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new-recipe  asked:

How do you think Kacchan would react to walking in on Deku while he was changing? How would Deku react to being walked in on? What about the other way around?

I don’t know if there would be a reaction, other than a glare or a “what’da’ya want?”  

They’ve known each other for over a decade, and in standard Japanese culture hot baths with other members of the same sex are a normal thing. They don’t exactly frown upon nudity they same way other parts of the world does. 

Regardless of that fact, I have no doubts in my mind that they’ve seen each other naked. When the entire class went out to the camp to train, they were all seen bathing together and Izuku even just left to talk to an adult in nothing more than a towel. 

So if one were to talk in on the other - let’s say more a now-ish timeline I think it would go something along the lines of: 

-insert mini drabble here- 

There  was no knock at his door when it creaked open. After a long day of training, the fabric of his uniform was sticking to his skin and Izuku had wanted nothing more to rid himself of the sensation. Ears failed to note the other entering his room as scarred fingers worked down plastic buttons to remove the white shirt from his upper half.  

He was exhausted. Training, school work, and interning for Sir Night-Eye left him feeling completely wiped. A sigh of defeat as he slipped the black guard off of his arm, he turned to be meet with crimson eyes looking at him in disbelief. 

“K-Kacchan?” He chimed, as he assessed the situation and noted that his friend’s gaze was firmly locked up on his arm. “Kacchan what is it? Do you need something?” He sounded again, walking over the other to wave his hand in front of the elder’s face, only to have a hand raise and roughly grip his wrist. 

“What the fuck is this?” 

Emerald widened for a moment as eyebrows contorted in a way to properly express his confusion.  “What is…what?” 

“This. Your arm. What the fuck is this? Is this why you always keep the damn thing covered now? What the fuck happened?” 

“It’s nothing Kacchan. Please don’t worry about it.” 

Katsuki pushed himself into the small space of that was Izuku’s whether he was welcomed or not, closing the door with his foot, firmly behind him. 

“I’m not playing the lying game with you anymore, Deku. It was your quirk, wasn’t it? I’m not stupid, so don’t hide this shit from me.” 

Eyes leveling with a serious gaze, the blond stood fast as if to use his own body as a barrier to prevent the younger’s escape. 

“I’ve known your ass too long for you to think you can lie to me. You’re bad at it anyways. Look, I’m the only one who knows the truth, so don’t start hiding shit from me now. “

Izuku head dropped, shoulders slumping as he sighed. Caught in a corner, he supposed he’d just grown accustom to hiding his problems as to not cause others worry over him. 

“You-You’re right Kacchan. I need to tell you something else then. Something important…”