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We've been doing so much fluff these days. How about some ANGST!? How would the suitors react to find the Princess slowly drifting away from their relationship and advising them that they should marry another. She is trying to be strong but is clearly battling her concscience. "She is quite beautiful and smart. Not to mention, she is of noble birth. I'm sure she will bring prosperity to your house/kingdom/s."

Geez.. f'n heartbreak city over here … make me cry… ugh, relationships that fizzle almost seem worse than those that go down in flames, ya know? Ok, *cracks knuckles* angst it is… this is assuming their relationship does in fact end …

Louis - He doesn’t wanna let go, he tries harder - more romance, more gifts, more clingy, he can’t take this, you’re going to break his heart- like he let you in and now you do dis? He will probably just never have a love interest again.

Sid - When he realizes what the deal is he is deeply hurt, but he puts on that rough exterior. He starts to get cruel- you won’t get to see him break. Then he just goes back to his casual affairs- all while being completely broken inside.

Giles- WHY would you do this do Giles? Don’t you know he’s fragile? He’s smart and he sees this coming, but he purposely ignores it to the very end when you leave him. Why you crush him like this? How dare you.

Leo - Another poor soul that will be crushed. You think he’s a flirty ladies man, but inside he’s dying. He tries to talk you into staying, trying to sound logical - but inside his heart wretches. He’ll go back to being a playboy- has a cycle of holding it together for about two months, then spends 3 days in bed…

Albert - He’s heartbroken, he tries to reason with you, he asks what he can do better, what does it take to make you stay? When it’s all said and done, he buries himself in work again and never talks about it. Cries himself to sleep with Benjamin.

Byron- He blames himself, he never shows on the outside, but he’s hurting like never before. It’s so painful, how can another human have this effect on him? He’s quiet, reserved, and a little moodier than usual. He’s just never the same after that.

Nico - He tries everything, and he asks is there another? He wants to fight for you- he’ll be more loving, more caring, what does he need to do? He cries when it’s done- and finds consolation in Byron and Albert (who kinda suck at that)- may try to party with Sid to forget.

Alyn- He wonders what he did wrong? He’s so hurt, he just tries to hide it and ends up getting mad at anyone who says anything (while mostly mad at himself).He bakes four hundred cookies and binges. The only one he shares his feelings with is Louis.

Robert - He knows if you love something you have to let it go, but he knows you’re not coming back. He’s extra reclusive, spending all hours in his studio, then probably takes another long trip away.

Rayvis - He gets frustrated- tries to look at this from all angles- let’s solve this problem. Then when its over -He’s trying to tell himself that it’s just what had to happen, that’s life sometimes. Says he’s ok, but now he’s just an empty shell.

a lot of periods and all the semicolons are gone

the rotting corpse of a tree long gone filled my nostrils to the brim, i wanted to puke and cry all at once but was with company so held it in.

got home, baptized the inside of my toilet with what was once inside my belly, grabbing the rim of the thing as though i was about to fall down an abyss

or a canyon or something just as vast and break-neck bad.

then i went to bed and that’s where i cried for three and a half hours while my friends played with fire in the night and ate deodorant to freshen up their breaths.

i crooned myself to sleep, but sleep hath no sanctuary for the likes of me so i just ended up fighting off nightmares with cold sweat and helpless yells.


Dionne Warwick ~ Walk On By

If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by

Make believe
That you don’t see the tears
Sure just let me grieve in private
‘Cause each time I see you,
I just can’t help myself I think about how tight we used to be
I break down and cry, oh baby
Walk on by

I just can’t get over losing you
So if I seem broken in two
Please walk on by, walk on by
Foolish pride
That’s all that I have left
So let me hide
The tears and the sadness you gave me
You put the hurt on me, you socked it to me mama
When you said goodbye
So please walk on by
Make believe you never see the tears I cry
So do me a favor and walk by
So I’m beggin’ ya to walk on by, oh yeah
Make believe you never see the tears I cry
So I’m beggin’ ya, I’m beggin’ ya to walk on by
Make believe you never see the tears I cry
Oh there’s no dust in my eye, oh no
Smoke ain’t makin’ me cry, no no no
It’s the hurt you put on me, yeah
I don’t wantcha to see this man cry
So please walk on by, ah no no walk on by, walk on by

@sapphicgeek: So, I want to tell you all what happened in the store today. It’s probably the single greatest moment I have ever experienced working here. After the usual Saturday rush, a teenage girl comes in. She looks absolutely terrified and when I greet her she jumped. She starts going up and down the new release wall and the poor thing looks completely overwhelmed. So, I make my way over to her and ask if I can help her find anything. She quietly admits that she was looking for Supergirl. We’re walking to the Super area when I ask if she watches the show. She smiles a bit and nods. Says Alex is her favorite. I mention that I’m a huge #Sanvers shipper and the poor thing just breaks down in tears. I’m trying to figure out what the hell I did to upset her. She’s crying and I’m freaking out. After a minute or so, everything clicks. I’m staring down a crying baby gay. One who was having some big issues. I tell her that it was hard for me when I wanted to come out too. She finally stops crying and asks me if it gets easier.  We sit at the coffee bar and talked for a while. She tells me that after seeing it all over Tumblr she binged SG. And when she got to Alex’s coming out arc was when things hit her. She tells me that she’s just wanted to kill herself for so long and that she had tried but just made herself sick. But as Alex’s arc continued she said she realized that she started to see that she could be happy, that she could be loved. She didn’t want to die anymore. For the first time, she didn’t want to die because she got to see Alex be amazing and be queer. She said she came to the store hoping to find something to get her through the hiatus, so she wouldn’t fall back in depression. She had no idea gay comic characters were a thing, but wanted to try. I tell her about Batwoman, Midnighter, and Renee Montoya. I pull out my starters which are Batwoman: Elegy, Midnighter, and Gotham Central. I also dug up a copy of the Adventures of Supergirl, just to get her through. She had enough cash for one and was torn on which to get. She decides on Batwoman and asks if I can hold the rest for a while.  I was having an internal crisis at that time, because this kid was me years ago. I was barely holding off my own tears. I ended up buying the other 3 for her and I make her promise me that in 10 years she’ll help another queer kid. So, I’m out 60 bucks and I cried in the bathroom for an hour but it was damn worth it. 
So, @TheCWSupergirl @SupergirlStaff @chy_leigh and @florianalima the work you do means so much to us. Thank you. So, so, much. 

x, x, x

I watched as an Aquarius fell to her knees and begged for someone else to come back into her life. Seeing this side of her is something new to me. She always had her head and shoulders up and carried herself proudly, and “No” was not part of her vocabulary. She was known to be strong and proud, but to see her walls break it’s just a mess.

I got a call from an Aries asking to get picked up at a party. Watched her as she got in and started to ramble on about her night. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she laughed it off and told me it was his lost. A couple minutes in the ride; she stared out of the window and started to cry. “What’s wrong with me..” she turned and asked me with tears streaming down her face.

A Cancer invited me out for dinner and I arrived at the spot. She eagerly ran to me and jumped into my arms, she hugged me so tightly and then slowly let go and led me to the dinner table. We laughed and joked for hours. She was so vibrant and she cling to every word I’ve said the whole night. She didn’t want the night to be over. I told her I was heading back to watch some movies on Netflix. She invited herself over.

A Capricorn gently placed her hand in mine. A small smile on her face and our eyes met. The train’s sound went away and the crowds felt nonexistent. She slowly leaned her head on my shoulder and pulled herself closer to me. She was gentle and she was calm.

A Gemini called me asking for advice: “The only problem is that I am free. I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by these feelings, and I have no time for this. How can I even deal with this?” She asked and asked, and the more she asked the more she realized her answer. She doesn’t want to feel too pressured, no restraints like the wind.

A Leo placed her hands on my cheeks and and looked me in the eyes: “You did this to yourself. You lost me because you can’t do one simple thing, and that was for you to not like pictures other than mine.” She had a stern look on her face and she slowly push my face away and left me, standing. She turned back and had this smile on her face. “You lost someone who was willing to do everything in her power for you..” and never came back.

A Libra held the bouqet of flowers I sent her and she smiled like so happily, like a child getting their favorite gift on Christmas. She was so giddy and she was so happy, that she kissed me passionately and stared back at the flowers at awe.

A Pisces came into my life and drowned me with such passion and romance. Everything felt like a fairytale. She dreamt of things that were so unreal, but to her, she was going to make it all come true.

A Sagittarius never left my side when I was going through a tough time. She was always there when you least expect it, and that was her way of showing how much she cared for me. She was always saying these smart things which were true, but I was too stubborn to listen to her; yet she continues to preach and demand that I start something new for myself.

A Scorpio was on the phone with me a couple nights back spilling some hard problems to swallow. She loved this man. She was torn, she was lost. She has never felt like this for anyone before and she was scared. I’ve known her for years and to see her scared was something new.

A Taurus dragged me all around the downtown. We went to the mall, an abandoned building, a beautiful house, a music store, a sex shop and last a diner downtown. She finally explained as to why she brought me along with her and why she felt the need to show me. These were the places she finds herself in and who she is and each one she based it off as her as a whole. She laughed and told me how silly it was of her to do so, and I told her she was amazing for that. She blushed and asked if I was being serious. I was. She expects me to show her reflections of me around the city.

A Virgo sat me with on the couch and we talked for hours and hours to no end. We laughed and smoked, and drank coffee. She slowly shifted herself to me and she kissed me, softly. I watched her and she smiled. She said, “Look at me. Do you see what you’re doing to me. I have never felt this way before and you coming into my life means a lot to me.. I hope you will never change because I won’t. Let’s continue to grow as one, and please, don’t you ever leave me..“

—  Happenings

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Dear Neil, this is not so much a question as a thank you. I just watched "Terry Pratchett - Back in Black" on BBC 2. Towards the end, there was a part of an interview with you in which you cried. This broke, or rather unlocked, something in me and made me break down and cry for a long time. Some of my tears were related to the subject, some to everything else going on in my life. I hadn't cried in a long time. It was very helpful and a relief. It might sound weird, but thanks for your tears <3

It was strange, and unexpected, breaking down in an interview in an empty Chinese restaurant early one morning: I think it was because the night before it had been Terry’s public memorial, and now it was private, and I was talking about my friend, not about the public persona. At the end of the interview, Charlie, the director/interviewer said “I’ve never said this before to someone I’m interviewing, but would you like a hug?” and I said I would.

“Well, at least that bit won’t be on TV,” I thought. “It would be too embarrassing if it was.”

But it seems to have let other people cry too, for Terry and for what they needed to cry about, and for that I’m grateful. So you are very welcome.

Andrew and losing things

Eidetic memory has given Andrew the ability to recall practically everything he has seen and heard. This just really stumps me because he probably never loses anything; if something is misplaced he knows exactly where to look. Andrew has never lost anything he couldn’t find. This is where I break down because Neil was the first thing that Andrew lost and he didn’t have a clue where to start looking

I was taught young how to be stone-cold, self-reliant, to hold myself high and poised, with a ready smile and a subtle charm ready to conquer the world. So I learned from early on to only cry behind close doors, on dim lights, without sound, to howl in pain silently, to break down without anyone knowing, and to never ask for help. Because when no one sees you suffering, do you really suffer? Much like, when a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I can always just pretend that whatever pains me never happened, and I can always go back and face the world pretending I’m okay.
—  cynthia go // If a tree falls in a forest [88/365]

I would absolutely love to see Viktor cry in this scene in ep 12- something like how Yuuri was crying in episode 7. Maybe he thinks Yuuri is actually wanting to break up with him for real because Yuuri hasn’t explained ‘let’s end this’ very well (I’m 99% sure it’s just retiring and student/coach talk based on preview) and Viktor just starts crying because he’s so shocked, he doesn’t want Yuuri to leave him.
Or maybe he feels like Yuuri just doesn’t want him around anymore and is burdened by him and Viktor just breaks down because he’s got so many feelings he’s been holding in for too long- he’s lost his love of skating and feels like his image is all he is worth to people.

I just think it would be really healthy to see him cry, he seems like he has a lot of pent up emotions and puts on a happy facade. Crying would probably make him feel better.

Even happy tears are good hahaha. Like Yuuri says that he doesn’t want Viktor to be his coach anymore but he says he wants Viktor to ‘stay by my side’ and Viktor just breaks down because he’s so happy, his love overwhelms him. Them crying happy tears together would warm my soul.

Anything is good!


I was convinced they were going to make Cara be awful and do something horrible to further humiliate and embarrass Ginny (cause Pitch just won’t let the girl be happy or have friends) but I love how in the end Cara didn’t post the video of Ginny breaking down and crying. Instead Cara made other people in Ginny’s life aware of what was going on so they know that Ginny needed support. She deleted the video from the cloud, she just wanted to make sure Ginny was okay and taken care of.

Pitch needs more Cara. Ginny needs more Cara


*** long post ahead

I couldn’t say I had a feeling this might happen, but if I were to put it into words, I’d say all these past 7 episodes, YOI has been…… Too peaceful, I suppose.

Not that I’m complaining, but all stories got to have a huge problem at some point - from which it would then lead us to the climax and the long-awaited resolution.

Yes, we have Yurio suddenly coming to Hasetsu and might “take Viktor away” if Yuuri just lost that Onsen on Ice.

Yes, we have that that carpark scene and Yuuri breaking down crying in Episode 7.

But none of those events are actual “crisis”. Well, in Episode 7 it almost became a crisis, yet thankfully it was solved right away.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who have been thinking “Just what kind of trouble will show up in this show?

Before this episode came out, my best bets were:

  1. Viktor and Yuuri might have an argument and/or fighting at some point
  2. Yuuri somehow messing up in Rostelecom Cup short program

I mean, they were cliches I came up with based on experience, based on stories I’ve read/watched so far. And honestly, it’s not impossible for those to happen.

I have never been so wrong in my life.

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I hope my daughter never has to feel the way I feel right now. Oh so incredibly alone. 
I hope my daughter will never have to shake on the bathroom floor, trying, and failing, to muffle her throat tearing sobs. I hope I never make her feel that way. 
I hope I never say anything to her that will break her. Break her even more than she already might be. 
I hope I’ll never be the reason she’s starving herself and crying while hugging the toilet, willing to make her fingers go down her throat when they just won’t. 
I hope she never has to reach the stage where she’s afraid to even speak to me, because of what I could reply to her. 
I hope she never has to learn to love the pain. 
I hope my daughter never feels this worthless, this alone, this forsaken.

And if you ever will, I’ll let you read these, these messed up poems I wrote when I was just sixteen, I’ll let you know you’re not alone, I’ll let you know I’ve been through heartbreak too, I’ll let you know I love you and I’m so incredibly sorry.
—  I hope I never hurt you like she hurt me.

Vittsjö - Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The reader wants some help from her boyfriend Daveed to build the IKEA set she just bought. Bad idea?

Warnings: None that I know of, other than “Daveed Diggs is a legitimate angel who graced us with his glorious smile and presence you might need to sit down and have a cry after considering this”. 

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is a little warm up to start preparing for my Lin + Pride and Prejudice AU. Thank you so much to @digging-daveed for putting up with my endless ideas and being annoying. This one’s for you. 

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“If you don’t come and help me with this, I’m breaking all the pieces in half and wasting the eighty dollars you spent.”

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“did he break your heart?”

“no, i don’t think so,” she answers, but she sounds uncertain. the question’s made her reconsider.

after a moment, she says, “he hurt me. there’s no use in denying that.”

he looks at her. “how badly?”

she shrugs, looks down at her shoes. “enough to make me cry. enough… just enough. he hurt me enough.”

he blinks, and rolls a lighter between his fingers. he’s not a smoker, but she is, and he thought he would give it to her, maybe. just to try and get through to her. “did you love him?”

she laughs at this, and tucks her knees into her chest, “nah, not even close.” she sighs, “i could have though, i think.” her eyes darken, “if he’d given me the chance to.”

he’s unsure of how to respond, so he hands her the lighter. “it’s for you,” he mumbles, and she smiles for a fleeting second, takes it from his grasp, and then hands it back.

“no thanks,” she says, and then explains, “i’m trying to quit. i wanna go somewhere, live a long time. can’t do that if i smoke, ya know?”

“yeah, i know, i just thought–”

she squeezes his hand, “i know what you thought, and it’s sweet. you’re sweet.”

he smiles, and for a moment, she smiles back at him. then it slides off her face, and he waits for her to speak.

“it just, it just sucks getting fucked over, ya know?” she runs a hand through her hair, “like, he was so important. it wasn’t that i wanted to date him or any of that, but he was just important. he used to say that i was important too, and that’s what hurts the most, i think. the fact that he just randomly decided that i wasn’t anymore.”

he opens his mouth, but she keeps going. “so i guess, in a way, he might have broken my heart. not enough for me to feel it for a long time, but just enough to remind me that he meant something to me and he fucking walked away.”

“he hurt you enough,” he echoes her previous words.

“yeah, yeah,” she wipes a tear away with the palm of her hand, “he hurt me enough.”

—  “excerpts from a book i’ll never write #2” -c.h. // Instagram: @evanescent.love (via @poeticaffinity)

What if 6x10 does open up with Douglas at the end of the tunnel? Then he says some cheesy bad guy remark that warns Scott he’s in danger then he just completely closes the rift. Lydia freaks out but Scott and Malia have to go find liam and theo to make sure they’re okay. So once they split up Lydia just breaks down and starts crying. She talks to herself like Stiles can hear her. But this time he actually can hear her. She starts by saying every memory she got back by starting it with “remember…”. “Remember when I didn’t know what a Stiles was?”. “Remember when you asked me to the winter formal?”. “Remember when you were the only one who knew how smart I really was?” “Remember how you were the only one who listened and payed attention?” “Remember when you believed in me?” “Remember when you saved my life?” The list goes on and on… until she finally says “remember when I kissed you?”. “When I kissed you…. WHEN I KISSED YOU”. Stiles can hear her loud and clear from the other side. There strong connection is what’s able to reopen the rift. He begins to get closer with small steps because he has seen what this rift could do to him. But now he doesn’t care. He’s following Lydia’s voice to the light, so he closes his eyes and he’s ready to die. He’s was going to die for Lydia. Then he gets through the tunnel falling towards Lydia. And at this point I don’t know if we’ll get a kiss here or a hug but whatever it is, it’s going to be so fucking spectacular!!! Add your head canons and ideas: