-Makes sure they get a lot of souvenirs to put around the house and probably just to keep herself from thinking that the whole thing wasn’t just some wonderful dream


-Private island

-He literally bought a private island just so the 2 of them have the whole place to themselves minus staff and Lizzy

-Mr. Money bags loves spoiling his woman

-Constantly asking if she’s enjoying herself, and will keep finding ways to make it more enjoyable even tho she keeps telling him that it’s a wonderful trip and to stop worrying so much

-Tries to enjoy the beach with MC he feels naked without a suit on

-Probably made a special room just for Elizabeth 3rd to enjoy so they can enjoy themselves without too much worry about that beautiful cat

-On the last day of the trip he goes out of his way to have this whole dinner on the beach while watching the sunset happen, looking into her eyes and thinking “I’m so lucky”


-Such a tourist

-Will think of the most popular place ever and make a huge trip out of it

-Looks up all the attractions, best places to go for dates, dumb things that people go there to see

-Would probably even make a side trip to see a really big rubber band tbh

-Hacks into the systems of everywhere they go to ensure they’re got the best possible experience

-Will wear a fanny pack with no shame

-And will spend half the trip embarrassing MC but she doesn’t mind and will probably join in at some point

-Tries to act serious at the end but it doesn’t work

-He made reservations at the best restaurant in town, but keeps goofing off and gets them kicked out, so they just go to McDonald’s and have an even better time  

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But I can't get into outlaw queen so it's just upsetting that it's absorbing all of Regina's attention.

Well, if you aren’t into outlaw queen, than I can understand why it can be annoying.  

But with a new bf/soulmate in the picture, it’s important to remember that Regina has a very obsessive personality.  What was she solely  focused on before Robin?  Henry, finding Henry, being good enough for Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry.  And before that?  Stopping Emma from breaking the first curse.  Following Emma, taking pictures of Emma, being consumed with all things involving Emma.  And we all know about her feelings for Snow…So this really shouldn’t be super shocking for anyone.  I mean, she decided she wanted to find the author of the book, so she locked herself in a crypt for a week and read that damn book over and over again.  Seriously, did she eat?  Is there running water down there?  Our society relies greatly on running water and a plumbing system to continue existing with the standard of living that we have.  Was everything done with magic?  Did she just completely shut down and allow magic to do everything??  These are important questions pertaining to the well being of a character that I know we both love

So I guess what I’m trying to say, while I purposely rant about nonsensical things, is that I like the character of Regina.  I will enjoy the journey of her character, and unless she is obviously stripped of all things that make her who she is at her core for no reason (which hasn’t happened), then I’ll keep supporting.

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The boys would date a fan yes? But it cost a billion dollars to fly to where they are to meet them! Then you get like 5 mintues with them and unless this world is now a book a person can't fall in love in 5 mintues. I mean I really like Luke and if I was to go meet him he wouldn't just stop to talk to me he'd be busy and take a pic then leave. So how would the ever date a fan?

Scenario: Cute girl gives one of the boys their number at a book signing. Boy thinks girl is cute and would like to get to know her, so he calls her and they end up talking all night. They build a friendship, and eventually start to have feelings for each other. And then he’ll have her picture in his private folder. (did you see what I did there)

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, just maybe not as likely as some people would want to think. 

Moe DOESN’T suck at corners. Our previous corner takers won’t ALWAYS be there. The ball is going to the RIGHT PLACE. And previous takes sometimes failed too.


SINC DESERVES TO HAVE PASSED MIA’S RECORD. If you think otherwise you need to get your head OUT OF YOUR ASS. Like Sinclair did it WITHOUT as much support as Abby or Mia and she is a LEGEND AND HUMBLE. 

I AM SORRY ONLY ELEVEN CAN PLAY AT A TIME. Yeah, your fav might not always play. Yeah, you might not agree with Jill. But these are paid professionals CHOOSING THIS. NOT you all who just watch the game. We have NO IDEA what is going on behind closed doors. NO IDEA the bigger picture. And do y’all forget that Jill had to do something right to coach a WINNING WC team?

WHILE I’M RAGING, YES Kling has been playing out of position. BUT the coaches haven’t stopped her. IN FACT at the end of the games they looked happy with her and since she did it again and none of the other players looked shocked, we can assume THIS IS A PLAN AND IF IT WORKS IT’LL BE AWESOME.

Also, stop being bitchy about Whit. That was never going to happen.

*takes a deep breath*

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seriously Taylor knows about Kaylor and her publicist and her shut only the rumors about Karlie and her, it was obvious after the concert but then Taylor can't stop liking posts, taking pictures to show her real life, emotions, "love"... for Karlie. Maybe there is nothing between them but Taylor has feelings for her that's for sure (her eyes don't lie...)

Anon, let’s be honest who wouldn’t have feelings for Karlie Kloss? ;)