i just can't get over his hotness in this


Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)


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I just can't get over how canon it is that Jughead has a thing for Betty's neck. The way he wraps his fingers around her just screams he's the dominant one when things get hot and heavy. All those shy, lover Jug headcanons got thrown out of the window.

Shy and awkward Jughead Jones is dead and hot, dominant, I-get-what-I-want-hard-and-fast Jughead freaking Jones is dancing around his remains 😂😂 And his fingers on her neck is just heavenly to watch. I mean long, bony fingers against her pulse point? Goodbye and have a nice life. I didn’t sign up for stuff that theaten my inner peace!

Thank You Nice Chipotle Cashier
  • Cashier: *sees that my burrito has no meat but has pinto beans*
  • Cashier: Oh no are you a vegetarian!?
  • Me: *is a little taken aback cos I'm not but I didn't understand why he'd comment*
  • Cashier: Oh I don't mean to be rude, sorry it's just the pinto beans are cooked with bacon grease and I didn't know if you knew that and vegetarians usually get upset if they didn't know!
  • Me: Oh, uh no I actually just can't digest pork or beef and the chicken here just isn't my favorite.
  • Cashier: Oh cool, but have you tried the tofu sofritas? Those are a super tasty option.
  • Me: Uh no I haven't but-
  • Cashier: *goes over to start getting a cup* This is really good will you please try it, here it doesn't cost anything. *is enthusiastically making me a sample cup*
  • Me: *trying to ask him not to go to the trouble* But um really you don't have to- well um is it spicy at all?
  • Cashier: It's not too bad, pretty mild compared to the hot sauces.
  • Me: I'm sorry I can't, I'm allergic to capsaicin so I can't actually eat spicy things. *I felt a little bad cos he'd been so excited and his face just fell*
  • Cashier: Oh gosh I'm sorry...I just...oh man that sucks I wish I could just give you a hug. Nothing spicy?
  • Me: *laughs* Nope, but it's okay. But thank you anyways.
  • Cashier: Well, your hair looks really amazing! I hope you have a great rest of the day!
  • Me: *I thanked him and left, but idk it just made me smile he seemed very genuine and sincerely sad that I was missing out on spicy food*
Have you done it yet?
  • Naruto: Oi! Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: You don't have to shout? What is it?
  • Naruto: Have you ever done a striptease for Sakura-chan? Or have she ever done it for you?
  • Sasuke: (/////)!!! What the hell are you talking about?!
  • Naruto: I'm planning on doing one for Hinata.
  • Sasuke: ..... No, we never done that. Go ask someone else.
  • Naruto: Hey! Wait! Where are you going!
  • 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
  • Sakura: (/////) A-a-a Striptease!
  • Hinata: (/////) I'm thinking of doing one for N-Naruto-kun...
  • Sakura: Well since its Naruto, any article of clothing you take off will make him pounce on you. *take a slip of her tea*
  • Hinata: But, can you give me a few pointers?
  • Sakura: For a striptease?
  • Hinata: *nods yes*
  • Sakura: Okay then, write this down.
  • 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
  • At the Uchiha Residence
  • During dinner, Sasuke and Sakura still can't help thinking about the "striptease" their friends mention to them. Mostly Sasuke wondering why haven't they done it yet. Does that mean that their intimacy doesn't even go that far?
  • Sakura wasn't worrying about it since after she told her mother that she and Sasuke are getting married. She took it upon herself to teach Sakura everything. From house chores to the bedroom. But once Sasuke and Sakura get behind closed doors. There is no stopping Sasuke getting on Sakura that she never got the chance to try it out.
  • They suddenly made eye contact.
  • Sasuke&Sakura: (////////) *looks away*
  • Sakura suddenly remember all the nights and days Sasuke will overwhelm her body since their wedding night. Just like this very morning.
  • Sasuke can't help but imagine Sakura doing it.
  • After dinner Sasuke start getting ready for bed until Sakura came from her hot bath in lingerie and a white towel over her wet pink hair.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun... I want to perform a Striptease for you.
  • Inner Sasuke face was extremely red and constantly saying "YES! YES! YES!" on the outside he was his usual self.
  • Sasuke: Okay.
  • He sat at the end of the bed only in boxers. Intensely staring at Sakura every move. She notice this and suddenly lost all confidence when he looks at her like that. It made her whole body go weak. Sakura made a wrong step and fell forward, pending Sasuke down on the bed.
  • Sasuke: You know, I actually like this a lot better.
  • Sakura: (/////) Sasuke-kun! You are so unfair...
  • He stroke her hair.
  • Sasuke: We have all the time in the world for that. But for now... I like to be the one to take off your clothes.
  • Nibbling her neck
  • Sakura: Ahh~♡
  • 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
  • (This was the work of Naruto planting a seed in their minds with his wonderful wife Hinata)

For 2015, more killer look from hot dudes.

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-“i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years” -SNOWBALL FIGHTS + staring at each other on the snow -the burning/cooking one -person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”);; any of these or a combo of these would be great ☺️☺️☺️

okay i’m going with this prompt specifically:

“we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”

Peeta shakes the snowflakes off his jacket and stomps his boots on his parents’ front porch to dislodge the clumps of wet snow before he opens the front door, slipping into the warmth of his childhood home. 

“Hey,” he calls out as he sets his bags down to shrug out of his coat, throwing it over the coat rack.

“We’re in the kitchen,” his mother calls back. Peeta lays his overnight bag at the bottom of the stairs and makes a pit stop in the living room to drop his Christmas gifts at the tree, then he ventures into the kitchen where his family is gathered around the bar. He’s vaguely aware of an unfamiliar woman, but his attention is on his parents as they stand to greet him.

“It’s good to see you, son,” his dad says as he pulls him into a hug.

“Hey, dad,” Peeta says, letting go of him to reach for his mother next.

“You look half-frozen!” she frets, cupping his cold cheeks in her hands before she wraps her arms around him. He hugs her, touching his cold hands to the back of her neck, and she shrieks, pushing him away. “Peeta! Where are your gloves?”

He laughs as he releases her, rubbing his hands together. “Sorry, I guess I lost them in the move.” She shakes her head disapprovingly, moving back to the bar.

“You’ve been in California too long, man.”

Peeta turns around at his brother Rye’s lighthearted chastisement, his eyes flitting to the woman beside him that he’d noticed when he first walked in. She’s not as unfamiliar as he originally thought, but Peeta can’t quite place why that is.

“I guess I have,” he replies, hugging Rye and slapping him on the back before looking back at the woman curiously.

“Peeta, this is my girlfriend, Katniss,” Rye introduces, and she smiles at Peeta, leaning forward to shake his hand.

“Oh, hey,” Peeta says, though he’s still racking his brain to place her face.

“Hey,” she says, releasing his hand. She looks a little sheepish, but she’s still smiling. “I think we actually had a class together at State a few years ago.”

Suddenly, it clicks for him. “Oh, yeah! With Professor Abernathy, right? Intro to Poetry, I think?”

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Hello! (i'm on my phone so i hope i don't break any rule since i can't read them)How about drunk oikawa/kuroo/bokuto/tsukishima at a party where their oblivious crush is as well? Thanks,good luck and have a nice day! :)

You didn’t, bruh.  Don’t mind don’t mind

Oikawa would be all over his crush. Telling them how hot they are, how good their hair smells, and how much he likes them. He’s a very affectionate drunk. He’d flirt with his crush, and when they didn’t get the message, he’d come out right and just SAY IT. “____, I like you more than I like myself!” He doesn’t have a way with words when he’s drunk…

Kuroo seems like he’d be a sleepy drunk. He’d be trying to turn on the flirt with his crush, but end up zoning out or dozing off in the middle of a conversation and leaning up against them. He’d be so out of it, that he’d just accidently let it slip. “I have a crush on you, ___.” Only until after the party when he sobers up does he realize what he said, and calls his crush up right away to ask them out fix his slip up.

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what do you think each of the boys kinks are?

Oh God.

Is it bad that I’ve thought about this quite a bit?

I think Calum would be the kinkest out of them all, and he would be into tying you up and probably cuffing you to the headboard, teasing you until he thought you were about to burst. I could see him being down for anything.

Ashton…fuck. I just picture him having a spanking kink with those hands. And probably the infamous daddy! kink everyone has been talking about. As well as just pinning your arms down with one hand while he’s on top of you, lips attached to your neck while he teases the region between your inner thighs. I need him to do that to me.

Luke would still be in the process of figuring sex out in my opinion, but he would get really into it when he finally got to the high start of a heated moment. He would get off to you being raised and blissfully aware to what his fingers could do, and he would lightly tease and wait until he couldn’t take it anymore, and overstimulate you until you caved under his touch. He’s just so hot. Thinking about that makes me sad.

Michael would be a kinky fucker as well. I could imagine him wanting to take casual trips to the sex shop and get some new things, and try them out on you as soon as the two of you got back. He would get all sorts of flavored lube and sex toys and tease you slowly with each one, and then he would fuck you and want to do it all over again. 

so one time i overheard how the boy i liked told his friends how he’s scared when they sing lullabies in horror movies and they all started mocking him about it and one day when we were all talking i kind of lead or conversation towards that horror theme and then i mentioned in front of him how i hate it when they sing lullabies and he looked at me and just said ‘i’m not the only one’ LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THAT’S HOW I GOT MY FIRST BOYFRIEND

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Where did you get your castiel figure?? I want it so bad but I can't find it in any stores!

Cas: Sam!  Did you read this message?

Sam: Yeah, Cas, she’s having trouble-

Cas: She can’t find me in the store!  You know what that means?

Sam: Well, Hot Topic-

Cas: I’M LOST!

Cas: *weeps uncontrollably*

Sam: Uh, hey, Cas, buddy….

Dean: Hey, Cas!  Look over here, it’s the Easter Bunny!

Cas: *sniffles*

Cas: Fluffy!

Dean: You just gotta know what works, Sammy.

#334: Winter ❄
  • Niall: "Dad...tell ma it's not that cold outside." Caleb whined as you pulled out another pair of sweats for him to squeeze into and tossed them onto the bed. With a chuckle falling from his lips, Niall shook his head. "'m not getting into that Cal." "But dad I'm hot. I can't breathe. I can barely lift my arms up. Dad please stop her." Caleb pleaded with a frown taking over his lips. "Babe...[Y/N]..." Niall sighed, giving into his sons pleads. "S'bit much no? He's only going to play in the snow for a few. Let him take a few things off...just look at him. He can barely move without tripping over himself hun." He chuckled with a shake of his head. "Fine...Fine c'mere Cal." You sighed watching as your son waddled his way towards you before you helped him out of the layers.
  • Louis: "Have you seen-are those my socks Lou?" You asked with furrowed brow as you made it into the kitchen. His eyes trailed down to his feet before meeting yours as he nodded with a smile on his lips. "Yeah they are." He grinned wiggling his toes in the fuzzy material. "They're fuzzy...and quite warm. I think I might need to get a pair for myself."He continued before taking a seat on one of the stools. "You've been wearing my socks?" You asked with a shake of your head as he nodded once again. "Think I have a few pair of em back at my place. Was gonna bring em back but I kinda forgot." "I knew my sock drawer was looking a bit skimp. Thought I was losing them in the laundromat." You narrowed your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. "Stop stealing my socks Louis." "But it's cold though [Y/N]...and they keep my feet warm. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to get frostbite and loose a couple of toes."
  • Liam: A chuckle fell from your lips as you watched him unwrap the scarf from around his face with complaints of the brisk winds spewing from his mouth. "'Ave you been out there?" He asked as he shook off his jacket before draping it over the hook. "It's mad out there [Y/N]." He muttered with reddened cheeks as he rubbed his hands together quickly after seeing you shake your head at his question. "Think a cuddle will make things better Li?" You asked with a slight upturn of your lips. A giggle slipped past your lips as you watched him hurriedly unlace and kick off his boots before making his way over to the couch. He dropped down onto the couch, circling his arms around your waist and his face nuzzled in your neck. "You're so warm babe...let's not move for the rest of the night." He mumbled into your skin with a sigh falling from his lips. "I'm making dinner Liam...I can't stay on the couch forever."
  • Zayn: "S'not happening." He shook his head as he continued up the stairs. He shot a blank look at you from over his shoulder, not phased by your puppy eyes. "But it'll be fun...c'mon Z when's the last time you played in the snow." You jutted out your lower lip only to have him shake his head once again. "We're not even properly dressed to be playing in the snow [Y/N]." He sighed pulling his hat further over his ears. With a shrug and a grin you grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him back down the stairs. "That makes it more fun...then we can go inside and warm each other up." You beamed up at him, leaning in to peck him on the lips before shoving him into a pile of snow. Giggles spilling from your lips as he gawked up at you. "The hell [Y/N]...you're gonna get it now." He muttered with narrowed eyes as he struggled to get back on his feet.
  • Harry: Popping your head into the room, you saw Harry still bundled up in the blanket. "Seriously still in bed?" You asked with a cocked brow as he sluggishly lifted his head off the pillow to peer at you. Little arms wrapped around your thighs, mocking your stance, Charlie popped her head into the room as well. "Daddy get up. You promised we'd play in the snow." She beamed, dimples appearing in her cheeks. "Daddy's not feeling too good pup." He sniffled with a slight frown taking over his lips. "Daddy's sick?" Charlie asked with furrowed brows as she let her arms fall from around your thighs and made it into the room, climbing on to the bed to cup Harry's face in her small pudgy hands. "You were fine yesterterday." She muttered with knitted brows. "I know pup...when I feel a little better we can make snow angles and throw snowballs at mommy." He shot her a tired grin before wrapping his arms around her. "Now go tell mommy to put on her doctor outfit and take care of me." He chuckled as you rolled your eyes at him.
Havenland: Sinners and Saints
  • Francine:
  • The whole way up to closing Napoleon was just watching me. It was super hot, I've never been stalked before but I kind of like it ;)
  • On my way back downstairs to turn in for the night my heart sinks as I am suddenly reminded of Eiden.
  • *Teleports a food try into my hands before wandering over to his cage and giving him some.*
  • "I'm sorry about earlier today, I wish I could explain but.. I can't, I'm messed up Eiden. That is why it is so important for you to leave with Constantine and get the Hell out of this place. I still don't understand why you fought him?"
Preference #128: Motorcycles
  • Liam: "Why are you so interested in a bike all of a sudden?" You asked as you trailed behind Liam who seemed to be inspecting every single bike in the show room. "All of the guys seem to be getting them lately and I mean have you seen Andy's? It's so cool!" You just smiled and rolled your eyes as your boyfriend continued to admire all of the bikes. "We have to get this one! It's perfect babe! And we can even go riding with the guys." Your boyfriend was so obsessed with man toys and you could only imagine where this obsession was going to take you.
  • Zayn: "Zayn, I really don't think that this is a good idea." You said as you walked next to Zayn as he was looking at all of the different bikes. "Why not love?" "Because god forbid, what if something happens to you?" "Love, have I ever told you that you worry too much?" You shook your head and Zayn chuckled. "Let's take one out for a test drive and I'll show you that nothing bad can happen." "I don't know Zayn...." "Love trust me. Nothing bad is going to happen." After a few seconds of Zayn smiling at you, you gave in. "Fine Zayn. But we are only going around the block." Zayn just chuckled at you as he grabbed a few helmets and walked over to get a bike.
  • Niall: "What do you think babe?" Niall asked as he took off the helmet and smiled at you as you took in the scene of your hot boyfriend straddling a brand new bike. "I can't believe you are actually doing this." You said as you walked over to him. Niall just laughed as he handed the helmet over to you and nodded his head for you to get on the back. "Come on babe, you'll love it." "Ok ok ok." You said as you placed the huge helmet on your head and got onto the back of the bike. "Hold on tight babe we're going on an adventure."
  • Louis: Louis came to a sad realization when trying out bikes that he was too short for most of them. As he would stand up and straddle the bike, he often found that only his toes could touch the ground. So your boyfriend ended up being in the bike shop for most of the afternoon designing a custom bike for himself and he made sure to include the doncaster rovers in the design. As you left, it was all that he could talk about and he became obsessed with buying the two of you helmets and clothing for riding. You couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was but you also didn't want to think about how crazy bikes were making all of the boys.
  • Harry: Harry was the last person on earth who you would think that would by a motorcycle. You couldn't believe your eyes once your boyfriend rolled up to your house on his brand new bike with his gold glittered helmet sparkling in the sun. Harry took off the helmet as you approached him and you found yourself going weak at the knees. "Is the gold helmet a bit too much?" Harry asked with a serious face and you found it hard to contain a giggle before leaning in and giving Harry a kiss. You felt Harry smile against your lips and once you pulled away, you saw another helmet sitting on the back of the bike. "Would you like to take a ride with me?" "Of course." As you were strapping on the helmet, Harry asked, "Where would you like to go?" "To the end of the world with you."