i just can't bear it


Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

All the MK characters are beautiful, especially Erron Black, bless him. ^3^

💋// Just so you’re all aware, I’m going out of town for about 3-4 days and I probably won’t be online a whole lot - long-ish replies are queued to post once a day, so those will still be running, but aside from probably IMing a handful of people & maybe getting some short replies done sporadically, I won’t be too available.


(i mean, since people made human versions of a fucking basket of butters then i can make human versions of phones)

。+phone guy + phone dude’s phones - human version+  。

。+reblogs are appreciated+  。

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I just can't believe that interview were they were asked about the bears I mean,, the face of the interviewer when he finished his question and then harrys face and Liams and how Niall dislocated his neck to look at Louis I mean?? Iconic

and louis just repeating “fuck” internally as he tried to play it cool


Morgan, I don’t know if you’re out there, I don’t know if you can hear me, maybe you’re listening right now. I hope so. I found others, my family, if you can believe it. My wife and son, they’re alive, I wanted you to know that. There’s something else you need to know. Atlanta isn’t what we thought, it’s not what they promised, the city is… do not enter the city. It belongs to the dead now. We’re camped a few miles northwest, up by a big, abandoned rock quarry, you can see it on a map. I hope you come find us, but be careful, last night, walkers came out of the woods. We lost people. Watch yourself, Morgan, take care of your boy. I’ll try you again tomorrow at dawn.

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