i just can't get over how gorgeous he is


Merlin appreciation post. I’m in love with this gorgeous man, and so are Eggsy and Harry.

This man looked like Merlin, but Eggsy was sure as hell that he had never seen this person before. 

No clipboard. Cunning smile with a tricky glance. A casual black suit. A black polo with few undone buttons. A polo, which fabric stretched across his chest each time he moved, widening the edges of its collar and showing even more of an outlined collarbone with each move. And, of course, the jawline of a hunting dog. 

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Okay but I can't get over how beautiful and gorgeous Noah is, so we know he got his looks from papa Chris but what does he has from his other dad? And is dad so overprotective because baby Noah looks so much like Chris or just because he is too precious?? By the way your art is amazing thanks for sharing here, I really dislike patreon because some bad experience with it in the past, so I'm glad I still get to see your work :)

thank you so much ♥ it’s okay, patreon is just a nice way to help me getting thru every month! 
i think noah got most of his tranquil character from his other dad. we don’t know much about him so i just suppose he is very soft and calm 

he also looks to have green eyes so their eyes matches! 

he looks generally like someone who cares very much (last image), so this is why i imagined him very protective to both his children. but céline is a free spirit like her father chris so she never listened to his blabbering ahahah he still wishes that his little angel noah would stay with him forever… he’s too precious, he must be protected (he still doesn’t know anything)

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Soo can we talk about Harry and the missus going on a date night and maybe she got a new top that dips a little low and harry can't help but to ogle at her chest all throughout dinner with that cute lil smile and he's all "sorry love don't mean to be a pig but they're gorgeous" and she teases him abt not being the only one who likes their shirts low

STOP THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE. Sometimes this concept can be a little ‘meh’ but for some reason I find this really sweet. Like, he just can’t get over how pretty they look. He swears she’s wearing a new bra he hasn’t seen yet. He’s caught up in the way her necklace dips down and settles gently against the hollow between her breasts. He thinks he must look like a fool making googly eyes at her chest, but he can’t help it (and he can’t wait to get his hands…and his face on them when they get home). 

She’s looking over her menu at dinner and she can feel his eyes on her, so she peeks up slowly and see’s him stealing glances. 

And he blushes when she goes, “Enjoying the view over there? I don’t mind.” And she’d tease the hell out of him, like tapping the corner of her own lips and going, “You’re drooling a little, mister.” 

And he’s grumble and quickly mind his face. “M’not.” 

But, no matter what size her breasts were, he’d still ogle over them in a pretty shirt or a pretty bra or just bare and right in front of him, constantly. xx.

  • aries: "You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous."- Jinkx Monsoon
  • taurus: "What would I write about, how to eat a pound of chicken?" - Jiggly Caliente
  • gemini: "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!" - Bianca Del Rio
  • cancer: "I'm used to being a loser, but I really hope that I do win. I want to let every loser know that there can be a giant crown on their heads." - Sharon Needles
  • leo: "How did I ever get so motherfucking gorgeous?" - Alyssa Edwards
  • virgo: "My biggest strength is probably aesthetics. I'm very visually appealing." - Violet Chachki
  • libra: "If you can't hide it, just throw some fucking glitter all over it." - Raja
  • scorpio: "He's got me open like seven eleven." - Trinity K. Bonet
  • sagittarius: "She will take your man, honey." - Raven
  • capricorn: "Emotions are for ugly people." - Willam Belli
  • aquarius: "I'm an alien." - Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
  • pisces: "IM FEELING VERY ATTACKED" - LaGanja Estranja

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I have to confess...Even knowing full well Jessick wouldn't last and Richonne was coming...I just absolutely can't watch the Jessick stuff without feeling sick and hurt and angry. I need to get over it!

Hello Gorgeous!

I feel the same when I watch their scenes and not as a shipper, but as a Rick stan. Rick was so messed up and he looked like he was going through so much inner turmoil. It was as if the fight turned on him, like how Michonne spoke about. He was just so unhinged around Jessie:

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It pained me to see him like that. It made me so mad that TPTB would portray his character in a way that translated as creepy Rick with that contrived arc. Ugh. I can’t stomach it. They just made him look so gross. Sorry @is-this-thang-on for adding the gifs, but look at him below. He looked so lost! He was so fucking sad :( whatever it was that was going on in his mind was not good for him, or Jessie for that matter:

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I mean, he basically went on to exclude the Alexandrians (and by extension, Jessie) from his plans for the community (while giving Michonne heart eyes and ogling her), so I don’t see why some people were excited about his interactions with Jessie. It just cemented how little Rick really cared about her since he later went on to butcher her with an axe and leave her to die, but whatever. What was I saying? Right, Rick ogling Michonne while she was trying to persuade him that the Alexandrians (and Jessie) were worth including in his plan:

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Now, if we look at him and Michonne, he just looks so fricken happy and content:

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Just being near her doing routine, mundane things made him relax and let his guard down:

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There was so much tenderness, passion, fire and playfulness that went into their scenes:

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Rick is where he needs to be; with the woman he was always meant to be with. And look, Michonne is right there with him well into S7:

My advice: skip past those other Jess*ck bits. The story actually makes more sense if you leave those scenes out anyways.


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I seriously can't get over how gorgeous and tiny and dainty Louis looked last night. We've always said he's a pretty boy, but last night really just emphasized how PRETTY he is. That Styles kid is so lucky.

He’s such a beautiful boy, inside and out. <3