i just bought this and its really really good


I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..



🌻 insert witty and cool caption here 🌻


Hello everyone!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ this is for the anon who asked for a pen rec! (i’ll do the ntbk rec soon!) i actually didnt know what pen to recommend so i just made it a whats in my pencase post i hope you all dont mind that!! hihi also i have another pen case but idk theyre all colored pens but ngeh heres #1


*my pen case is fr national bookstore (ph) and idk the brand sorry :-(

SECOND PICTURE my fav (3x) pens! besides my brush pens  fr most fav to least? not rly least bc theyre all rly good tbh!!

  • TEST GOOD CHINESE BALLPENS  the best pens i’ve had: theyre cheap (10php!! @melbstudent and i talked abt these haha) they dont bleed through the pages and also they write really smoothly; maybe they run out of ink fast? or i just use them a lot! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  • DONG-A MY GEL PENS i use these pens for my notes, reviewers, lettering and everYTHINg but if your paper is thin the ink would likely bleed through your pages but still nice! (`・ω・´)”
  • PILOT G-TEC all my friends & classmates have these so i decided to join the bandwagon!! its really nice i love the 0.4 point not too thick not too thin! but i wish it was a bit cheaper! (its 70php!)(thats why i only have 2 i keep the other one on my desk) (*^▽^*)
  • MUJI HEXAGONAL RETRACTABLE PEN this muji pen is really nice!! i use this when i need thin handwriting (0.38) it also writes smoothly but i wish i got another point but it was just a gift so!! ∩( ・ω・)∩

THIRD PICTURE all the misc hihi only the pens are in order (from most used to least)

  • DY-188 CHINESE BALLPEN idk the label is in chinese so i just put the number (it works on google i promise u) thIS IS REALLY NICE like the test good ballpens its really cheap (12php) but its like a sign pen! and also the minimalist design of the pen!! (*´▽`*)
  • SAKURA PIGMA MICRON PEN my lettering pen! well i use all my pens to do lettering but…yeaH idrk a lot of people use this for lettering so i bought it but i liked the 0.4 better! 
  • AIHAO RETRACTABLE FRICTION BALLPEN even though i dont use friction pens bc they arent allowed in my school i just use this for notes bc its a friCTION ballpen + it writes very smoothly + the ink is thick!
  • FABER CASTELL MECHANICAL PENCIL my fav mechanical pencil ever! its looks cute + 0.7 is sO wah i love thick points sorry
  • PONYBROWN SIDE POST ITS just cute lil post its for tiny cute notes! also v cheap (20 pcs-9php) and the design is so cute!?!
  • CASIO CALCU i just have this in my pencase bc geometry!! thats it rly
  • MUJI ERASER my friends murdered the other side of it i had to hide it

thats it for pen case #1 idk if imma show all of u #2 so hihi i hope u find this useful? hahah u may drop me an ask or comment in my inbox (here’s my faq) I AM NOW OPEN to (2/1) more requests since i made 2 of them alrdy so drop me a suggestion!

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what do you think of ancient magus bride? seems really beautiful and world building is really cool...but the premise i think is about like a damaged young girl sold into slavery and bought by a much older man who is grooming her to be his bride. don't understand why it couldn't just be that had saved her from slavery and raised her as a daughter or something. a bit uncomfortable to watch when i remember the premise. but otherwise it's presented well. or maybe the bride bit isn't even literal.

That aspect is super uncomfortable, but people I trust and who generally have good opinions and have read the manga say this is positive narrative, so I’m hoping that will be addressed somehow or at least offset. Chise is suicidally depressed, so I can see why she’d accept the situation (actually, everything indicates she volunteered to be sold into slavery so far. I’m interested in seeing how her story got to that point). So far her mental illness has been depicted well and believably. Meanwhile Elias is kind of inhuman and doesn’t seem to know how to human properly. I wonder if part of the narrative will be him changing and realizing either this isn’t okay or that he has misunderstood- like you said, the bride part may not even be literal.

There’s also the general kind of fairy tale theme to the thing that makes it feel like the “this is messed up” aspect is to add to the unreality and weirdness of it all. It’s hard for me to describe, but it’s like reading stuff by Catherynne Valente- her stories are full of people doing these incredibly messed up things, but they’re things that are common in fairytales, and she uses it in such a way that these things come across as metaphors for the complexity of human nature and an exploration of the reasons this stuff is part of our mythology and how inhuman and human intertwine. The fae don’t play by human rules etc. Ancient Magus Bride seems to draw from the same mythology and tradition, and I get similar vibes from that.

Of course, Chise’s arc and the whole show could still go very badly, and I’m keeping a close eye on it. But so far the level of confidence and beauty and complexity in the storytelling gives me hope this part will make more sense as the story goes on. Whatever happens, I think it will at least be interesting and doubt I’ll regret watching the show. It’s gonna be an EXPERIENCE.

We’re back!

We’ve been gone for one year and we just thought it was time to get back and let you all know we are fine!
So, gettting back to topic, Its been a whole year and things have changed!
Declan Is a year and 4 months old, Nicole Is cancer free and I’m healed, well kinda!
I still go to the psychologist just in case though, because depression isn’t really something that can be healed! 
We have also moved to BridgePort for a change, and we love it here! We always talked about moving town, but never really thought we would!
We just thought it was time to move from Riverview,since we dont have really good memories from there!
We bought an apartment in the city and its so big, we have a lot of light and a lot of space for us all!
We are also planning on having another child! We have been doing fertility treatments and we are still expecting news, its only been two months though so we are hopefull! 
Beau( @mentalsims ) is coming to our house this weekend and we are so excited to spend some time with him and his cute little family!
My brother is coming this weekend too. He was here till a month ago helping us with everything, he has been a huge help! He will be moving with us too, he and Declan are going to be sharing the room! I hope you liked this little update!

Stacie ❤

PewDiePie vs Cryaotic


So I’ve played a solid chunk of Andromeda since I came back to my mom’s a couple of days ago. I bought the game because there was a sale on and I thought “why not. If the game is really that bad, then I’ve at least seen it for myself.”
And??? It’s really good???? I’m having lots of fun with it!!

I just got the final party member and everything leading to this point has had me hooked. From the lost arks to the nexus to the remnants and the new alien species; I love it. Its mysterious, adventurous, humorous and beautiful. It’s really the mass effect I always wanted it to be. I also enjoy the role of the Pathfinder more than being Spectre/space cop that’s for sure haha

There has been little to no technical trouble so far as well, and the animations are at an acceptable standard aside from some body motion hiccups. So whatever the devs were struggling with at launch, it seems they’ve sorted most of them out now.

Tl;dr: mass effect andromeda is good and should be given a second chance. Expect some fanart in the near future.

{i need to stop buying things..}
Bought some books to read on my vacation to spain, the big one with candles is about magic and rituals, the purple one is about the sixth sense and the little one is about witches. I really like that one, its such a Tiny little book. It will be my boom for on the go, and I will keep it in my bag so I can read in it whenever Im bored or just have the need to read and learn something.

I also bought more incense sticks, sandalwood is really good for cleaning crystals and gemstones. :)

so I just bought a new laptop, and this happened
  • salesdude: it's a pretty good deal you're getting; we've only had that one in for about a week.
  • me: yeah, I noticed! it was the only laptop anywhere near that price range with two terabytes.
  • salesdude, looking askance at me: two terabytes is really a lot, though. you know, it's two thousand gigs-
  • me: I actually know what a terabyte is.
  • salesdude: yeah, but do you really need that much? I mean, I've got one terabyte on mine, and I'm still only using about a hundred gigs.
  • me: my current laptop has 800 gigs, and I'm using over 600. with the rate I'm using space, I'd be worried about maxing out at one.
  • salesdude: *confused, embarrassed staring*
  • me: also, I like to game, but my old laptop isn't much good for the newer stuff.
  • salesdude: *confused, embarrassed staring continues*
  • me: ...
  • salesdude, registering my purchase: so, uh, I need your details for the direct debit - is that miss or mrs? [note: this is an open box, not choosing from a dropdown; the options aren't automatically restricted]
  • me: it's mx.
  • salesdude: huh?
  • me: em-ex. mx.
  • salesdude: okayyy...
  • salesdude: *confused, embarrassed staring for the rest of the purchase, though otherwise polite*
  • me, internally: oh my GOD

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Omg wig in ORBIT 😱😱 i just bought all night and its a BOPPP laurens voice is so hypnotic and soothing even in edm and theres a part where she harmonises with herself omg omg guys its really good and shes done a really good job with the lyrics they fit the song perfectly, i always expected laurens songwriting to be this fake emo tumblr shit but shes surprised me her writing style and choice of words is so clever and fits songs genre and style perfectly CONGRATS to lauren proud cant wait fr more

This is me after listening to All Night

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Tagged by the absolutely incredibly talented @croatoanmary !! im @bluebirdy-art btw, i hope its ok that i post this on my main blog..

★ Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

★ Relationship status: gay and lonely (but im good at romantic daydreams, so its ok i guess,,)

★ Favorite Color: every single one ❤️ but i must say i really appreciate soft and warm brown tones at the moment

★ Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, probably, even though i never use it either?? (i just really hate the feeling of something on my lips somehow idek,,)

★ Last Song I Listened To: Life On Mars? by David Bowie (im still in denial… :( )

★ Last Movie I Watched: Wonder Woman!!!! since i bought the dvd its been playing all the time and i think its gonna stay that way for quite a bit

★ Top 3 TV Shows: i mean, i havent watched tv in years, but my favorite show is Brooklyn 99(!!!!!!) and.. well.. i guess b99 is the only important show for me, haha

★ Top 3 Characters: ??? you want me to choose a favorite from MY CHILDREN????? and ONLY THREE?? no way. here it goes: life is strange: kate marsh, max caulfield, chloe price, rachel amber; hp: sirius black, remus lupin, james potter, peter pettigrew, lily evans, luna lovegood, harry potter, hermione granger, ronald weasley and about ten thousand more

★ Top 3 Bands: OOOOH YOU CANT MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!! i have like a Special Band for every single specific mood i have.. im just gonna list my three most recently listened to bands i guess: Børns, Daughter and Sea Wolf

★ Books I’m Currently Reading: The Princess Bride!!!! because its a classic, honestly (and its in one of my favorite fics, okay, dont judge me…), and Kabale und Liebe (its basically a tragic love story like Romeo and Juliet, really there aren’t too many differences….,) for german literature class

im tagging: @yrobdientservnt @cantily-sclad @ever-so-noteworthy @lookatthedamngiraffe @bowlingisgay @liliowychlopiec @sarcasteac @peachy-squids @lilly-silence

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hi i just wanted to tell you that i really love your art ! i've always wanted to start drawing but i never got around to do it. but seeing your amazing art and how much you seem to have fun with it really made me want to do it seriously ! So i bought your notebook on redbubble (the one with kiribaku holding hands it's so cute ^^) I'm gonna try to draw on it everyday so i get good ! i feel like having your art on the cover is gonna motivate me to keep drawing even if i'm not very good at first !!

Drawing is lots of fun!!!! Mostly so when you don’t take it seriously, which is what I tend to do a lot haha it’s actually what keeps my mood up most days!!!! And knowing I can inspire you to try making your own stuff feels incredibly great, so thank you thank you thank you for sending this ask to me!! I hope you’ll have as much fun as possible while trying this new thing out!! :D

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It's almost your birthday?! Happy almost birthday! What's your favorite kind of birthday cake if you like cakes?

CAKE! I love cake. Cake cake cake. 

Hmm, well, I like most cake. I don’t love the store bought kind that is just PILED with too much frosting though. 

My mom makes this cream-cheese based icing that’s really amazing. Its sweet but not too sweet, it has the perfect edge to it. I like it with chocolate cake because I love chocolate; I’m not sure if that’s the optimal pairing though? (Except that it is too me?)

I also like confetti cake with chocolate icing.

But really, all cake is good cake !!!!!! 

Chocolate lava cake (if you can really call it cake?) is also a fave. Cheesecake if you want to call that a cake.

Really, just cake. 

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Fictionkin and otherkin aren't real, you're human just like everyone else.

*i only have one more class left until holiday break, and im gonna go to a restaurant ive wanted to go to for a while tonight so thats pretty exciting? its a hawaiian place and apparently its really really good
*oh! also im gonna go get my hair dyed strawberry blonde in a few days, i used to have strawberry blonde hair about 2 years back and it was super super cute on me so im really excited about that. i also bought this really nice vintage french designer coat and im gonna go pick it up from the dry cleaners the same day too

Sunburn (Cody Carson)

a/n: I’m writing this because currently I have the worst sunburn I have ever gotten before that I can remember and I’m just wishing that I had someone here to take care of me.

You know you think that you’re putting on enough sunscreen but you know it never is enough for someone like me who just doesn’t ever tans and just burns. I reapplied sunscreen every hour just to make sure I wasn’t burning while I was walking around the venue with Cody but apparently it wasn’t enough and now I’m lying in the back lounge of the bus in pain and feeling the heat radiate off of my skin.

Cody went out to go buy some sunburn stuff and ice packs and now I’m just sitting here cursing the sun for hating me. The door opened and in came Cody with a bag full of stuff “Ok I went and put the ice packs in the fridge and will go get those once they are cold. Did you go and see if any showers were open?” he asked me “I went to look and they were all taken up, plus it was really hot in there and I couldn’t stand to be in there very long.” I tell him “Alright then its good that I went and bought a really soft rag then so we can try and cool you down and I bought a lot of lotions and gels, basically whatever the employee suggested to help with sunburns.” he says “Thank you Cody.” I tell him as he walks over to me spreads everything out on the seat next to me “Anything for my little piece of crispy bacon.” he says jokingly “Haha very funny.” I tell him and slowly get off of the seat.

“Alright to the bathroom we go.” he says, grabbing the rag from the bag and one of the lotions. We walk down the hallway to the bathroom, I carefully took off my tank top and shorts and stood there in the bathroom in just my underwear and bra. I honestly don’t care if the others see me in my underwear because it wasn’t like I was in some sexy lingerie and they had seen me in my bathing suit quite a few times before and some people just don’t know how to knock.

“Damn babe, either we need a different sunscreen or we need to make sure that you always are reapplying it because this is absolutely ridiculous. We weren’t even exposed to the sun that much.” he says as he examines the burn “Yeah how do you think I feel?” I tell him “Alright lets get this over with.” he says and puts the rag under the running water from the sink and starts to pat and softly rub my burnt skin with the rag. 

With each touch of the cold water, I suck in air and gasp because of the slight sting that comes from the cold. Cody would say “Sorry (Y/N).” each time that the rag would touch my skin. Eventually he had washed my legs, shoulders, arms, chest, and my face with the rag and now it was time for the lotion which I knew was going to sting but feel so good at the same time. “Please don’t scratch me if you can. I may just flat out die if you scratch me.” I warn him “Trust me that is the last thing I want to accidentally do right now (Y/N).” he says as he starts to apply the lotion.

Eventually I’m all lathered in lotion and the burning has slightly gone down “Cody can you go get me one of your big shirts and my sleep shorts?” I ask him “Sure babe.” he says and leaves, closing the door behind him. I took off my bra since it was starting to scratch the burnt part of my back and waited for him to come back with my clothes. He cracked the door and handed me the clothes while I handed back my bra “I’ll be in the lounge, putting in a movie and making it comfortable.” he says “Alright.” I say and slip into the clothes that he brought me.

I walked out of the bathroom and walked back into the lounge and saw that Cody had put some pillows, gotten the ice packs, and he had two plates of food from catering. He probably had one of the guys bring some food for us. “Which movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or School of Rock?” he asks me “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” I answer him “That’s what I was hoping that you would say.” he tells me with a smile and puts it in and then grabs my hand and leads me to the couch. 

He sits down and I sit down next to him “What do we have today?” I ask him “Pulled Pork sandwich with green beans, salad and plenty of ranch dressing to drown it in, cream corn, and a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple.” he tells me “Mmm sounds yummy.” I say and grab the plate sitting next to me. I go for a bite of my sandwich and moan “That’s some damn good barbecue.” I say after swallowing “I can tell, it sounded like you were having sex with the sandwich.” he says “Oh shut up and play the movie lover boy.” I tell him as I continue eating my sandwich. 

I finish eating my sandwich and sit my plate off to the side. I lean up to Cody and give him a kiss on the cheek “You’re such a good boyfriend, Cody. You didn’t have to go get me all of this stuff and take care of me while you could be at the barbecue with everyone else. I love you Cody.” I tell him “I love you too, (Y/N). Now give me a real kiss.” he says and then presses his lips against mine and kisses me, I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. Cody wrapped his arms around my waist and then pulled away and kissed my temple. “I’d rather be here taking care of my sun burnt girlfriend than at the barbecue knowing that she was stuck in the bus not feeling good.” he says “You’re too sweet.” I say and cuddle into his side and then start to eat my food again.