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Hello ! First of all, I'm neutral, I love the three couples, but I have few questions. 1) When and why do you think it will end? (Miarren) 2) What's the story with the instagram girl? 3) Why can't everybody just ship their OTP without being mean to each other? It would be better if everyone could stop being mean, hate is not what Darren and Chris are promoting.

Fact is, I have never approached a Miarren or a Chill and I have no interest in actively seeking them out and disavowing them of their beliefs. Nor would I ever send them an anon. Especially of the nature that I often receive. Because there is no reason. I do not believe in cyber bullying or bothering people because they thing differently than I do. 

That being said, I desperately wish they would open their eyes. B/c all of this nonsense is doing nothing but hurt Darren and Chris.  

So if they come to my blog, then expect to be confronted with the truth. And it is that. The truth.  I could blow both miarren and chill out of the water if I chose to. But I have a little something called respect for the two men involved and will allow them to come out as a couple if and when they want.

Bottom line, I completely understand why a person might believe the lies they were sold. But anyone that looks closely can clearly see the truth. I know I keep repeating this, but Mia lives with another guy. She is not hiding him. And more, he is not hiding her. He posts constantly from the house they share, where Darren DOES NOT live.  He posts about her constantly. Darren is rarely included- just twice as he dropped the roommate bomb.

On Chill, there is a reason Ashley is always present.  

I think for me.  The message I want to get out.  Its not that I judge or fault your for believing.  But I wish people would see the light. Its actually much more transparent than people think. Darren has been suffering for years trying to maintain an imagine of someone he is not. He struggles with depression. Look at him. It is so easy to tell when he is going through these periods. He drops weight. His body language. his face.  He is utterly and completely uncomfortable around her.  Make no mistake. He is literally living in hell. And it is to please his fans and try to fulfill their fantasy. I just wish people would see the truth so that he would be able to breathe easier.

That being said, I think the end of at least that particular PR couple will come soon. And Chill will quietly slip away in time.  But they will be pushed initially when the “break-up” happens to keep the spotlight away from CC.  

Honestly it may still be years for the full truth. I think there will be a multi-layered approach.

On the IG I am 99.9999% certain. But that is the last time I commenting on it. Happy to discuss privately.

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I've recently made a new friend whom I am just fascinated by. I don't really know why, but he just intrigues me. I've found myself taking a liking to things he likes (his taste in music, his love of the ocean, etc), and I've also started to kind of look at the world from his perspective. I don't know. It's weird. I'm aware that I'm doing these things, but it bothers me because I feel like I'm not really being myself? But I can't stop it from happening either >.< Is this a common thing for INTPs?


First of all, I think if people worried less about being themselves and just did the things they enjoyed doing (within reason, obviously), then we would solve a lot of problems. People are so focused on finding themselves and being true to themselves that they all sort of get lost in the mix and never really enjoy themselves.

But that’s just my opinion. 

As for imitating your new friend, that’s very much an INTP thing. Remember that our inferior Fe has a weird way of showing itself, and sometimes it doesn’t show itself at all. So, when we meet someone that interests us, we treat them like we do any other subject that interests us. It’s hard for us to see people as different from the rest of the world, if that makes sense. We see an interesting person, and to us they are the same as an interesting subject.

So, what do we do when we’re interested in a subject? We begin learning all sorts of neat things about it. We become mini, overnight experts in the subject. We immerse ourselves in it, and learn it to bits, or at least until we tire of it.

Unfortunately, we have a habit of doing this with people, too. Which could be your problem. But when we are interested in people, we can imitate the things they do in order to better understand them. It’s an intellectual understanding, because we aren’t always good enough at wielding our emotions to use them to show approval of a person. So we do it through imitation. It’s one way that an INTP can learn more about different people. 

The thing is, people aren’t subjects, and it’s absolutely impossible to treat them this way. Goodness knows that we INTPs come close to it, but eventually a person will engage your emotions, even if you don’t mean for them too.

When you become as invested intellectually in a person as you are, you will also become emotionally invested. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to make friends. But this kind of close imitation leads to close friendships. I’m just telling you that this is what’s probably going to happen. And you might want to check and make sure that it’s not happened already. From what you say, it sounds like it might have.

But yes, this sounds like normal INTP behaviour to me. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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that undiagnosed autism feel when your neurodivergent brother has loud stims and it's bothering you but you can't say anything because it's harmful to make people stop stimming, and you can't explain to your mum why you can't focus on your schoolwork because she'll just start yelling at you for thinking you're autistic ((can i be Vault 111 asks?))


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I think I am losing my faith. Not because something bad happened to me and I think it is unfair, or because I'm to lazy to go to the Mass. I /want/ to believe and to be confident that there is someone out there hearing my prayers. It is just I /can't/. I can't cope with the amount of abstraction, and everything starts to seem so dumb - candles, flowers, words - didn't "Pagans" do the same? Is there anything I can do to stop doubting? (It's OK if you can't answer, I understand it's very random.)

I mean, there’s no magic wand to wave, no mantra to chant that’ll grant you faith. Sometimes being religious is just a long, ugly slog, waiting around for the belief to show up again. But if it’s the abstraction and ritual that’s bothering you, then I suggest trying other places, seeking out other sources—doing service might bring religion back down to earth for you; maybe being with other people in a Bible study or something like that will root it in tangible connection.

And honestly, I think a lot of people get bored with their faith, just going to mass. The whole affair becomes habitual, tired, and dissatisfaction grows, making people think that there’s something deficient about their faith. But faith is more than something you have or don’t. You have to think of it like…exercise. If you only ever do an hour of exercise a week, you’re never going to get any stronger, your body will get accustomed to that one hour, and you’ll get bored.

The idea is to start with the hour, and go from there. Mass is meant to be a beginning, not faith entire.

But you might also just…have to live with doubt? There’s a very mistaken idea that faith is being 100% certain all the time, like any of us go around absolutely confident that God exists and Jesus was more than just some 1st century cult leader. I’m definitely not that certain. I have doubts, lots of doubts, but they’re not a death knell—they’re part of a healthy, evolving faith, you keep them near to you, mull them over, put them back on the shelf. Doubts don’t go away, but they do keep you honest.

  • Autistic kid: I'm being bullied. These kids are calling me the r-word and making violent threats against me.
  • School: Look you just have to grow a thicker skin and ignore it. They'll grow bored and move on.
  • Bullies: The autistic kid flaps their hands and doesn't make eye contact. It makes me really uncomfortable.
  • School: Okay, your hand flapping is very violent behavior and needs to stop. It upsets them and you need to apologize and make eye contact with whenever possible so they are comfortable.

I gotta get this off my chest because it’s been really bothering me.

Hello Overwatch fandom! 

PLEASE. PLEASE. Stop harassing artists and authors for “whitewashing” McCree. There is nothing to white wash! No where, at all, in the lore, does it say what race McCree is. If you want to head canon him as Latinx, then go for it! That’s fine! Some people head canon him as white! That’s fine too! 

Because guess what! There’s nothing in canon that says otherwise! Head canon McCree as bisexual or trans, or anything you want!

But for the love of everything, do NOT harass people for not having the same head canons as you! If someone at blizzard or something in the lore eventually comes out and says that McCree isn’t white, THEN you can POLITELY correct someone for whitewashing. 

Right now, though, no one is whitewashing McCree.

When the same kid who has tattled to me ten times already in the last hour comes marching up to me yet again.

“finn compulsively lies”

umm, he told like one lie to a cute girl who’d just chased him down and whacked him in the head with a stick and then hours later told her the truth of his own volition, and only later lied about knowing how to lower the shields on starkiller so he could get to the planet to save said girl and figured out a way to take the shields down too to save everyone. i mean it’s almost like he’d just escaped a fascists terrorists group and didn’t feel safe letting people know for fear of what would happen to him and them and when he decided that he’d have to go back into the belly of the beast to save the first person to look at him like a human being he didn’t want people wasting time trying to talk him out of it/stop him or distracting from the mission. nope, he just lies constantly non-stop for the fun of it no other motivation. okay.

Every time I see a post about the MAMAs that says 

“Oh my god do you guys even care about BTS”
“I can’t believe you would let BTS down like this”
“After everything they’ve done for us this is how you repay them”
“Are you even trying anymore”
“If you’re not voting unfollow me”
“If you’re not voting I’m blocking”

Or any variation of, it sickens me. You have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives. America is breaking in two, SKorea is crumbling, there’s crazy earthquakes happening, so many countries are in turmoil, and you are sitting there guilting people because they aren’t voting in an online poll? Seriously?

Look, I know you want BTS to win MAMA awards. So do I, very much. But guilting people isn’t going to do shit. It will actually decrease peoples’ want to vote. How about encouragement for a change? Or how about asking if you can help out? I wonder how many people have seen those posts and just went well fuck this shit. There are so many better methods of going about this. Please just stop. Don’t guilt, help.

I just saw a post that said “Hamilton kisses Jefferson..” and it made me rethink why I even got into this fandom, like WE’RE OVER HERE SHIPPING THE FOUNDING FATHERS WHAT IN THE HECK. And usually it doesn’t bother me but this time? It did?just made me stop and think…

(Yeah I get that most people ship the characters and not the people but it still feels strange ? Like ?)

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Vel, I don't know if you're gonna even read this, but honestly don't pay attention to these people, your comment sections and probably ask box are filled with positivism, too, you know? My mesage point and case. Also I can tell by experience, my very gay experience, that internalized homophobia is a thing, so just hope someday those dudes accept themselves enough and stop bothering other people for their sexuality or other things we can't change about ourselves.

Yeah I agree, it was just kinda sad because I actually thought he was a good dude for that .1 second before he slapped me in the face with that homophobia trash virtually lmao

Thank you to all the supportive messages I got though!! I’ve got no intention of letting that stuff change me or the story

However, I will be adding that dude in the story as a super gay nice dude that pops in every now and then in ctc. be sure to look out for “Epic Pompadour guy”

  • Allistics: use ur words!!!1!
  • Autistic person: that thing that you are doing/sound that you are making/etc is causing me a lot of pain right now please can you stop
  • Allistics: what??? No u just need to suck it up this doesn't bother normal people stop whining so much
  • Autistic person: *attempts to suck it up*
  • Allistics: omg what is wrong with you I can tell you're extremely uncomfortable but instead of considering that you could be in pain I'm going to assume that you're just angry and aggressive, if it makes u so *angry* just leave the room gosh
  • Autistic person: *attempts to leave*
  • Allistics: what are you storming off for, what is your problem??? Why can't you just be pleasant and polite about leaving even though you're in a lot of pain and very overwhelmed and adhering to our arbitrary standard of what it means to be "pleasant" takes a lot of energy for you as it is
  • Allistics: autistic ppl have no empathy lol
the signs as pearl quotes
  • aries: now it's just a three hour hike that way, followed by a vertical climb at 90 degrees. think you can handle it?
  • taurus: it just goes to show, you should always listen to me.
  • gemini: hmmm, the asymmetry of this pile is really starting to bother me.
  • cancer: there are different ways of being strong.
  • leo: we shall let our swords decide!
  • virgo: i can't leave you guys alone for a second.
  • libra: why would i want to leave if you're here?
  • scorpio: you can't understand how i feel!
  • sagittarius: but aren't the true fools the ones who don't seize an opportunity, despite all the inherent risks?
  • capricorn: well, that's perfect, because i don't want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.
  • aquarius: is water just hydrogen and oxygen 'mashed together'?
  • pisces: stop coming here, you stupid balls!
Signs In A Group Chat (personal experience)
  • *at 3 AM*
  • Gemini: Yo fam guess what?!?!
  • Pisces: Gemini, this better not be something stupid
  • Leo: Why would you wake me up from my beauty sleep? *crying emoji*
  • Gemini: It's not stupid I swear
  • Scorpio: It's 3 in the morning! You better have a good reason for waking me up
  • Aries: I'm with Scorpio on this one
  • Cancer: *sends picture of a cat* does this make you guys feel better?
  • Scorpio: No..no it does not
  • Pisces: Aww look at the kitty it's so cute *ton of emojis*
  • Cancer: Fuck you Scorpio
  • Taurus: haha get rekt!
  • Sagittarius: I was about to say the same thing bruh
  • Taurus: Nice bruh
  • Virgo: Can't we just be normal people for one night??
  • Libra: Aqua can you stop with the Fall Out Boy references? It's way too early for this shit
  • Aries: Stfu
  • Taurus: okay so where's Gemini with the big news? This anime isn't gonna watch itself
  • Pisces: What if they fell asleep?
  • Cancer: I was awake anyway, so it doesn't bother me
  • Leo: Oh well good for you Cancer!
  • Virgo: Leo can you stop being a dick for like 5 minutes?
  • Aries: Well you are what you eat i guess...
  • Leo: I'm gonna kill all of you...now where is Gemini?
  • Scorpio: Maybe they died??
  • Capricorn: You would be happy about that
  • Scorpio: ehhh maybe
  • Aquarius: Gemini's gonna die if they don't start talking here in the next few minutes
  • Sagittarius: I'll kill Gemini if no one else is gonna volunteer *devil emoji*
  • *Gemini's in bed sleeping*

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Alright, look, man. You can't call yourself a "trash can" and then accept compliments from people. You're kinda being a hypocrite. I've been following you for awhile, and it's honestly the only thing that bothers me, personally. You constantly swap personalities from "unsatisfied-with-himself fuckboy" to "thank you calling me a cutie~!" It just doesn't fly. This is just me, but stick to a quip, and stop being a little white girl stereotype. Take it as you will.

I am a white girl stereotype… How much do u expect from me.

Also all the shit that I put out there is true. I like compliments and I’m sure lots of other people do. But I honestly do not like the way I look, I don’t like the way I act, I don’t like my voice. I have tons of self confidence issues. I honestly hate myself so much and this isn’t me just playing “oh no pity me ovo im so gros!!1!” This is me being 100% honest with you and if you don’t like that THEN YOU DONT NEED TO FOLLOW ME!

This is something that I don’t get: when people say stuff like “oh I don’t like this about you” or “your blog sucks” YOU DONT NEED TO BE FOLLOWING ME OR EVEN LOOK AT ANY OF MY POSTS


Also do you expect me to answer a comment saying “yeah I know I’m so great!?”

1)That is like the most self centered thing I have heard in years

2) it’s not true. I’m not great. I have so many flaws and I flaunt them! I genuinely don’t like myself!!

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Okay so my friend says the N word and he's white and it really bothers me and I want to call him out for it but the thing is I'm white too and I know I can't decide what is racist and what's not, should I convince him to stop saying it? Or should I just leave it alone?

If you’re not black, you don’t get to say the N-word. Not unless a black person says that you can call them it, and only in that situation is it acceptable. There is a very specific reason that black people can use the N-word and white people cannot and that very specific reason is slavery. In case you need a quick history lesson, for a 600 year time period, White Europeans would buy and sell Black Africans to be used as slaves. They were chained, brutalized, dehumanized, and the N-word was invented by white people as a pejorative for black people. 

I don’t care if your friend thinks it’s not fair that he doesn’t get to say a certain word and other people can. I don’t care how much your friend wants to say the N-word. It’s not ‘racist towards white people’ that certain things are off-limits. We’re in a point in time where some black people are trying to reclaim the word; kind of like how gay people will call each other the F-word. Kind of like how if you’re straight, you are not allowed to call your gay friends the F-word. 

Every time your friend says the N-word, whether he knows it or not, he is being racist. Call him out on it. Nobody wants to be ignorant. 


monaevevo said: Even if your black friends say it’s okay, you shouldn’t want to say it. White people and other non-black people shouldn’t want to, have to, or need to say the n word at all.

The Classic “Do you have hearing aids in?”

is the most annoying thing you can say to a D/deaf and HOH person. I wish I can tell people to please stop asking me that question. I used to let it slide when I was younger but now I really want people to like stop ( I’m getting way too old to be dealing with this nonsense). If a D/deaf and HOH person does not have their hearing aids in, please

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I really want to say this to people in life but honestly I’m trying to be nice even though people are annoyed at me.