i just can't believe that tweet

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Any suggestions what we can tweet to BBC to explain to them how rude and dense they are? I can't believe a person is getting paid to write articles and they don't even know how to read.

Hi darling 💕

Well, I just tweeted @BBCmusic the following:

@BBCmusic Reducing Louis’ Just Like You meaning to a #firstworldproblem song is purposely reducing the powerful message of it - do better.

But I could tweet them entire threads. Refer to the video, refer to what Louis himself said about the song, refer to the other articles who did address the message (CelebMix, HuffPo).

Don’t hold back. When people fired back about the BBC Radio 1 pre-interview article, and continuously tweeted Nick about it - it changed the course and content of the interview. We are powerful when we use our voices.


Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post

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Uhm I just watched a video that Dan and Phil did with PJ a while ago and in the video they are talking about talking with the love of your life on the internet and Dan subtly says "sexy skype sessions"!? like okay my life is over can't live anymore apparently the 2009 skype sessions were sexy.

Honestly, I try not to be too much of a demon but ?? They literally had Skype sex, the proof is astonishing.

Between this picture

And these tweets….

….which came in close succession….honestly I struggle to believe they didn’t.

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Wow I can't believe Louis hates Larry more than he likes making money! Wild

With a lot of the things that Louis’ team does and makes Louis do, it’s like they want us to forget the other knowledge that we have of him from over the years - like how kind and diplomatic he’s always been about fans in audio and video (since tweets and print Louis seem to be a different person), how well he knows his fanbase (what will get us buying, and what pisses us off), and just how smart he is with the industry in general. I mean, we know that Louis is the one who pushed hardest at the higher ups because he KNEW that One Direction needed to get out of the bubblegum pop, typical boyband music in order to have a lasting career, we know that he thinks carefully about the music he puts out and is always considering what fans have already heard and what they want to hear and what they can relate to, we know that he lurks the fandom and pays attention to what’s being said by his fans on social media - yet they expect us to believe that he thinks the smartest way to sell his single is to talk endlessly about his non-famous girlfriend and child, answer questions that get his bandmates or the non-famous girlfriend headlines, and alienate a large portion of his fanbase. I’d have to forget everything else I know to be true about Louis to believe that he would want to pursue his solo career this way. Even in an AU where he and Harry aren’t together and babygate and Elounor are real, the decisions being made are foolish business decisions and don’t mesh with who Louis has proven himself to be on multiple occasions. It just doesn’t add up.


SENPAI JUST NOTICED MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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dan just liked and didn't thank phil for his tweet i can't believe phan is fake

guys,, it’s like recently,,,.,, it seems like,, dan HATES phil,,,,,,,,,,, spending all his time with phil,,,,, going on a family holiday with phil,,,, making the most videos with phil,, constantly mentioning phil on twitter,,,,,,,,,,,,, #phandivorce is soon,,

So after Louis’ tweet about Devlin, people pointed out that Harry followed them. Some said he followed after Louis’ tweet, which was debunked…but then everyone just seemed to settle on the follow being a couple weeks ago?

Which…people track these things now, and whenever the guys follow someone, it gets posted on social media…so people would know if it was recent-ish.

I’m procrastinating doing something else, so I decided to look into it.

Spoiler alert: Harry has followed Devlin for…years.

I can’t narrow it down to an exact date, but I was able to narrow it down looking for tweets indicating Harry had followed a famous account.

There’s a tweet from June 23, 2011 saying that Harry followed Rosso’s. Harry followed Rosso’s 10 people before following Devlin. 

 There’s a tweet from May 8, 2012 indicating that Harry was following Greg James. It’s not clear whether Harry had just followed him or not. Harry followed Devlin approximately 90 people before following Greg James.

Pretty wide gap there, but…

I couldn’t find any tweets for when Harry followed Coldplay, but on August 1, 2011 there’s a few tweets with #coldplayfollowharrystyles, so shall we assume that Harry was following Coldplay before that? Harry followed Devlin before Coldplay.

So it feels like a safe bet that sometime in 2011 between June 23rd and August 1st, Harry followed Devlin.

(I’m laughing/cringing at good ‘ole Rusty being in this screenshot…heh…)

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Sony Music UK have retweeted Louis' tweet about the single and have posted the pic he posted on their ig!! Can't believe they are actually promoting him!! God yeees! I'm so here for this!! Hopefully they will keep it up, and promote him in other ways!!!

i am actually in shock i hope they just started and they will do their job from now on, now it’d be nice if sony music UK could give the fans what they want (*** **) and make even more money out of their deal(s). 😎

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Did you see the posts about h/dekan/e shippers sending death threats to ishida? I can't believe so many people would do that.


I did, Anon. And I really wish that everyone posting about it/reblogging it would actually take the time to read and assess the information in the now infamous receipt images and posts addressing the matter.

In the images provided with the “receipts”, not a single post/tweet screencapped and pasted over the image of Touka is a death threat. Not. A. One. It’s all just reactions/salt, from people’s personal accounts after chapter 125.

There may have been death threats sent to Ishida, and there’s no doubt in my mind that some numbskulls did send some, but the posts circulating do not actually provide any substantial proof to this claim. I honestly wish that people would stop spreading the posts, who’s images allegedly originated on Reddit to cause a stir, so that no one on those lists gets harassed for just being vocal about their salt, especially since they were all posts made to personal accounts.

As for the any mentions of actual articles describing the threats, the first ones that used the images to back their claims were most likely clickbait, unless I am really misunderstanding something. I am absolutely 100% against sending Ishida threats of any sort, so no, I am not just trying to excuse the actions of certain Tokyo Ghoul fans. I would never do that. Spreading incorrect information, though, helps no one.

tl;dr Ishida may have received death threats, but the posts going around do not provide proof of such threats, as they consist of screenshots of salt, not threats. Please check sources and look into extremely serious things like this before spreading what could be false information, dangerously presented as solid fact.

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remember that tweet about flint's earring having changed from gold to silver and how little in the show happens by accident? i just can't bring myself to believe that the same writers who did that also made all the flinthamilton and silverflint parallels to basically end up saying "they love each other but just in a friend way haha" i don't know it just doesn't make any sense to me

s a m e

I think we can all agree nothing makes any fucking sense at this point and nothing will until 409/410. But yeah, that ‘little happens by accident’ has been haunting my ass ever since Toby said it. I mean of course parallels as obvious and as frequent as this must have been done on purpose. We know this. We know its partly because of the similarities they wanted to show between them; Thomas and Silver being Flint’s closest friends, both of them being his partners. We also know that its because they’re leading up to Flint’s relationship with Silver being ‘a summation of all the relationships hes had so far’. But whether or not its romantic WE JUST DONT KNOW. 

Looking at everything we’ve been presented with it does makes sense for it to be romantic, of course. Because its the best explanation (at this point). If they had focused more on paralleling Miranda/Flint with Silver/Flint to show their friendship/partnership I would understand that the writers weren’t going for romantic. BUT. THEY. DIDNT. Thomas looking at James: “strange pairs, lieutenant. they can achieve the most unexpected things>:)” [pans to James looking at John]. I mean !!!!!! They paralleled Silver with Thomas from the beginning. And then as if that wasn’t obvious enough they start paralleling Madi with Miranda. So yeah, like you said I dont believe the writers did all this just to label Silver as the love of Flint’s life in a ‘platonic way’. Seems a bit dramatic to build this relationship up over 4 seasons and at the end just say ‘flint was silver’s best friend. thats it. thats what he was to him”. There’s something more going on here that we don’t know about yet.

“Thomas was my husband. I loved him and he loved me. But what he shared with you, it was entirely something else.” I’ve always believed this is the same case for Silver and Flint. Silver loves Madi and Madi loves Silver, but what Silver shares with Flint is entirely something else. We just dont know what the ‘something else’ is yet. But we’ll find out soon enough, just hold tight.

i don’t know if everyone has read the news yet but usa network decided not to renew eyewitness. however i do still believe there is hope for someone else to pick it up. adi tv studios just tweeted about it and it seems like they haven’t lost all hope either.