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what are you currently reading? Can you link me a short-ish malec fic i can read during my break? i need a break

Freud is a Dick by sanctuary_for_all 

I just finished reading that and I still can’t stop laughing. Its based on THIS POST:

Another fic that follows the same concept:

Blame The Tequila by The_Forgotten_Nobody

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Guess what I just finished. :3 --Nika


@ all my followers go read “Ignorance is Bliss” by YouAreInAComaWakeUp on Ao3 it’s one of the best klance fics out there and it’s finished now,,,,, IT’S SO GOOD JUST GIVE IT A TRY I PROMISE YOU WILL BE HOOKED AFTER THE FIRST CHAPTER

Gladly! (link to my first)

Tbh if you haven’t already, check out all the other fics written by those authors in my previous post

Pucker Up by lethallergic - THIS IS SO CUTE OK college kissing booth AU, taekook are so flirty aND PLAYFUL AND HAPPY tgt this is my jam!!!!!! 

Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist - I’m pretty sure you guys know how this reduced me into a sobbing mess already but yea, Hollywood AU, fucking years of pining, TAE+KOOK MEANS SO MUCH TO EACH OTHER I’M NOT OK, plus all those recurring motifs that hit you hard at the end I’m so 

The Sun Half by noloveallowed - Yo this is g9. Like. Amazing. Game of Thrones AU (I know 0 abt it but I still loved it), the characters - even aside from taekook - are so intriguing and layered, and I LOVE how the author writes Jeongguk all the little traits and characterization is spot on imo AND IT’S SLOW BURN. HOW TO WAIT TILL THE UPDATE 

Maybe We’re All Just Fools by airplanewishes - This was also one of the first taekook fics I read and loved but I didn’t include it before cos i’m a FOOL ok college AU, fake dating because I love that stuff sue me, lots of pining and angst 

Comeback Kids by Rix - This is a breath of fresh air as it deviates from fandom popular portrayals of tae and kkook. Enemies to lovers (holy shit), in which bangtan are in the university hockey team, brospeak ensues along with  obviously smitten kkook who’s also very much in denial 

♠ Lupi by kpopismydrug - Werewolf AU and amazing world building?? I feel like the author’s take on werewolf customs and nature was very unique and I enjoyed watching taekook’s r/s develop!

Wet Nightmares by deerfolk - Incubus!tae..! I’m trying not to rec anything that is more on the pwp side, but I like the premise of this one and Taehyung’s personality that shines through the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) parts  

♠ Watermelon Thief and Errand Boy by sassyneki - College AU, this is so sweet and funny and the moment taehyung stole the watermelon I was sold tbh (you’ll see what I mean) 

Just a reminder that these are very subjective, there are other fics that are great but just suit other people’s tastes better!! (also pls rec me stuff I’m always thirsty for well written taekook orz) 

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just wondering but does jeremy have a tattoo in the tattoo au?

Oooh! That post was from pre-Jeremy (or at least pre-Jeremy in the main room and thus his fabulous self was not yet in my writing) so i hadn’t considered it but of course he would! Hmm. Jeremy might actually be the only one to have a set colour scheme rather than a set symbol (and i’m sure you can guess what that filthy colour combo is). 

Following a close call where Jeremy came to his rescue in the most obnoxiously improbable way Geoff gets a lurid monster-truck ramping off his shoulder blade. And with that the final unspoken barrier was breached, undeniable evidence of the truth they’d all long since embraced, that Jeremy was as permanently entrenched in the crew as anybody else.

It would be a joyous event except, well. The tattoo tradition is well and truely in place at this point so it turns out to be more of a problem than anything, considering not a single other member of the crew was even remotely prepared to ink that travesty of a vehicle onto their bodies.

Geoff cops a lot of shit for his choice, and for the longest time nothing is done, but eventually it is, as usual, Jack who comes up with a solution. She turns up one morning, after a long drunken night on the town with Jeremy, inexplicably bearing a neat little row of shots across the inside of her bicep. The glasses, holding varying levels of liquid, are two-toned; the same eyesore colours as Geoff’s truck, the unmistakable mark of Rimmy Tim.

From there all bets are off and within the next month or two the rest of the crew adds to their collection. After the pair utterly destroy a rival gang with little more than their fists Michael gets the most cartoony looking knuckle dusters printed on his ribs. When Jeremy spends a week going out of his way to keep Gavin occupied after a particularly nasty job got him down Gavin comes home with a fluffly little purple and orange tabby cat cheerfully etched into his skin.

Ryan’s takes a while, waits so long that Geoff’s gleefully insisting that the only thing left for him to do is to immortalise the godforsaken cowboy hat the whole crew thinks Jeremy wears just to spite them. In the end though, after Ryan and Jeremy get paired together for jobs more and more often the image comes easily. Crossed weapons, Jeremy’s favourite ridiculous custom coloured semi-automatic over Ryan’s sleek and sensible matte black, like crossbones over the fiery glow of an explosion.

(Original post / Michael and Jack

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Wait. Hang on. Lana posted a picture with a bowl of popcorn last week. I don't wanna jump to conclusions or see what isn't there but....... were those milk duds in the popcorn?? Or is it just burnt pieces?? What do you see? Google Lana Parrilla Popcorn and you'll see it (sorry I can't send you a link)

…I don’t know, Anon, are they? It’s the popcorn mystery.

I feel this has the potential to become the new swan town somehow, I don’t know.

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So you know that time when Jimin turned around to touch Yoongis face but then he hesitated and pulled back, I've only seen gifs of it but I can't find the actual video. I saw a gif set with a link once but the video had been removed, do you know where I can find the actual video clip of it?

150505 The Show Warm-Up Time: BTS !!

[also look @ jimin bumping yoongi just after 03:37]

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Hey I read a mermaid fic a while ago where Levi was a mermaid and Eren human, but the merpeople also ate humans, so they were more like monsters. I lost the tab and I can't find it any longer. Your link for Mermaids doesn't work :/

Hey anon! Our link technically is working, there just aren’t any fanfics in that particular tag right now! (Well, now there is!!!) That aside, I assume this is the fic you’re looking for…

The Old Boat House
Summary: One night after Eren and his friends share a bottle of whisky, two bottles of whatever Annie brought and a couple of ghost stories, they walk the path along the gravel road, through the wheat field and past the small forest and stumble upon the old boat house. Inside they find something that’s sleeping on the bottom of the lake, someone clearly not human. One of them comes up with the idea they should catch it, probably fucking Jean, and in their surprise they actually succeed. However, in mere seconds the situation is suddenly turned completely upside down. Eren doesn’t fall into the water, he doesn’t jump, he’s pulled down.


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Its 2 am in my country rn and I seriously shouldn't be sending asks but I'm gonna anyway b/c the other day I watched this video on twitter of jimin back hugging yoongi after their concert and they were both so sweaty , and yoongi was about to say sth but he stops when jimin hugs him , and I can't take it off my mind I kind of lost it later on and I wish if u know any link to the full thing or even just that part I'm literally that addicted to ym videos lol Thank you anyway ❤️

here :’’’)

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Recently you mentioned that you've read on ao3 some fics about elain taking care of herself and I can't find them anywhere, could you tell me their names or who wrote them or just link them pleaseee

I most certainly can anon, for they are one of my most favourite things:

Vesta, by @abookandacoffee is one of my all time favourites and involves lucien walking in on it too so, that’s especially fun and wonderful.

Tribute by @valamerys is utterly filthy and it is PERFECT. There’s begging, it owns the kinkiness, and there’s dom/sub dynamics too which you may also know I adore.

What We Wanted also by @valamerys because I guess I may be a bit in love with her fic writing, plus omg this fic will make you ache. It is deliciously visceral, and the plottiest of the three.

This is also a PSA for guys please write more Elain owning her sexuality and masturbating for it is both awesome and scorching hot.  

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First of all thank you for your wonderful blog this fandom is truly the best! So I came across photos of Marlene Dietrich in a tuxedo and haven't been able to recover. She looks sooo much like a gender bender Yashiro and I dont know what to do with my feelings. I just really need to fangirl over this and hopefully looking for companions lol (I wanted to link the pictures but Tumblr wont let me, sorry.)

holy shit you’re right, anon, *breathes heavily* GOOD FIND.

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Hey, I don't have many followers so I though I should ask for help..Fitz is currently competing in the Spoiler TV character cup and he needs all the support! could you spread the word? sorry can't share the link but look up spoiler tv character cup.

Sure thing, anon!


Fitz is currently at 49%, whilst Veronica Mars is slightly in the lead with 51%. So let’s get voting! *throws confetti* 

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Has the fic Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) been deleted or did the writer change their URL? I just found the fic in a recommended post I had saved from a few months ago but when I try to go to the fic it can't be found?

it’s just a url change from one of the two authors! you must have saved it from before my url change, but we’ve updated all the links on the masterlist since then! Here you go anon!

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) -  Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

- Eliza

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Id love to watch the new video with the girl sh*wna however, it's been brought to light that she's against gay marriage bc of her religion and I'm so deeply uncomfortable by that. As a gay in a Christian house I constantly fight about this with my family and I just cannot support someone who thinks the fact that I wanna marry someone of the same sex isn't ok. I think I'm gonna cry now bc she seems sweet but I can't support.

Ah yeah I just saw that pointed out on IDB.

The collab is still cute as fuck, and it doesn’t change my feelings on being pleased that Phil chooses collabs based on people he actually does get along with and has known for a while.

But not gonna lie, it’s pretty disappointing.

Receipts for anyone who wants - a thread on her twitter (link) and an ask.fm answer (link).

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heyhey I love your blog and I just can't get enough of it! I was wondering if you could do some headcanons on zelda walking in on link changing or link walking in on Zelda??? Thank you ^o^

anon u freak  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) JUST KIDDING I GET U

★ if it’s before they admit their feelings to each other/pre-calamity, it’s awkward. Like Zelda has seen guys shirtless before, some of the knights would sometimes “oh, woops” be “in the middle of changing” when she’d do her patrols but she could always tell they were just waiting until she got there and usually they were either too muscley it was ridiculous or like… literally 14 years old and she’s like… no… but when she sees Link she can see all his hard work etched over his chest. Even before all the shit goes down with Ganon, he has the occasional scar and relatively defined muscles, his shoulders are nice but not too big, and his tummy has a little bit of chub on it because let’s be real the guy likes to eat. She also likes his legs, like the odd time she actually gets to look at them and he’s got hair on his feet and toes and she’s like ??? men are so weird but she kinda likes them because of how different they look from hers. anyway she’s the princess and knows what she likes so she kinda stares at Link (assuming he’s wearing briefs) and lets her eyes linger before finally looking away. if he wasn’t wearing briefs she would cover her eyes like immediately, that’d be totes inappro-pro for a princess!

★ if Link walked in on her changing pre-calamity he would basically cover his eyes immediately and then stand still as a statue while continually stammering out some wimpy ass apology and telling her he didn’t see anything etc etc etc basically until she tells him outright to stop and chill tf out. Like he’s her appointed knight, he can’t just like stare at her body while she’s changing but he’s certainly gonna have a damn hard time getting the image out of his mind, because her skin is so soft and she’s got tan lines because she spends so much time outside, and freckles on her shoulders from her time praying and he didn’t realise her hair went so far down and he wants to run his fingers through alllllll of it

post-calamity/they’re in a relationship, like before they’re real comfortable with each other, it switches. Zelda is suddenly so much more nervous because they could like… do stuff if they wanted to, they’re adults now, but she has no clue where to start and has never been so unsure of anything in her life so she kinda averts her stare and doesn’t know what to do with this Man suddenly in her life. like dicks are so weird what the fuck?? it seems so much more fun for him to like swing it around and shit but he maintains that her breasts are far more fun and why isn’t she just constantly playing with them? (”that’s what I’d do if I had breasts” “link, PLEASE”

★ if link like accidentally walks in on her changing or something he is SHAMELESS the guy just stares at her and Zelda gets all blushy like “…what?” and he just starts to tell her how everything about her is so gorgeous and her hair is so soft and her skin is so smooth and her nose is always chilly so he kisses it, and as they get more comfortable they lay in bed and hold their legs up next to each other’s and point out all the differences and what they like and don’t like. when she gets self-conscious about her tummy, Link lets his fall out and hunches around the place looking as silly as possible just to make her laugh, and if she’s having a bad hair day he’ll mess his up on purpose but she always fixes it later and fusses with his ponytail and his bangs because it’s so fun!

WOW good ask anon actually this fuckin got me going 

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Re: the were-thises and were-thats. I got an idea for a crack fic with Jeff Davis as the alpha of a pack comprised of a werechipmunk, wereplatypus, weregiraffe, weregopher... You get the idea. They can't reproduce any more due to screwing up their genetics, so they want to kidnap Derek in order to restore the werewolf line. I don't have all the details worked out other than BAMF magic!Stiles finally exterminates them all for coming after his boo.

OMG anon please, please write this. This is the perfect level of ridiculous, and Jeff as the pack leader who kidnaps Derek to try and force him into hetero ships just adds a whole ‘nother level. I love it. Please link me if you ever post it. <3

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Hey do you have receipts (or could you point me to someone who does have receipts!! ) for the stuff about laundrypods? I follow them and I haven't seen any drama about them but if there's some bad shit I wanna know so I can unfollow!! Thank you!!

you could just, scroll down their blog a lil ways like it’s all pretty recent and they haven’t deleted anything

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hi senpai ilysfm like stg I live for your daichuu work like crap I'm in love you're amazing <3 also, I read a fanfic based on your mafia boss!dazai work, but I can't find it ;-; do you happen to know the link? ilyy <33

Wait which link are you looking for the link to my mafia boss dazai or the link to the mafia boss dazai fanfic I’m crying 

Anyway I’ll just provide both:

- Link to my mafia boss Dazai is here

- Link to the mafia boss Dazai fic (that I know of) is here (Bless Athina forever I love u pls have my soul)