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Hi! So, if you're willing to get prompt, I'm here :) How about Cassian taking care of Jyn because she's been injuried (nothing serious, but very annoying, like a broken leg/arm and she can't do anything by herself) or just the two of them being nerds like trying to slice faster than the other or something. Any domestic fluff is good too. Or Jyn teaching Cassian how to swim (I was totally obsess with this idea while on vacation). Good luck!

Thank you so much for following! I love writing grumpy, stubborn Jyn :D

“I’m fine,” Jyn growled as Cassian looked back over his shoulder at her for what felt like the millionth time.

He shook his head with a half-smile and carried on walking, his stupid long legs walking at a stupid pace through the stupid forest that they had to be in because they had run away from stupid Stormtroopers, which was when she had tripped over a stupid rock. Jyn bit back a gasp as her traitorous ankle twinged with her next step. Pain shot up through her calf, bounced off her knee and went right back down to her ankle with a painful throb. This time Cassian didn’t look back, and though she had snapped at him a dozen times that she was fine and didn’t need his help she suddenly wished he would offer.

Jyn knew she was being stubborn, and felt a touch petulant. It was Saw who had taught her to never ask for help no matter what - first through his training, then his abandonment. I’ve made it through worse on my own, no point in getting used to having someone there.

She recovered and walked on, making it a few more steps before her full weight landed on an uneven lump of ground causing her ankle to wobble in a way that wouldn’t have hurt were it not already injured, but whichever ligament she had pulled or torn screamed at the motion and she stumbled.

This time she did cry out, and Cassian did turn. His concern turned to amusement when he saw that she was alright. Jyn didn’t find it quite so funny as she sat on the damp ground holding her ankle and waiting for the pain to pass. She scowled up at him.

“I’m - ” she snapped.

“Don’t even say it,” Cassian said as he held out his hand. She took it with reluctance and let him pull her up to stand on her one good foot. “I’m going to help you.”

“I can do this myself,” and it felt like a stupid thing to say as she clung to his shirt for balance rather than risk putting her injured foot on the ground.

“I know you can,” Cassian said, and Jyn squawked as he slipped one arm around her shoulders and the other behind her knees. Jyn felt her cheeks flush hot with anger and embarrassment and something else that made her heart pound a little faster as he lifted her against him. He started walking and she had no choice but the wrap her arms around his neck to stop herself from tumbling to the ground. “But as long as I’m here you don’t have to.”

Jyn - tired and with both wounded pride and ankle - huffed against his chest. He smelled like blaster oil and rain, and she was in a perfect position to press her face into his neck. “Fine,” she muttered but could not longer put any heat into the words. “But only so we can get out of here faster.”

Cassian chuckled, and it sent tremors through her body. Maybe needing help isn’t so bad after all.

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Harry (AU or OU) coming home to find the pregnant missus face down on the living room floor on some pillows with her bump through the hole of an inner tube because "You don't realize how much you enjoy sleeping front down until you can't do it anymore." (saw that as a suggestion on how to be more comfortable towards the end of pregnancy and thought I'd throw it out over here.)


And he kind of just stands there for a second, looking at the pillow nest she’s made herself. 

“I was desperate,” she says flatly. 

“How’d you get down there?” He’s genuinely curious and mildly impressed. 

“Carefully,” she mutters, voice muffled by all of the plushy surfaces around her. And he definitely plops down beside her, leaning over to kiss her forehead. 

“She’s just too cozy in there.”

And they fall asleep on the living room floor together for a much needed afternoon nap. xx.  


@jalules is the best and made me a customized Utena doll! My shoddy cell phone photos at night do her no justice but it’s late and I am still just. So excited. She seriously looks so amazing, everyone please go check her (and her gf’s/my bestie’s) etsy out and commission something. (It’s more than just dolls, if that’s not your cuppa.) You will not be disappointed.

(ps hi Julia this is my mostly dead tumblr)


“[…]Our level of comfort is very specific. It’s an interesting way to become good friends with somebody. It’s definitely strange. But we’ve been working on this show now for something like three years, almost, going back to the pilot. I don’t remember a time without him being a huge presence in my life. I can’t recall it.-Lizzy Caplan

"There was a lot riding on Lizzy and me, and it could have been a disaster, but we clicked immediately within a very short space of time. During our first camera test, you could just feel it was going to work - there was a buzz between us. We have a similar sense of humor, and she can make me laugh a lot. She’s the most annoying little sister, ex-wife and femme fatale - an extraordinary combination of things. She makes every day fun and we get on really well, and that’s important when you’re doing long hours on a show. She makes fun of me for being a proper British actor who has predominantly come from drama […] She’s sassy yet thoughtful, and even though she makes a lot of wisecracks and has this hard, protective shell, she’s also vulnerable, smart and funny. One of the wonderful things about her is how sweet, big-hearted and sensitive she is." - Michael Sheen


In which the flirty witch totally checks out Ten’s inches.

Moar Tomco HC

so after BIG DANCE:

-Marco and Tom have a great time, but they don’t actually engage in anything sexual that night, surprising them both. simply hug and drop one another off at home
-Marco rehashes everything obsessively in bed
-he never cared before when they were just hanging out and having sex. like, sure, their first kiss at that concert was amazing and definitely special, something that Marco won’t soon forget. but then… the sex between them was mostly… like friendship sex. if that’s even a thing. is that a thing? but it didn’t feel like they were official, or in love, or anything that dramatic. but it definitely didn’t feel detached either. it was something… more grey
-tonight, going to the dance together it… it was supposed to be as friends, and everything they did looked like just friends…. but it wasn’t. somehow, it felt more like a real date
-more emotional
-more romantic
maybe it was because Tom was helping him have fun despite the whole Jackie thing? then why wasn’t he more upset seeing her with someone else? why did it feel like… he was supposed to be there with Tom?
-does Tom feel the same way?
-oh god what if he doesn’t??
-oh no
-i only worry about things like this when i-
-i can’t
-I don’t
-I don’t have a crush on-
-Tom, meanwhile, does his own thinking
-no use denying it anymore, you have it bad for Diaz
-dammit, Star was right
-but I’m also right. if I let him know, in any way, I could scare him away
-scare the only good thing in my life away
-and that just can’t happen
-but it shouldn’t be too hard to pretend like nothing’s changed. you still get to have sex with him, don’t you? and isn’t that kind of the end goal of a relationship anyways? what should it matter if he knows your feelings or not? feelings are just things to be controlled, like your anger. and look how well you’re doing with that. 
-because of him
no. shuddup. I can do this on my own too. I have the tools, I can handle this.
-I will handle this
-the next week was hard, neither of them acting any differently, yet somehow, something was off
by the end of it, Star was out of her mind with frustration at the both of them
-she needed reinforcements
-with Ponyhead and the Diaz’s help, she crafts her ultimate-actually-subtle-matchmaking plan
-because, as it just so happens, next weekend is
-Dia De Los Muertos
-the Diaz family usually goes all-out in their traditions, but this year was quickly proving unparalleled with plans to host a fancy celebration in their home for all of their friends and extended family
-which they were calling “Diaz de los Muertos” couldn’t help myself 
-Star was naturally very excited just to participate in another wondrous Earth ritual, but is even more so now because of her Great Plan
-Marco has no idea
-so after some coaxing and promises of never asking him to wear it again, Star convinces Marco to don his mask and suit from the Blood Moon Ball, while she dressed to match him in her own sugar skull themed outfit
-the party starts out normally enough, with just the weirdness of the Diaz clan and Star’s culture clashes to contend with, no big, actually a very fun time for all
-until Ponyhead shows up
-with Tom
-Tom, very confused, glances at Pony with a mix of curiosity and annoyance. he never usually interacts much with the princess, only knows her as well as he does because of his previous relationship with Star and, quite frankly, always thought she hated him even before they broke up. but then again, Pony seems to leave that impression on a lot of people. so when she told him to “hurry up and put this on, mephistop-uhhlease, don’t argue it’s for Star just dooo iiit uuuuugh why are you still wearing clothes??”, and tossed him an elaborately themed suit, he didn’t really have the option of saying no. she then whisked him out the portal and into the night without further explanation, taking him…. to an Earthling’s house?
-she better have a damned good reaso-
-oh no
Marco is staring. honestly, so is everyone else, but Marco’s doing that kind of staring and doesn’t seem too keen on hiding it either
-hard to blame him though, with Tom looking like he does. his suit a perfectly tailored, blood crimson version of a matador’s costume, it hugged his frame snugly, accentuating his shoulders and chest with the structured fit. the pants were cut longer than the usual mid-calf hem though, reaching his ankles to show off his short boots, decorated with the same gold design that accented his lapels, cuffs, and hemlines. his undershirt was a champagne cream color with a flattering amount of ruffles along the neck and sleeves. off one shoulder lay the matador’s cape, however it was a pitch black velvet instead of red, his outfit inverting the traditional color scheme. his hat was missing, but the horns more than made up for it, tipped with gold rather than their natural white. the look was made complete with a magic makeup bomb Star had provided, painting his face in an immaculate sugar skull design, highlighting his three eyes and blending on his skin more like a tattoo than paint, giving it a smoky, gothic tone that her own makeup didn’t have. he was simply
-s t u n n i n g
-Marco swallows hard and fights just to stand up like a regular person. the partygoers, seeming to have lost interest in the magical intrusion once they saw he wasn’t going to do anything exciting, resume their small talk and ignore the teenagers again
-Tom steps towards Marco, at first unsure of his place at a human function, but upon seeing Marco’s gaze, regained a sort of teasing confidence
-“Hey Marco Polo. Wanna pick up your jaw there, or do you need some help?”
-that seems to snap Marco back to life enough, now looking him over in a more mocking tone
-“Joke’s on you, my mask doesn’t even have a jaw. However, your whole deal is more concerning. Are you planning on fighting yourself… or…?”
-soon both were laughing like last week never happened
-after a bit more cajoling, Marco pulls Tom’s arm through the crowd to have him try some of the Diaz family’s prized cooking before his cousins eat it all up
-Star also has to be literally dragged away from spying by Ponyhead
-over the course of the evening, the two get on as well as ever, Marco seeming to have lost his awkward edge with a crowd of familiar people around him, and Tom realizing that, even though this was probably a set up, it was done with the best of intentions. not to mention, he was secretly grateful for an excuse to see Marco in that getup again
-close to midnight, once all the younger children have been put to sleep upstairs with Marco’s abuela watching over them, the tone of the party shifts to a more adult vibe, conversation mixing with music and the clinking of more drinks being passed around
-the backyard is quickly rearranged to make room for a patio dance floor
-soon most of the guests are tango and salsa-ing like pros, leaving the boys suddenly alone as the cushion of people around them fall away
-Marco rubs his arm with a nervous laugh, voice cracking a little in the process
-“We… we don’t have to do that… if you don’t want… it’s some dumb tradition my folks started way back whe-”
-he is stopped by a hand in his, leading him to the floor
-Tom had always been a great dancer, partly because he was bred to be one as a prince, and partly because when he was courting Star, he took an entire set of courses to impress her
-Marco had always been naturally gifted with rhythm, but being in the presence of the most attractive guy he’d ever known was quickly turning his legs to jelly
-“Nervous, Diaz?”
-“Psssh no! No I just… suddenly forgot how to salsa…”
-“How about a tango then?”
-“What?? No way, don’t be-”
-all he could see was Tom backlit by a starry sky, a lavender hand cradling the curve of his spine in a dip
-“… ridiculous….”
-the kiss came next, slightly clumsy thanks to Marco’s mask, but not unwelcome. his hand gripped Tom’s shoulder for balance as he kissed back, drawing it out as long as possible before any adults noticed the two boys making out among them
-just because his parents were cool didn’t mean everyone was
-they part and Tom stands Marco back up again, a familiar wicked look in all three of his eyes
-“Tom, I-”
-the look dissipates a little, as if realizing itself
-“Oh… right sorry… you’re with family and-”
-“No! …. No I meant…. we should go to my room”
-his grin comes back and Tom lets himself be led into the house by an eager human, a human that he’s sworn to be just friends with
-and yet…
-if he doesn’t do this now…
-“That’s good… because I have something to tell you anyway…”

-Star looks over as her boys kiss then run up to Marco’s room, sighing proudly as she leans against an indifferent Ponyhead
-she’s Done It, and it was Good


be good.