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explaining star wars to non-fans
  • me: so i'll start from the beginning just to make things more easy for you too understand. well...ok let's start with episode I or previous...imagine: obi wan is just a boy that nobody wants as padawan you know an "I'm still here situation" but then qui gon takes him as apprentice like you know a little "you'll be in my heart". they are master and padawan and they have to rescue the queen of naboo, doing that, they find a little kid named Anakin all "i just can't wait to be king" a sassy little boy. qui gon decides to take him as apprentice but unfortunately he dies leaving obi wan in despair and with the burden of training the boy. yoda is all "he lives in you" to obi wan and the ginger decides to train the boy on his master's will. obi wan is kind and "we are one" with the boy but the more anakin grows the more he is impertinent. anakin and the queen of naboo (padme) meet again and there's this moment of "two worlds" between them, anakin feels things he has never felt and obi wan is hella scared because "can you feel the love tonight?" and jedis cannot have relationships. anakin begins to be tormented by his feelings and visions of his mother dying and senator palpatine a "poor unfortunate souls" old bitch tries to bring anakin to the dark side. the young jedi has long days of tormented thoughts you know like "reflection" and then he starts to throw hate at obi wan. in the end anakin decides to "let it go" and becomes a sith, guess who? darth vader. padme gives birth to luke and leia and this time is obi wan who's all "you'll be in my heart".
  • luke becomes an adult and he finds obi wan who's old and all "son of a man" to luke and decides to train him as a jedi. meanwhile the badass leia a girl all "i'm almost there" is kidnapped by vader. luke meets han solo and chewbacca that are all "one jump ahed" and the adventure starts after a wonderful tavern scene like "i've got a dream" . they save leia but obi wan dies and becomes one with the force. then after some years they are on hoth a bloody cold planet, R2 and C3PO are all "love is an open door" and the empire attacks. luke flies away on daghobah where old yoda trains him in a "one last hope" style. leia and han find shelter at cloud city but then they discover that lando, han's friend, has betrayed them and there's a fantastic scene where vader sits at the table all like "be our guest" and then we'll kill you. han and leia have fallen in love in a "whole new world way" but han is frozen in carbonite and leia can't do anything to stop it. luke comes to save the day and starts fighting with vader who says to be his father in a creepy "mother knows best" way. luke escapes thanks to leia and chewbacca who rescue him. jabba's palace, leia is made slave, "prince ali" style everyone and then lando and luke try to save their friends from the sarlacc. the empire is building a new death star and leia finds the ewoks in a "happy working song" kind of way. luke fights with vader and vader gives up showing his last hint of love for his son, yes now it's vader to be all "you'll be in my heart". the rebels win, the empire is destroyed. han and leia are happy together and everyone is relieved and free.
  • many years later nobody knows where luke is, the resistance is searching for him and a sassy pilot named poe loses his droid with the long wanted map and is captured by the bad guys. meanwhile there is this girl rey who lives on a crappy sandy planet but it's all "touch the sky" and finds the droid with the map. poe is helped to escape by finn, a stormtrooper who wants to be good all "go the distance" and stuff. the bad guys are angry, general phasma, a woman pretty much "make a man out of you" is disappointed by general hux a ginger space nazi who blames kylo ren, aka ben solo, the son of leia and han who is all "i wannabe like you" for grandpa vader, he's a sith trained by supreme leader snoke a "be prepared" bitch. many things are done, finn and rey find han solo who brings them to a wise orange alien "circle of life" style who runs a tavern where rey finds luke's lightsaber and feels the force roaring "colors of the wind". rey is captured by kylo ren, the ginger nazi and the menacing phasma. thank to the force rey escapes and reunites with her new paternal figure han and her friend finn, they try to escape the base-planet-deathstar of the bad guys but kylo ren stops them. he kills his father and fights rey but the girl wins and goes away with the rebels. in the end rey finds luke who's also all "circle of life" face and the movie ends and we don't know anything more so far.
  • person: did you just explained me star wars through disney songs?
  • me: vanishes into the force.
Just got done watching “Beast King GoLion” and I now have many new concerns for present day Voltron...

MANY SPOILERS AHEAD for GoLion, 80′s Voltron, and also some of my personal theories on how it could connect to the present show:

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Everything went according to the manga on yesterday's episode. You're a foreigner who can't understand English subtitles very well it seems.

Lol okay.

If you’re only looking at the subtitles and not at the exposition, presentation and display, you’re either:

a) Reading the wrong manga.

b) Watching the wrong anime.

Actually I’m sorry. It might be both from my observation.

I spend a beefy portion of my time editing my YouTube videos and trying to make them as best as I possibly can. Writing a text and putting it on a screen is what you probably think it’s about, but everything from the idea to the color of the outline you used for the font in that video (not to mention other visuals which you may argue are “more important), and if there’s anything close to the importance of the actual content and purpose, it’s EXPOSITION and PRESENTATION.

Let me give you the help you obviously need.



Done? Good, good. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Oh wait.. maybe not.

If you haven’t figured it out, the point I’m trying to make is that adapting a manga is more than just redrawing it in a better art style and having someone read out the dialogue box while rolling safe with the classic trope of a windy ambient track in the background, eh?

Let’s just ignore the flashback and Eren’s pure display of fury and jealousy when Mikasa came in to… you guessed it! Save his ass when it still needed saving before the Titans broke in!

For starters, the screenshots I posted above show what the slightest change of dialogue can mean. I speak on my behalf, and you may argue I’m just looking for the smallest thing to spray mikasalt about, however the way these sentences are structured give off a COMPLETELY different concept for the reader. (I don’t speak Japanese, so I don’t know how you would interpret it, even more so as a native speaker if you simply listened to the original dialogue)

And of course, this is an ANIME. Every little thing matters on the subject of exposition and presentation. EVERY. LITTLE. THING. Once again, I am speaking from my perspective, on MY behalf. However, the way these two scenes were presented, ON TOP of the flashback in the anime give off an OOC Mikasa which I hoped to God would NOT happen in this season, especially after OOC Levi in Episode 28 (3). And unfortunately, it did.

By now I’m sure there’s more people who are “pissed off” at me than before, but let me just state I LOVE MANGA MIKASA. Everything that was portrayed in the Clash arc was perfect. It wasn’t irritating, it wasn’t cringy and most of all, Isayama wasn’t trying to stick it down the reader’s throat.

What I’m trying to say, ONCE AGAIN, is that this is a matter of overadaptation. I can guarantee you over NINETY PERCENT that this is NOT how Isayama meant to portay Mikasa in the manga. Not a LITTLE BIT.

I’ve seen arguments saying that anime generally tends to improve over manga and well… give it color (literally), and it has been the case with SnK so far. However, misconceptions from the Staff and false interpretations lead to what you call my “problem” with Episode 8 of Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2.

Once again, the finale has the greatest potential of redeeming this mistake for me. It can balance out the mistake that was made here and at least SOMEWHAT balance Mikasa’s character to the point where it’s… inside of character, so to say.

That was it!

“You’re a foreigner who can’t understand English subtitles very well it seems.”

I am a foreigner indeed, but English isn’t an universal language displaying everything that the human brain can process in a millisecond. I’ve had my fair share of it for almost two decades, and I once heard a saying “Action speaks louder than words.” In your case, however, there seems to be a silencer attached to both of those certain things, if they are even where they are supposed to be in the first place.

Have a nice day.

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I saw your post about why you ship vio and shadow when searching the tag and noticed you put a lot of scenes from the fs manga, and so I figured you've probably read it enough times to have opinions and theories about some scenes. There's a person that made a post about one of the panels towards the end of the book, and I sort of wanted to ask for your opinion?? I think their name was sinnomatic, it's recent, or it should be tagged as vio x shadow. Sorry, I'd link it to you but I can't :(

I saw it, and I really liked it!

When I had read the manga previously I think I assumed that it was just a reflection, but @sinnomatic is right in pointing out that the mirror is facing completely the wrong direction for that.

He already explained the evidence that it’s Vio - and Vio only - in the shattered pieces of glass, but I thought I’d show some examples just to further prove his point:

I was able to find a panel in which Green’s pupils become as small as Vio’s, but it took a lot of searching, because they usually don’t.  And even when they do, compare the overall shape - Green’s eyes are much taller than they are wide, unlike the eyes in the mirror shards.  The same is true of Red, and additionally Red’s eyes rarely show the pupils at all, typically being colored all dark when they aren’t very close up.  It’s not Blue, because the eyebrows aren’t dark and heavy, and it’s not Shadow himself because the reflections lack his A+ eyeliner dark, “feral” rims around his eyes.  Meanwhile Vio is frequently drawn with eyes with little to no highlight, with tiny pupils, an overall shape that is wider than it is tall (or at least closer to equal than the other Links), and pale eyebrows - all traits shared by the reflected images.  (That second example for Vio is from the page right before the mirror shards - just look at the similarity!)

I think it’s still a little debatable why Vio showed up in the mirror shards, though I think sinnomatic’s theory of a sentient mirror trying to bargain with Shadow is a very strong candidate!  Another interpretation I could see is that the mirror isn’t so much sentient as it is… I dunno how to word this, maybe telepathically receptive?  We see throughout the manga that Shadow can control the mirror, sometimes without completely voicing what he wants it to show, we know that they’re connected.  What if the mirror shards show Vio because that’s what Shadow was thinking about?  I don’t have a strong preference one way or the other between those interpretations though, I like both of them.  Also they’re both pretty shippy, so.

Even if a person were to argue that the mirror shards were a stylistic choice, not intended to be something that literally happened, you’ve got to ask why?  Space is limited, Akira Himekawa has only two volumes to tell this story.  Every page counts.  They wouldn’t use up ¼th of a page for no good reason, so the Law of Conservation of Detail would imply that there was some reason the authors wanted us to see a distressed Vio right as Shadow commits his act of self-sacrifice, some message they were attempting to convey.  Draw what conclusions you will from that.  ;)

Uh… all of which is all a very long way of saying “I liked sinnomatic’s meta a lot and maybe made high-pitched noises of glee when I read it.”

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bechloe and lil rosie fic? wherein rosie just gravitates towards beca when they spend time and chloe witnesses this and can't help but think how beca would be like if they're married and how she is with their future kids... it can either be real fresh into the relationship or established bechloe, i don'r really mind which one cos you are one AMAZING WRITER!!!

Kids always liked Chloe Beale. 

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