i just bought it on blu ray

That WAS Connor in the Assassin’s Creed Movie.

Yo guys remember when i went 21st december to see the asscreed movie and theres a scene where you can see a lot of papers, including a drawing of an Assassins, it’s very quick but I thought I saw Connor

Turns out I was RIGHT!!!!

I just bought the blu ray today and jumped right to this precise scene, and THERE HE IS.

I hope we get a voice over commentary with the kids when the blu ray/dvd releases

A Pepperony Shipper’s Defense of the “Civil War” Separation

First of all, yes, I was just as gobsmacked and pissed off as every other Tony/Pepper fan upon seeing Captain America: Civil War for the first time. Like, WTF and where did that come from and WHY and HOW?? It kind of took me out of the movie at certain points and, I can say now after calming down and having some perspective, kind of tainted my memory of the movie and caused me to remember it as being not as good as it actually is (although I still really liked it). Until I recently bought it on Blu-ray and watched it again, ready to roll my eyes at the references to the break-up, and how it was handled. But now that I wasn’t so taken aback and emotional about it, and have the comfort of knowing they eventually reconciled, I can analyze it more objectively, and really, it wasn’t bad. In fact, it actually worked really well for the story and Tony’s character development. Yes, character development, which isn’t always the deepest or most perfectly handled aspect of the MCU. But there is a cohesive through-line for Tony, that comes to a head in Civil War. He had a near-death experience in The Avengers, which caused him to have PTSD in Iron Man 3, then the combination of these experiences and Wanda giving him the vision of helplessness in the face of other-worldly danger lead him to create Ultron, which contributed to his guilt complex, as well as Pepper leaving him in between movies, both of which lead to his actions in Civil War. And yes, the reason Pepper wasn’t in the movie was because Gwyneth hadn’t renewed her contract yet so they had to write around that, but as far as cases of Real Life Writes The Plot go, I think they handled it very well. Because they didn’t just flimsily write around it, they used it. From the writers’ commentary:

“Yeah, the intent in this movie, because we knew where we were going with the character - that we had to motivate Tony to want to kill Bucky Barnes in the 3rd act - in order for the third act to work correctly, that Tony would have to be off balance. And the way that we thought we could make him off balance was by pulling things out of his life, making him emotionally vulnerable, really emotionally vulnerable. So Pepper is out of his life, it clearly is an issue for him…”

Yes! Visibly so. Their status was depressingly uncertain, and Pepper wasn’t physically in Civil War, but she was with Tony all up and through the movie. Her absence had him all types of messed up. That moment when he sees her name on the teleprompter is pure heartbreak. His political position was partially taken to try and mend their relationship and keep her in his life. There was the “I’ve been picturing a redhead” moment on the jet. And we know damn well he wasn’t picturing Natasha.

They then go on to mention that right after he gets all shook after seeing Pepper’s intro on the unchanged teleprompter (which RDJ nailed, btw, he looked so devastated. My Pepperony heart!), he’s confronted by the mother of the young man who died in Sokovia in Age of Ultron, dredging up his culpability and guilt for that whole mess.

“He’s being attacked emotionally on a lot of different fronts, and it puts [him] in a precarious position. So as the movie progresses, there is a touchstone or if something cathartic were to happen to him, it could potentially push him over the edge. Which is what happens at the end of the film.”

Personally, I’d much prefer that, if an important character has to be absent (for the second movie in a row, no less), their absence is felt and relevant to the appropriate other characters, instead of just casually hand waved away in one or two lines of dialogue as if their presence doesn’t matter either way. That way where it’s almost meta winking at the audience like, You all know this character isn’t here because of whatever actor reasons, so we won’t even bother to have their absence mean anything and this mention is purely perfunctory. And sure, in some cases that’s ok, but in this movie, where Tony’s the 2nd lead and a big part of the plot hinges on his state of mind at the time, his other half semi-dumping him would be a pretty big deal. And in my opinion, it was successfully portrayed as being a big, painful deal.

One specific complaint I’ve seen a lot, though, is that it didn’t make sense for Pepper to leave Tony after everything they’d been through, after how IM3 ended, and so all of a sudden. And yes, to us, it was out of nowhere, considering how IM3 ended and Tony jokingly mentioning maybe buying Pepper a farm at the end of AoU. Such is a potential pitfall of telling a story by way of a movie-verse, as opposed to a TV series, where the story can be told bit by bit, week after week. We only see a certain amount of story development on-screen, and a year or two or more apart. But looking at the big picture, we should take into account that Tony was in a whole other movie, sans Pepper, between IM3 and Civil War - Ya know, the one where his own creation tried to wipe out humanity, before he made that quip about buying a farm. So by the time of Civil War, he delivers this bit of emotionally significant exposition to Steve:

“A few years ago I almost lost her, so I trashed all my suits. Then we had to mop up Hydra…and then Ultron. My fault. And then, and then, and then, I never stopped. Because the truth is I don’t wanna to stop. I don’t want to lose her. I thought maybe the Accords could split the difference. In her defense, I am a handful.”

I’ll say. But seriously, so much about this little monologue, and it all makes logical sense. At the end of IM3 he made her a promise - maybe an impulsive, emotionally charged one, but a promise nonetheless - that he would give up Iron Man-ing. For her! But then bad shit kept happening (as it does), and he kept jumping into the fray. And maybe at first, she understood that, since the events of IM, he’s got this sense of responsibility and protection that he just can’t shake, Iron Man is just a part of him now, and maybe she didn’t rigidly hold him to a decision he made when she had just almost died and he had just had heart surgery. He was pretty fragile at the time, OK? But then Ultron happened…dear god, Ultron. His fault. He was unquestionably portrayed as being responsible for that ensuing mess. To the audience, to the other Avengers who told him to his face what a terrible idea it was, both before and after the fact, to himself. But then there’s Pepper. And yes, it sucks that we didn’t get this on screen and it’s left to our imaginations as to how exactly it played out. But seriously, imagine it. In my assumption, when they saw each other again after AoU, Tony received the dressing down of his life. Anything Howard might’ve said to him in the past can’t even compare. I can almost guarantee Pepper ripped him several new ones before she left. And he wouldn’t have been able to say shit, besides maybe “Please, baby, don’t leave me”, because he did royally fuck up. Probably even beyond Pepper’s comprehension at the time. Like, I go away for less than 2 weeks, and you create something that almost destroys the world?? How even does that happen? And after he was supposed to be dialing back on all this. To be fair though, it was a bit of his misguided attempt to put something in place that would allow him to at least semi-retire, but still. Major backfire. So I can totally see how she would’ve been, not only upset and disappointed enough to need space and time to think about their relationship and if she could really still be with him, but also utterly pissed and stressed. To the point where she’s like, I just can’t even deal with you right now. And there actually is a bit of precedent for that. When she almost resigned from her job at the end of IM2 because dealing with Tony and the drama that comes with him was just too damn much. Before they were even a couple. Summed up by Pepper going, “I never know if you’re gonna kill yourself or wreck the whole company.” And then a few years later he goes and almost wrecks the whole of civilization, oops. I see how she was like, Yeah I need to back away from aaaaall thissss for the time being.

Speaking of, Tony and the movie never definitively gave the impression that they were over and done forever, Pepper never to be seen again. That’s what most of us took from it, because we were shocked, and freaking out that something big and bad did happen with their relationship, and their future certainly wasn’t looking too bright. But going by Tony’s words and taking them at face value (instead of any speculation that he was trying to make it seem not so bad, or was in denial), he said they were “taking a break”. Not to get into too much semantics a la Friends, but that’s technically not a one-and-done break-up. That’s more like actress availability relationship limbo. Or maybe in Tony’s case, probation. Whatever the deal was, they were on the precipice, but hadn’t totally fallen off the cliff yet. And he didn’t say that he wanted her back, he said he didn’t “want to lose her.” So on some level he still had her, or at least still had a chance. Like they were together, but apart, TBD. And speaking of not losing her, the fact that a big part of the reason Tony supported the Accords was about Pepper…!!! For a movie that she wasn’t even in, that’s some serious shipper fuel. It also provides an evenly balanced match to Steve as to why they took their respective positions. They each had both an ideological reason and a personal reason. For Steve, ideologically it was because he had developed a distrust of government organizations, and personally, it was for his loyalty to Bucky. For Tony, his culpability in the Sokovia indecent drove him to believe they needed legal oversight, and personally, he just wanted Pepper to trust him again. To be able to say to her, See? I’m under some outside control now, I can’t just do whatever I want, when I want, and cause something like that to happen ever again, you don’t have to worry about me. “Supervised” Iron Man-ing and Avenging, to “split the difference” between being a completely rogue agent, and giving it up altogether. And hey, it looks like that might’ve worked… 

On a slightly more facetious note, it almost works better for the MCU as a whole for Pepper to not have been around for Age of Ultron, because if she was, Age of Ultron wouldn’t have happened. Tony wouldn’t have gotten that far. She would’ve given him one short and sweet “Are you out of your damn mind?!” speech, and that woulda been it. Roll credits. It wouldn’t have even been a movie, it would’ve been a Marvel One-Shot on the home release of another movie. That just wouldn’t have gone down. No way in Hell.

Especially if you buy into this pattern that I’ve noticed. When Pepper’s not there, Tony can be much more easily swayed into some questionable shit, because can’t nobody keep Tony Stark in check like Pepper Potts can keep Tony Stark in check. She wasn’t around in Age of Ultron, look what happened. She wasn’t around in Civil War, look what happened. Come Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony’s this chill, protective, stern yet caring mentor/father figure, kind of making up for previously recruiting this hella green teenager into a battle he himself had nothing to do with, wants Peter to be better than him, lets Peter be for the most part, but will step in and handle or rescue him if need be, I’m sitting there in the theater just loving dad!Tony. He was wonderful, and not at all problematic. Come the end of the movie, he and Pepper were back together the whole time. Welp, that explains it I guess, lol. She really is his balance. It’s been established since the first Iron Man (2008!) that he cannot live without that woman, even before he flat-out told her in IM3. And I think that idea’s really been put to the test in his last few movies. So thank goodness he got her back (however the hell he did it) and is about to make this thing legal, because he is a hot mess without her, even more so than usual, and he knows it.

Yes, Anthony, yes you are. But Pepper loves you dearly anyway. 

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Throwback Thursday: News of the Doctor Who Series 9 Steelbook Special Blu-ray Edition was released a year ago today (February 2, 2016). I pre-ordered this beautiful set (with artwork by the wonderfully talented Alice X. Zhang) from Amazon UK. I didn’t even hesitate or know the price, I just bought it. Looking at the order page recently, it’s been out of stock, so I’m glad I ordered it when I did. I’m also pleased that I was able to pinpoint the references Alice used for the their poses. They were both from The Zygon Inversion.

• The Doctor: When Bonnie says there was nothing in the Osgood boxes, just buttons, the Doctor nods and softly grins. “Of course.”

• Clara: Later in the TARDIS, Clara tells the Doctor she thinks she may have only been ‘dead’ to him for five minutes, to which he sharply replied, “I’ll be the judge of time.” Her face remains motionless until he moves around her to pull down the lever to take off.



King Arthur (2004) - 21/25

“You and I are not the polite people that live in poems. We are blessed and cursed by our times.”

  • 90% of Articles about the DCEU: 'The Flaw in BvS/MoS/Suicide Squad/the DCEU other than Wonder Woman!'
  • 90% of Articles about the DCEU: *invariably has a picture from BvS on it regardless*
  • Me: ...maybe there's nothing WRONG with it. Maybe YOU just don't like it.
  • Me: Maybe the tons of people who went to see these movies DID like it.
  • Me: Maybe the record breaking numbers of people who bought BvS on blu ray and DVD REALLY LIKED IT.
  • Me: ...also, I haven't heard an original opinion on the DCEU since roughly three months after Man Of Steel so, bets are, you're going to use the words 'joyless', 'hopeless', 'dark', 'not fun', and harp on Martha so like... find some other clickbait to whine on. Plz.

anonymous asked:

Since you brought it up, I've always hated watching season 1 of spn on Netflix. If I bought a physical copy, would the original music be on it? I wasnt sure if the music licensing would be expired on a physical copy as well as Netflix...

As far as I know, all of the physical copies should be A-OK! I bought a blu-ray set sometime last year, and the music is just fine so far. :D

I’m curious about digital copies that you pay for, though. I imagine that it would fine be since that’s not streaming… but it is still digital. Has anyone purchased the episodes on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play (or anywhere else it’s available)? This is probably good information for the fandom to have. 

Okay so today I bought a box of Star Wars Galactic Files: Reborn trading cards today at Target while getting my wonder woman blu ray and I’ve found some interesting discoveries!

I got a Rey card and a Luke card in my box so I was pretty happy. Then I decided to go on ebay to look up other cards of my other favorite characters to see the pricing on them. I looked up Anakin and discovered that on his card he was posed the same way as Rey, just mirrored. Then on a whim I decided to look up Kylo and GUESS WHAT! he was posed the same!

Now, what I think is this is a conscious effort by the marketing team to make you think of these three characters together. And it makes me think what I’ve always thought, Kylo and Rey as Skywalkers represent the two sides of Anakin’s legacy: Anakin the heroic jedi and Vader the feared sith lord.

There’s also this card which refers to the lightsaber not as Luke’s, or Anakin’s, or Rey’s, just as The Skywalker Saber.


I made this in September, including all the scenes of James and Michael in X-Men Apocalypse iTunes Blu-Ray. 

All the materials are bought by myself through iTunes. I don’t own them. I just recorded it from my screen, sorry for the poor quality.

Lois Lane:

  • She probably has some kind of very mild food allergy she just sorta ignored throughout her life because the taste outweighed the symptoms. I’m gonna say pineapples just because. Jimmy shared some with her and was talking about the burning sensation one day and she was just like “oh same,” and he had to do a doubletake because her lips were swelling

  • She has a playlist containing songs by female artists that she listens to before big interviews, so she can give off the proper “I’m being polite now but I can smell bullshit from a mile away” vibe

  • She’s constantly draping herself over Clark. Not in a seductive way or anything, she just found out one day that leaning against him feels like leaning against Totoro and she immediately decided he was preferable to the stiff chairs in the office. It’s really purely pragmatic. She uses him as an elbow rest most of the time

  • Owns Christopher Reeve’s entire filmography on blu-ray. She also bought a poster of Dean Cain in high school, and she still keeps it in her bedroom. (I just pulled these names out of nowhere who even are these people?)

  • She legitimately has no idea what happens in farms. She makes fun of Clark being a country boy all the time, but most of the time she’s guessing at what to say. Clark is initially confused when she jokes about using tractors to mow the lawn and collecting milk with a combine, but he assumed she was exaggerating for humor. It was only after she implied that John Deere was a species of chicken that Clark realized that Lois honest to god has no clue what she’s talking about

  • The Lane family’s version of Monopoly is an over-elaborate mess of made up rules and often include things like bank robberies, embezzlement, and insurance fraud. Everyone’s way too competitive and it can take forever to finish. The last game took about three weeks, and only ended because Lucy couldn’t prove that Lois’s hotel on Park Place was deliberately constructed with sub-par materials.

  • She hates when people talk during movies but yells at the tv all the time. She questions the competence of the showrunners, blurts out plot twists before they’re revealed, and ruthlessly makes fun of whomever happens to be onscreen at the time. It’s fun for people willing to listen to her commentary but annoying for anyone who actually wants to sit down and watch.

  • Lois isn’t exactly one to get hyped about seasonal celebrations or anything, but she does start planning her Halloween costume in September

Best Films of 2016!!
by: Tristan Bunn

I can’t believe that 2016 has already reached an end! This year has absolutely flown by, but it was an amazing year for cinema. This is a list of my top 10 favorite films of the year, and it was really hard to just narrow it down to 10, but I did so with some honorable mentions.

It’s important to note that these films aren’t ranked based on the grade I gave them. These are just my personal favorite films ranked based on my opinion and how much I love them. Also, I have not yet seen Paterson or Silence because they haven’t opened in the Southeast yet.
Without further ado, let’s get started with my Top 10 Favorite Films of 2016!!

Honorable Mentions: Sing Street, Deadpool, Hush, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Midnight Special.

10. The Neon Demon: I know not everyone loved this film, but Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest effort really took my breath away. I think Refn said so much about vanity and beauty in our society through brilliant visual storytelling, and I liked it more with repeat viewings.

9. Green Room: Jeremy Saulnier delivered a brutal and heart-pounding cat and mouse thriller that kept me coming back for more. After I saw this film the first time, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve seen it 5 times, and could easily watch it some more. It is beautifully violent and incredibly well directed.

8. Nocturnal Animals: Tom Ford brought us his best film to date in a really impressive visual tale that connects three narratives wonderfully and takes you on a gritty journey with amazing performances that make it hard for you not to be sucked in with your eyes glued to the screen.

7. Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen is back and delivers one of his best performances to date in this touching and moving film about family that offers up some wonderful insights on our society. The script is sweet and funny, and the performances are touching. 

6. Manchester by the Sea: This film was so realistic and the dialogue was so masterfully crafted, that I felt like I was just peering in on the lives of these people. Casey Affleck delivers one of the best performances of the decade in a film that deserves to be seen.

5. Hacksaw Ridge: Mel Gibson is back and better than ever! This film is absolutely stunning. It really sits and builds this hero without pushing any kind of agenda whatsoever. The hero is built up so that when we got to the war sequence, my jaw was on the floor and my eyes were full of tears. This is the most brutal war film since Saving Private Ryan, but it isn’t glorifying violence in any way. It is placing these events in front of your eyes without holding back, so you can appreciate true heroism.

4. Arrival: Denis Villeneuve continues to prove he’s one of the best directors working because he just gets better and better at honing his craft. Arrival is a gorgeous film that examines communication and human connection in a slow burn and methodical film that rewards you more so than I expected. Villeneuve continues to blow me away with each film he makes.

3. The Nice Guys: This is, by far, the funniest film of the year, and one of the funniest in quite a few years. The chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is pure cinema magic and Shane Black’s script is genuinely perfect. Black has provided an amazing movie for true fans of cinema to soak up. Please go support this movie because it underperformed, and that is such bullshit because The Nice Guys is phenomenal.

2. Hell or High Water: This movie blew me away. I adore this film. I bought the blu ray, and I’ve watched it over and over again, and I just love it more each time. I actually think this is the best screenplay of the year, powered by great direction and Oscar worthy performances across the board. The cinematography is also gorgeous, bringing this world to life in one of my favorite films I’ve seen in many years.

1. La La Land: I was a huge fan of Whiplash, but I think Damien Chazelle outdid himself here. La La Land is the best directed film of the year, hands down, and is a love letter to people with passion, ambition, and who want to follow their dreams. Gosling and Stone have chemistry that comes along maybe once every couple of decades in cinema and the film builds upon them masterfully. The script is amazing, the songs are tremendous, and the directing is flawless. This is truly one of my new favorite films, and it actually got better on the second viewing! There was no doubt in my mind that La La Land was my favorite film of 2016 because it is a true cinematic masterpiece.

There you have it! Those are my 10 favorite films of 2016! Thank you so much to all of you who have read our reviews here at Home Planet Reviews for yet another year. It really means a lot to us that people care about what we have to say because we just love movies. We started this page just for fun and because we love talking about cinema, and we get to do that here. So, to anyone that reads our reviews, thank you. We look forward to doing it again in 2017!


this time last year i had one colin farrell movie (in bruges) in my collection. now i have…

this many. (a lot of which i will never re-watch but i’m a movie hoarder when it comes to my favs…)

(and yes there are two copies of fright night - the blu-ray had been deleted when i went to buy it so i just grabbed the dvd but then i found the blu-ray secondhand - and of winter’s tale because i found the uk version with the different title at a secondhand store and bought it? for some reason?)

I received my 「進撃の巨人」Reading & Live Event Orchestra「Attack 音 体感2」ticket from the courier service! Will be attending the night event since it is the only one available for general sales (the day event is reserved for fan-clubs and people whom have bought the dvd/blu-ray set). 

On a side note, can’t believe I am going to see Ono Daisuke and Hiroyuki Sawano live! It’s a dream come true! I will do an event review/recap once the event is over so do follow my blog or just keep an eye out for my post! 


A couple months ago, justlikeswitchblades asked me about uploading the entirety of my E7 collection. I had some time today so I rummaged around, got it gathered together and took pictures! 

One of the items not included in this photoset is a mech figure of Ray’s red Spearhead which I bought recently, but I’m just waiting for it in the mail.

Under the cut is a full list of the items in this photoset.

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