i just can't get over how gorgeous he is


Merlin appreciation post. I’m in love with this gorgeous man, and so are Eggsy and Harry.

This man looked like Merlin, but Eggsy was sure as hell that he had never seen this person before. 

No clipboard. Cunning smile with a tricky glance. A casual black suit. A black polo with few undone buttons. A polo, which fabric stretched across his chest each time he moved, widening the edges of its collar and showing even more of an outlined collarbone with each move. And, of course, the jawline of a hunting dog. 

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Could you do like a best friend! Luke one where he loves you but hasn't told you and you always date dicks and he always calls it that ur gonna break up and comforts you when you do but one day you start dating this guy and Luke can't find anything wrong like he's so nice and he doesn't think you're going to break up anytime soon and he gets sad bc he knows he doesn't have a chance with yiu anymore

(for anyone wondering, this is the request that I’ve been so excited about, and I’m sorry that it sucked. this request is simply too good, that nothing I write is good enough for it)

Luke was absolutely head over heels for you. Always had been. You were his sweet, kind, gorgeous, funny best friend, how could he not just love everything about you? The only problem was the fact that you were, as said before, just his best friend. You and Luke had grown up together, you’d been best friends before you could even walk. He knew that you basically thought of him as a brother, not as a guy. Which sucked.

And so you had a bit of a bad habit. Which was to date absolute assholes. Luke hated the fact that every single guy you’d dated so far had treated you like shit. Mainly because he knew that he could treat you so, so, so much better. He hated seeing your heart break over and over by some stupid dickhead that didn’t realize how amazing you actually were. He was sick of having you call him up in the middle of the night, crying because of whatever the asshole did now. Even though he hated when you cried, and even though all he really wanted to say was I told you so, he still stayed on the phone with you, allowing you to rant and cry until you finally fell asleep. He hated when that happened. Especially now, since he was on tour and couldn’t really be there for you in the way he wished he could.

While being on this massive world tour, you had managed to go out with two guys, both times claiming that the guy was sweet and genuine when Luke tried to warn you. A few weeks later he woke up by his phone, and then spending the rest of the long bus ride trying to soothe you. But now, you were single, and had been for over a month. And Luke’s finally home.

This was the perfect opportunity to finally let you know how he felt. Luke felt ready and confident enough to reveal his feelings, the feeling in his stomach letting him know that this was the right decision, that he need to do this.

And so after an hour of FIFA and pep talk with the boys, he felt ready. You’d texted him earlier, asking him to come by your place.

“C’mon, mate, you can do this!” Calum slapped Luke’s shoulder, smilig at his nervous friend. “Just let her know what you feel, and then she’ll be yours! I promise.”

“You really think so?” Luke’s tongue slipped out his mouth to play with the black ring on his bottom lip.

Yes, for gods sake, Luke,” Michael groans, pausing the game against Ashton and putting his remote down to look at Luke. “We’ve seen you guys together, and neither of you guys are good at hiding anything. God, it’s so obvious you don’t even understand…”

And with a few more encouraging words, Luke went out the door.


To say that Luke was nervous was a huge understatement. He was a wreck by the time he had managed to drive to your house and park his car behind another car that he didn’t recognize. He guessed that your sister was home and visiting. After pressing his finger against the doorbell, Luke ran his fingers through his hair once again, trying his best to make sure that it looked as good as possible.

When you finally opened the door, his heart kind of stopped. Even though you were only dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt that Luke recognized as the one he bought for you the first time he took you to a concert, you were still breathtaking.

“Luke!” you squealed, throwing yourself in his arms. “I have missed you so, so much!”

He laughs softly, wrapping his arms around you, pressing his nose against your hair. “Y/n, I’ve missed you too.”

After finally breaking the hug, you reach up to run your fingers through his hair. “Oh my god… You look so different without the quiff, Lu…”

“I just haven’t styled it today…” but he made a mental note to actually do stop styling it, just because you seemed to like it so much.

“And you have a beard?!” You gasp, grabbing his chin and tiling his head to the side in order to be able to study his unshaved face. “God, where did my tiny baby Luke go?”

“Tiny baby Luke?” Luke laughs, smiling down at you. “Honey, I’m more than a head taller than you.”

“You were still my tiny little Luke when you left for tour!” you pout, crossing your arms over your chest. “And now you come back like a man! You actually look so much like Jack, it’s kind of scary…”

Luke smiled to himself at that comment, knowing that you’d secretly had a crush on his older brother when growing up. “What? You don’t like it?”

“Oh, shut up, you idiot, of course I love it.” You roll your eyes before giving his arm a playful slap. “You’re handsome. I bet the ladies are all over you when on tour, huh?”

Luke laughs as you wiggle your eyebrows at him. “Not really, they only have eyes for the other boys.”

“I do not believe that,” you shake your head. “Have you looked at yourself? Your looks mixed with your personality, I’m surprised you haven’t got yourself a girlfriend yet.”

Luke blushes, his eyes dropping to the floor. “Uhm, yeah, speaking about relationships and all that…”

“Oh my god,” you interrupt him. “You know?”

“Know what?”

With fast movements you manage to step out on the porch and close the door. “Who told you?”

“Told me what?” Luke’s eyes follows your every movement.

“You don’t know?”

“Y/n,” Luke groans. “Know what?”

“That I have a boyfriend,” you smile proudly, moving some hair away from your eyes.

“You… You what?” Luke stares at you, not even trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. Here he is, on your doorstep, about to express his love to you that he have kept secret for so long, and then you tell him that you have a boyfriend?

“A boyfriend!” you squeal, jumping up in excitement. You don’t seem to notice the disappointment in either his voice or eyes.

“What… Since when?”

“Two months tomorrow.” You smile again.

Two months?!” Luke’s jaw literally drops. “Two months and you haven’t told me?”

“No, I didn’t tell you, Luke, and would you like to know why?” you sigh. “Mainly because I knew how you would react. You’d tell me how stupid I am for falling for yet another guy’s charm, and how they will just fuck me and then leave… I already knew that you wouldn’t give Jake a chance and that you’d right away practically beg me to break up with him before I get hurt, and claim that it’s for my own best.”

“Maybe that’s because every single one of your previous relationship have ended like that?” Luke cross his arms over his chest. “Maybe I say that it’s for your own best simply because it is? I am not acting like that because I want to be mean, y/n, I’m saying it because I care and because it’s always me who has to hear you cry every time those idiots breaks your heart!”

“But Jake won’t do that, Luke!” you argue. “He’s nice! He’s a genuine guy, and I wouldn’t want you to ruin this relationship before it even started.”

“You’ve said that about all of your previous guys! That they’re nice and sweet and simply the best guy you’ve ever met, but then, after they’ve got laid and got bored of you, they left and ended up being like everyone else!”

“Jake won’t leave,” you snap. “Because guess what? He’s not in this relationship simply to get laid, like you believe everyone is. He’s in this because he likes me!”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because I’ve already slept with him and he’s still here!”

Luke blinks. It’s not like he should be hurt or surprised. He already knew that you weren’t a virgin, and with a two month long relationship it probably would have happened. But he can’t help it. In front of him stands his best friend, the girl he’s so madly in love with, and shouts that she slept with another guy. All Luke want is to be the guy that you love. The one who gets to be with you, the one who gets to touch you, the one who gets to kiss you… But he won’t ever be.

“Do you love him?” he asks, swallowing the big lump in the back of his throat.

“I don’t know, Luke…” you mumble. “We just started this relationship… But I like. I like him so much.”

Luke sighs, closing his eyes. “Alright, I won’t judge.”


Even though Luke promised that he wouldn’t judge, that’s exactly what he did when he stepped inside your house. He judged the tall guy waiting inside your living room. He judged you when you moved towards him, he judged when you placed a quick kiss on his lips, and he judged when the guy gave him his hand, introducing himself.

But no matter how much he judged your boyfriend, who introduced himself as Jake, he simply couldn’t say that he was like the other ones.

When Jake looked at you, his eyes were sincere. His brown eyes were huge with adoration for you, and they followed your every move with a loving look. Jake laughed at your jokes, the kind of sincere laugh that Luke had only heard himself let out whenever you told a joke. He kept a loving hand on your hip or on your lower back, or held your hand the entire time.

No matter how much Luke wanted to hate him, he simply couldn’t. Not when he finally saw a guy who treated you with the respect you deserved. All Luke had ever wanted was to be yours, he just wanted to show you what real love was. He wanted to love you with every bone in his bone in his body. He wanted more than anything for you to know just how annoyingly beautiful you were. He wanted you to feel loved.

He wanted you to be happy, and when looking at you and Jake, he knew that you were finally happy. And no matter how much it hurt knowing that he wasn’t the one making you smile like that, he knew that he couldn’t try to break you guys up. Because he was, in fact head over heels for you, and your happiness was more important to him than his own.

  • aries: "You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous."- Jinkx Monsoon
  • taurus: "What would I write about, how to eat a pound of chicken?" - Jiggly Caliente
  • gemini: "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!" - Bianca Del Rio
  • cancer: "I'm used to being a loser, but I really hope that I do win. I want to let every loser know that there can be a giant crown on their heads." - Sharon Needles
  • leo: "How did I ever get so motherfucking gorgeous?" - Alyssa Edwards
  • virgo: "My biggest strength is probably aesthetics. I'm very visually appealing." - Violet Chachki
  • libra: "If you can't hide it, just throw some fucking glitter all over it." - Raja
  • scorpio: "He's got me open like seven eleven." - Trinity K. Bonet
  • sagittarius: "She will take your man, honey." - Raven
  • capricorn: "Emotions are for ugly people." - Willam Belli
  • aquarius: "I'm an alien." - Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
  • pisces: "IM FEELING VERY ATTACKED" - LaGanja Estranja

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I have to confess...Even knowing full well Jessick wouldn't last and Richonne was coming...I just absolutely can't watch the Jessick stuff without feeling sick and hurt and angry. I need to get over it!

Hello Gorgeous!

I feel the same when I watch their scenes and not as a shipper, but as a Rick stan. Rick was so messed up and he looked like he was going through so much inner turmoil. It was as if the fight turned on him, like how Michonne spoke about. He was just so unhinged around Jessie:

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It pained me to see him like that. It made me so mad that TPTB would portray his character in a way that translated as creepy Rick with that contrived arc. Ugh. I can’t stomach it. They just made him look so gross. Sorry @is-this-thang-on for adding the gifs, but look at him below. He looked so lost! He was so fucking sad :( whatever it was that was going on in his mind was not good for him, or Jessie for that matter:

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I mean, he basically went on to exclude the Alexandrians (and by extension, Jessie) from his plans for the community (while giving Michonne heart eyes and ogling her), so I don’t see why some people were excited about his interactions with Jessie. It just cemented how little Rick really cared about her since he later went on to butcher her with an axe and leave her to die, but whatever. What was I saying? Right, Rick ogling Michonne while she was trying to persuade him that the Alexandrians (and Jessie) were worth including in his plan:

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Now, if we look at him and Michonne, he just looks so fricken happy and content:

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Just being near her doing routine, mundane things made him relax and let his guard down:

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There was so much tenderness, passion, fire and playfulness that went into their scenes:

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Rick is where he needs to be; with the woman he was always meant to be with. And look, Michonne is right there with him well into S7:

My advice: skip past those other Jess*ck bits. The story actually makes more sense if you leave those scenes out anyways.


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I seriously can't get over how gorgeous and tiny and dainty Louis looked last night. We've always said he's a pretty boy, but last night really just emphasized how PRETTY he is. That Styles kid is so lucky.

He’s such a beautiful boy, inside and out. <3