i just can't gerard

Gerard: *singing* “when i was, a young boy, my father, took me into the city, to see a marching band, he said…..”
Mikey: Shit we forgot Mikey
Gerard: That was one time
Mikey: Asshole

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I love this, thank you!

There’s a copy of Gerard and Amelie’s wedding photo in Chateau Guillard and I swear to God, Blizzard is just twisting that damn emotional knife every time they hint that Widowmaker’s got some regret underneath all that brainwashing.

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i was moving my stuff into a larger room, and trying to downsize my belongings in between my job search… So hopefully I can start getting back to my streams/updates either later this week or this weekend


“Henry, please.” - 6x11

6b had it all, fighting Marvey, mood lighting Marvey, bantering Marvey, and my favourite, hand-holding Marvey.  All great moments.
But one theme stood out to me above all, and that was how desperate Harvey is.

Harvey who flew all the way up to Harvard (say a 7 hour round trip including the meeting), just to ask Henry Gerard if he would speak as a character witness for Mike when he had his bar interview.

‘When’ he had his character and fitness interview because it hadn’t been confirmed he would get one yet, but Harvey was already out there trying to make it happen, trying to get Mike back beside him as a legit lawyer.

Harvey who looked so desperate, and pleaded with the Professor, all to help out Mike. *coughs* I mean the love of his life.

I have friends that would pick up the phone for me and make a call. Harvey could have done that, but no, Harvey flew up, grovelled and came home empty handed and he still wouldn’t consider it a waste of his time, because he would do anything, including let himself be disbarred, for Mike Ross.

If that isn’t a man head over heels in love, then I don’t know my ass from my elbow!

danger days gerard + save yourself lyrics

when will pinterest stop filling my dash with phantom 2004 anime  I  BEG  IT  TO  CEASE  AND  DESIST

The BMC boot has not only reignited my love for the entire musical but also increased my love for The Squip Song by about 170%


mcr + light

Gerard rambling. mentions his daughter Bandit (which is why the crowd starts screaming), says the words “homegirl” and “ballbuster,” sounds fucking adorable


-poem by naum