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#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up

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I've also seen Kathleen Kennedy stans (lol) recently come out to argue that Kelly Marie Tran's casting is sexist because Rian Johnson wanted her, and that it would have been more feminist~ and empowering if KK got her way with another white British brunette because then it would be a woman given power over a man, and I just can't deal with that kind of white feminism in this fandom anymore. It took less than a week after Celebration for some people to turn on SW's first female lead of colour.

????!?!?!??????????????????? literally what universe do they live in


Coccinelle meets Black Cat.


Happy Birthday @enoughtotemptme! Keeping the tradition alive, here is your birthday ficlet. Remember when I said not canon? Woops. Future fic/au/etc. - you know the drill. Happy birthday love! <3

When Bellamy winces for the third time in as many minutes, Clarke decides she’s had enough.

“Alright, get up.” Ignoring his protests, she rounds the fire and pulls him into a seated position, trying to shove the jacket off his shoulders. He does nothing to help, just sitting there and giving her an infuriating smirk.

“Y’know princess, if I’d known you wanted to—”

“Shut up,” she warns through gritted teeth. “You need to let me look at your arm. Right. Now.”

The smirk disappears. “Clarke, it’s a scratch—”

“A scratch that won’t let you sleep.” She glares at him, and he glares right back. After fifteen very unproductive seconds, Clarke reaches further down and digs her thumb into his forearm. Bellamy swears, loudly.

She folds her ams. “Jacket off.”

Still glaring, he shrugs his arm out, but she doesn’t miss the beads of sweat that trickle from his forehead. He thrusts his arm in her direction.

“Bellamy…” she shakes her head as she takes in the swelling. Just a scratch, indeed. Sighing, she looks at him. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Wasn’t important.”

“Bellamy,” Clarke tilts her head, trying to catch his eye. “You are important. Therefore this is important. Okay?”

He makes a soft sound; it could be a laugh, but it’s too rueful for that. When Bellamy looks up, there’s such a stark sadness on his face that Clarke almost forgets about his arm. “Why do you always do that?” He asks.

“Do what?”

“Why do you always say everything except what you actually mean?”

Taken aback, she just stares. “I…”

Bellamy shakes his head and looks off into the trees. “Nevermind.”

“No, Bellamy, I—”

“Nevermind,” he says again, still holding his arm out.

In silence, she treats the infected wound and binds it carefully, forcing herself to pay attention to the work in front of her and not his words ringing in her mind. Was she really guilty of shielding herself that much when it came to him?

I can’t lose you too.

Thank you for keeping me alive.

How special you really are.

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I was playing around with designing an Amethyst/Peridot fusion based around Fluorite, but I’m not completely sold on what I have so far. 

This was the cutest one though so I ended up coloring it uvu;;

Also I imagine that the first time they fuse it would be a complete accident and Peridot would probably freak out about it bc she’s never fused with a different kind of gem before for purposes other than practical functions. But later on when she grows more accepting of experiencing fusions herself she’d be much more open to it.

*slides into room* who wants some season 2 Nino angst possibilities okay here we go

As of right now, Nino remains a civilian, not a Miraculous holder, his best friend is Adrien and let’s assume that he’s dating Alya. 

In season 1, he complained about Adrien disappearing, without a moments notice, never answering his phone, for hours on end. 

But hey, that’s fine, dude’s got his own life and besides, he has Alya (who complains about Marinette disappearing for hours on end too! Weird coincidence.) 

Even before they were dating, he could always talk with Alya when Adrien vanished, and afterwards he almost looked forward to it! He loves Adrien, but it’s nice to get some alone time with his girlfriend. 

That is when she starts disappearing too. 

Without a moments notice. 

Never answering her phone.

For hours on end. 

Hey it’s no big deal, she’s got her own life, he should try Adrien. 

But he’s gone too.

He notices Alya starts taking days off from school, she’s never around at night, just like Adrien, just like Marinette. 

Hey…it’s no big deal…they’ve got their own lives. 

No one needs to worry about him, he’s fine. It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. 

I was on the Daily Mail site for a random reason and ran across this.  It’s not in the article itself (the one on 1D’s net worth), but it’s the thumbnail for it.

It’s 2017 and we still have these ridiculous stereotypes.  

Niall as the “wholesome” one?  Are they forgetting that he’s the one who cursed so much that he was quiet in interviews because he wasn’t sure he would remember not to swear?  Are they forgetting all the women they’ve claimed he dated while they already had other boyfriends or that supposedly left their boyfriends for him? (No, he didn’t really date those women)

Harry as the hot one?  I mean, Harry’s hot, but even my coworker who knows nothing about the boys and isn’t particularly interested was surprised at how attractive all of them are.  They definitely kick the boy band cliche of having a few hot members and a few that aren’t so much.  They couldn’t come up with anything more specific for Harry?

Liam as the “sensible” one?  It’s like we’re back to Daddy Direction which hasn’t really been a thing with the boys for years.  Plus, I find their definition of “sensible” interesting since they’re claiming that Liam was up for having a baby with a woman he’d only been dating for a few months who had 2 failed marriages and was still married to the last one. (No, it’s not really his baby)

Louis as the wild one?  Louis is definitely rebellious and mischievous, but they’re clearly capitalizing on the airport thing to try to make him look reckless and violent when he’s a level-headed sweetheart in reality.  He was super reasonable and peaceful in that airport debacle.  Many people would have engaged after being hit at, but all he did was break up the fighting and escape the conflict as soon as everyone was safe.

And Zayn.  It’s an absolute farce how much Gigi is in Zayn’s business where she doesn’t belong.  It’s to the point where even in this photo, she takes up 75% of it when it’s entirely about Zayn.  (No, he’s not really dating her) Also, the “brooding” one?  Just because Zayn has resting gorgeous-and-pensive face doesn’t mean he’s brooding.  He’s intellectual, principled, artistic, loyal, dorky, goofy, sweet with fans, and has a smile that lights up a room.

This Thing Called Love (I Just Can't Handle It)

Summary: Clarke Griffin’s ill-timed discovery of her feelings for her roommate, Bellamy Blake, leads to a misunderstanding that confuses the both of them.

for awards winner @bispaceprincess

Word Count: 2320

Warnings: Slight Language


“Here’s the deal,” Clarke said, collapsing onto Bellamy’s bed as he shuffled around getting ready for the day. “Tonight is a good night to stay in and be lazy. So I’m thinking you and me, Chinese takeout, and a Netflix documentary of your choice.”

Bellamy looked over at her as he shrugged on his jacket.

“That’s tempting,” he said with a small smile. “But I can’t tonight.”

Clarke’s own smile faded and she sat up.

“You busy?” she asked.

He nodded as she tried to remember if he’d told her something about tonight. He never worked on Thursday nights, a byproduct of working at his station so long that he was consistently able to request them off.

“I’ll be late so don’t wait up, okay?” Bellamy said.

“Yeah sure,” Clarke nodded, unable to keep from frowning.

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You know, if Soma does die, at least Ciel will finally experience some fucking consequences for his actions. It’ll be the first time since the Jack the Ripper arc that Ciel will have to deal with people close to him dying suddenly without his consent. What with this on top of Lizzy’s unwillingness to return home and her implied knowledge about the contract, it seems like this’ll be the arc where all of Ciel’s platitudes about “standing on a pile of dead allies” will finally be put to the test.

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Hiya I sent you an ask about a fic about Kara dealing with body issues (I know you're swamped so please don't worry about answering it soon!) b/c I have a lot of issues with my own body and it's just getting really bad. I feel like there's this voice in my head every time I walk by a mirror that's just really fucking mean and I feel crazy. But I've been working harder at the gym for the last year and I'm hoping that'll make it stop. It just sucks b/c I can't go too often now with school and all.

Alex used to tease her about it – I hope you get fat, she joked as she passed her the last potsticker – and it didn’t feel bad when Alex did it. In fact, it was pretty funny, because it’s Alex.

It still feels funny when the woman at Noonan’s asks how she eats so many sticky buns and still looks like she does, because she answers that she’s an alien, and the woman thinks it’s a joke.

So it’s funny.

But it’s also not funny.

It’s also not funny because her muscles aren’t what her cousin’s are.

It’s also not funny because Mon-El just assumes he’ll be stronger than her because he’s a man, because he’s bigger than her, and she knows he never will be, but sometimes she’s not sure.

It’s also not funny because Alex is solidly human, and James is solidly human, and they can survive – they do survive – without any powers. Without any powers except their training and their wits and their very small, very human, very not-Kryptonian, strength.

They can do what Kara does, but they distinctly cannot fly and they distinctly cannot bench press an airplane.

And she doesn’t hate it. But she hates it.

Because if they’re that strong, and she has powers, but they can survive the same kind of work she does, how weak must she be? How much weakness, how much mediocrity – and Alex wasn’t the only one raised by parents who expected perfection – lives in her skin?

Skin that lasted when everyone else died.

A face that forces a smile when she doesn’t feel it at all.

Hands that all the social media feeds make jokes about what they can do, but really, she just wants to be able to touch someone full force, outside of the green room, without worrying about breaking them?

Because they might be better than her, tougher, more innately strong, more innately special, but she can still break them, completely by accident.

Because her body is not in her control. But it is. But it isn’t. But it is.

But it isn’t.

Mirrors remind her.

Remind her that she must really be nothing special, must really look like nothing special – must really be on just this side of ugly enough to ignore, to not even register, to be completely indifferent to – because they’re all fooled by glasses, because Leslie Willis wasn’t wrong about her awkwardness, her inability to know what to do with her hands, with her face, with her whole damn body.

Her whole damn body that can lift busses and deflect bullets, but that she can’t bring herself to love.

Leslie Willis – Livewire – saw right through her uniform, straight into her damn body.

And everyone else probably does, too.

So she changes in a rush, always.

She changes with Barry Allen-type speed. Always. Even when there’s no emergency.

No point dwelling on what no one’s ever going to notice anyway, unless the uniform catches their eye. No point dwelling on what no one’s ever going to want anyway, unless for the power trip of bedding a Super.

Except, no one sees her with her glasses, so that would never even be a thing.

She doesn’t think about Maggie.

Doesn’t think about how her sister’s girlfriend saw her.

She doesn’t think about how Cat saw her.

How James saw her (sure, he already knew. But still. Still.).

How sometimes, she sees flickers in Lena’s eyes that make her think she sees her, too.

She doesn’t think about these people, these people who see her, who would tell her without hesitation that she is worth seeing – that her body is worth seeing, worth lingering on, worth living in. Worth loving.

She hates how scattered her thoughts are. How contradictory.

How nonsensical.

How raging.

How real.

Alex notices first, that it’s getting worse lately. Kara’s hatred of her own body, of its contradictions, of its dual invisibility and hypervisibility, how everyone wants it and yet nobody notices it. How everyone wants her and yet nobody notices her.

Alex notices.

The way Kara skips quickly over the photos that include her when they’re scrolling through which pictures from game night to throw up on Instagram.

The way she jumps and squirms when Eliza is visiting and tells her how beautiful she looks.

The way she avoids mirrors like a vampire desperate to not be discovered.

“So you’ve seen it, too?” Maggie whispers to her one game night as she watches Alex squinting closely at the way Kara’s hand keeps running over her abs, like she’s trying to reassure herself of something, like she’s trying to wish herself into something, out of something.

Because apparently, Maggie notices, too.

Alex just nods, because she doesn’t bother being surprised with what close attention, with what close concern, Maggie watches over her little sister. She’ll reward her for it later. For now, she’s just scared.

Because Kara’s been particularly unsteady lately, and Kara is training harder than ever at the DEO, and she’s eating less potstickers than normal, and it’s a horrendous and scary combination.

By unspoken agreement, Alex and Maggie linger after game night. They linger after Winn and James give their hugs and leave together, still laughing about who would have won Jenga if a certain someone hadn’t faked a sneeze.

“Hey Kara, I just… I wanted to let you know that you’re gorgeous,” Maggie says casually as she washes dishes, and Kara nearly drops a plate.

“Hey, you’re dating my sister, I mean – “ She tries laughing it off, but the hue of her face and the strickennss of her eyes and the way she’s adjusting her glasses furiously give her away.

Alex smiles. “She is, and I’m standing right here, and you know what? I love that she loves you like she does. That she sees you. All of you, Kara. And she thinks what she sees is beautiful. Because it is. You are.”

Alex is talking casually, too, drying dishes and putting them away in the shelves Maggie can’t reach.

Alex might not have superhearing, but she hears her sister gulp, and she might not have mind-reading abilities, but she can all but hear the voices in Kara’s head telling her that her sister and her girlfriend are lying, they’re being nice because they feel bad for her, they’re exaggerating because they love her – for some reason she can’t possibly fathom – and more importantly, if she’s not feeling good about herself, she’ll be less effective as Supergirl, and…

Kara doesn’t know she’s started sniffling and crying until Alex’s arms are wrapped around her, until Maggie’s turned off the sink and is standing against the counter with her arms folded across her own chest, hugging herself as Alex hugs Kara, as Alex holds the body that feels worthless to Kara up from falling, up from figuring out how best to destroy itself, up from figuring out how best to dismantle itself in disguise as trying to make it better.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Alex is soothing her, and Kara tries to push her away, because she doesn’t deserve to be soothed, she didn’t mean to break, she didn’t mean to tell anyone, she didn’t mean to, but her body’s betrayed her again with its tears and its quaking, but Alex knows, and Alex has planted her feet, and Kara doesn’t put any real heart behind the push anyway, because Alex is kissing her forehead like she loves her and supporting her weight like it’s nothing and rubbing her back like it’s beautiful and whispering to her like she’ll never lose faith in her, even if Kara loses faith in herself.

“You’re perfect, Kara,” Maggie is whispering, then, because Alex is using all her energy holding her little sister up. “It’s okay if you can’t feel it now. Your sister and I will feel it enough, believe it enough, for you, until you can figure out a way to believe it yourself. Okay?”

She’s helpless in Alex’s arms and under the thrall of Maggie’s soft words, and she nods as she sniffles and sobs and sobs and sobs.

When she’s stopped shaking quite so much – when she feels like there’s no water left inside her, when she’s wept her way through her thoughts, through her deepest fears, through her stickiest shames, through her toughest contradictions – she just clings to Alex life the lifeline that she is.

She lets Alex carry her to bed and tuck her in like she used to when they were kids and she’d had another nightmare.

“Stay?” she grabs Alex’s hand after she kisses her forehead and starts to stand.

“Of course,” she says without hesitation, and Maggie leans in to kiss Alex’s cheek.

“See you in the morning, ba – ” she starts, but Kara cuts in.

“You too, Maggie?”

Maggie grins down at her girlfriend’s little sister and nods. “Anything you need, Little Danvers. Anything you need.”

Veronica Is Whipped And Betty Is Oblivious

Beronica in 1x02

- Veronica is desperate to get close to Betty

- Veronica buys Betty flowers

- Veronica forces Betty to be her lab partner just so she can sit next to her

- Veronica has only known Betty for 5 minutes but basically admitted that she thinks she is her friend soulmate *COUGH* and that they were destined to know and be close to each other

- Veronica casually adds in the middle of a conversation that they should make a vow to one another

- Betty tries to make Veronica jealous


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One of my coworkers has OCD and there are certain things that really mess her up (sometimes for the entire day). Most of us are decent and go out of our way to make sure it doesn't happen or fix it before she has to deal with it but one of our ASMs does it on purpose to mess with her. I called him out on it and he said 'this is the real world she just has to learn how to deal'. HR says they can't do anything unless she filed a complaint but I don't want to tell her he does it on purpose...

It would be better if she did know. That way she can file a complaint and get it to possibly stop. The chance that it wouldn’t happen anymore is better than hurt feelings since he’s affecting her mental health multiple times a day. -Abby

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"I'm sorry, I just can't deal with this right now." for the five sentence fic. :)

Season 9 || Post William || I’m sorry

‘I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with this right now.’ 

It’s been four minutes since she last spoke, to say hello, and the therapist catches Scully with her eyes as she tries to gather her stuff to leave.

‘Miss Scully. I know this is a difficult time for you, but I-’

‘Do you?’ Scully cuts her of with two brutal syllables, her knuckles whitening around the handle of her briefcase. ‘Do you really know how “difficult” this time is for me Dr Hansard?’ And though the therapist starts to reply, now that the words have loosened in Scully’s throat, there is no stopping them pouring forth, drowning any offer of help as they fill the room.

‘Do you know what you were doing last night at 3am Doctor? Or how about last Friday at 3am. Or last year? 1997? What were you doing on July 9th, 1994 at 3am? Sleeping probably, most people would be, and if they weren’t it’s unlikely they’d remember what exactly they were doing at 3am on a random day any time in the past decade. But I can tell you.

The day after our first case together, Fox Mulder called me, after 2am, just to talk things over. At 3am I was still awake, thinking about all that we’d achieved, all that we still had to find out. And that was just the first time. Almost every night for the next seven years I was awake at three, talking to him, learning him, or awake by instinct, thinking of him and wondering if he would call. Whether I should call. I was never alone at 3am. He was just a phone call away.

And then he was closer. So close. He was under my skin and everywhere and when I woke up at 3am I could reach out and touch him. It turns out 2.47 was his nightmare blackspot, so 3am was when I would hold him and scare the demons away. Sometimes when I woke up he’d be watching me. Loving me. It was as simple as that. Every 3am, for better for worse he was there, loving me. Making love to me. Until he was gone.

The first 3am was the worst. I was in hospital and I didn’t know yet. I thought I was alone and that night was agony. The next one was a little better, for the imagined flutter of our baby growing inside me. So though 3am was hard, it wasn’t impossible. 3am was when I prayed for him. Prayed for them both. It was a painful peace but I had hope. Even after he died. 

Even after he came back different. 3am was a ritual, and it was close to the time he came to my door and asked if he was the father and then came back to me. He worshipped us both at 3am. All day really, but it was special at that moment. For as long as it lasted.

He left. 

I made him go. 

And part of me went with him. But the rest of me had a purpose. At 3am there would be soft snuffling on the baby monitor. I could while away the loneliness knowing that William needed me. That Mulder was gone but that I was still not alone.

Except now I am alone. 

That room where I used to rock him is empty, study furniture stacked hastily over the baby blue walls as if that can somehow make up for the silence. For the cold spot on my shoulder  where he used to lie. I bought new sheets. I thought maybe that would make it easier, but the bed is still empty doctor, the house is still empty. I am still empty. And 3am is the emptiest.

Every night. At that moment I lie awake an listen for the breathing of my son, for the heartbeat of my love, for the ringing of that phone from all those years ago, and when they don’t come, the silence smothers me.

That’s how difficult it is for me, doctor. And I’m sorry. But I can’t do this right now.’

Send me a first line fic challenge

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Do you have any tips on loosening matts in a cats fur? One of my cats gets terrible matts when she sheds her winter coat and we have to cut them out, but they're stuck tight to her chest and sides right now and I don't know how to loosen them. She feels much better without the matts and I don't want her to have to deal with them for longer while they release naturally. I can't afford a groomer or I'd just take her to one of them

Honestly, I am not willing to give you any other advice than: you need to find a way to afford a groomer, or do a payment plan with one. 

Matts are painful and super close to the skin and if you try to get them out yourself you can and will rip your cat’s skin and hurt them a huge amount. It is pretty inhumane, honestly, to try to do it yourself - it requires specialized tools and having been trained. 

Find the money, then start a regular brushing regimen so they don’t come back. 

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Had to call off work the other day because I was throwing up and needed to go to the hospital. My boss told me it was fine if I was sick, I'd just have to run register. Like, we work with food, I'm contagious, and I'm literally on my way to the HOSPITAL BECAUSE I COULDN'T BREATH AND COULD BARELY WALK but yeah, sure I'll come in and get everyone sick. Anyway, I'm looking for a new job because this woman is reckless and I can't deal with her.

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Somehow I have a headcanon with Bibi as roommates that despite can be mature most of the days, MakiEli are total children in the morning so it's up to mommy Nico to take care of them, from preparing glass of chocolate and coffee to making sure their shirts are buttoned properly. That's why, despite need to try hard not to gag at the rainbow NozoEli emmated or loud voices that make her can't sleep, Nico is secretly glad when Nozomi stays a night because she gets help at handling the two babies


tho I’m also laughing because Nico having to deal with Eli and Maki in the morning like that is amazing. I love the reliant on coffee hc’s for Maki, and with Ro’s recent post about how Eli isn’t a morning person, it makes this even better because I can 100% see this.

I just imagine some days they meet up with Nozomi and Eli is finally a functioning human, Maki’s getting there, but Nico just looks exhausted and needs a brief thirty minute nap 

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About the name thing: just the other day I saw a girl complaining about how racist it was that people can't pronounce her Indian name and I replied with "yeah it's frustrating when people don't bother to learn. My sister and I have Irish names - Naoise and Caoimhe - and hardly anyone can pronounce them" and she blocked me without replying because it didn't fit her narrative of "only POC deal with this issue"

That is such bullshit.

Funny thing, I recently used Caoimhe as an example of a hard to pronounce European name. I’m sure that the person who blocked you had no idea that it’s pronounced “Kweeva” or “Keeva”. Or that Naoise is pronounced “Neesha”.

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Sansa loves reality tv but I can't see Margaery feeling the same lmao Headcanons of them trying to watch shows that the other likes and just giving up completely on life?

lmfaooo oh gosh yes

  • Sansa loves just about every reality show in existence. She’ll unironically watch things like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Survivor, The Bachelor.
    • Her favorite is Say Yes to the Dress & Chopped; she cannot stop watching those two. 
  • Margaery just cannot deal with any of them but Sansa always drags her into them, so they watch while Margaery kind of snarks about it in the background. 
    • “Why did he not choose her? She’s clearly fantastic, Olivia is just manipulating him - believe me, I know.” 
    • “Ah, yes, cooking with rock candy and a rattlesnake. Because that is what every kitchen looks like.” “It’s part of the challenge, Marg.” *Margaery scoffs* 
  • Sansa kind of makes it a drinking game: 
    • 1 shot every time Margaery points out a clearly scripted moment. 
    • 1 shot if she scoffs at a scene. 
    • 1 sip if she insults the show (it happens so much that it has to be a sip.) 
    • 2 shots if Margaery actually says something positive. 
  • Honestly the only reality show Margaery ever watched willingly was The X Factor because Loras 100% was on there so she was sitting there watching every episode and furiously tweeting with Sansa for people to support Loras on the show. 
    • She also kind of willingly watches fashion episodes. I feel like Marg would somehow know some of the designers, or she’ll think some of the models are gorgeous so she and Sansa will thirst-watch some episodes.