i just can't get over this movie

one of the subtle things i like about Lance and Keith’s interactions is Lance explaining stuff he’s talking about after realizing Keith is a bit out of the loop with the mainstream

eventually Lance just explains stuff so Keith gets the reference

i just think thats so nice tbh. i appreciate Lance helping Keith understand mainstream references

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 

I know round here we all agree that hot!young Harrison Ford with his carpenter’s hands is one of the most compelling arguments for time travel humanity has yet put forward, but I am here to tell you that the modern 6 year old is less easy to impress. “I thought Indiana Jones was a girl,” she said sadly, clearly underwhelmed by her first sight of him in Raiders of the Lost Ark. “Me too,” echoed her sister, slurping mournfully at a Calipo as if I personally had betrayed her by allowing this 80s classic to be made with a ~man~ as the main character. “She should be a girl. A girl with glasses.”

Move over Harrison my friend, kids today don’t want hats n whips n leather jackets, they want their swashbuckling heroes to be GIRLS. Girls who look like librarians. Get to work Hollywood, don’t leave my children disappointed.

Age Difference Starter Sentences
  • "Are you even old enough to be here?"
  • "What did I tell you about coming here? You're too young."
  • "Age is but a number."
  • "Will you just drop my age and go on one measly date?"
  • "If I was just a few years older, I'd marry you."
  • "You can't tell anyone about this."
  • "You're too young for me."
  • "You're too old for me."
  • "Hey, I'm over 18. It's perfectly legal."
  • "My feelings for you mean more to me than your age."
  • "Ask me again when you're done with high school/college."
  • "I'm old enough to be your mother/father--okay, maybe not THAT old, but still!"
  • "This isn't a lifetime movie, I could get into some serious trouble."
  • "I didn't know you were that young!"
  • "So I may have lied a bit about my age.."
  • "This never happened."
  • "You're not being professional."
  • "I'm not a kid, you know. Stop treating me like one."
  • "So you like older men/women, huh?"
  • "Go home, your parents are probably wondering where you are."
  • "I'm a lot more mature than you think."
  • "I don't know if I can handle this."
  • "But think about it, in ten years it won't even look like that big of an age difference!"

Surrounded by smiles but none can lift his lips. 

Favorite Joker Leto Pictures (12/?)

Jesus Christ.

NPR just told me that Betsy Devos’s response to campus sexual assault is to meet with men’s rights activists.

We were told we would not survive this presidency, but let me know how I can help you.


Robert Carlyle as Gary “Gaz” Schofield (1/4)
The Full Monty (1997)

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Could you do “Are you wearing my shirt?” with Eggsy please?

Yes, definitely! If it isn’t clear by now, I think Eggsy is great. I have to say though, my first thought when I saw this is probably not what you intended (I lowkey thought of Eggsy just straight up wearing a blouse and I had to leave my computer for a second. I have no idea what is wrong with my brain.) Anyways.

Laundry Day (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Summary: Unfortunately, you’re one of many that dislikes laundry. You have a habit of leaving it till the last minute. Thus, you run out of shirts to wear and borrow one of Eggsy’s, since you both share Harry’s house it was far more convenient than just doing your laundry. You didn’t think it would be a very big deal.

Word Count: 1072

Warnings: From now on, just expect swearing in Eggsy imagines. Okay? He says the f word in basically every sentence throughout both movies.

Prompts: #42, in the ask. Taken from my prompt list here (Make some more requests everyone! I have the writing bug this weekend)

Your morning started the same way it always does: ignoring your alarm for five minutes, finally sitting up, groggily stumbling around your room, and eventually finding your way to the closet. However, as you slammed open the two doors, you were met with a significant lack of clean clothes. You thought back to where all of your clean clothes could have been. Surely you had done laundry last wee-

“Shit,” you said, realizing that you had not, in fact, done laundry last week.

You groaned and turned on your heel, heading down the hall toward Eggsy’s room. Once there, you opened the door to find that he wasn’t in his room at the moment. Perfect.

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Please commission me!

While this month I don’t have to pay my share of the rent fully, I gotta provide food now, and I honestly don’t have enough money for anything. I’m opening quickie commissions in order to get groceries and pay a few monthly bills.




Write me in messages via my other blogs, or wait for a stream to order some!

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okay but i love your icon but what is it

To answer your question, behold.

   His name is Antoine. And he is an Anorexic Martian on a Surfboard.

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A request: "Imagine reddie having a sleepover and Eddie wakes up one morning hearing soft moans coming from Richie as he squirms and Eddie is blushing like crazy and when Richie moans out Eddie's name his breath hitches and Eddie is like fuck fuck fuuuuck" Not my idea but it was suggested by aan anon so I can't exactly credit them :)

Eddie and Richie had been having sleepovers together since they were 13. sleepovers weren’t something out of the ordinary for them, this particular sleepover was any but ordinary for Eddie.

It had started out normal. Richie had come over in the late afternoon and the two had made popcorn and barricade themselves up in Eddie room, Richie had brought a movie that they would watch and that was how tonight had been.

When they decided to sleep is when it had started to get weird.

When they were younger the two of them had always just shared Eddie bed, as against this as Eddie was the first few times, Richie had insisted, and it had become their regular thing. Around Richie’s 17th birthday was when he had started sleeping on the floor.

Eddie had joked that it was about time, but he honestly missed have the other boy sleeping beside him.

They had fallen asleep around 2ish, talking about some random girl in one of Richie’s class. Eddie was laying on the side of the bed furthest away from the wall and Richie was curled up in his little makeshift bed.

Sometime during the night Eddie had rolled slightly so that he was almost falling off the bed, this is what woke him up at 4:36 in the morning.

Eddie blinked awake when his arm had touched the cold ground. He shifted slightly and pulled it back onto the bed, glancing sideways at the clock on his bedside table. It read 4:36 AM. Eddie went to turn to face the wall when a noise stopped him.

It was barely a sound but Eddie had heard it. He turned to look at where it had come from. It was to dark to make out anything other than large shapes but he could listen, and he did. It was silent for a few moments, and Eddie had thought he imagined it. He was about to dismiss the noise when he heard it again, a soft moan coming from Richie’s direction. Eddie started to panic, “what if somethings wrong with him, what if he’s hurt.” Ran through his head as he shifted to check on the other boy. He was about to open his mouth to ask if Richie was okay when his eyes fully adjusted to the darkness and he saw the movement.

Eddie completely froze. Richie had his head under his blanket and his hand was slowly moving underneath it. A quiet moan leaving his lips every once in a while, more frequently than before. Eddie’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed when he put it all together, “this idiot made me worry over this!” Eddie thought, anger rising slightly within him. he debated with himself on what to do in this kind of situations. The right thing would be to turn towards the wall, ignore Richie and never bring it up again. Or he could call him out on it and have something to tease the other boy about for months. He decided on the latter.

Eddie sat up as quietly as he could, his cheeks still burning as he looked down at the other boy, he was going to stand and throw his pillow at the other, that was the plan. That was the plan until Richie started mumbling words and Eddie froze again.

It started with just muttered curses among the moans. Eddie watched him intently, feeling the blush on his cheeks spread to his whole face and down his chest. He shook his head to clear it and reached for his pillow. When one actual word left Richie’s mouth. Eddie thought he had imagined it but stopped and turned towards the other boy nonetheless. His breathing picking up pace.

Eddie stared at him in disbelief until Richie murmured it again.


That time Eddie was sure he heard it and his breath hitched in his throat, as he gasped quietly. Not quietly enough apparently because Richie’s hand stopped moving and his head stuck out from underneath his blanket. Their eyes met, both wide with shock. They stayed like that for a few moments.

“Eddie…I..” Richie started but Eddie cut him off by jumping from his bed and rushing to the door. He threw it open and ran to the bathroom. He heard Richie try to speak behind him but ignored it. He slammed the bathroom door shut, not caring if it woke his mother up. He turned his back to the door and sunk to the floor his hands holding his burning cheeks. He stayed there for the rest of the night.

So there’s a part two now, its here 


while i’m on a salt run can i just mention how much i hate that fanon!rey is overly confident about her ability to kick kylo’s ass 

whereas canon!rey is scared fucking shitless of kylo ren until she’s managed to beat him with a bout of scrambling tactics and desperation after taking advantage of the fact that he literally had her up against a cliff and instead of straight up killing her just extended the olive branch

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Hey, so I got the flu and I'm super emotional bc of my period and I thought I could request some fluffy Bucky to get over the fact that I can't leave the house for the next four days

I’m so sorry baby doll :(( I know how you feel, though, about not being able to leave the house. I just had surgery a few months ago & i was stuck in bed for 2 and a half weeks.

Here’s a little something cute to cheer you up love bug!!!!!!

Bucky finds you in the same spot he left you that morning, curled up on the sofa in one of his hoodies, surrounded by a bird’s nest of blankets. Your go-to sick movie, The Bronze, is playing on the TV. 

“You know,” he says quietly, “I still don’t see why you like this Lance Tucker guy,”

“He looks like you,” your voice is hoarse and Bucky winces, handing you the cup of tea sitting discarded on the table.  You smile at him, bleary eyes shining with thankfulness. 

Bucky’s nose scrunches at your comparison, scoffing. “I look nothing like that dick.”

You nudge his metal arm with a socked foot, giggling when he tries to tickle you. He smiles, because you laughing is his favorite sound in the world. “C’mere, sweetheart,” he murmurs. You drag yourself over on his end of the couch, mountain of blankets and all. He nuzzles your noses together in an eskimo kiss, flesh hand running gently through your hair. 

“I love you.” you murmur.

“I love you more, sweetheart,”

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What would be an ideal date with the RFA+V/Unknown?

slight nsfw hints?



  • Cinema dates are like heaven to Zen, whether it was the middle of the day or after midnight, he loves it all, and he would love spending it with you.
  • He likes seeing romantic movies but sometimes, Horror can be good- (he’ll get to hold on to you and you’ll hold on to him so it’s a win-win.)
  • also loves the popcorn they sell? it’s like legendary??? so good??
  • He’ll take you to a park after seeing the movie and he’ll sing you songs and maybe swing a little w/ those swings hanging from the trees (he loves them- he’s such a child)
  • He also loves taking you randomly out on his motor-bike, he just loves hearing you squeal while hugging him from the back (it’s so cute?)
  • also, each time ya’ll go out, you get ice cream. he loves getting you ice cream. he loves ice cream and he loves you so what a perfect score!


  • He really likes Jazz clubs? they’re his favourite date spots. He enjoys talking to you over a cup or two of wine (or whatever you prefer) and music in the background.
  • He also finds you enchanting and elegant dressed in your formal attire and in dim lights. it’s like he’s in another era and it’s with you!
  • If he sees you uncomfortable in public or you just don’t like formal places, he’ll take you on a boat-ride! (if it was summer)
  • you’ll either fish or take a swim- it’s fun either ways. (except fishing takes patience and lol who has time for that when you can literally make out with your boyfriend and ignore the fact that there’s an actual fish tugging on the fishing rod!)
  • also mostly because he likes seeing you in your shorts :’)
  • and because having sex on a boat is always nice :’)


  • She enjoys a casual night out in a cafe or a restaurant. She doesn’t like anything too fancy or anything too casual.
  • she’d actually prefer if you just hung out at home and cuddled watching Zen’s musicals, spending the night next to a fireplace.. that’s an ideal date right there
  • if you actually got her to get out, she’d prefer going through stores, shopping or something like that.
  • There’s those grocery stores that serves a ton of samples on the weekends, she likes to go there and try out new things, go back home and spend it with you making those appetizers.
  • she thinks it’s a fun way to shopping and it’s good to try new things all the time.
  • She also likes to go to the Amusement Parks nearby, she likes Ferris Wheels, because it’s so cliche and she loves giving you a kiss when you two reach the top


  • his ideal dates are just staying in home doing the silliest things ever
  • This dude loves cooking, and he loves cooking with you even more! he likes it when you search for recipes to cook.
  • bonus for you because you get to eat the foods you want to try so it’s a win-win!
  • If there’s a con or a gaming event going on, he’ll take you there and it’s always fun because there’s so many new things and you meet alot of new friends
  • he thinks that you+games+competitions+food=ideal date night. He loves seeing you literally embarrass his guild-mates because you always beat them in pvps.
  • if you don’t like staying home for dates, then he’ll take you to the nearest waterpark, and guess what? water gun fights.


  • hop on into his car and listen to him sing “I can show you the world” because you’re having a mini-trip.
  • When Seven decides to take a break from his job, he takes a three-days break just spending it with you.
  • Either he’s going out with you or staying at home doing stupid things. (it’s so stupid it’s hilarious)
  • He likes taking you somewhere filled with people in the middle of the day, maybe a cafe at a local sight-seeing area.
  • if it’s raining outside, he’ll literally push you out of the house and spend the night in the rain. he’ll also dance, sing and kiss you because he’s the lord of cliche moves
  • he will get it on with you in his car. literally. Everytime you go out with him on that mini-trip, he makes a joke about that sweaty hand-print in Titanic.
  • he loves re-creating it in the passenger seat, and it never gets old.


  • Jihyun’s the type of guy that sometimes prefers taking his lover out alot and other times, he just wants to keep his lover all to himself.
  • He LOVES stargazing in the middle of the night, and it’s a bonus point for him if you’re there. He’s supposed to be taking pictures of the sky- but noooo he’s taking pictures of you.
  • Heading to the Opera or formal theaters is one of his favourite dates. There’s something really sexy about being dressed in your best as you watch in a darkened theater.
  • Even if you both don’t understand what’s going on the stage, he’ll still feel that he’s being swept away off his feet and falling in love with you again with the dramatic music in the background.
  • Ice skating is also an option, museums are also great- he has so many ideal date-spots.
  • If he just prefers staying at home, he loves to cuddle up with you on the couch and marathon his and your favourite netflix series with hot coca and cupcakes (+ a warm (fur because he’s that aesthetic) blanket in winter)


  • He doesn’t like going out in public alot, he prefers just staying in home and cuddling up in a little ball with you.
  • You can actually do alot of silly things with him. One time, you got him to choreograph a battle from your favourite anime in the front lawn.
  • He loves writing down secret codes/clues for you to follow, whether it was around the house or in the park nearby. He would have you break the codes he placed and in the end as your reward, he’d do whatever you wanted him to do for a whole day.
  • bonus point: he often uses your favourite shows/movies/animes as a reference for the codes/clues he makes.
  • If you actually manage get him to leave the house for a proper date, he’d take you somewhere classic. It’s either the cozy cafe he loves going to or spending a whole day in a field.
  • He loves all these date ideas, but his ideal date is just him and you in your bedroom sharing rough kisses and his hands roaming all over your body. this type of date gets him all the time.

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I seriously don't get how the actor won bin is considered to be one of the most handsome men in korea. Like he is just so weird looking to me... I really have tried so hard to look at him from different angles or in a movie or something and I just can't see anything handsome about him. Same with lee soo hyuk. Netizens called him one of the best looking men in korea. HOW???? I'll take jhope over them any day.

Oh, my sweet Anon!  You have no idea, because I’ve never shared this, but I LOVE LEE SOO HYUK!

He is the most beautiful bird faced man I have ever seen!  

Originally posted by mayfifolle

He’s unusual looking, I’ll grant you that, BUT LOOK AT HIM!!!!!

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

I respect that everyone has different tastes, but 


Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78


I like you too, Soo Hyuk.  I like you too.

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Ehi girls, I wanted to thank you all, you're amazing! Two years ago when I was at the movie theater I started to ship raylo just a bit but when K. killed Han my expetations for this ship were killed too. Now me and my BF are 100% raylo trash but after few week online on tumblr shipping this I was feeling so depressened 'couse there are a lot of really rude anti and a lot of them were really mean in a way I never seen on other ship I ship. You are really one of the best thing in this fandom.

Regarding the ants: meh. 

We talked about this a little in our Reylo Fandom: The New Star Wars Rebels podcast episode. We started out as part of the original Reylo thread at a place that shall not be named. Just crawling with ants. We would stay up all night talking about what we’d seen in TFA, confirming with each other that we weren’t crazy, breaking down the scenes, reading meta from Tumblr, pooling knowledge from our various backgrounds: art, literature, film, psychology, other fandoms, people with eyes and common sense, etc. What was happening there was awesome. Then ants started to drop in to try to get a rise out of us with their lame arguments, their narrow views, their low-key or outright sexism. 

It was annoying to hear stuff like “Your argument is invalid because this isn’t 50 Shades of Rey” or “But …but…muh Reywalker! How dare you??”or “You women only care about romance bla bla bla!” (Especially annoying because we had some smart and awesome dudes there, it wasn’t just women!)

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

But you know what, that stuff also really helped us. It’s like we understood collectively that we had to be in top form because we felt we were representing Reylo to the larger Star Wars community there. The ants trying to antagonize us and dismiss our point of view actually made us hone our arguments, they made us think through the flaws in our logic, and do our best to minimize our bias when looking at what was shown in TFA. They also helped us to develop thicker skin when it came to dealing with their pettiness. 

Most importantly, we also grew closer as a community, and when our home got condemned, essentially, and we realized it was time to move on from there we flew away like a majestic fucking butterfly -  leaving behind a shriveled, empty cocoon. So whatever. u_u

Originally posted by gifsme

Ahem. After all that salt:

Stay positive, Reylo friend. There’s so much good stuff going on in the fandom and the Reylo train is going full speed ahead - like literally, cause the Reylo train is a thing! What a time to be alive. XD  

And thank you so much for your kind words. We love talking about Star Wars;  even if no one listened or cared about what we had to say we’d still have fun with it. Still, the fact that people out there say they appreciate what we’re doing, like you with your comment - well damn. It really means a lot to us. <3

i don’t really spend time thinking about cophine scenes, but i saw the gifset on my dash of cosima and delphine sending all that info out on DYAD onto the world wide webbernets and cosima breaking down into tears of pure joy and just.. i have WORDS. many words apparently TO SAY ABOUT IT AND TATIANA

now i know that that emotional reaction was improv’d but… damn guys. tatiana maslany felt cosima’s joy and relief in the CORE of her being and just…. couldn’t contain the tears. that she felt cosima’s realization that she was FINALLY FREE and like just this waterfall of emotion just made physical tears and uncontrollable laughter just burst forth from within

that’s more than acting. that’s insanity. and she literally did that for every single character she embodied on orphan black. countless hours of filming and rehearsing and memorizing and tapping into two, three or sometimes four characters /per day/ all for the past five years.

she didn’t just act out these characters, she didn’t just pull a different emotional mask on every single time the script called for a different tone, she literally reached into the depths of her friggen SOUL and became each and every one of these people. 

when sarah first saw kira in season 1 after almost a YEAR, i didn’t see tatiana for one single second. i truly saw a mom who had been working so hard and doing all the wrong things for the right reason of simply just trying to see her daughter – i saw sarah manning, the person, the mother, the /human/, experiencing real joy and real relief and real guilt and disguised anguish at being away for so long from her daughter who meant the world to her

honestly, i don’t think there’s any other actor or actress out there who can do what tatiana maslany did for orphan black. what she did for us, for clone club. and there will never be anyone like tatiana maslany in the acting profession for a long, /long/ time.