i just can't believe that tweet

So after Louis’ tweet about Devlin, people pointed out that Harry followed them. Some said he followed after Louis’ tweet, which was debunked…but then everyone just seemed to settle on the follow being a couple weeks ago?

Which…people track these things now, and whenever the guys follow someone, it gets posted on social media…so people would know if it was recent-ish.

I’m procrastinating doing something else, so I decided to look into it.

Spoiler alert: Harry has followed Devlin for…years.

I can’t narrow it down to an exact date, but I was able to narrow it down looking for tweets indicating Harry had followed a famous account.

There’s a tweet from June 23, 2011 saying that Harry followed Rosso’s. Harry followed Rosso’s 10 people before following Devlin. 

 There’s a tweet from May 8, 2012 indicating that Harry was following Greg James. It’s not clear whether Harry had just followed him or not. Harry followed Devlin approximately 90 people before following Greg James.

Pretty wide gap there, but…

I couldn’t find any tweets for when Harry followed Coldplay, but on August 1, 2011 there’s a few tweets with #coldplayfollowharrystyles, so shall we assume that Harry was following Coldplay before that? Harry followed Devlin before Coldplay.

So it feels like a safe bet that sometime in 2011 between June 23rd and August 1st, Harry followed Devlin.

(I’m laughing/cringing at good ‘ole Rusty being in this screenshot…heh…)


SENPAI JUST NOTICED MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi. I am a Muslim...

I was just scrolling through twitter, you know, keeping up with the insanity that is US politics (I still can’t believe this shit man), and I happened to come across this tweet: (I’m on mobile so I can’t add pics)


Do people honestly believe this? Because I, a Muslim woman who chose to wear the hijab, completely disagree with all of what that picture says. People are so misguided that they believe that RAPE and PAEDOPHILIA and FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION(FGM) are supported in Islam????

This entire tweet stands against EVERYTHING I, as a Muslim, believe. I cannot sit by idly while ignorance and false accusations are widely spread about the world’s currently largest growing religion, practiced by over 1.6 BILLION people.

You seriously cannot argue with me over the fact that almost 2/7 of the world’s population is Muslim. You cannot argue with me over the fact that MOST victims of terrorism today are MUSLIMS. Do people even know what being a Muslim is about? Have people actually looked up Islam? Did they learn about the rich history behind the 2ND largest religion IN THE WORLD?

Let me just outline my religion for you real quick. Islam is, just like Judaism and Christianity, a monotheistic, Abrahamic religion that stems from the Middle East(again, just like Judaism and Christianity). In Islam, we are taught to be respectful and accepting of all people, no matter their race, creed, religion, etc… The 5 Pillars of Islam are the 5 basic rules that all Muslims should follow. They are:
1) Al Shahada ana la ilaha illa Allah, meaning “bearing witness that there is no god but God”,
2) Salah, meaning “Prayer” which we are supposed to perform 5 times a day at sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset, and during the evening,
3) Sawm Ramadan, meaning “Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan”
4) Zakat, meaning “Charity or Alms to the poor”,
5) Hajj liman istata'a, meaning “performing the pilgrimage to Makkah, if you are able to” at least once in your life time.

Please explain to me how people who believe in God, take the time to pray to Him 5 times a day, and give charity are awful human beings?

I think it’s also worth mentioning that the word “Jihad” itself has been severely warped by the media. “Jihad” in Arabic means “working hard towards a goal” and when applied to religious prospects, it means being a good Muslim, praying and trying to bring yourself as close to God as possible. If it means anything to anyone, I go to a Baptist university, and people here are so devoted to God and worshipping Jesus that I honestly don’t know what to call their actions other that Jihad, because they are actively working to build a closer, better connection to God and Jesus. It’s the same exact thing.

I could honestly go on for DAYS about how wrong that post is. I will not be complacent and quiet about these issues. I will not be silenced. I will continue to do my best to educate the people around me, to help them understand what it means to be a true Muslim. I will not sit by and let people revel in their ignorance.

You know it’s been a year but I still can’t believe it ended. Like it doesn’t… seem like it did? It just seems like the longest hiatus ever. We keep getting new merchandise to freak out over and alex is still tweeting gravity falls based stuff and honestly… one day the merchandise will probably come to a hault. I doubt they make Mabel themed coloring books in 20 years, but I feel like as long as alex has a twitter he’ll continue to post little doodles of the characters and answer fan questions bc this show was more his baby than it was any of ours

Like I’m gonna call some of y’all bluff about Mch*nzo and Pharm*rcy shippers harassing Chu or the OW writers and VAs in general. Most, if not, all y’all making these claims just so happened to be shippers of a rival ship (i.e g*ncy). So I find it so funny that the two really popular gay healthy ships are given the toxic reputation of harassing the writers and voice actors… 

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Is she still dating paul?

i’m not sure. there’s a rumour going around that paul and phoebe broke up but i am waiting for a reliable confirmation than believing the rumour just yet.

ALSO there’s a false info going around that phoebe deleted recent weskin pics etc but that’s not true. she didn’t delete anything on her instagram. paul and phoebe still likes each other’s photos/tweets as well each other’s families’ photos.

@softshumjr replied to your post: todd said that there was “consent all the way…

i’m tired of todd and darren tweets saying how they were both consenting… if so, they should’ve both had the chance to say it out loud. not just alec…

Exactly my point, Marta. I mean when you need to explain such an important thing via twitter…. it doesn’t take much brain to understand, yup, this was indeed totally fucked up.

Because yes, a simple nod or an “okay” would have taken so much time of the ep. Smh.

If you told me Victor and Yuuri got married next episode I wouldn’t even be surprised I legit believed in the tweet saying that Yuuri was announcing his engagement with Victor in that one screencap of him with flowers and Victor’s arms around him just saying

You Make Me Better

It’s been a long time since I have done digital art. And this is the first time I have posted any of it here. Most of it is lurking in the archives of deviantart, circa nearly 10 years ago. But I couldn’t help it. Septiplier Away! This was inspired by the red bodysuit that jacksepticeye wore in a recent video, and the tweets that soon followed. Finally getting the courage to post it. :) 

I love septiplier, in the just for fun way. I have nothing but love for them and their girlfriends, but this ship is just too fun. 

@daddarios replied to your post: @patkinmon replied to your post: who would jace…

well he might just be referring to the song ‘sexual healing’ by marvin gaye (as he mentions marvin gaye in the tweet) which is sort of a lighthearted song just to give a teaser for the ep rather than having it mean literally ‘healing’

I have to admit I haven’t thought about it like that. Interesting. Then again, it’s Todd, so who knows if he isn’t just messing with us. And us reading too much into this like we usually do.