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Things Bruce has definitely said to his boys Part 2

“It is not okay to use sign language to make fun of the waitress. Uh-huh, I’m looking at all of you.”

“Jason don’t- no- please no! …you just had to stuff the entire egg in your mouth and get it stuck!”

“Can you not give the finger to the paparazzi. They already hate us after Jason went and tackled one when they went and threw a banana peal at him. …. no, I’m not joking. Type Bruce Wayne’s Child Assaults Innocent Photographer into your phone. Just shameful!”

“‘I was high-fiving his face’ is not an excuse for slapping your brother.”

“NO! You don’t get a treat for doing your share of the gardening!”

“Stop calling your brother a hoe.”

“Why is there a cut out of Nicki Minaj in the den?”

“Stop playing with your chicken drumsticks, you’re making a mess.”

“Dick, why is Tim and Damian covered in sharpie? …oh they were having a marker fight …was this after the banquet, where both of them were still wearing $4,000 suits? … yes? Well, isn’t that just lovely.”

“And you let Damian take the Ferrari off the estate?! …you only went to Walmart! Do you know what kinda shit goes down at Walmart? I fought a man in a Walmart parking lot yesterday! You don’t take a car like that there!”

“What is brows on fleek? You say this is what Damian has?”

“You bought 500 hundred burritos from Taco Bell? Oh god, those poor workers.”

“For fucks sake Tim, you don’t need a coffee machine in every room of the manor.”

“No, I will not dab with you.”

“Who put the the head of the front statue in the butt of the horse hedge out back? God, I’ll just check the security cameras. They will decide who gets to run twenty miles.”

“The floor is sticky. Why is the floor sticky? WHO PARTICIPATED IN A PANCAKE EATING CONTEST AGAIN!!!”

“Why are toilets white and not neon orange? I don’t know. Google it.”

“Why can’t you be a good kid like Duke? He doesn’t leave milk in his room to rot.”

“You bought a one-hundred pumpkins to line the drive way just to prove you had more autumn spirit than Jason?  I’m surprised I’m not surprised at this.”

“How, even being drunk, would you think setting off fireworks in the microwave be a good idea?”

“Put the cat down, it isn’t yours. …don’t you dare pick it back up when I turn around.”

“Why is there a glowing strippers pole in the batcave?”

“This is the fifth phone you’ve shattered in the last month. Stop bringing it on patrol, that’s why we have coms.”

“Stop prank calling Pizza Hut. You’re going to make the employees go crazy like you’ve made me!”

“Why is there noodles all over the kitchen floor? …a ritual to honour the noodle god? Wow, the excuses just get better and better every day.”

“My secretary said you called her, apparently trying to hit on her. …oh, you were dared?  Who dared you? …Jason!” *growls* “When is it not Jason.”

“Instead of doing your work, you spent five hours playing candy crush?  Get, get, go for a run.  The last thing I want is to be on of those parents with a two hundred pound child, cause that’s where you’re headed.“

Part 1 [here]

hey i wanna talk about erik klose

  • “i feel like he could hold me up forever” erik isn’t just emotional support he’s a soccer player and he is s t r o n g
    • he got them Midfielder Thighs™
  • he fuckin loves soccer movies ok 
    • nicky, already grinning, in response to erik’s parents asking how his day was: alles ist gut
    • erik, sliding into the room in his socks and running into a wall: soLANGE DU WILD BIST!!!!!
    • used Bend It Like Beckham and She’s The Man to practice his english
    • he definitely has a poster of jess bhamra in his room, she’s his hero
  • he is SUPER tall
    • (he’s actually taller than matt when his hair isn’t spiked)
  • him and nicky are low key competitive as fuck and they run together when nicky starts training for exy
  • nicky quickly learns that trying to outlast a midfielder on a run just. doesn’t work. they do the most running on the team and typically go whole games without getting subbed out.
    • 3 miles in nicky is wheezing and dying and erik is laughing like the absolute traitor he is
  • but!! it wasn’t all sunshine at first i mean come on,, this is the foxes
    • when nicky first got to the Klose’s he was reserved, quiet. 
    • erik was taking a year off to travel with friends during the first 6 months nicky was there
    • when both parents agreed nicky could stay for the summer for some extra classes so he could graduate on time (by american standards), he finally met erik
    • tall, athletic, kind erik, erik who came home with all kinds of candy from all kinds of countries to give to a boy he never met all to make a pun about what a “sweet deal” it was to have someone new in the house, he felt his heart race when nicky smiled at him for his ridiculous efforts
    • that’s the first time the klose’s saw a real smile come from nicky
  • erik convinced nicky to go to church after a while
    • it was hard at first, especially when nicky noticed erik was getting some weird looks from some of the older people in the congregation
    • when nicky asked why, erik told him about how when he came out his grandmother stopped speaking to him, and how some parents didn’t want to let erik come over to see his friends
    • but then erik told him how his parents told anyone who wasn’t okay with their son that they weren’t worth having around, that they loved erik and they wouldn’t allow anyone to try and make him feel bad for being himself
    • and how his cousins snuck out and took him to his first pride parade in hamburg
    • surrounded by people who actually care, nicky started to hope again
  • nicky starts to smile more and erik…he’s so smitten. his new mission in life is to make nicky smile
  • erik’s humor is usually really awful puns and dad jokes, but he also is really good at keeping a straight face while saying absolutely ridiculous things, leading people to question whether he’s really serious or not and nicky fighting super hard not to bust out laughing (because he’s the only one who can tell he’s joking)
  • nicky prides himself on being pretty fashionable so he’s not entirely sure how the hell he lets erik get away with wearing those awful toe shoes. the. the individual toe ones.
    • you know the ones
  • the first time they kiss, erik was climbing a tree and fell out, because all his grace stops the minute he steps off the field
    • it was a forehead kiss because, well, erik’s face was bleeding, but yea
    • they’re a bit of a mess, but they’re cute, ya know?
  • nicky and erik are the type of couple to go to the grocery store at 2am because they really want to make mac n cheese and accidentally end up buying 4 pounds of candy instead while serenading each other to the weird 90s music the store is playing
  • erik loves aldi’s and wants to live there. everything is so cheap, nicky. they have my favorite cheese, nicky. nicky. where are you going. nicky i live here don’t leave we haven’t bought any bread yet-
  • he owns crocs. he just. he does. he bought orange ones when nicky joined the foxes and fuckin little white fox paw insert thingies because he’s a supportive boyfriend, dammit
  • he draws smiley faces on everything. notes to nicky, his notes at school, on his meeting notes at work, and his favorite place: on nicky. 
  • he’s one of those people who can’t tan for shit, he just burns then freckles. nicky is constantly nagging him to wear sunscreen. he always forgets and sends nicky pictures of his bright red shoulders only to get pages of texts ranting about sunscreen and melanoma
  • he’s got scars everywhere but theyre all from like. the dumbest stuff. there’s a big one on his knee from sneezing while on a run and subsequently tripping on the sidewalk and wiping out. several are from falling out of trees. he broke his nose falling out of the shower because he freaked out when he saw a spider. again, all his grace is on the soccer field. everywhere else he’s a hazard.
  • he’s really, really clumsy. he loves fiercely because that’s how his parents taught him. he knows he’s lucky to have a family that stuck by him, he knows it’s the least they can do, but so many gay kids have shitty parents. kids like nicky. and erik may be gangly and clumsy. he may be competitive and he may not always understand how nicky feels because he hasn’t experienced what nicky has. but he has fallen out of more trees than anybody he knows, and falling in love with nicky is an ache he’s never been able to ice away, and would never want to anyway.
Ok so I bought a little tea pot.

Look at it, it’s so cute. Pencil for scale, its a nice colour, so I bought myself a tea pot of my own.

My family: You know, you could have just had the big orange one no one uses any more.

Wait what?






“What are we doing today professah?”

“Luke my boi we’re off to solve mysteries and avoid my responsibilities”


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‘Please don’t cry’ with Loki please? Loved your other Loki thing!!

Loki has always had… limited patience.

As a young boy, his mother had been particularly keen on helping him handle his emotions – through tantrums and outbursts, Frigga groomed her son to be the true example of a prince, regardless of heritage.

But, being impatient was a trait Loki would never outgrow. 

His voice is strained when he speaks, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose as he leans against the red metal door frame of the Saakarian penthouse. 

Please. Please don’t cry.”

Yet, here you are, sobbing quite loudly on the green sheets of the king sized bed that he’s been forced to share with you (under the guise that you two were husband and wife – it was quite the show for the Grandmaster). You were currently locked in a tantrum, make-up beginning to run from the tears. You were refusing to go to dinner. He was going on an hour trying to get you to calm down.

If not for himself, than for the facade of your marriage. If the Grandmaster didn’t believe it, then.. well. You were both screwed.

And maybe, just maybe, he was starting to develop feelings for you.

I did not sign up for this,” you shriek, “That man is a lunatic, Loki. We watched him fry someone alive while he sipped a glass of wine!”

Loki feels a little bit like a deer in headlights. He winces, remembering the fiasco that had occurred over brunch. You go silent for a second before moaning and dropping your head into your hands. “God, the smell.”

Loki moves to settle on the edge of the bed. You curl inward on yourself and sniffle. He huffs. He is annoyed, but he can’t help but agree with you. The smell had been rather terrible. Once your tears stop, Loki rubs his jaw before looking back at you. 

“It did smell pretty terrible.”

You raise you head and look up at him. His eyes are softer than before, and the humorous tilt in his voice makes you laugh through the tears on your face. You palm at the tears, sniffling and groaning again. “It leaked everywhere.”

“It got on my boots,” Loki offers, head tilting, “I just, uh, I didn’t want to tell you –”

Gross!” you laugh, “You walked on the carpet!”

You launch one of the orange pillows at him, laughing as you do so. He dodges it, giving a small chuckle. 

Though impatient, Loki had always had a knack for cheering his brother up whenever he’d delve into a mood. You’re thankful for it, really. If Loki feels the same about the madman running the show, then at least you were both on the same page. 

You both slip into a bought of silence, broken in by sniffles as you reign in your tears, and finally Loki speaks.

“Are you done crying?” he musters, moving to stand by the edge of the bed and loom over you. He offers a hand. “We have a dinner to suffer through. And I promise I won’t let him fry you.”

Thanks, Loki.”

I bet that Simon loved his first Fall with Baz.
I bet Baz introduced him to pumpkin scones with the really good icing, and Simon couldn’t stop eating them.
I bet his favorite thing to do was cuddle with Baz in front of the house’s big fireplace, staring at the flames or a book and enjoying each other’s company.
I bet he made Baz play Fall songs on his violin just so he could watch him, because Simon liked to look at Baz.
I bet he really wanted a dog.
I bet Penny knitted him a sweater for his tail, which made Baz laugh but he liked it anyway.
I bet he jumped in every leaf pile he saw, which drove Baz insane (but in a fond way).
I bet he dragged Baz in to every coffee shop they saw so he could try the scones.
I bet he loved wearing oversized sweaters as much as Baz loved seeing him in them.
I bet Baz showed him the wonders of Netflix and they watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and Sherlock while sipping hot apple cider, because Simon liked that better than hot chocolate.
I bet that Baz’s first Fall with Simon might’ve been his favorite part of his life.
I bet he loved the excuse to randomly curl up with Simon and just enjoy his presence, because that’s what he’d wanted to do ever since he met Simon.
I bet he lit the fireplace every morning just so he could see Simon’s sleepy smile when he saw.
I bet he wanted a dog as much as Simon did, but he knew the old house just wasn’t a good place for one.
I bet that he kept a space heater in his room so Simon wouldn’t catch a cold, but he did anyway.
I bet he liked to watch Simon more than he liked to watch their shows, but he never let on because Simon was so enthralled by the television.
I bet he bought Simon sweaters because he knew how much he loved wearing them.
I bet he painted little orange leaves on his violin because he thought they were cute, and Simon was shocked when he saw.
I bet he was amazed at the feeling of content that all of it brought him.

this is one of my favourite journal entries from Eric; as it’s really about NOTHING, & he’s doing things and just seems happy…

Heh heh heh. I sure had fun this weekend. Let’s see, what really happened. Before going to Rock-n-Bowl we stopped by King Soopers and me and picked up some big ass stogies. We then went to Rock-n-Bowl and I had a few cigarettes and one of my brand new cigars. We then went back to ’s house where her mom had previously bought us all a fuck load of liquor. Personally I had asked for Tequila and Irish cream, Vodka got his Vodka, and there was beer, whiskey, schnapps, puckers, scotch, and of course, orange juice! So we had some fun there playing cards and making drinks. We eventually made it to bed at about 5 AM. Got up at 10, went to Safeway got some doughnuts and then I took Vodka home. The bottle of Tequila is almost full and is in my car right by my spare tire and right by the bottle of Irish Cream. Heh heh. I’ll have to find a spot for those 

- Eric Harris 11/8/98

Chris Pine Request

Hey!! Can I please request a Chris Pine imagine where he’s been away for a few months filming while the reader is at home pregnant with their first child? Can it be a really cute fluffy moment when he comes home and surprises her too? I LOOOOOVE your imagines btw! I live for them! 💜💜

AN: I hope this turned out like you wanted!! Thanks for reading and requesting!!

You sat the bags on the kitchen counter and started to unload when the FaceTime ringtone went off on your phone. A smile took over your face when you saw your husband’s name on the screen. “Hi,” you sang.

“How’s my favorite girl doing,” he smiled back to you.

“Good. I just got home from the grocery and I think after I get all this stuff put away I’ll start laundry and take the dogs for a walk. How’s filming going?”

“It’s going good but I’m ready to be home with you and the little one,” a hand instinctively went to your baby bump. “How’s he doing?”

“Good,” you said rubbing your stomach. “I pee every 5 minutes and he really wants me to eat oranges.”

“Oranges? Really,” Chris laughed.

“Really. I bought like 10 oranges today and some of those little mandarin oranges in the fridge packs. That’s the only thing I’ve been craving for the past 3 days. Oh, and chocolate milk,” you said lifting up the gallon of chocolate milk you hadn’t yet but in the fridge.

“Chris, we’re ready to start the next scene,” you heard someone yell behind him.

“Babe, I gotta’ go. We’re working late tonight so I’ll call you tomorrow morning. I love you.”

“Love you too,” you watched the screen go dark and went back to putting away groceries.


You got up bright and early thanks to the pressure against your bladder. Letting the dogs out back and turning on some much you went to the kitchen and started fixing your breakfast. You added the cheese and broccoli to your omelet and folded over half the egg onto your added ingredients. “No oranges in there?”

You yipped and jumped with your spatula ready to attack until you turned and saw your husband. “What are you doing here? You almost gave me a heart attack,” you chuckled and ran into his arms.

“I didn’t work late last night, I was on a late flight,” he admitted. “I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, I’m glad you did.” You untangled yourself from him and walked back to the stove taking out your omelet. “Hungry?”

“Starving,” he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your growing stomach. “He’s getting big,” Chris rested his head on top of yours. A pang on your stomach made both you and Chris freeze. “What was that?”

“I think he just kicked,” you whispered waiting for it to happen again. Another two kicks moved your stomach. “That’s the first time he’s kicked,” you grinned. “I guess he’s happy his Dad is home too.”

this is going to make me sound like a spoil*d brat but 1) i’m truly not & 2) don’t even focus on the me aspect of this story the important thing is how kind & caring my girlfriend is, so, anyway, my gf & i went to the mall like a month ago & we were @ the food court.. i bought orange juice… she got her food.. we both sat down.. me, being a fool, never looked @ the label even once, opened it, realized “oh, wow, there’s pulp” which i voiced aloud in like.. a mock disappointed tone, fully intent on drinking it anyway b/c whatever.. & abby just.. takes it. puts it on her tray. then leaves & returns w/ orange juice w/ no pulp from a different vendor, & gives it to me.. & she drank the pulp-y one.. ✨🍊💫 i would die for her

Andrew gets an anonymous gift for his birthday. He knows it has to be one of the Foxes because literally no one else would bother. But as he holds the box in his hand no one fesses up so Andrew takes it to his room and throws it down on his bed.

Andrew forgets about the gift for a while until Nicky asks him about it a few days later at practice and prayers him until he gives in and gets the present.

It’s a large, triangular shaped box and very light.

So Andrew pulls off the offensively bright pink bow and the princess wrapping paper and pulls off the box lid. To find a slightly smaller box.

He makes a huff of frustration imperceptible to all but Neil and pulls off the next lid. Again. He is shown another box.

At this point all the Foxes are looking at each other like wtf????? And Andrew is getting increasingly annoyed

Until e finally makes it down to a smaller box- about a third of the size of the original- with note attached to it

Andrew snatched up the note and passes it to Neil who reads it and puts a hand out to stop Andrew opening to final box

But he already has

And in his hands is a bright orange ukulele with ‘I ❤ 10 Josten’ painted on it

Everyone just stares and blinks and sort of back away into the cushions of their sofas/seat as if trying to become the cushions

And Andrew snatches the note from Neil

‘Dear Mini,

I would have bought you a guitar, but I thought this was more your size.


Andrew picks up the ukulele and seems to storm out of the room. Well, as much as Andrew does.

When he comes back he threatens anyone who dares to bring it up

So much so that no one would dare mention any instrument in front of Andrew

But later that night, Neil walks up to the roof

And there is Andrew

Sitting cross legged

Strumming away

And singing

And Neil just kind of stops dead and walks up

And Andrew curls around the ukulele protectively and mutters 'fucking Aaron’

And strokes the ukulele protectively

Neil just does not know how to react to this. So he claims of just backs away slowly and retreats to his room

If Neil sees Andrew tracing the letters of Josten on the ukulele he definitely does not mention it



Japanese Cranes Nail Art This look was inspired by this beautiful Japanese print… so lovely. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ The beautiful crane image and two smaller ones can be found on Creative Shop plates 22 and 48. The clouds and mosaics print were picked off MoYou London Asia Collection plate 03. I also used two new China Glaze shades from the Street Regal Collection: Just A Little Embellishment (dark matte teal) and Accent Piece (a luminous golden orange). Hope you like it. Me? I just adore this crane. I bought the plate just for this image. Have a great weekend!

i just remembered that last night i had a dream where i found some net store selling crappy off brand fan merchandise and? i found section for saints row stuff. there was this one shirt with really bad high contrast screenshot of johnny gat. and it had “johnny joestar” written above it in red/orange gradient comic sans. i bought it.

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Hey Katy! I don't know if you've done this before, but it would be so awesome if you could link your favorite creepy pasta stories! Or to a post you might have already done?

No problem! First off are the “true” creepypastas, or stories that have no known author, just like urban legends IRL.

NOTE: I’ll bold all the creepypastas I consider to be the best of the best.

And here are my favorites from the King of Creepypasta, Slimebeast. Seriously, his stories are fantastic; in my opinion (and in many others’), he’s the best creepypasta author out there.

And these are from No Sleep on Reddit. No Sleep is one of the best resources of short horror fiction and I highly recommend looking around!

WOW, this ended up being much longer than I expected it to be. Oh well, hope you enjoy!

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Hey just wondering how exactly you did your Cindy jacket?! I know it was a mens brown one but which paint did you use and how did you add everthing!?

I literally bought a brown jacket and straight spry painted it yellow ith Krylon spray paint. Then I hot glued oranged trim in the appropriate places. And then I made the vector, and had staples print it as big as they could on a 11x17 STICKER sheet. Then I slapped it on the back. 

Here’s the logo I made:

If you shoot me an email (aicosplays@gmail.com) I will you email you the Logo vector itself if you need it bigger!!!!! 


theunstoppableforce: Hi! Could you write a little something based on this picture? Whenever you’ve got the time, of course.

Thank you!!!


“Are you trying to turn our kid into a fish?”

Castle’s head lifts, attuned to the sound of her voice, the lovely rasp of a recently awakened Kate, to find her studying their daughter in the rocker. Her eyebrow quirks once she notices his gaze, the smirk claiming the corner of her mouth spreading. 

He glances back to Lily, the pile of plush clownfishes, the sole blue tang fish so popularly known as ‘Dory’, surrounding her, almost managing to hide the matching theme of her new onesie. 

“She liked the special Finding Nemo exhibit,” he replies, grinning at his wife’s huff of laughter. 

“And I’m assuming you enjoyed the aquarium’s gift shop rather thoroughly?” Kate muses, drifting in closer to Lily as she squirms in her rocker, her tiny hands reaching up when her mother comes into view. 

“There was quite a selection, I couldn’t just pick one,” Castle explains, but he’s already surrendering his focus to the sight of Kate’s brilliant smile, the gentle hands she caresses their daughter’s cheeks, the so soft skin of her forehead, with before she bends to retrieve her from the temporary resting spot.

“Did Daddy go overboard?” she coos, laughing softly once she’s hoisted Lily up, has a full view of her newly bought attire. She takes in the stripes of orange and white consuming the onesie, the bright orange beanie with wide, animated eyes that match the school of fish in Lily’s rocker. “Oh, he did.”

“Are you really surprised?” 

Kate cradles Lily to her chest, the amusement shining bright in her eyes as she shakes her head. “Not a bit. Wish I could have seen you in action.”

It’s his turn to laugh, but he knows that despite her teasing tone, she’s serious, disappointed about staying home this morning instead of accompanying him and Lily to the aquarium, but his wife has been exhausted for weeks now. Happy, overjoyed even, but dead on her feet nonetheless. He’d given her a brief break from the work of motherhood just for this single morning, allowed her the chance to sleep in, to sleep deep and without worrying about waking at the sound of Lily’s cries through the monitor. 

“She was okay?” she murmurs, smoothing her hand over Lily’s back, nuzzling her cheek to the baby’s when their girl burrows into the cove of Kate’s neck. 

“Perfect,” he affirms, finally dropping the baby bag by the coat closet and eliminating the few feet of distance between himself and his family. “She was so fascinated by everything, she could hardly pay attention long enough to take the bottle you sent along.”

“Mm, good girl,” she hums, nudging Castle with her hip once he’s close enough, shifting into his side when he eases an arm around her waist. “Thank you.”

His brow furrows, but Kate is craning her neck to press a kiss to his lips.

“For turning our daughter into an extra for Finding Nemo?”

She chuckles against his mouth and skims her nose to his cheek, releases a sigh that spreads contentment through his skin. “That and for being you, taking our baby to the aquarium so I’d have a few hours to rest. Even though I missed you both.”

“But you rested?” he asks, can’t help it, grateful when she gives him a nod instead of a glare. 

“Still a little tired and it looks like you wore the little fish out,” she grins, her lashes fluttering at his jaw as her gaze returns to Lily, curled at Kate’s chest, her face soft and slack with sleep. “I want to hold her for a bit. Come lie down with us.”

Castle nods wordlessly, allowing Kate to lead the way to their bedroom, bending to snag the softest of the plush fish crowding Lily’s rocker along the way. 

The City, Part 7 [End]

A/N:  I’m sad to see this story end as it’s my first one. But I am proud of the story I wrote and I’m excited for what happens next.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings/Triggers: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Final

Part 7

Your eyebrows shot up as Tae and Jin guided you through the busy restaurants and the view of 4 handsome boys came into view. It was the rest of BTS and with a nervous heart you looked at their faces, but Namjoon’s wasn’t among them. Tae and Jin shot each other glances and moved their bodies closer to yours. They closed the gap in case you decided to bolt out the door. 

“What is this? An intervention?” you scoffed, taking a seat next to Hobi. It was impossible to stay made when Hobi flashed you a smile. His heart shaped face could probably melt the sun if he tried.

“No! Y/N, we just thought that since it’s been awhile we should all meet up and get lunch together. We all missed you!” he tried to re-assure you.

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omg no your writing is amazing!! :) can you do a losers club at the pumpkin patch hc?? or maybe just like chill fall vibes?? thank you!! 💛

(aww thank you so much!)

~So the Loser’s are all going to this huge farm place to go apple picking and their goal is to bring back the biggest pumpkin they can from the patch. 

~Ben is thriving in the fall, let me tell you this boy is in a sweater and a scarf and is serving a look. 

~Mike has one of those flannel jackets with the faux fur on the inside. He has one of those plastic spider rings on his finger. (He has a bag of them in Bills car for some reason??)

~Eddie is sporting one of Richie’s long green & white flannels, the sleeves are way too long and he’s basically drowning in it. 

~Richie is rocking his red flannel and a necklace with glow in the dark pumpkins. “For when it gets dark you guys!”

~Bill is in his dad clothes. A brown flannel with a thick brown belt. He has a huge watch and whenever someone asks him for the time, he responds with “Time for you to get a watch!”

~Beverly has a nice pair of mom jeans with a tucked in tank top and her favorite scarf that’s like 5 years old. 

~Stan rocks a dark green jacket with a knitted sweater underneath. He stepped out from a Gap ad or something, I swear. 

~They get to the farm and somehow in the first five minutes, Richie has already bought those plastic witch fingers with the long red nails and has one on each of his fingers. 

~He is stroking Eddie’s cheek and Eddie’s just staring off wondering how he got stuck with him. 

~Mike buys them all those amazing cinnamon doughnuts and Bill buys the apple cider. 

~Ben has the idea that they should split up and come back with their favorite pumpkins to see who comes back with the best one. 

~So they set off. 

~Mike comes back with a near perfect medium sized orange one, with a large steam. 

~Bill is struggling but has a huge frickin’ pumpkin. He’s proud. 

~Beverly has a white one because she claims they are a better canvas to paint on. And she is definitely going to have the spookiest pumpkin. 

~Stan has the most perfectly round and beautiful pumpkin anyone has ever laid eyes on, how did he find that????

~Ben’s has a huge dent on the side because he felt bad that no one would buy that one. 

~Eddie comes back with the tiniest little orange pumpkin. It literally could just sit in his palm. He likes the small ones, ok?

~Richie comes back with a frickin’ oddly shaped green gourd. 

~They browse the store until Bill faintly hears a song playing and the seven of them find themselves standing directly under the speaker just so they can dance to Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘September’.

~Beverly carries Eddie’s pumpkin in her scarf so Eddie can keep throwing apples at Richie. 

~Richie can’t stop singing ‘Monster Mash’

~Richie can’t stop singing and Stan is so annoyed and gives him the finger.

~But Stan put on one of those witch fingers so the green finger with the long red nail is what flips Richie off and everyone dies of laughter. 


Red is for the lipstick stain
Showered on your shirt like rain
I swore I was using pink
You told me it was just the ink

Orange is for the necktie
You wore over your white lies
I asked you where it was from
You just answered with a hum

Yellow is for the autumn leaves
That witnessed one of the thieves
Robbing away my peace
With just a single kiss

Green is for the dusty luggage
You used to put away the baggage
As you packed your fake pretentions
Together with your playful intentions

Violet is for the dress you bought
For her to finally tie the knot
But she only kept you strangled
Out of breath, your vows tangled

Indigo is for the sky almost crying
As you walked the city, maybe dying
You found yourself at my door
Begging for something more

Blue is for the loudest silence
On the other side, nearly timeless
You figured out nobody’s home
Drenched with regrets, you roamed

The Snowball part 19

I’m just really feeling the writing mood tonight so here’s another chapter. Side note, have I done any hw? No.

Previous chapters X

Rita’s was smaller than Feyre imagined. But it was still a far nicer club than Feyre had ever been to.

She had borrowed an outfit from Mor, seeing as she had next to no clothing with her. Mor insisted she wear a plain, black dress that would have been boring if not for the strategically cut, sheer panels that made it a lot more scandalous.

Feyre at first thought it was too much, but was glad Mor had talked her into it when she came downstairs and had seen the look on Rhys’s face.

His eyes had widened slightly and dropped to the inch high black heels Mor had also lent her for the occasion, before slowly roving up her body, drinking in the sight of her once. Twice. Three times, before he was finally satisfied and offered her a beaming grin.

Cassian wolf whistled at her while she flipped him off and Cassian pretended to catch it as if she had blown him a kiss instead.

Cassian had made no comment when Nesta came down, in a slightly nicer pair of jeans but the same baggy shirt she had arrived in.

They had all walked to the club together, and Feyre had to pretend she was used to walking such distances in large heeled shoes. When she stumbled, Rhys held out his arm to link with hers, taking most of her weight.

Now, she was sitting with Rhys in a booth along with Azriel and Mor. Mor had bought them all a variety of brightly coloured shots and was  divvying them up between the three of them.

“You’re supposed to drink this?” Feyre asked, holding up a bright orange drink to examine it.

“Yes! It tastes good… just make sure you have a chaser.” Mor giggled, already tipsy.

“Chaser? I don’t have one.” Feyre said, but panicked when Mor and Azriel already started their rounds, making Feyre gulp hers down anyway.

“Let’s go dance!” Mor said to Azriel, pulling him from the table and slamming her four empty glasses down.

Feyre watched them go, smiling to herself.

“Where did Nesta go?” Feyre said turning to Rhys.

He was leaning against the back of their booth with one arm stretched across it. A perfect imitation of a casual laziness, but it masked the protective glint in his eye when he saw other males appraising Feyre from across the room.

Rhys pointed now across the room to the bar, where Nesta and Cassian were already undoubtedly arguing, obvious even from so far away. An array of empty cups littered the bench in front of them.

“What’s the bet neither of them make it out of here conscious.” Feyre mused.

She’d had to bring her mouth up to Rhys’s ear in order for him to hear her over the loud music. Not that he seemed to mind. 

He turned to appraise her again. “If you’re not careful, you won’t either Feyre darling.”

“I’m fine.” Feyre insisted.

“Care for a little game then?” Rhys purred in her ear.

Feyre smiled at him and nodded.

Rhys looked towards Amren who was leaning against a wall, just on the edge of the dance floor, a look of extreme boredom on her face.

“We take it in turns to get someone to approach Amren.” Rhys grinned wickedly.

Feyre glanced again at Amren. “Something tells me Amren wants to be left alone.”

“There’s no fun if there isn’t a little risk.” Rhys purred.

“Okay, I’m in. What happens when we get someone to poke the tiger?”

Rhys pondered this for a moment. “Every time I convince someone to talk to her, you have to do a shot.”

“Okay, but what about every time I get someone to do it?”

“Well I can’t drink… What do you want from me Feyre?” Rhys whispered in her ear.

Feyre felt her cheeks go red and she couldn’t meet Rhys’s gaze.

“What do you want Feyre?” Rhys repeated slowly and sensually.

“Baby photos.” Feyre said abruptly, and hiccupped.

Rhys pulled back in surprise. “What?”

“I want to see what you looked like before this.” Feyre said, indicating Rhys’s whole body.

Rhys laughed. “I really don’t know if this is a fair bet, I would say you’re already drunk.”

Feyre frowned at being laughed at. She didn’t feel that drunk.

While Rhys was still laughing, Feyre slid out of the booth and strode over to a nearby male. Rhys stopped laughing when she ran her hand slowly along the male’s back and shoulders.

The male turned around confused, but quickly his face changed to pleasant surprise when he saw Feyre smiling at him. She crooked a finger at him so he would bend down to her and she whispered in his ear. The male looked up and saw Amren. She would have been quite beautiful if not for the permanent glare she had adopted since arriving at Rita’s.

The male shrugged and sauntered over anyway.

Feyre watched curiously as he began talking to Amren. Amren immediately shooed him away with a look of irritation.

Feyre quickly made her way back to Rhys before Amren spotted her. Rhys was no longer sitting in a relaxed manner. His back had gone ramrod straight and his jaw was clenched. His eyes still trailed the male who had returned to the dance floor with his friends.

Feyre patted his hand. “Alright so that’s one album I get to see.”

“Album? I don’t think so. That’s one photo.” Rhys said, finally turning back to face Feyre.

“What? That’s not fair!”

“I think it’s very fair. You’re using unfair… advantages to get them to do what you want.”

“Are you jealous Rhysand?” Feyre said, imitating Rhys’s purr.

“That’s beside the point. The rules stay. One photo.” Rhys turned to eye off people walking by. “My turn now.”

The first male Rhys approached seemed flattered by Rhys’s attention at first, before they realised he was asking for Amren. The male flatly refused but gave Rhys a wink before he left.

Feyre collapsed into a fit of giggles while Rhys returned defeated. He remained unfazed by the other male.

“It happens sometimes.” Rhys shrugged when Feyre finally stopped laughing and asked him about it. “I’m more mad that I chose completely the wrong person to ask.”

Feyre tried the same tactic on her next victim who willingly fell into her trap, lulled by her voice like a siren. Amren seemed surprised to find yet another male in front of her, asking for attention. She turned him down as well.

Rhys picked more wisely for his second male, this time he managed to convince a male in a leather studded jacket to make a move on Amren, who appeared mortified to be receiving such attention.

Rhys laughed when Amren yelled something at the male when he tried to pull her onto the dance floor.

“Isn’t this a bit mean?” Feyre asked.

 "Of course not. Amren has done much worse to us over the years.“ Rhys laughed. "Don’t tell me you’re trying to get out of your drink.” He said while pulling her over to the bar.

Nearly an hour later, Feyre had managed to convince two more unsuspecting males to talk to Amren, while Rhys had managed another four unbelievably.

“It’s only because you’re so good looking.” Feyre slurred at him, waving about a new drink and managing to spill most of it.

“I could have said the same about you.” Rhys whispered to her.

Feyre leaned back into Rhys's body. The hair on the back of her neck raised at feeling him so close behind her. 

His lips had barely brushed Feyre’s ear when a menacing growl sounded behind them.

“You two!” Amren snarled.

Feyre and Rhys whirled around to see tiny Amren, hauling a male well over six feet, by the ear over to them. The male also happened to be Rhys’s most recent victory.

“Amren. I see you’ve received our little gifts.” Rhys said smoothly.

Gifts? Rhysand I swear I’m going to-” Amren began, but the rest of what she said was lost to the music as Rhys grabbed Feyre’s hand and ran.

They quickly weaved through the crowded club and managed to throw Amren off their tail. Feyre laughed as Rhys helped her remain upright on her clumsy feet.

“That was close.” Rhys said, head craning to look back over the crowd.

“Too close.” Feyre agreed.

Nearby, chanting started up. Some drinking game had begun and Feyre looked over curiously.

“Rhys, tell me I’m so drunk that I’m hallucinating this.”

“What?” Rhys asked before following Feyre’s line of vision and laughing.

At a nearby table, a crowd had gathered around an inexplicably shirtless Cassian. Nesta was also being cheered on, wearing Cassian’s shirt around her head like a crown. Feyre also thought she spied Nesta’s bracelet being used to tie Cassian’s hair back.

Rhys and Feyre made their way over to observe. A bartender carried over two new glasses full of a blue liquid.

Cheering ensued and Feyre was about to ask why, when the bartender pulled out a lighter, and set the two drinks aflame.

“Oh my god.” Feyre gasped as she saw Nesta fearlessly reaching for one cup. “I can’t watch this.” She said, turning her face into Rhys’s shoulder, but still watching through her peripheral vision.

Nesta raised the cup to frenzied chanting and downed it in one gulp. Nesta raised her chin defiantly to the crowd as she turned to Cassian.

Cassian did not look good.

He was visibly sweating and if he wasn’t hanging onto the table like a lifeline, Feyre thought he may have already have been on the floor.

But Cassian saw the challenge in Nesta’s eyes and gripped his own flaming cup. He raised the cup to his mouth, and before the liquid could even touch his tongue, Cassian was racing for a nearby pot plant. Feyre didn’t watch as Cassian’s stomach refused to accept any more alcohol.

Nesta stood on the table and raised her arms triumphantly to ecstatic cheers.

“She is made from something else.” Rhys said, eyeing Nesta fearfully.

Feyre however, had now decided that she also did not feel so good. It had been a while since she had drank this much and this quickly. The world seemed to blur and the room rotated as Feyre’s eyes focused and unfocused.

She only had time to mutter, “Rhys”, before she felt the room tip sideways and she was falling.

There was no hard impact though. Feyre was vaguely aware of warm, soft hands holding her.

“I don’t feel well.” Feyre mumbled.

“Alright, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” Rhys said soothingly.

He effortlessly propped Feyre back on her feet and kept an arm around her middle as he led her over to the bar and asked for some water. Rhys let go of her for one minute while he grabbed the bartender’s attention and the water.

Feyre made a distressed sound and Rhys turned back to see another male with his hands wrapped around Feyre’s waist. She was pawing away his hands but she was sloppy and the male knew this.

Rhys stalked over, trying not to shatter the glass of water in his hand.

“Let. Her. Go.” He said menacingly.

Rhys’s voice was so unlike the one she had heard him use with her, that Feyre barely recognised Rhys’s animalistic snarl.

The other male took one look at Rhys, and wisely let Feyre go.

Rhys waited until the other male had disappeared, before immediately pulling her to him, burying his face in her hair.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured over and over.

Feyre was unfazed, and was unsuccessfully trying to reach for the water in Rhys’s hand.

When Rhys raised his head he had cooled down somewhat and realised he was still holding her glass of water. He offered it to her and Feyre gulped it down quickly.

When she’d emptied it she held it up sadly, tilting the last drop out. “More?” She asked Rhys sweetly.

This time when Rhys went to the bar, he kept an arm firmly around Feyre and while they were waiting for her water, he stared down any male, and even females, who came too close.

After several glasses Rhys decided Feyre needed to sleep it off so he guided her to the bar’s entrance.

“What about Nesta?” Feyre asked, slumping against Rhys.

“Amren’s got tabs on everyone, she’ll get them all home. I’m more worried about you right now.”

“I think Cassian needs help the most. That poor plant.” Feyre laughed.

On the way out Azriel spotted them and he grabbed Mor to come and talk to them.

“Jesus Rhys, what did you do to her?” Mor said, red faced from dancing.

“Feyre lost a bet.” Rhys said plainly.

“How much has she had?” Azriel said eyeing Feyre.

“Not that much. I didn’t think she’d be such a lightweight.” Rhys glanced down worriedly as Feyre’s eyes floated around the room, unable to focus. “I feel terrible about it actually.”

“We’ll be home soon, look after her Rhys!” Mor called to him, pulling Azriel back to dance with her.

It became glaringly obvious to Rhys that Feyre could not walk home the second they left the club. When there were no people around to jostle them, and they had a lot more open space, Rhys was able to tell just how disoriented Feyre was.

“Alright, try not to vomit.” Rhys muttered as he grabbed Feyre and swung her up into his arms.

Feyre squealed and squirmed in Rhys’s arms.

“Hold still. What are you doing?” Rhys asked annoyed, but he was smiling, until Feyre’s arm smacked him in the face.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” Feyre cooed. She held her cold hand to Rhys’s face where there was already a red mark appearing.

Rhys sighed but continued walking. Feyre kept stroking his cheek until her hand stilled, making Rhys glance down in alarm. But Feyre had only fallen asleep, with her hand still tucked against his face.

jim and spock both agree to not do anything for valentines day but both sneakily do something anyways so that night jim comes in to their room blushing and is like “hey babe i know we said we weren’t gonna do anything but………. i made you this card and also bought you some of that orange-chocolate you really liked on your birthday for us to share and that eyeshadow you’ve been wanting please accept it even thou-” and spock looks so happy and is just shyly like “i admit i have a gift for you too jim, as i wished to express your importance to me, though it is only a card….” and he hands it to jim and the handwriting is neat and precise and theres a little drawing jim and spock together and also its literally covered in glitter and inside are little coupons that say things like “good for one back massage” or “good for one day without spock attempting to get you to fold your clothes” and jim almost starts crying (also: “spock how did you keep this glitter from getting everywhere” “i…… did not” “oh?” “i fear i will be constantly finding glitter everywhere on my body for the foreseeable future”)


Before and after today’s redecorating of Ladybug’s 8.5G. :) I was tired of looking at the big orange rock, haha.

I had so much java fern that had all just grown together! So I parted them and attached them to a piece of bark from the 23G. I pressed it along the back, so hopefully Ladybug won’t squeeze in there and get stuck.

I also got, what I believe to be, crypts, so I stuck them in around the pot and by the opposite corner. I don’t have much luck with crypts, but here we go! I bought another bag of sand to make it deeper for the roots.

There is one lone amano shrimp in there. There used to be three, but they hid so well that I thought I only had one. I caught one awhile ago and moved it to the big tank, then found another, which I also thought was the lone survivor. Found that one while redecorating and moved it to the big tank, only to find the third! All three were apparently doing well, but I just didn’t know it. Couldn’t catch this small guy, though, but now he has all the algae and plants to himself, haha.