i just can't stop bothering people

3:02am nightmare

It’s almost 3am, and I bolted awake screaming “GEOFFREY!!!!!” (My current best friend) because I just had a nightmare where we both were working, and he came over to me, said someone wanted to talk to me, so I asked to take it outside to not bother the other people. Geoffrey came out with me, and the people who wanted to talk to me (3) started to grab us. 2 on me and 1 on him. They tried to shove us into their big truck. They were punching us, hitting us, and yanking us. Then, an older guy (about 35yo) came and grabbed me, and dragged me away while the two on me, went to the one on Geoffrey. It wasn’t hard for him to pick me up and put me in his truck. He started to drive away, and I said “no, let them take me!!” He stopped, and I ran over to Geoffrey, who was already unconscious in the back seat. He had a cloth over his mouth. I ran over towards them, they stopped, and grabbed me, and knocked me out. (I was already weak, so it didn’t take much). They threw me in the back with Geoffrey and I looked over at him, and he was banged up pretty bad. I’m sure I didn’t look too much different. I weakly said “Geoffrey” and he lifted his head up, looked at me, with a tear coming down his face, saying, “I’m sorry, Katie.”

That’s when I bolted awake screaming “Geoffrey!!” I can’t stop shaking or crying. That’s not like my normal nightmare, but it’s still just as scary. He’s never been in on of my nightmares, a dim tempted to text him, just to make sure he’s okay… Guys, help me. 😖😖😖