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Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

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Viktor refuses to show Yuuri his next exhibition and Yuuri thinks its because it's a cute surprise for him but really it's because Viktor is skating to Rasputin even after Yuuri told him not to

Yuuri is the Russian Queen to his Ra Ra Rasputin

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act

While beautiful wives (and husband) fliers are being drawn, I’m just here busting a lung doodling Lon’Qu

Or should I say Lon’Chuu? ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Brian Kinney at the exact moment he realizes he’s lost complete control over his life and now instead of enjoying early morning fuck with some kinky role play he’s going to have to bail his boyfriend out of prison for murdering a cheeky teenage hustler.

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Omg hi ! Can i first just say I can't get over your stories and I love them soooo much !! I was wondering if you could do a ambw loco imagine where you're at the studio flirting with dean and he puts you in your place, roughly *wink wink*


“Dean~ stop!” You whined gently crawling onto the singer’s lap trying to get your phone back. He laughed lifting up your phone higher snooping around into your photo gallery making little ‘o’s’ and ‘ahs’ at you. It was just something he did whenever you came to the AOMG studio and he was there. Which you teased Jay was so much you didn’t understand how come Dean just didn’t sign with them. You typically stayed in Hyukwoo’s room because he was your boyfriend so you were always with him. But Dean would always come lurking around and end up sitting with you, annoying you to no end or doing his very best to fluster you. Today was no different. He was teasing you about the countless photos that you had taken and yes, a bit was provocative because you wanted to tease Loco at work, but in your defense, you had on most of your clothes. At least until Dean figured out how to find your privacy lock that you had on some of the photos. You were in Dean’s lap wrestling with him for your phone, legs straddled on either side of him when said boyfriend walked through the door with Gray ready to rip Dean’s head off.

“Aye, what the fuck is going on here?” Loco asked letting his voice raise a bit. You jumped slightly in Dean’s lap looking back at your boyfriend who was staring at you waiting for an answer. He was never like this, usually he was happy go lucky and he loved smiling and making people laugh. But here he was pissed, a jealous boyfriend and you had to admit it was a fucking turn on.

“I needed to get what was mine.” You muttered flicking your tongue against your bottom lip staying perched where you were. You were a tease yes, and you never regretted playing with fire because he for the most part let you off. Even if he gave you the silent treatment it didn’t last long before he was back to holding and kissing you like nothing ever happened. But you must have not noticed how Dean was staring at your brown skin, the tips of your mounds poking out from the low-cut tank top that gave him a good view. Not to mention that the shorts you had on were rising up your smooth brown skin, your hair you left in curls today deciding not to straighten it out because it was just too hot outside. And your pouty lips, Dean just wanted to kiss him but he knew you were with Loco so he never approached you, just secretly flirted with you like now while the male was gone.

“Did you need to get it while you were on his lap?” Loco asked crossing his arms over his chest and suddenly you felt like a scolded child who wanted her way.

“As a matter of fact, I did.” You glowered at him letting your hands rest on Dean’s chest because why not see how far you could push him? It was not a good idea. Dean brought his hands up to your thigs, an automatic response from the position and the look on Hyukwoo’s face made you regret everything you said but you weren’t backing down. You saw his eyes lock onto Dean’s hand for a split second and he didn’t say anything. Lifting an eyebrow, he cleared his throat locking his jaw before he opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright, everyone but Y/N get out.” Loco muttered and when no one moved he raised his voice. “Do I need to fucking repeat myself? Dean get the fuck out. Gray take him in your room entertain him because I’m close to making some remarks I’ll regret later.” No matter how much Dean liked to flirt he was still a man and he wanted to respect Loco so he pushed you off of him gently, his hands on your hips only to make sure you didn’t fall but that only upset Loco more causing a deep growl to rumble from his chest. Dean placed your phone in your lap giving an apologetic smile before he ran past Loco not even looking in his direction. Loco slammed the door looking at you after he turned his hat on backwards.

“What the hell Hyukwoo!” You shouted at him standing up as well walking a few feet from him. “How dare you be so mean to him!”

“How dare I? How fucking dare I? No how fucking dare YOU sit on another man’s lap like it’s ok especially when that man is eye fucking you every time you look off.” Loco pointed a finger at you and you knew he was pissed but once again you were the type to try and get out of it and today would be no different.

“You have all these girls eye fucking you on stage and I have to put up with it!” You pouted still shouting but it turned into a whine trying to give a cute approach.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He stared letting his eyes bare into yours, his dark brown orbs seemed to be on fire by the way he was watching you. “You are always complaining and bitching about my fans and how they eye fuck me! I barely can sing to a girl in the audience without you getting pissed off and thinking I’m leaving you because I show attention to people!” He had a point, which pissed you off and made you go for a second defense.

“You’re always on Hoody!” You brought her up. “And I don’t fucking bitch watch your mouth Hyukwoo don’t piss me off.” You threatened bracing your feet because you didn’t want to step closer.

“I fucking said it already. Hoody is my friend! And she is the only fucking girl here! What do you want me to say we all talk to her and if I wanted anyone other than the one in front of me bitching me out I would be with them.” He reminded stepping closer to you.

“Don’t call me a bitch.”

“I said you were bitchy. Don’t like it?” He asked stepping closer moving you back a bit.

“Fuck you. I’m not bitchy or a bitch. You’re the bitchy one here.” You taunted back balling up your hands because you were passed embarrassed and upset at the fact that he didn’t let you win.

Loco chuckled roughly grabbing you by your shirt he crashed his lips against yours before he was making his way to push you against the mixer board your stomach pressed against different dials and controls as he bent you over, your heart rate spiked up because you didn’t expect him to do such a thing, teeth clamped between your lips you were a screaming mess once he hit your ass. His hand landing down on your right ass cheek before he would move to the left and alternate not stopping until his hand was close to numb and your ass looked like it was turning red as well as your legs. With one hand moving up he harshly gripped at your hair making you arch your back as his free hand gripped onto your ass cheek pulling it and pressing you back close to him.

“What are you then? A slut? A fucking little whore that just likes to be in guys laps hmm?” He teased you knowing that it turned you on and you hated it when he called you such things because it wasn’t supposed to turn you on.

“N-no I’m not!” You pouted squirming as he kept you arched, your panties were slowly soaking as he ground his hips against yours letting your ass cheek go only to grab it again and slap it watching the flesh jiggle.

“Could’ve fooled me. I think you are. I think you’re a fucking dirty slut who doesn’t know how to only please one dick. So how are you going to please two? Every time I push in you need to adjust. But that’s ok, you want to act like my dirty little slut. I’ll treat you like one.” His words made your stomach knot up. It had been so long since you too had indulged in the act of angry sex. Rough fucking without the love making just an urge to feel and be felt. Loco moved his hand from your hair to grip at your shorts and pull them down your legs. You squirmed and moved trying to put up a little fight but it was all for the fun of it, you wanted it and he knew you were soaked for him. Loco placed his hand on the dip of your lower back keeping you trapped in place as he undid his zipper pulling his hard dick out of his jeans but keeping them fastened.

Loco slipped your panties to the side holding onto them he looked down at your wet slit tapping his dick against your wet soaked out slit chuckling as he teased you. “Oh, so you’re not daddy’s little slut huh? Then why are you wet?” He asked whispered against your ear. His dick dragging against your folds, his tip rubbing against your pussy as he spread your legs wider with his own. Whimpers dragged from your lips as you placed your hands on the clear glass in front of you shutting your eyes you tried not to rock your hips backwards for him but that was not an easy task. Still you didn’t speak and Loco was glad that you were defiant because he had a trick up his sleeve. “Alright then baby girl.”

With that one phrase, he moved his hips to drag his member back and plunge into your pussy causing your body to give a harsh jerk and lurch forward. He chuckled lazily, letting his hand hold onto your hip as the other one went to grab at your hair again. He didn’t waste any time pounding into your tight little pussy, the feeling and stretch alone had you ready to cum. Your breath was starting to leave your body, your hands were starting to slip down the glass from the sweat. Your lust blown eyes were closed and your lips were parted. His name ended up rolling off of your tongue as he switched his angle aiming for your spot. Once he found it he missed it on purpose, basking in the feeling of your warm tight walls clamping down on his thick erection that was throbbing inside of you. Hyukwoo moved his hand up to let go of your hips and reach it around towards your pussy, letting his fingers rub at your wet pink bud as he worked his hips against yours. His other hand left your hair and traveled to around your neck where he squeezed lightly applying pressure. His hips sped up and he was slamming into you purposefully missing your spot so that he could punish you for what you did. His mouth parted as he chanted your name, letting the sweat drip off his forehead he knitted his eyebrows together focusing on how good it felt to pound at your wet insides that dripped down his dick and onto his balls. Looking down at you with hooded eyes Hyukwoo squeezed a little harder at your neck to cut off your air rolling his hips he tried to fuck you into the mixer board knowing that you were going to be sore after this. Once he was sure he was close to cumming he started to fuck you against your spot. Your mouth dropped open as louder cries erupted from your lips. You were so frustrated with him because it felt so good, how he drug himself against your walls and how you could feel all of him, his veins his throbbing length. It made your eyes scream in complete euphoria. You knew at any time you were going to cum soon for him, you loved it when he choked you or pulled your hair or did anything to make you feel like he was in control. Your hips slapped back against his as his thrusts became erratic and you knew he wasn’t going to last long. His fingers rubbing harder at your clit, in a circular fast motion that made you squirm and grit your teeth. Hyukwoo gave it a few more thrusts until he was spilling his cum inside of your pussy with a moan, he moved his hand from your clit and angled his hips so that he was no longer pressing against your spot as his hips surged forward and he buried his cum inside of you. He pulled back quickly so that you couldn’t even cum, smiling as his cum trickled down your parted legs. You were wobbling against his mixer board and he couldn’t help but take his phone out and take a picture of you. Leaning down he pulled up your shorts and moved your panties back to place before he fixed himself up.

“You’re not going to finish me off?” You asked him horrified as he walked towards the door panting with a lazy smile on his face biting his lips. You could feel his cum continuing to seep out of your pussy, and you were so mad you felt like you could cry. He had never done this to you before.

“Baby girls usually don’t cum unless the daddy thinks they deserve to. And you baby girl have been one naughty vixen for a while now. So now, you don’t get to cum until later maybe. And if you touch yourself, I will always know. So, I suggest you place night and wait for daddy to get back.” Hyukwoo chuckled as he opened the door walking out before he snapped his fingers turning to your flustered upset state against the mixer board. “Call Dean if you want to. I’m sure he would love to keep you company.” Sending you a kiss he walked out the room and you threw a silent temper tantrum waiting for the moment you could retaliate or beg for forgiveness.

Post 3x08 - On the subject of Iris's crush on Oliver...
  • Barry: Iris?
  • Iris: *distractedly writing article* Hmm?
  • Barry: Am I...hot?
  • Iris: *stops & looks up, stunned & confused for a few seconds* Are you hot? What does that mean?
  • Barry: *shrugs & walks towards her, collapsing on the opposite of the couch she's sitting on* I mean...if someone asked you how to describe me, would you say I was hot? How would you...describe my level of...attractive...ness?
  • Iris: *starts to grin & closes her laptop* Where is this coming from?
  • Barry: *stretches arm across the back of the couch but doesn't meet her eyes* I don't know... When we were just friends, sometimes you said I was cute. You've said I was handsome since we've been dating, but... You've never called me HOT.
  • Iris: *smiles adoringly at him when he finally meets her gaze* You know I find you attractive, Bear. *digs her toes into his pant leg*
  • Barry: No, I know that... It's just, when Oliver-
  • Iris: *laughs* Oh BEAR.
  • Barry: *blushes fiercely & can't look at her*
  • Iris: *crawls over to him, straddles him & kisses him*
  • Barry: *pulls away a moment to catch his breath* Iris-
  • Iris: *puts a finger over his lips so he stops talking* I find you very, VERY hot.

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This might be stupid, I don't know, but I know a lot of people in this fandom think that Bitty was bullied at some point (and maybe that's why he's afraid of checking) but now all I can imagine is him eventually telling Jack and Jack just /rages/ and offers to beat the bullies up and Bitty can't stop laughing because 'Jack that was in high school you can't beat them up now' and just Jack being super protective over Bitty is my fav

everyone is sending me stuff today and its sooo great. 

Jack would be so angry, like i always think back to the end of the year one comic when bitty gets checked and has to be carried of the ice and i so what to know what happened during the rest of that game. because like all i can imagine is some poor d-man who was only doing his job checking bitty in the first place with all of Jack Zimmermanns lazer focus on him. Like usually Jack is all focused on scoring but no after bitty goes down he just like targets this poor guy, checking him at every turn, down right making his life hell.

but yes protective jack is always the best.

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Omg Bre. Did you ever watch Smallville. One of the lines randomly popped into my head today and i imagined Thea saying it to Oliver and Felicity and I can't stop laughing so I'd just like to share it. Imagine Thea coming over for a visit to Oliver and Felicity's new place and letting herself in very hesitantly "Ollie? Felicity? Are you home? You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit right? Pants. Pants on everyone."

I love this! And I’ve never seen Smallville… (so when anyone mentions that one dude who played Oliver Queen, I’m always like, “Who…?”) 

I can just see it…

Thea paused outside the front door, craning her head, key poised at the lock. She concentrated on the silence coming from inside the loft, trying to hear anything that might be anything.

It’d taken only once for her to not barge into the loft - it had been her place… well, technically it still was her place, and she’d left some stuff there, stuff she suddenly needed once Oliver and Felicity took over. She’d walked in, key and all, not even thinking that the space was now occupied by two people who’d only been together, technically, for a few months. And if there was ever a couple that was destined to stay in their honeymoon phase for way longer than normal, it was them.

She hadn’t been looking for them, but it was  hard to miss them, because Oliver - a very, very naked Oliver - had Felicity - also very naked, incredibly naked - pushed up against a pillar, his hips… doing things.

A sharp scream had escaped Thea before she could stop it and she’d dropped her keys, hands flying to cover her face as she’d backed up wildly, tripping over things blindly, babbling, “You guys need to hang a sock on the door or something!” mixed in with rapid apologies and a really gross thought of, ‘Wow, he’s really strong,’ before she’s squashed that line of thinking because ew.

Felicity had yelped and Oliver had yelled, “What the hell are you doing, Thea?” followed quickly by sounds, sounds she never wanted to ever hear associated with her brother, and Thea’d shot back with, “Entering my loft!” to which he’d retorted with, “You don’t live here anymore!”

He had a point.

So, she’d knocked the next time… and when nobody answered, she’d used her key again. Very tentatively. They hadn’t been in the living room, and she’d literally sighed with relief before she’d walked towards the kitchen… only to see them out on the balcony, Felicity straddling Oliver in one of the chairs, hips moving in a very specific way, and the first thing out of Thea’s mouth had been, “Oh my god, you guys are in public!” 

Felicity’s response? “At least I was wearing a shirt, it’s not like anyone could tell. Right?”

“Me,” Thea had replied. “I could tell, which means all of Star City knew what you two were doing, and hey, Ollie, since you’re, you know, running for Mayor, you might want to keep the frisky business inside from now on. Little tip for you there.”

The only good thing about all of it was how red Oliver’s face stayed for a solid hour.

They were two experiences she never wanted to have again. Ever.

So… she tried to hear things.


Thea slid her key in with extra noise, rattling her keys as she unlocked the door, yanking them out with a bang on the door to alert them to her presence. 

She opened the door a crack and yelled. “Ollie? Felicity? Are you home?”

Thea was supposed to come over for dinner in about an hour and she was early. An hour was a long time for these two idiots.

No response.

Thea stuck her head in, slowly stepping in, raising her voice. “You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit, right? Pants. Pants on everyone.”

She caught Oliver coming out of the kitchen just as she shut the door behind her and 

“Pants!” Thea shouted, her hand flying to cover her eyes, her other rising to stop him in his tracks.

Oliver just sighed.

Felicity stuck her head around him. “Lots of pants going around in here, Thea, come on in! Or, rather a skirt in my case, but still, coverage. Lots of coverage. Unless you count when I bent over earlier and…”

“Trust me, Felicity,” Thea interrupted. “That’s a story I so don’t need to hear.”

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My little sister asked how old Steve was, and I said like 90-something (I'm not 100% sure). Anyway, she was like, "No, I mean how old was he when he was frosted?" and honestly I can't stop laughing because I'm just picturing Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie with the whipped cream over his junk. I don't even know why it's just so funny to me. 😂😂

Originally posted by teendotcom

I’m sorry @curiositykilledthecompanion, I couldn’t help it.

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Oh my god what if Sam gets a kitty named Tony to go along with the prank, and things start happening like, kitty scratches Sam and the next day when someone asks what happened with his arm he says "Tony scratched me", or better, during a phone call he suddenly goes "Tony what are you eatin-TONY DON'T EAT THAT! SPIT IT OUT! TONY! SPIT. THAT. OUT. NOW!", and when they ask Tony what happened he just can't stop laughing

cangellygaming said: I was wondering if you could do a sequel to the falcon named Sam doc because I loved it and would appreciate a sequel even though I didn’t give the original prompt


“What the hell is that?” Tony asked, walking into Sam’s living room only to freeze in place.

Sam looked up and smirked. “This is Tony.”

For a moment, Tony just gaped at him. Then he rolled his eyes. “Is this revenge for me naming the falcon after you, or are you stepping up our prank?”

“Why can’t it be both?” Sam asked, stroking a finger over Tony’s - the cat’s - head. He was a little orange tabby, with big pale blue eyes and white toes.

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I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING ereri please with "Okay so it turns out that my bf keeps a log of every time I sleep-fart. It's dated back to 2013."

Took me a while to get to this one. I mean, I WAS TOO BUSY LAUGHING AND UNABLE TO BREATHE AT FIRST. This is just. Wow. What a prompt.

They are cuddled up together on Levi’s couch, watching a movie like they do on weekend nights where they just want to stay home and spend the day together.

Levi leans over to grab his phone from the coffee table to check the time. When he settles back, he pulls the many blankets tight around them again. Eren yawns and nuzzles back into his side.

And then. It happens. Eren rips a big one.

Levi clenches his jaw and shoots Eren a warning glare. “Do not. Fucking. Lift the blankets.”

Eren bursts out laughing, wiggling, but keeps the blankets down, and the smell under lockdown.

“Levi, don’t look so angry! Don’t you know, they say that if you can freely fart and burp around someone, it shows how comfortable you are around them… Levi? What’re you doing?”

Eren leans even more into Levi to see what he is typing out into notes on his phone.

“Levi! Oh my god,” Eren crows in indignation (but also in amused disbelief), “What is this–A fart log?! You’ve been documenting every time I fart around you?!”

“Since 2013,” Levi curtly replies.

“Give me that, let me see!” Eren wiggles out an arm from the blankets to make a grab for Levi’s phone.

May 17, 2015 - 11:53 p.m. - While watching movies

“I’ll lift the blankets!” Eren warns. Levi hands over the phone. And as Eren scrolls down the note, sure enough, Levi has noted down every instance that Eren has broken wind in Levi’s presence.

“Why though?” Eren blurts out in between breathy laughs.

“For blackmail,” Levi responds jokingly. “So if you ever break up with me, whoever dates you next, will know what a flatulence monster you are.”  

“That’ll never happen. You’ll never find someone as shitty as me. And I know how much you love shit,” Eren says with a cheeky grin, poking fun at Levi’s literal shitty sense of humor.

Levi scoffs and rolls his eyes, kicks Eren under the blankets.

“Anyway, if you didn’t appreciate that, I suppose I can find other ways to blow you away.”

Levi does not know if he should laugh at Eren, punch him in the side, or jump him, for the way he waggles his eyebrows and tosses him a suggestive smirk.

///pffFFT; Did it! The last one! I do not apologize for the sheer amount of bad puns and pickup lines I have used today.

P.S feel free to come talk ereri and dumb humor with me on my twitter :)

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omg lily! I cry bc of that GOT2DAY 2016 message bc jaebum is being this obvious lovesick fool self as usual and youngjae is just yeah you're nice, i guess?? LIKE PLS YJ! I bet he says thanks and only that every time jb declares his love. poor leader :(

Hello, my lovely!

I absolutely understand what you mean! But I also just help being amused because I keep thinking of these posts from the wonderful Danielle about Jaebum getting repeatedly lowkey rejected by Youngjae…

2jae Facetime

1:31am - Bro Song

and my favorite: the real reason Youngjae left the room

Honestly, as much as it hurts my heart to think about Youngjae pushing Jaebum away in reality, I still can’t help but laugh a little to myself through my tears about this ask because sometimes there is really such a level of:

Jaebum: “I would die for you. I would kill for you. You’re all I need in this world. I would walk through fire for you. I would stab my eye out before making you cry. You’re the light of my life and the sun of my heart. I love you.”

Youngjae: “Haha! Thanks, bro! You’re one of my best friends, too!” *goes back to playing with Coco*

Originally posted by defsouljb

And, like, I really don’t think it’s actually like that at all in reality, but it just makes me cringe for poor Jaebum sometimes when he’s out there wearing his heart on his sleeve like that, and Youngjae is so shy and awkward about his feelings that he keeps them locked up and buried! 

I actually talked before about my take on Youngjae’s side of things with 2jae and the way he might come across as less invested in their relationship, and I still feel the same as I did then, perhaps even more strongly! Even though Youngjae doesn’t verbalize or openly express his real feelings very often, I think there are a lot of ways that he does show how much he cares about Jaebum! Even if he doesn’t return Jaebum’s cheesy affection (and song lyrics… Something Good and Prove It are totally about Youngjae) as openly, he still does show his love in other ways! And he’s also totally the type to tease as a way of affection, so I always look to the way he messes with Jaebum and harasses him as a sign of how much he cares as well, haha!

Which… once again, is a bit of a “poor Jaebum” situation because that leaves Jaebum showing his love with heart eyes and sappy song lyrics and heartfelt confession letters shared with the world…

And Youngjae’s over here like: 

Youngjae: “Hahaha, hyung! You suck at playing video games! You’re such a loser! I’m never playing with you again! *whisper* You’re the best, and I like you a lot, and we should stay together forever, okay??” 

Jaebum: “What?”

Youngjae: “I G2G BYE BROOOO–!!!”

ok so i’m watching this v live from sometime during run era, and they were reading comments and one was like ‘jungkook is turning twenty soon what will the members give him as a gift’ or something along those lines. and they kinda just all start laughing and talking over each other and yoongi looks over at jungkook (jungkook is looking at yoongi) and yoongi points to his lips and idk what yoongi was trying to tell jungkook butmy first thought was that yoongi’s gift to jungkook would be a kiss and i’m fuckin dying