i just call actors by their characters

Hey @anti-tony people I’m not sure if you know about this but marvel actually did a trilogy of like. super low-budget student-film type movies that go into a lot of Tony’s backstory and if you haven’t seen them that’s probably why you don’t know about any of Tonys character arc or just. general details about him as a person and his motivations over the past decade! I’d really recommend watching them so that everything makes a little more sense. The first one is like a little over 2 hrs long and apparently they didn’t even have a solid script or anything, and marvel was super nervous about hiring the lead actor, but I thought they turned out pretty well!! Anyway the first movie was released in 2008 and it’s called Iron Man and

Wanna hear a joke?

Bob being called an “overrated” actor even with all the heart shattering scenes he gave us after they spent almost a whole season pushing him aside for a racist as fuck character arc which came with almost no explanation at all because screen time was going elsewhere. How bout when he acted his ass off just so Jason and Kim could hop on twitter to retweet 100 articles about l/exa and their “groundbreaking” work to gain as much attention as they could before they gave her the stray bullet send off.

Overrated my ass

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what was the blue umbrella debacle of 2013?

Oh man it was a disaster, I won’t go into it much… but basically someone was bothered by how the red love-interest umbrella in the Pixar short ‘Blue Umbrella’ had eyelashes, and then that got reblogged by some “special snowflake hall of fame”-type blog, and then me and Sock’s voice actor were defending the OP, and then someone with a Sock URL showed up and started calling us ignorant fucktrucks and accusing us of insinuating that Disney is homophobic (which I MEAN, that wasn’t the point, but whatever), and then I pointed out that they just called the creator and voice actor of the character in their icon ignorant fucktrucks and then I think they deleted their account or something, I can’t remember.  I’m sure the whole thing got re-reblogged on that special snowflake blog too, it was just… absolute clownshit insanity.  

Then a few months later me and a bunch of friends were at Ottawa International Animation Festival watching a panel from the director of the fuckin’ umbrella short and we were amused to find that in the original storyboards it didn’t have eyelashes anyway. 

I don’t know who ultimately decided it needed eyelashes, and I definitely don’t think it’s, like, “””THE STRAIGHT AGENDA””” or anything… I just think we’ve all seen a million heterosexual love stories and when you try and boil down a love story to it’s core elements and have umbrellas act it out, it seems cutesy to give one of them eyelashes, but when you stop and think about the fact that we compulsively do it, it’s kind of ridiculous.  That’s all, haha.  

Also that Bobert Raphael-Wakaflockasberg McHorseman quote was from a larger article which is a way more worthwhile read than me talking about the Blue Umbrella Debacle of 2013:


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how about the rfa calling mc, and recognizing their voice from a commercial, game or something else because they're a voice actor?

^^ It’s been a while since I posted a headcanon. Just been so stumped with writer’s block lately. Plus I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. But here’s something!


  • this nugget had no idea you voiced one of his favorite characters from the LOLOL cinematics
  • you only introduced yourself by your first name when you first entered the chatroom
  • it didn’t really click during phone calls because sound waves distort receiving and transferring
  • and you’re surprised he hasn’t said anything yet???
    • that guy bleeds LOLOL how can he not recognize your voice
  • you tease the poor nugget with make random sounds hoping he would catch on
  • during one skype call, you say something the character says
  • then he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sparkling eyes


  • Jaehee knew almost IMMEDIATELY where she’s heard your voice
  • you narrated one of Zen’s performances 
    • might I add her favorite performance ( ゚o⌒)
    • she was entranced then and she is now
  • she also recognized you from a book on tape she listened to a while back
  • when she mentions it, you don’t really remember it until she shoves a bunch of audio clips of you
    • oh yeah haha


  • he doesn’t recognize your voice at first
  • it wasn’t until you said a specific word, it just clicks in his head
  • you did a voice-over in one of his performances 
    • you played an ethereal ghost haunting one of the other characters
    • you really went all ham on that part
    • during a serious part you paused, accidently choked on spit and started gagging in the mic
    • it was embarrassing
  • when Zen brought that up you just got so flushed
  • even mentions how he always wanted to see you then, but you were only there for a few rehearsals and performances
  • he used an analogy using Cinderella that you didn’t understand
  • you two are dorks over the phone
    • he’s pretty versatile with his voices so you two like to play a game where you answer in different voices


  • during your first call, he thought he heard your voice somewhere
  • and each time you call him he tried to recognized where he heard you
  • he told you he heard it before
  • and when you were about to tell him he stops you
  • donut wanted to figure it out himself :>
    • becomes OBESESSED with your voice
  • then as he’s talking with Jaehee at his place, the TV was on and one of the C&R commercials came up
  • and it was your voice!
  • the next time he calls you he tells you where he’s heard your voice before
  • it takes you a hot second to remember the commercial but you tell him you do voice-over work all the time
  • insists you do more voice-over work for his company


  • he knew your voice
  • it’s like he heard it four times in his life before
  • during your background check, your occupation was voice actor
  • he didn’t bother rooting through the list of things you did since V needed info right then and there
  • but it was bugging him so he was looking over the list
  • then his eyes just lit up
  • you were the voice in the Honey Buddha Chips commercial
  • he didn’t need to watch the video again because he knew it by heart
  • jellybean immediately calls you and all you can hear is screaming

I’m so fucking upset.

Like…it’s cool to hate a character but to put that character’s actor in the “Overrated” category when that actor is arguably one of the best on the entire show just highlights once again the ingrained racism present in fandom.

A/d/c is the best actor ever because she portrayed a lesbian for 16 episodes. If anyone were writing her in as “Overrated” we would be called lesbophobic (even though her acting was subpar on The 100, because her directions appeared to mostly consist of “be stoic and a badass”).

And yet, putting Bob Morley (who is an ACTUAL MINORITY IN REAL LIFE) in the overrated category is perfectly fine because ?????????

But yeah, there’s no racism involved in this at all.


Castiel is just as useless as he has been since season 6. I don’t recall I’ve seen him of any help to the brothers except in seasons 4 and 5. He’s been lying to them since then. He’s deceived them, spied on them and caused a lot of troubles for the boys. He made stupid decisions and yet called the deal with Billie stupid. He blamed the boys for so many things, yet he was the one who freed Lucifer the last time. They killed Bobby although he was way more helpful than Castiel. Even Crowley was of more help for the boys. I believe Castiel’s role should’ve ended after season 5 cuz they just ruined the character by keeping him that long and honestly Misha is not good of an actor when it comes with emotional scenes so, he was good when he had nothing to do with humanly emotions.

Mini-Milestone Celebration!

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I reached the mini-milestone I was waiting for, which means I can announce my challenge! You all know I can get wordy, but hang in there with me. 

The theme, I guess you could call it, of this challenge is – dun, dun, dun – self-insert fics. 

That’s right, I said it! There’s been so much negativity around here lately, I say we just do the thing that makes us happy. Pair yourself with your favorite SPN character or actor, be someone’s sibling, whatever you want. Make it fluffy, make it smutty, make it funny, just do you

The YouAU Challenge is just designed for fun. Let’s take off the pressure from hateful anons and feeling like we have to update that series or putting out something everybody will love. This is just about you

Uh, and me because guess what – I’m participating in this one too! 

Details and tags for signal boosting or possible interest under the cut!

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Rant; miss me with that ship hate

I am gonna tag every massive ship because everyone needs to hear me out about this. I’m not gonna call out any ships or people.

I love Voltron Legendary Defender, I really love it and all the characters are so precious and my ships make me so happy, you can’t imagine. But let me just say a goddamn thing, the fandom is pissing me the fuck off.

First of all, leave the goddamn VA’s alone? Stop harassing the voice actors about your ships; I’m not just looking at the shippers of my Notps. Nope, the shippers of my otps too. The VA’s have nothing to do with the story line so don’t drag them into this childish ‘war.’

Secondly, what the actual fuck is the point of sending hate? What is the point of stooping so low that you waste your precious time on sending hateful messages to anyone that doesn’t ship what you ship?
There are big ships in this fandom that I don’t ship and that’s not because something else is my otp. I just don’t think they have chemistry, or I see them as great platonic friends/etc… but sending hate to shippers of something you dislike does not stop them from shipping it. If anyone would send me hate about my otp they can just fuck off and go back to their lives, I’ll never stop shipping it even if something else becomes canon.

Okay before anyone that follows me calls me a hypocrite because I have reblogged things that look sort of ‘anti.’ I have reblogged things that made fun of shippers, and I’m not going to delete those posts. They are never legitimately mean, they just make fun of it, just like I have reblogged posts that make fun of shippers from my otp that show we see ‘canon!1!1!1’ in every single movement and I think those posts are funny.
Everyone needs to stop seeing this all so serious, it’s an animated series for god’s sake. So please just stop being so rude to everyone there’s no point.


1) stop dragging VA’s into your ship wars, they’re all lovely and deserve none of this
2) sending (anon)hate is childish and has no point. Just flag or ignore posts about your notp, unless you’re like me and like making fun of our pathetic fandom
3) Please just mind your own business and stop taking this all so serious. This is just an animated show. People shipping your notp won’t have any impact on your everyday life.

Finally; let’s all just enjoy the show and every character on its own, love our precious VA’s and stop behaving like children who are in need of attention thank you. If you need to reply to this or want to say/add anything else, talk to me personally or whatever go on anon I don’t care but hate will be ignored.

Voice casting call for my animated short film!

Hey Tumblr VA’s!  Wanna help a second year animation student voice characters for their film?  Wanna star in a short, character-driven film with ACTION?!  Got access to pretty decent recording equipment?  Wanna get compensated for your fine work?

I’m looking for 3 budding voice actors in total to help record a few final voice tracks for my characters.

The characters that need to be voiced are:

- an upbeat, crafty rogue (teen, male)

- a quiet, cautious yet sassy mage (teen, male)

- a big, beefy, beastly executioner (adult, male; no speaking lines, just a few battle grunts are all that’s needed!)

All auditions and final work will be done online, via Skype, Discord, or simply emailing me your recordings.  Again, I am more than happy to appropriately compensate any hired actors for their hard work!  It would be an honor to get to work with the budding talent here on Tumblr, and the best part is, you can work from your home or local recording studio!

If you’re interested, please message me here on Tumblr, or email me at punchikki@gmail.com!  

Even if you’re not a VA, signal boosting this post by reblogging helps just as much!  Your time is much appreciated (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


Henrik and Lea are so cute together and look at the way she looks at him damn 😍
So glad they feel comfortable sharing their relationship, I really hope she doesn’t get hate, that’s unfair..

Edit/Update: all these people calling themselves fans and hating on this girl disgust me. Do y'all just want them to never share anything?! No exactly so wtf 🙄Be happy for them. THE ACTORS AREN’T THE CHARACTERS THEY PLAY IN THEIR TV SHOW SMH

I just find weird that people are like: why did they cast Sebastian? Change his character, he is evil!! And I am like: what do you mean? Like make him a good person? Cause new flash…he is a villian…like????? It is like saying to cast the Joker and take the essence of who he is. It would not make sense. You can hate Sebastian all you want (it is valid, he is evil anyways) but do not expect them to change his character to something more “friendly” and “good” just because it would make him more likeable. That is not the point. I just can’t wrap my head to this weird logic. Like you hate him but you also want him to be good???? Also do not send hate to the actor, he is just doing his job. Actors are not their characters…it is called acting…

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Five Loaves

I just invented a cool new holiday party game for animated TV show crews to play together, I call it “Five Loaves”.
You’ll need everyone on the entire crew basically, for it to work right: writers, storyboarders, designers, colorists, actors, etc. Then, you pick an episode you all worked on and make a list of its “aspects”, some simple: story, backgrounds, characters- and some more specific: humor, excitement, engagement, immersion, drama, etc etc. Then each person gets a scrap of paper with their name on it and writes down a number for how much credit they deserve for each aspect. Maybe a background artist thinks he or she’s responsible for 10% of “engagement”, 65% of “immersion”, 1% of “characters”, etc etc. Everybody does it, then you collect all the scraps, read them all out loud, and then add them up. For every aspect where the total deviates from 100% by at least plus or minus 30, you all have to take a drink and then keep redoing it till you get it right.

I haven’t tried it out yet, so maybe the +/- 30 needs tweaking, but if you wanna give it a shot this holiday season, lemme know how it works out!


I wasn’t sure if we’d get the sub or dub and it was the dub, which is fine. I hope I didn’t miss the opportunity to see the sub though because I also want to see that on the big screen, it was my plan to see both. I’ll have to call to ask. I’ll be seeing it two more times regardless (LOOK. I KNOW WHAT I’M ABOUT) once with my friends and once with my mom. 

Anyway, they had a really cute introduction with the English dub voice actors that was just adorable.Mamoru’s VA wore a shirt with roses on it. Also when he was asked how he felt his character grew in the movie he responded “Well, Mamoru got kidnapped again so he’s finding some consistency in his life. You know, stability. He knows what he’s good at and he’s going to go after it” omg.

One nice thing I noticed with the dub was they tried to keep a sense of continuity, moreso than the original movie did even- when Mamoru is kidnapped IN THE EXACT MIRROR OF EVENTS FROM SEASON 1, Usagi sobs “not again” and she also specifically says “I can’t lose you guys again” to the Senshi when they’re held hostage. Overall it was a pretty good dub (though I could have done without the “not that there’s anything wrong with that” during the girls conversation re Mamoru and Fiore. WE GET IT YOU WATCHED SEINFELD).

Help me, please!

Well, i just wanted to open my commissions to earn some money for a holidays, but now I really need a help.
I was robbed about an hour ago. Somebody called me and told me that he wanted to buy my paintings, but then he stole about 62$ from my credit card. The only money I have now is about 3.5$. My parents can’t help me, so i really need your support!

How can you help:

  • You can take a commission from me. I can draw you, your favorite actor character or OTP. You can see the prices on the pics below.
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I will be very grateful, if you help me!

Imagine a Super Dangan Ronpa 2 AU where the events are actually Hajime and the gang as actors filming scenes for a MOVIE, and no one actually died since it’s really just acting. Some tidbits/little moments I imagine Hajjme and the gang would do on and off set:

• Twogami is the REAL Byakuya in a fat suit, he had to wear the dot suit around his face so special effects artists could make the “fat effect”

• Hiyoko breaks character after a cut scene and apologizes profusely to Mikan every time she calls her mean names and insults her

• Nekomaru really did have to take a shit during filming, so he broke character. The director loved it so much, that was added to the first class trial at the last minute

• The “pink blood” is actually just colored liquid made to resemble actual blood

• Hajime and Chiaki goof off with the Monokuma and Monomi props, with Chiaki accidentally snapping off one of Monomi’s ears in the process

•Nagito occasionally hides in the trash to scare anybody passing by his makeup trailer screaming “YOU ALL HAVE HOPE!”

•Fuyuhiko is actually modest and has grown accustomed to his character yelling cuss words all the time, it’s slips in his normal speech (ie: Hey Mahiru, can you pass the damn butter?).

•Gundahm required a LOT of hours just to get his makeup and hair done. The Four Dark Devas are not animatronic animals and have been specially trained for the role.

•Akane eats like a caveman during breaks and isn’t ashamed

•Kazuichi was required to dye his hair pink for his role

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some say that if you don't blame Nygmobblepot for queerbaiting, you have internalized homophobia. That actually infuriates me. Because I'm genderqueer, I'm gay, I always tried to be an advocates for all the LGBTQ+ community. And I don't like being called a homophobe just because I happen not to want to lash out on actors who are just portraying fictional characters.

@ThatSideOfTheFandom ^ take some fucking notice.

Don’t sweat it anon - there are those of us that understand how you feel and have also been labelled as such. Cory and Robin deserve none of the backlash they are getting on their social medias. I hope…. that they don’t think too badly of the nygmobblepot fandom because of it.

Is it just me or ever since the switch up in Jesus actors, the character has improved (and I don’t mean this as a knock on Jake, because it isn’t)? I know Jesus 1.0 cared about Mariana, and he looked out for her when it called for it, but doesn’t Jesus 2.0 feel more immersed in the family? Like Jesus 2.0 does everything to look out for his sister because it’s ingrained in him to do just that, like it’s just who he is, and he’s the same way with all of his family members. But Jesus 1.0 did it because he had to, in that way that you feel compelled to look out for family because they’re family. Is it just me who sees it that way?


“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]