i just bumped into her at a zoo

I love SU but some things really piss me off and I’m here to tell ya what those things are

Just to make things clear I love Steven Universe, I think it has some good messages and nice songs and, when it wants to, nice and good episodes. But lately I’ve been starting to feel a little let down by it. Why? Well…

What with the last Steven Bomb I feel a bit lost. Instead of providing more answers it just raised more questions. Like:

-How does PD look.

-What did  PD do besides collect humans as trophies of  her conquest.

-Where is White Diamond?

-How was PD shattered?

-What happened in the rebellion exactly?

-Why was that human zoo so oddly handled?

and many others.

On top of these questions there were the already existing ones like:

-Where did the corrupted gems subplot go? Did it just vanish? Ever since the Kindergarten Kid we have had no mention of them.

-When are we going to see Homeworld?

-Is the Cluster just going to stay bubbled?


When I started watching SU I thought it was amazing and very creative. It was setting up this incredible world where the mundane combined with magic stuff. In Season 1 and 2 we had a lot of magical items like the shooting start or the geoede that really seemed to expand the universe. But they’re gone now. It seems as if the show throws stuff at us but never bothers to explain it or adddress it.

That inverted pyramid in the strawberry field is never explained and we have no idea what gem was that that was inside it. Pearl never bothers to tell Steven what is Centi’s name despite knowing how to read Gem language. It’s just ignored. Rose, who I used to like, has been reduced to being a device to move the plot along. That’s fine to do but give us more background, tell us how she came to rebel, how she was before, if she had any friends before rebelling, did she like Homeworld before? what made her rebel? Anything?

A flashback episode would really be useful.

I did read in an interview somewhere that apparently the flashback episodes follow a certain order so they are liniar and the writers are trying to move forward with them so we might never get to see flashbacks to the rebelion because of that. But why? it seems stupid to do that.

Look, I love shows that have a lot of mystery. For instance, I love Gravity Falls but they know how to pace their mysteries in a way that it doesn’t get boring. With SU we are in season 4 and we still know next to nothing about anything. We have no idea how Pearl came to support and follow Rose Quartz, how they found Amethyst, how the rebelion started and how it unfolded. We have no idea how the gems got corrupted aside from a flash of light and we have no idea about the Gem world.

Worse part is that everytime I rewatch an episode i get more questions. Today I was watching Mirror Gem and Pearl was saying that they found a GEM POWERED MIRROR and give it to Steven so he can learn about the Gem world. But consider this:

- If it’s gem powered and the gems know then why didn’t they check to see if the gem powering it is ok? Ametyhst had her gem cracked and no one assumed she was dead.

-Secondly, shouldn’t the CGs be appalled by a thing powered by a gem seeing how they are gems?

-Are gem powered objects so common a punishment that no one bats and eye?

See? tons of questions.

I really wish Steven would ask more questions especially because we’re in Season 4 and we barely know stuff and it’s starting to get annoying. I love reading theories but sometimes I just need to know stuff.

Like, in the new Steven Bomb the whole Zoo thing was weird. Why? Well..

-It would be impossible for the humans to be that naive unless they were somehow brainwashed which we weren’t told they were.

-Were no stories passed along from other humans? No human there wonders about Earth?

-How do they not know what pain is? No one fell? No one bumped into another? I don’t get it.

After the zoo thing I wondered about the Rose Quartz bubbles and how it was just a little nod thrown in there just because. Im happy it was but I wanted more.I like Blue Diamond’s design, I don’t mind it at all I just expected her to be more stern but then again it kind of makes her more threatening this way. Why? Well because when she changes her attitude the moment Sapphire enters the room she becomes threatening. We don’t know what she’d do to Sapphire if she found out the truth and it’s all the more frightening because we’ve seen her be weak before. It basically makes BD unpredictable.

Finally, aside from all the answers I really want I wish they’d make an episode about the different gems that can result from fusion. Like Pearl maybe fusing with Steven and then Garnet. Maybe Lapis or Peridot. Just an episode where we get to kick back and see cool designs.

All in all SU is not horrible or anything and I still love it but I wish it would not be afraid to tackle its own plot. Bring back the corrupted gems, heal them, talk about the Cluster, bring the Diamonds to Earth, have fights, let us know more about Gem culture.( As a side note: Are gem fusions regular gems on Homeworld or not? like I need an answer. Can we find an Opal or Garnet that is independent? hmmm).

Deaf Culture PSA

Today I was in Wal-Mart, doing my thing, buying groceries, the usual, when I bump into one of my friends from high school. We’re having a grand ol’ time catching up and whatnot when this lady by the dairy section (across from us) turns and just..stares.

Like, full on, “I’m at the zoo” stare. I catch her eye, smile, wave, whatever, thinking she would move along with her shopping, but it didn’t even faze the woman.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I was born Deaf, and while I can read lips pretty well, I rely on sign language for most of my communication. My friend went to the same Deaf School as me, and also uses ASL- however, she has a cochlear, and can make out the jist of conversations.

For those of you who are interested in learning or are currently learning sign language, please come up and say hello! We totally understand if you’re a beginner, and would love to help further your skills. That being said, we aren’t a spectacle or a show. We’re normal people, like you, who just use a little different method to communicate. Please don’t stare at us like we’re this oddity, because quite frankly, we’re not.

There are a lot of people who get this, but it amazes me sometimes in this day and age that the Deaf community is treated this way by some. Take some time and study a little about Deaf culture, learn about my community, and remember that even if I can’t hear, I can still see you staring, and I can still feel like a second-class show.

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Your tumblr gives me so much life! Can you maybe link me to some Haylor master post from the beginning to now! I'm a beginner shipper and I need everything from then to now! Please!

Yes I can. First of all welcome to the Haylor world, there’s no going back so enjoy :)

Haylor lovestory, from beginning to now

Harry’s Taylor Swift smile

New year’s eve in NYC and making out in elevator

Harry loving booTAY

Haylor during Jingle Ball

Harry writing A LOT of songs about you know who

“I just bumped into her in a zoo”

All the times Taylor’s talked about Style

All the times Harry talked about Perfect

Taylor liking Harry related things on tumblr

Haylor friendly hangouts

Haylor at the 2013 VMA’s

What’s behind every song on 1989

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Prompts! I keep thinking of that episode of friends when Chandler and Joey are babysitting Ben and everyone they run into thinks they're a couple? And imagining Clarke running into Bellamy out with Lincoln and his niece/nephew and thinking they're a couple (or the other way around)

Just a little more fluff for today. AO3!

Running into Bellamy outside of work is one of those idle fantasies Clarke has, from time to time. It’s not impossible, after all. They live in the same city, the work in the same place, and it’s entirely possible that they will someday see each other in a non-work setting. Which she would like, because he’s hot and fun to talk to to, but she doesn’t get much of a chance to talk to him, most days. They’re both teachers, but in different departments, with different schedules. They’ll chat when they see each other, talk at staff meetings, and get along in her favorite way of getting along with people, which involves a lot of sarcasm and snark and general teasing.

Plus, he’s ridiculously hot. As a bonus.

So, yeah. Clarke sometimes hopes that she and Bellamy share some kind of hobby or go to the same gym or grocery store or something, and that they’ll run into each other there. And then that could turn into some sort of actual, non-work relationship.

She guesses she could also just tell him she wants to hang out sometime, but that seems so easy. Obviously, relying on blind luck is the answer.

And it is, right up until she actually runs into Bellamy, and he’s with his incredibly hot husband and adorable toddler.

He spots her first and grins, something bright and wide and perfect, and waves. He says something to his husband and then jogs over, still grinning.

“Hey.” It’s strange, seeing him dressed so casually, in a sweater and jeans, wearing a pair of glasses she’s never seen before.

He also has a child, so she should not be noticing any of that. He’s not allowed to be hot anymore. He’s taken. She can find new eye candy.

“Hi,” she says. Just because he’s not going to date her doesn’t mean she can’t be polite.

He laughs, looking kind of embarrassed. “Wow, uh–I just realized I ran over here and have absolutely nothing to say. I just didn’t want to be rude.”

“So, you ran away from your family to come see me, instead of introducing me. That seems normal.”

He glances back over his shoulder, laughs again. “Oh, yeah. In hindsight, I handled this really poorly. You want to come meet Lincoln and Jada, or did I screw this up irreversibly?”

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for my lovely Elisa, who is opening her home to me when I get to Italy and I can’t thank her and her family enough <3 

(PS: I’m sorry it’s so short, love)


Henry is the one who first suggests the idea, handing them two plane tickets to New York one day at Granny’s, his smile as wide as she’s ever seen it.

“How did you—“

“Not important,” he says before she can finish. “But you two need to get out of here for a while.” He pauses, making sure to make eye contact with both of them. “You deserve it.”

“But what if something happens?” she argues, still staring at the piece of paper in her hands like it might catch fire. Or grow two heads. “Have you met Storybrooke? It thrives on chaos.”

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