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ok so like,, completely random but i just wanted to screm some headcanons!!!!!! mostly im just loving the idea of femme nonbinary hunk bc like,,, thats me!!!!!! the big chubby nb gal!!!!! what a good kid!!! also!!!! i love lance!!! so much!!! genderfluid lance is my fave thing!!!!! lance in crop tops!!!! is the best!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok but like:

  • hunk coming out to lance at the garrison n lance being The Best n gives them hugs n says that their valid n still amazing
  • hunk crying bc they was so anxious abt the whole thing even tho they knew lance was a rad guy
  • lance using hunks pronouns straight away n he compliments her “hunk ur such a cute girl !!!” n “wow u kno i have this friend called hunk n theyre super rad” 
  • the two just sit there all night talking n laughing n painting each others nails , so basically a normal night for them
  • hunk being too scared to correct ppl on her pronouns but lance corrects them as soon as someone gets them wrong
  • “oh hunk is the engineer, hes-” 
  • “oh gosh im sorry hunk, theyre rlly good at that stuff, u should ask them” 
  • n hunk just beams n lance looks at them grinning bc “wow i love them sm”
  • lance coming to hunk one day n being like “hey how did u kno u wasnt cis ????”
  • hunk helping lance !!!! n telling them its ok to not kno n to b confused
  • lance figuring out theyre genderfluid n goes between boy n agender 
  • hunk doing the exact same as what lance did n compliment lance using their pronouns 
  • “i love lance, theyre super rad” n “lance, ur a super handsome person” 
dating nct ten!1!!!1!11!

• “babBBbBBYYyyYYy”
• “i love you too babe”
• “im…i can’t say your name babe, im just gonna call you ten”
• lots of skinship!!!!!!
• butt slaps ugh
• “ur so hot”
• “im hotter than TEN thousand degrees. ha, baby, get it, ha”
• he loves you, everything about you is so cute and loveable and sexy to him.
• lots of nose touching
• god his nose is perfect
• “god, ur nose is perfect”
• lots of cute little gestures that make you want to cry.
• dance breaks!!!!!
• “smack it smack it smack it in the rear”
• “I LOVE U.”
• johnny messes w ten a lot and you’re just like “nooooo johnny don’t mess w my babyyyyy”
• “lol jk i agree.”
• “ill protect you baby!!!!!”
• “ten, ten, ten stop you- you cried bc i went to the bathroom and left you alone for 2 minutes.”
• o yeah he calls you babe and baby a lot.
• he once made you cry bc ten isn’t good at memorizing things other than really, really important things and dance moves.
• so here’s what happened:
• ten got a new phone
• all contacts lost bc that’s how sm rolls w the phone shit
• you texted him not knowing
• “hey”
• “who dis”
• “??? excuse me”
• “knew phone who dis” ten, used the wrong new.
• “you didn’t memorize my number?”
• “ten who do you think it is.”
• you pick up the phone and start crying bc :“( and ten freaks out and he’s like “o nOBABY. BABY N O BABE.”
• it took him all night, but he memorized your number
• and you cried again bc “oh my god please don’t do this for me, i overreacted, you must bc super tired pls get sleep babe”
• but he insisted and was super proud and couldn’t stop smiling after he got it down
• tens tiny, so you two are tiny together and you two just hug in whatever position is the most comfortable
• when you’re sad, tens like “ :”“((((( let me give you a hug, you precious baby”
• ten kissed you on your forehead and nose a lot and you’re like “stop it” but you love it
• ten really doesn’t get jealous it’s like “i grabbed a cup of coffee with my ex boyfriend today”
• “that’s nice, what’d you guys talk about? did you have a nice time? it’s cool you two are still cool.” but unlike most boyfriends he’s genuinely curious about what you did and whether or not you had fun
• he trusts you that much
• you know what rhymes with trust
• thrust
• his hip thrusts send you to the heavens above
• sexy time w ten is so unexpected bc he’s normally so happy and he’s a baby who wants all of your attention
• then he turns serious and then he just crashes his lips on yours and you melt like butter.
• his dance performances bring tears to your eyes bc my god- do i need to explain
• you tease him a lot bc he’s on hit the stage
• and you also tease him for the ghost prank thing on hit the stage. ten can’t stand that.
• “//sends the video clip of him screaming//”
• “stoOooOOOP”
• “it’s cute”
• but you compliment him a lot bc gosh he did well
• “thank u, thank u”
• ~(^u^)~
• he sends a lot of emojis
• lots of hearts
• “why do you call johnny a fatass”
• “cause HE A FATASS.”
• “who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world, ten”
• “my MOM, then my DAD, then you”
• “….at least you’re honest”
• you guys have one official, couple t shirt
• you guys wear it all the time to the point where everyone in the group gasps and takes pictures when you two wear something different
• you and ten never fight
• but you do argue about who’s hotter
• jaemin cannot deal with it.
• “you’re so fucking hot, babe.”
• “mhm, well, you’re hotter okay?”
• “let’s settle this in the bedro-”
• “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS AGAIN. IT’S DISGUSTING.” -everyone. esp jaemin and donghyuck.
• “go on. do it. ill hurt you if you continue. but do it. i dare you.” - johnny and taeyong and hansol.
• “hehe they’re talking about dirty things” - jaehyun, kun, taeil
• “lol what” - winwin, jeno, mark, jisung
• ten loves feeding you
• he’s just like “here babe eat!!!!!”
• and you just, eat, and then give him a small kiss on the cheek on on the tip of his nose and everyone’s like “aw y'all cute, but fuck off w that.”
• “ill teach you how to dance”
• you send him his predebut pics all the time
• and his response is either “who’s this hot piece of ass” or “ew what the-”
• he loves to rest his head on your shoulder, vise versa
• he likes to touch you and like, pinch you like, he just likes touching you, a lil too much.
• asks you a lot of weird questions “what if i got eaten by alligators and got shit out whole and managed to survive, what would you do? would you ever kiss me again.”
• “????????”
• snapchats you derps and then sends “i feel betrayed and attacked” when you take a screenshot.
• you’re on his snapchat story so, much. you’re basically the only thing on his snapchat stories. it’s intense.
• he pouts a little when you don’t do things his way
• he pouts a lot when you watch other dancers dancing and you’re like “uGH hot”
• “you know im-”
• “okok you attention wanting baby, you’re the hottest”
• “thank u babe”
• you tell him to dance to new kpop songs lot
• “do a freestyle to exo’s monster”
• “¡¡¡¡¿¡¿¡¿¿¿¿”
• y'all say “i love you, babe” more times than you breathe.
• when he smiles, you smile
• when he touches you or rests his hands on your shoulder or something, you get butterflies in your stomach and you’re like “ten ugh-”
• “what”
• “me too, i love you too- are u ok”
• “just peachy.”
• you touch ten’s face a lot just, poking it and stuff
• he’s so good looking
• he smiles when you poke his cheeks or something and he’s just like “i feel like play dough”
• “me or johnny”
• “you forevER.”
• his lips are really soft and they’re super sweet
• he secretly eats candy or a mint or something, anything sweet before he kisses you so you taste his lips and kiss him longer
• tens pretty smart.
• ^ all in the wrong subjects tho
• ten plays with your hair a lot and tries to make you look pretty but it only results in your hair somehow getting messed up
• he once tried to do your make up
• “never again.”
• “agreed”


Dating Jaebum would include…
  • Him tucking his head in the crook of your neck, pressing a kiss to the base of your throat.
  • Him being nervous to meet your family
  • “I don’t think I can do it babe”
  • “Jaeeee come on you’ll be fine. My dad is not going to kill you”
  • “What if he does”
  • You pretending to be asleep to listen to him singing when you wake up in the morning.
  • Warming you up.
  • “You should’ve worn more clothes”
  • “Why would I do that when I got you to warm me up”
  • Taking forever to get him out of bed
  • “Get your ass up Im Jaebum oR I SWEAR-”
  • You ending up snuggled underneath him.
  • “Let’s sleep for 5 more minutes okay”
  • Cheesy pick up lines.
  • “It’s going to rain don’t forget your umbrella”
  • “But it’s hot outside I don’t think it’s going to”
  • “Whatever! Don’t call me later then whining about you getting wet! I won’t come and get you”
  • “I won’t”
  • But it did rain.
  • And you found him outside waiting for you with an umbrella.
  • “I thought you said-”
  • “Shut up”
  • Staring into his eyes for hours.
  • Him smirking.
  • “Babe, stop staring at me”
  • “I-I was not”
  • Long passionate kisses. Lots of lip bites.
  • Rough and dominant sex.
  • But occasionally vanilla sex when he’s tired.
  • Expect a lot of jealousy.
  • When you’re talking to a guy.
  • When you’re next a guy.
  • When you’re playing with the members.
  • When you’re talking to the members.
  • just don’t stand near any guy.
  • You two dressing up for an important occasion.
  • But you end up not going.
  • Because hell Jaebum looks like a god when he’s wearing a suit.
  • And you couldn’t stop yourself.
  • And you know he’s always up for it.
  • A lot of teasing. A LOT.
  • Promise rings.
  • Him being the most over-protective boyfriend in the world.
  • Silent treatment whenever he’s mad at you at something stupid and he knows it is.
  • “What’s wrong why are you mad”
  • “I’m not”
  • “I kn-”
  • “I saiD IM NOT”
  • Fighting all the time because the two of you are stubborn af.
  • No apologies, just make-up sex.
  • Lazy mornings.
  • Lazy afternoons.
  • “This time don’t forget to put a jacket on it’s cold outside”
  • “But-”
  • But you know he will anyway.
  • The boys using you to get away every time they anger Jaebum.
  • “Because he can’t say no to you.”
  • Him calling late at night whenever something is bothering him.
  • “Did I wake you up”
  • “Yeah but don’t worry. What’s up”
  • “Nothing really uhm.”
  • “Jaebum.”
  • “I just wanted to hear your voice”
  • Him saying a lot of mean things that he doesn’t mean.
  • You swearing that you’re done for good this time and you’re never getting back to him again.
  • But then the boys will call you and tell you how broken and lost he is.
  • So you give up and go and see him.
  • He’s pretending he’s perfectly fine but his eyes looks so sad and tired.
  • But you are hurt and tired as well.
  • And he is a stubborn asshole.
  • You have to be the one to always give in.
  • But in the end it’s worth it because
  • In a moment of weakness he’ll hold you tight and tells you 
  • “Please don’t give up on me Y/N-ah! I know I say a lot of shit but- just don’t let me go”



summary of smtm5 ep7

- Kush reminding One he’s in YG 24/7
- “show me the friendship”
- #gun has screentime bless up
- “hi donutman” #stopflowsik2k16
- andwae andwae andwae
- did superbee fry his hair tbh what is that
- flowsik’s neck veins
- xitsuh’s face expressions express my life
- myundo breaking up with boi b
- dok2′s bitch face
- did superbee just call- smh.
- 1 dab = 1 reblog
- show me the money more like show me the hairstyles
- cjamm accepting his death
- simon d’s pringle speakers
- xitsuh & one are sitting in at tree K I S S I N G
- let’s just crown bewhy the winner why are we still continuing
- exploding nerves
- your heart will explode too okay I cried 4 times by now
- G2 HOW
- unexpected

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I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING AND NOW IM SAD BUT OMFG when ignis (who is still blind ) has a kid what if he has a girl and his little girl asks him if she's beautiful what if she's being bullied and she sits on his lap crying and says "daddy all the girls at school call me ugly " and he tries to tell her she's beautiful but she just sobs out a " how would you know? " i hurt myself so bad



Shawn Mendes-Trouble In Paradise

Requested: anonymous
Word count: 1325
Warning: angsty
Summary: You and Shawn are famous and have a daughter but dont spend enough time with her which leads to you and Shawn to fight. Thus the thought of divorce is brought into your daughter’s mind and issues arise.

Y/D/N-Your daughter’s name
~ ~ ~
“Shawn and I are totally booked that day, sorry. Is there any other dates available for that?” You say with your cell phone held to your ear with your shoulder as you mix a vegetable stir fry on the stove.

You sigh in annoyance when your manager makes it a big deal that you and your husband Shawn can’t make it to the wanted interview.
“Im sorry but you can’t pin this on me. I have other plans too and you can’t just ring me up a few days before and expect a ‘yes’ for a event” you argue back, being irritable from the past few weeks being non stop jam packed with work and in the community eye. I mean. You and Shawn were famous and world known.
“You knew these circumstances would arise when you signed our contract, y/n” your manager; Claire spoke.
“I did. But know after months without sleep and something close to normality, Claire. Im losing my mind and can’t take on any extra projects. Shawn and I have a daughter for goodness sake. We need to be parents! And it’s especially hard given the situation” you counteract, getting more and more flustered.
“Breathe, y/n. Breathe” Claire told you, hearing your patience diminish over the phone with her.
“No! I’m not going to just 'breathe’! I’m a normal person with the same bills and problems as everyone else! I’m not immune to life’s issues and I’m fed up that everyone thinks so” you carry on.

Shawn was in the next room over; the dining room, working intensely on the finishing songs he had to have written and recorded by the end of the month. He had 1 ½ week to do 5 songs and the pressure was on.
But he broke focus and heard your little meltdown with your manager.
He pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head to himself as he dropped his pen. He knew how much the industry worked you both. You especially because you were so beautiful and talented.
And what made you both feel worse about your careers, was the fact that you both were slacking with your young daughter.
* * *

Shawn still sat at the dinner table as you began to set it, wanting to work every second he could.
And unfortunately, the phone was still glued to your ear.
You balance a stack of 3 plates, cups, and forks to the table, then place them on the table.
“Hold on one second” you tell your daughter’s speech therapist.
You put the speaker of your phone to your chest to muffler your call to your child for dinner.
“Y/D/N! Dinner” you call from in the dining room, hoping your 8 year old can hear you from up in her room.
Instantly, you hear her bedroom door open and her feet rush down the stairs.
You resume talking with the speech pathologist.

“Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! Guess what!” Your daughter cheered happily with something within her small little fist.
You continued talking terms with the doctor and Shawn was so engrossed in his writing that he didn’t really hear y/d/n.
“Mommy’s on the phone, y/d/n” Shawn told her.
“Guess what!” Your daughter said even more loudly, capturing a bit more of Shawn’s attention. But missing yours.
“Mommy and Daddy are busy right now, hun” Shawn replied and continued to write.
“Hold on” you tell the pathologist and put the phone back to your chest.
“I lost a tooth today!” She chimed anyways, opening her hand to show you two.
“That’s great. Go put it under the pillow and I’ll put a dollar under there later” he said, not thinking twice of his words.
Y/D/N’s face drops and Shawn just realises what he said.
You immediately stare wide eyed at him. Did he really just say that?!
“There’s no tooth fairy?” She says.
Shawn looks like he was just caught in exposing a big secret and immediately regrets it.
“No, y/d/n-” Shawn tries.
But she’s already gone and upstairs to cry.
“Let me call you back” you say into your phone and end your call quickly.
Immediately you glare into your husband’s eyes.
“What? Im sorry” Shawn apologizes.
“Sorry? You shouldn’t be apologizing to me and that’s certainly not going to cut it Mendes” you huff.
“Hey, dont get all huffy with me. Im not the only one who has poor parenting skills” Shawn argues back.
“Poor parenting skills?” you laugh back, “I didn’t crush a childhood symbol you nimrod!”.
“Names now? Thats real childish of you y/n” Shawn retorts.
“Im not childish, Shawn. I dont let my manager overbook me so Im coming home at 2 in the morning. I make sure I see my daughter everyday. We may not be doing much, but I still see her every freakin day! You on the other hand, want to be your industry and fans’ best friend. You have never grown up and never will grow up!” You argue back.
“So Im childish, will never grow up and love the world more than my child” Shawn asked like it was a stupid question.
“Yeah, that’s exactly it” you agreed.
He shakes his head and places his hands on his hips as he looks away, “You’re unbelievable. You dont see the whole the whole picture”.
“What can’t I see Shawn?!” You respond.
“Mommy…daddy” a small voice says from around the corner of the wall.
You and Shawn turn your head to see y/d/n slightly hiding.
“Come on out, y/d/n. You’re okay” you tell your little girl.
She slowly steps out from behind the corner.
“Are you and daddy going to get a divorce?” She asks softly, hugging her stuffed bear to her chest.
“Mommy and I are not going to get a divorce, honey” Shawn says as he goes and crouches to her height and holds her small hand in his big one.
“Then why were you fighting?” She asks.
“Mommy’s and daddy’s sometimes dont always get along and disagree on things. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to split up because of it” Shawn tries to explain to the 8 year old.
Shawn turns his head and looks to you seriously, “I want us to break from our career for a bit. Our attention needs to be elsewhere and we should have realised that sooner”.
You nodded in agreement.
Y/D/N cracks a slight smile.
“I love you mommy and daddy” she tells you both.
“We love you too” you both respond.

Shawn reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his walls as he tells his girl, “Daddy is sorry about earlier. I was just so excited about you losing you’re tooth that I forgot to mention that I wanted to give you a dollar on top of what the tooth fairy was going to give you”.
He pulls out a loonie and places the cool coin in his daughter’s small palm.
Her smile gets bigger and she jumps to give him a hug.
“Thanks daddy!” She grins.
“You’re welcome sweetheart” He replies and rubs her back.
You lean into Shawn’s ear and whisper, “nice save”.
He smiles.

“Can daddy and I tuck you in?” You ask y/d/n and extend your hand down to the short little one, as does Shawn.
“Yes” she smiled and took both your hands, leading the way.
Your husband looks to you with a smile, showing that this is what he was wanting to do in life with you. To have a family and be happy.

i had a bad nightmare and couldnt sleepns oi sat n bed for 6 hours crying and having bad anxiety because i couldnt fall back asl eep
ans i told my mom i neddd to stay home today and she just went off on me calling me a selfish whiny bitch and that i was such. a weak millennial and tha t i acted like a pampered pet and that i had to suck t up because immm being (((: a fcking idiot (()(: an s she nocked me and why wouldnt she mock me im ugmci g stupid
not like she has medication for anxiety so she feels fine!!! not like im hyperventilating in my room sobbing w only a lottle while to get ready for shcool!! not like i have to DRIVE to schol w my hands shaking and so tired athat i may get in an accident!!


“What do you mean you think we should break up?” “There’s this girl…her name is Tara. We were together in high school but she left me when she graduated. She wanted to go to med school in Chicago and we broke up. But she’s back now. In Charming.” You kept looking at him, not understanding why any of that meant you had to break up. “I still love her. I always have. I never stopped. I love you too but I just…im still in love with her. I want to try and make things right with her. I’m sorry.” You starred at him in disbelief.

“So you used me.” “Baby no, I-” “Don’t call me that. You used me for 9 months to fill a void and now you’re throwing me away but you think you can still call me baby?” “I love you y/n.” “You don’t know what love is.“ You stood up from your couch and crossed your arms over your chest. You wouldn’t let him see you cry. "Get out.” “I’m s-” “GET OUT!” Reaching out, you grabbed the vase of roses he had bought you a couple days ago and threw it against the wall behind him, the glass shattering and covering the floor in glittering shards. Jax breathed out a sigh and turned around, walking out the door.


Fifteen minutes later, your living room and kitchen looked like a tornado had ran through it. Dishes, glasses, picture frames, and furniture were scattered around the floor broken as you sat on the floor leaning against the wall, broken too. After your rage filled redecoration, you collapsed on the floor in a fit of tears. How could he do this to you? After everything you had done for him, this is how he chose to repay you. By letting you know that you had been a replacement.

Not knowing what to do with yourself, you slowly stood up being carful not to step on any glass.  As you straightened out, your whole body felt sore and tense. You didn’t really have very many girlfriends, none that you could talk to about this. Deciding on taking a nice hot bath, you made your way to your bathroom and ran the water as hot as you could stand it before you stripped your clothing, looking forward to the comfort.

Apparently the bath was too comforting, as you ended up bursting into tears twice. On the third time, you couldn’t stop. It wasn’t so much the fact of losing Jax as it was his blatant use of you. You were sure he probably never expected her to come back but for him to throw you away so readily like that? He’d never loved you in the first place, and that’s what hurt. Suddenly, you had the urge to talk to Tig. Yeah, he wasn’t the classiest or the most sane but he was a good friend and right now that was exactly what you needed.

You picked up your cell and typed in his number waiting for him to answer. To be honest, you hadn’t really expected him to answer on you first call, much less the first ring. “Hello?" "Tiggy?” “What’s wrong?” Obviously, you hadn’t masked you voice very well. “I…I need you. I’m not hurt or anything I just need someone right now. Can I come over?” “Um…sure.” “It’s ok if you’re busy.” “No no, come over baby.”


“How could he just abandon me like that? I loved him as much as I could. Guess it wasn’t enough. What’s she look like? She’s probably beautiful.” Hey,“ Tig squeezed your shoulder as you leaned against his chest. "Don’t you say that. You’re beautiful. He fucked up. He hit the lotto with you. That shit with Tara was toxic, still is. It didn’t last then and it wont last now and when it fails again, he’ll come crawling back to you.” “I don’t want him back. I don’t trust him.” Tig nodded and moved his hand from your shoulder to your hair gently running his fingers through it and tucking it behind you ear, trying to comfort you as much as he could. He was never really one for words.

You relaxed into his chest and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath and taking in the scent of his cologne. Tig was giving you more affection now than Jax had in days. You felt so safe in his arms. So relaxed. So…loved. You lifted you head off his chest and looked at him. His ice blue eyes, looked down at you and before you realized what you were doing, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back for a moment then pulled away from you. 

“Baby, no. I know you’re hurt but-” You silenced him as you kissed him, this time sitting up and placing your hands on his chest but he pulled away again. “Y/N, no. You’re fragile right now. I know you want comfort but this ain’t it."  Embarrassed, you nodded and stood up, getting ready to leave. "Sorry.” You had made it a few steps before he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I like you. Like, I’ve got…look I’m not good with this type of shit but I got feelings for you. I’m not saying I’m in love with you but…I got a thing for you baby. I’m not gonna kiss you and be with you if you’re never going to talk to me again after. I’d rather just keep you as a friend than lose it all.” You stayed staring at him for a couple seconds trying to make sure you were grasping what he was saying. “Aw shit see? I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. Look just go home and forget about this, we-”

He wasn’t expecting the forceful kiss from you and it had him stumble a bit before he wrapped his arms around you, holding your body to his and walking you back until you felt your back hit the wall. You moaned softly into his mouth and he groaned in response, his hands sliding down to your ass and gripping it firmly. You put your hands around his neck and grabbed fistfuls of his dark curls as he bit your lip. Suddenly he pulled away. “Wait wait wait…what about Jax?”

“Fuck Jax.”


member- jungkook

genre- angst mostly

words- 715 (pretty short)

summary- you are the one he turns to when he needs comfort

a/n- all the events today were heartbreaking for me to read/watch. i didn’t watch the whole thing but what i saw made me want to cry. my motherly instincts wanted to fly to korea and protect the poor baby :’) but im thankful for the ones that did treat Jungkook with respect. (also thank @ohmyhoseok for this)

Originally posted by tbhobi

You felt anger boil in your stomach as you watched the older males treat your caring and selfless boyfriend like dirt. He had went out of his way to purchase them the food, and he had called you just ten minutes ago about how much he thought they’d appreciate them. When you saw them straight up reject his kind gesture, you couldn’t help but want to jump through the screen and protect Jungkook. 

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Harmful Thoughts - Derek Luh Imagine


Could you write an imagine about Derek almost relapsing and you help him with it?




I sit at my kitchen table with all the bags I promised Y/N I threw away. This week has been horrible, first I get into a fight with go knows who from the bar and Y/N got mad at me, then I can’t seem to get this track right for my new sound track and last of all I miss these drugs like hell. 

“I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” I mumble over and over again with my head in my hands fingers gripping at my hair. 

Y/N would be so disappointed if I relapsed. Y/N thats what I need. I search my pocket for my phone my eyes bfldgin out of my head searching for her contact. I call praying she will pick up since it is 4 a.m. 

“Derek?” Her groggy voice says into the phone. 

“Babygirl, I need you.” I cry into the phone dropping to the floor. 

“Okay, Im on my way, just stay put okay baby?” She says and I can hear her grabbing her keys. 

“Okay.” I whimper out sobbing into my hands resting on the floor waiting for her to come.

10 minutes later I hear the door open and Y/N, calling out my name. She walks into the kitchen and sees me sitting on the floor a crying mess. 

“Oh Derek.” She whisper coming own to my level and stopping my face in her hands looking me in the eyes. “You didn’t take anything did you?” She asks looking at the bags on the table. 

I shake my head no and she grabs my hands and helps me up, we walk over to the couch and she lies on her back as I lie on my stomach on top of her lower half resting my head on her stomach as she plays with my hair. 

“Thank you for calling me.” She whispers soothingly. 

“Thank you for coming.” I whisper back. 

“You don’t need those Derek, you are so much better without them. I never ever want to see you with those again, even in your darkest days.” She says stopping her movements and looking down at me. 

“I promise.” I say moving her hand back to my hair urging her to continue. We fall asleep on the couch and wake up with sore backs from sleeping there for the rest of the night. 

It was around 3 p.m. and she got me dressed and grabbed the bags and we drove down to the river, where she had me walk out with all my old friends and throw them into the water where they would disappear. 

“You can do this.” She says rubbing my back as I look over the bridge into the freezing water. 

I nod my head and move the bad over the edge and slowly release. I watch it fall and sink deep into the depths. I feel as if a large weight was lifted off my chest because I could finally breathe. I step back and bring her into my arms. 

“Thank you.” I say looking down at her. 

“Anything for you.” She says looking back up at me as I capture my lips with hers. 


Here is a quick little imagine! I hope you guys like it! 

I have some smuts for you guys coming up next….. 

Love you always,


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ur a leo ?? lets b friends ja (even if u arent im CRYING.. but u said "leo replacement" so... ASSUMINGLY) i make no sense btw take that into account lmao

im a virgo sun moon n rising but u can call me a leo bc i have mars venus n mercury in leo so I have more fire than earth in my chart :’-))) even if in the end im pisces dominant lik im a whole mess and idk what air is ???

but sure lets b friends just talk to me :-)


Reation of you fainting during a heated argument because you got too worked up.

N/A: i still dont know what my style is, so this will differ a lot. im sorry.


it was actually your first heated argument with Jungkook. It was about a petty thing you didn’t actually remember what it was in this point of time. You wanted to win, really badly.Your voice leveled up, you felt your blood boil up.

Jungkook was yelling too, arms moving around exagerating whatever he was saying. That is when you started feeling strange, black dots forming around, you stopped talking, feeling dizzy, holding your head between your hands.

It was when you started woobling on your feet, and actually falling to the ground he noticed something was terribly wrong. He tried to catch, not being able as he was too far away. 

He got really nervous, shaking all over, he put your head on his lap, muttering your name countless times. He picked his phone from his pocket, hands to shakey. Jungkook dialed the emergency number.

“M-My girl-girlfriend just passed out, i dont know what happened, please help me!”

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 Taehyung doesn’t seem like a guy to argue a lot. But when he did, it was serious. But when he saw you actually fainting, he got really worried.

with you on his arms, he tried to wake you, calling you and even checking your pulse. He would call an abulance anyway, this could be serious!.

We would go with you to the hospital, forgeting the argument you two were having, praying that everything was right with you

Originally posted by myeong-su


THIS POOR little guy, oh my god, he would get so nervous! blaming himself for your fainting and arguing. he would be shaking all over, tears in his eyes when the paramedics came. 

he wouldnt let you go, repeating countless times

“im sorry Y/N, please be well, oh my god im sorry” 

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I think Namjoon would be the most logical in this situation, not just when you pass out, but with the argument too.

When you passed out in his arms he would call for help right away. He would look at you really worried of something more dangerous had happened.

Originally posted by yoonig


Hoseok would be the one to freak out. Not knowing what to do, just after some minutes he would finaly call to the hospital, crying and trying to explain what happened.


(i think they would ract rather equal, and because i dont have that much time right now i will do them together)

They knew you had some health problem, that could cause you to faint when you get too stressed.

When you fainted, of course, took them by surprise. but they would pick you up and lay you down in bed, in a safe position to not gag or something worse. They would stayby your side rethinking everything they had say and you in the pur of the moment. When you wake up you had a sorry to hear and an ask for a adult conversation about that topic, no yellings.

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N/A- aahhhh this was kinda hard *awkward laugh* i think they look all the same, but at the same time I think they would react all the same?? like…

New Year’s wishes

Wasn’t requested but I wanted to write a special little New Year fanfic for you all. I know New Year was about a week ago but it still makes sense to read it now. I’m sorry I haven’t written much recently but you know how college coursework is. Enjoy my lovelys!


Characters: Stiles, Reader, Sheriff Stilinski, mentions of Scott

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing, self hate(?)(Stiles), isolation(Stiles)

Words: 1128


‘Stiles? Stiles!’ I starting to get frantic at this point. The last time I saw Stiles was at the New Years party yesterday. Stiles had left after he had kissed me at 12, just after me making my wish. He had ran off and Scott had told me not to follow him.

Its now been a good days since I’ve seen Stiles and was really starting to panic as well as think the worst things had happened to him. I had been searching the Stilinski household after unlocking the front door with the key he had gotten cut for her.

‘WHO’S THERE?! Y/N’ Shit!

‘Sorry Sir. I was looking for Stiles. I’ve not seen him recently and I was getting really worried. Was you already home? Did I wake you? I’m so sorry, I just need to know if Stiles is okay? I was at the party and h-‘

‘Y/N! No, I wasn’t home. I was just coming back because I forgot my badge. Stiles has been in his room since New Year’s day. I haven’t seen him much. When I left the house about 30 minutes ago he shouted to me that he was going out for a walk and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Is everything okay? Those bloody wolves haven’t been causing havoc again have they? You would tell me, Y/N. Wouldn’t you?

‘Of course I’d tell you. Nothing’s happened as far as I’m aware. If anything comes up, I will tell you. Did Stiles say where he was going?’

‘No, sorry.’

‘No worries. Sorry, I will be off now. Have a good day at work!’ And with that I ran out of the Stilinski house. I knew exactly where Stiles would been. There was a nice spot that only me and Stiles knew about. It was in the woods and over looked the town of Beacon Hills. It was beautiful and we had spent many a summers evening together when ever either one of us needed to get away from everything. It was our happy place that we had claimed for ourselves when we were very little. We would often play and chat there for hours. Even Scott didn’t know about it.

After a few minutes of running back to my house, I unlocked the door as my parents were having a ‘date day’ as they liked to call it. I grabbed my keys and made my way out to the driveway. I unlocked my black, 1967 mustang and floored it to the edge of the woods. I knew I wouldn’t find Stiles’ Jeep as he’d left if at his house.

Once I had arrived, I locked up my car and started walking. I refrained from calling out his name in case he didn’t want to talk and so walk off.

I reached the small clearing, I saw Stiles sitting on the bench we had made a few summers ago. It had taking us three whole days to make it as we kept goofing off.

I was about to call out his name when I heard him sniffling. ‘Y/N, why’d I have to do it? Why’d I have to kiss you like that? I’m sorry. Im so so sorry. I’ve ruined everything.’ He wasn’t talking to me, he was just crying into his hands. I couldn’t help it, my legs moved on their own accord. With tears streaming down my face, I ran towards him, knocked him off of the bench and crushed him on the floor.

‘Argh!’ Stiles announced. He pushed me off of him in fear and looked my in the eyes. Once he had realised that it has me he stood up, turned his back to me, wiped his eyes and began to walk away with out any explanation. I ran up to him and hugged him once again but this time from behind rather than side ways. ‘Let go of me, Y/N. Please.’ He whimpered.

‘No, Stiles. Just no. I can’t. Not until you talk to me. Not until you tell me what is wrong. I want to help you. Don’t even try to convince me that you are okay because I know that you’re not. The only time we come here by ourselves is when its something we really don’t want to tell the other or when the other goes away and we miss them. I’ve not gone anywhere so what’s wrong Stiles? Please tell me. You’re my best friend and I can stand to see you hurting.’

‘That just the problem, Y/N. I’m your best friend, nothing more. It’s been this way for a while. It’s now or never I suppose. I’ve never liked Lydia in the way I’ve lead you to believe. It’s all been a big cover up of the truth. It’s you, Y/N. It’s always been you. I’ve said to much, I’m sorry.’ He shrugged me off and started to walk away. I’ve loved Stiles since we were kids. My heart broke a little bit more each and every time he mentioned Lydia as I thought he’d never think of me like that. I guess I was wrong. I looked up in the direction that Stiles had walked off in.

‘Wait!’ And with that I run. I run until I was in front of him. I extended my arm and placed my hand on his chest. ‘You need to hold up. Slow down. Go back a second.’

‘Go back to where, Y/N. To the part where I embarassed myself. Well that happened when I kissed you, didn’t it!’

’No! You’ve got it all wrong.’

‘How have I? I’ve made a fool out of myself, I’ve told you everything and I bloody kissed you when you clearly think of us as platonic! How can you not see that I have ruined everything betw-‘ I had to shut him up. I don’t know what came over me. I leaped forward, swung my arms are him neck and kissed him. On the lips! Just as I started to realise what a mess I had made of the situation he kissed back. I was in heaven.

After a few seconds Stiles finally pulled back and looked into my eyes. His eyes flicked between both of my eyes, searching for any trace of emotion. I started to tear up. Everything I have ever wanted had come true.

‘Did-did that mean anything to you?’ Stiles questioned.

‘It meant everything. Thank you’

‘No, Y/N. Thank you.’

‘I love you Stiles. Can we go home now?’

‘Yes we can.’ As we started to walk back to my car I felt a kiss to the top of my head, an arm around my waist and an ‘I love you too’ whispered into the woods. I guess New Year’s wishes do come true.

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dinosgf bc they're literally amazing n have some of the most quality content n seem like a total sweetheart n are one of my all time fave blogs

STOP please ur gonna make me cry…no ones called me one of their all time fave blogs wtf im smiling like an idiot 💖💖 this is so cute and i love u sm flejskjsim really gonna try my best to be a good blog just to make u satisfied, nd so tht u can be happy!!! i love u, tysm 💞💞💞💞💞

What It Would be like dating Pietro/Wanda.

12 days of Imagines: Day 7.

(Combined preference!)



  • You calling him Piet.
  • Lotss of kissing and lots of sex.
  • Him cursing in russian when he’s upset, frustrated or during sex.
  • Him getting easily frustrated with you.
  • “Piet, Can you calm the fuck down for just one second?!”
  • You hating when people give Pietro sugar.
  • being extremely turned on By Pietro’s accent.
  • gossiping with wanda about pietro.
  • Pietro always peaking at the gifts you buy them so you have to go above and beyond to find places to hide them.
  • Loving night life with Pietro because he calms down and you two can relax.
  • You and Pietro always having PDA.
  • Pietro being very jealous.
  • “Piet, Just because that man said Hi does not mean im screwing him.”
  • Loving when he gets all giddy and happy.
  • Holding his hand or rubbing his arm/back when he’s antsy to calm him down.
  • Pietro always having an arm around you.
  • pietro calling you princess.
  • you and pietro being un-able to have kids.
  • You crying because all you want is a baby.
  • Pietro having to avoid you walking by kids in public.
  • Pietro and You going to theme parks and fairs all the time.
  • “I love you more.” “Nope! i love you more!”



  • You freaking out over how cool her accent is.
  • you terrified to tell people about you and her understanding that.
  • Telling Pietro before anyone else but pietro eventually tells the whole team.
  • You more hesitant about the relationship.
  • wanda rubbing your back and can easily tell when your scared or nervous.
  • “Y/n, would i let anything hurt you, Huh sweetie?”
  • wanda using names like ‘Sweetheart’ for you.
  • ‘Well, one has been naughty hasn’t she?”
  • You and wanda cuddling in the avengers tower.
  • Movies and junk food is a important factor of your relationship.
  • “Wanda, netflix and Chill?” ‘y/n, your so lame.”
  • you and wanda being best friends.
  • You and wanda always stealing each others clothes.
  • You taking wanda to clubs and her not being too into them until shes grinding with you.
  • wanda’s not jealous but very protective.
  • You getting upset whenever she reads your mind or makes you see things. 
  • Your first fight being about her going into your mind.
  • “Wanda i trusted you! I let you in! And you do what? You use your powers on me! I can’t trust you!”
  • wanda feeling horrible and making it up to you with some sex.
  • You two being loud on purpose just to mess with the team.
  • Pietro Literally crying when he can hear you two. “MY BABY SISTER UGH! NO NO NO!”
  • Tony always joking about a  threesome.
  • You and wanda buying your first house together out of the city.
If you were married to Vernon...

okay so I got 2 requests for this so I decided to write it.. ^-^ also, I’m writing this on my phone because I REALLY needed something to post so sorry if the format is a little off lmao. and sorry if it’s short but once again I wrote it on mobile !!!! I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless.

•literally the most awkward dork at your wedding
•blushes every time you look at him
•or every time anyone looks at him
•is trying to stay calm the whole time but as soon as he sees you his hands are shaking and his heart is beating really fast and his stomach drops
•so when you grab his hands they’re really sweaty and shaky but it’s ok bc you’re hoping he doesn’t notice how nervous you are and that the makeup is hiding the redness of your face
•and when the rest of his group starts making speeches
•he’s laughing nervously and face palming and really wishing that he could go to the bathroom instead of listening to embarrassing stories about him
•also stares at you a lot when you’re not looking because you look sO PRETTY OHMYGOd
•your honeymoon is in America
•you guys probably go to New York
•you visit the statue of libery, and central park, and the empire state building, and do a whole bunch of other stuff tbh
•and for the hell of it you guys end up going to cali too
•and possibly vegas who knows?? what happens in vegas stays in vegas
•then when you finally go home
•then it’s time to move out of your small little apartment and into a house w hansol
•it’s a ton of hard woRK
•most of it consists of you guys complaining and dragging boxes around while the rest of seventeen are planning to sleep twelve people in the guest room
•when you finally move in you spend three days trying to convince the boys to give you guys some peace and quiet for a while and leAVE
•you guys eventually get settled in
•but neither of you really know how to adult
•so you eat take out like every night and flop down on the couch and watch Netflix
•and when it’s time to do laundry or dishes you’re like ?????? fcK how do I do this ??????
•so most of the time your clothes are p wrinkled and you use paper tableware because you don’t feel like washing the dishes
•and eventually
•you get the hang of it
•a smol little adorable baby bean
•and you’re both excited
•he calls his parents and tells his sister and calls every member of seventeen and calls the fucking CEO of pledis like “IM HAVING A KID!!!!!!”
•constantly thinking about how you guys are gonna decorate the nursery and whats gonna happen when he has to go to work and “whAT IF YOU NEED ME WHILE IM GONE Y/N????”
•and when you finally go into labor
•he flips the fuck out
•and when he finally gets to hold the baby
•he’s so excited but he’s kinda crying at the same time
•he’s like “this is ouR KID Y/N WE MADE THIS !!!!!”
•and all of seventeen are crying and nostalgic because hansol is just like a little brother to them and they’re like “fCKK we’re getting old *cries for two hours straight*”
• just a roller coaster of emotions
•he’s also the really dorky kind of protective dad
•he’s like “y/N they have to wear a life vest in the pool what if they drown”
•or “no soda it’s bad for you and it’ll make you hyper and you might try to jump off of the couch and then end up breaking your arm so nO.”
•probably afraid to get pets because “whAT IF THEY GET HURT”
•overall a rlly cute and adorable dad/husband ok thank u for tuning in

BTS when they’re on tour and their girlfriend cries

When BTS is on tour, and they skype you to see how you are and you break down crying. enjoy lovelies~

Jin: //had called you up because he was worried, asking you if you were eating and taking care of yourself. After you nod, you couldn’t handle it anymore and broke down crying./ “Aish… don’t cry jagi I promise i’ll be back soon, just wait for me…”   (omg huge gif im so sorry~)

Suga: //when he called you, he was already feeling tired and stressed from all the chaos on tour. When you break down suddenly you apologize profusely, thinking your tears were a burden/ “(y/n)-ah its fine your not a burden on me, you never would be jagi.. im the one whose sorry.” //his heart broke at your tears/

Rapmonster: //he would be lost when you started crying, he was worrying about you in the back of his mind and prayed you weren’t that upset he was gone./ “Jagi please don’t cry… i’m sorry I really am I wish I could be there with you..”

J-hope: //he would be broken, he’s your hope, your angel. what kind of angel makes his love cry because of him? Your tears feel like acid burning through his skin/ “Jagi please don’t cry I promise i’ll make it up to you as soon as I get back just a few more days..please…” my heart is… my heart… oh my g od

Jimin: //honestly, he would be completely heartbroken. Yet he wouldn’t want you to feel even more sad, so he would do his aegyo to make you feel better assuring you it’s almost over/ “Come on (y/n)-ah! Your my jagi you can get through it, just a few more days I promise.”

Taehyung: //despite being upset, he’d be his vibrant and loving self trying his best to see you happy again, because that’s what he needs most/ “Jaggiiii~ smile for me, its only a few more days it will be over soon!”

Jungkook: //he’s just a small fetus, seeing you cry would automatically make him cry. All of this work and his busy stressful schedule… combined with the fact that your not here to support him took a toll on him/ “Jagi im sorry… im so sorry…” //after a while he’d get off and the other members would sit with him and rub his back telling him they’re going home soon/ oh my god im so sorry kookie

*I did not make these gifs, so they are not mine*