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I'm kind of curious since I think I remember you complaining about Jason being portrayed as the bad boy who sits and drinks in bars in B&R:Eternal, what did you think of Jason and Artemis taking place in the bar setting in the last issue of RHATO?

Yes, I did indeed complain about that, haha.

I have zero issues with the bar scene in RHATO though! 

First of all, they’re at the bar for a reason–Artemis is looking for troublesomeone. I can only see Jason hanging out in bars to get intel or to meet with someone, not just…dragging some underage teenager in for fun. 

Second of all, Jason is so fucking cute in this issue what the fuck??? 

Like let’s just?? Take a moment??? To appreciate his face? Oh my god he’s so smitten.

I can forgive a lot for the sake of this adorable exchange tbh. 

Third of all, as I’ve mentioned a few times before, I acknowledge that this Jason’s personality is very different, but that doesn’t make it bad. Contrary to past accusations, I’m not incapable of accepting change. I just, y’know, don’t like reading pure garbage for the sake of embracing change. 

Would Judd Winick’s Jason be this cute and vulnerable? Absolutely not. 

Would Rebirth Jason? Absolutely. Rebirth Jason is way more honest with his own emotions (Pre-52! Jason loved to lie to himself, such as when he claimed that he didn’t give a damn about the world even though he’d just gone out of his way to save London), more willing to share them with others, and more obviously an early 20-something.

Fourth of all, this is also yet another instance of Jason trusting Artemis, which I like. Not only does he trust that she won’t hate him for anything he blurts out (even though she has very little patience with him lmao), but also that if anything threatening showed up, she could handle it. It’s done more organically than his relationship with Kori. 

It really is kind of funny that New52 put Jason in bars all the time to make him seem like a bad boy, as you said, but in Rebirth, he just comes across as a lovesick puppy instead. 

I just….like the idea of older sheith, like, way older when they’re probably in their 60’s, going on 70’s and both of them live in a house where they have numerous large dogs and prissy cats because Keith loves his little felines so much -“Keith, Mac and Cheese are sleeping on Eggsy again” “He’s fluffy let them be”- and Shiro’s this dude who probably saves drawings of him and his team from his little fans from all over the world inside albums because he has a lot and loves going through them when they don’t have to plant their garden during spring

And, and Keith has young and eager Galrans or half-Galrans who would always want to have a talk with him because he used to be the red paladin who had been inside a weblum and was the best pilot he’s awesome and Keith just, loves talking to them too but the grump he is, he tries not to be too obvious but they know, they know he’s just messing with them when they could see him smiling fondly at them

(Shiro teases him about it, Keith shoots back by saying he’s old let him have this)

Oh, they have children.

Four, to be exact. One Galran who took over Shiro’s place as the Leader of the New Age that helps puts the universe back together, another Galra who becomes part of the Force too and she’s much fiercer than her brother that Shiro used to prevent her from biting her brother when she’s still teething.

(Draco still isn’t impressed everytime it’s brought up, Astoria shrugs and tells him she could still beat him in anything)

When Shiro and Keith went back to earth for, they’ve adopted twins, two girls who have jet black hair and lovely brown eyes that some people would’ve say they’re identical. But they can be told apart by the little birthmark that’s the shape of a fox’s head located on their hands; one has it one her right while the other has it on her left.

Keith puts up the family photos on the wall of their Earth House, and when his son and daughter comes to visit, they coo at the sight of their tiny new sisters.

(thank god to Shiro’s ability to think far ahead, the two Galra doesn’t need to duck their heads when they visit as they get older, lest they’ll bumped their heads into the door frame)

Sometimes, Mei and Kim visits their siblings up there in their Space House and they’ll tell how their parents are doing if Shiro and Keith get too tired to travel, and how it’s going okay with both of them

(“oh, Papa’s riling up Dad again, I think he’s bored” “yeah, one time Dad almost threw his sponge at Pa because he couldn’t stop poking him when he’s doing dishes” “they have a dishwasher why would they wash by hands” “because they’re sentimental like that Draco you idiot”)


I just, Astoria having a video chat with her dads when suddenly she goes all fidgety and of course, both of them notice and immediately went all suspicious that she blurts out she’s having babies that they just

Stare at her. Keith almost choked on his coffee and “Dad please don’t die yet” Shiro is crying and demanding that he’s going to visit them up there or so help him

Just………domestic sheith y'all

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Story time: During our break, my co-workers and I were watching a music channel when SOTT came on. He said, "Harry Styles? When did the band became Harry Styles?" So, I gave a brief story about how they're taking a break etc, then, out of the blue, he blurted out, "Isn't Harry Styles gay?" And I was like, 😦😧😱. I didn't know that it was that obvious to the general public and for it to be confirmed like that is, HOLY SHIT. All the het stunts failed. Lmao. FREE THEM AND END IT!!!

i feel like most of the gp know there’s just that sliver that buy into the charade

right oKAY so my housemate just told us this story about how she got the “love bite” on her neck trying to avoid awkward questions with a certain beau that she’s not exactly exclusive with yet so SOO like all things in life i was like okay how can i make this about bellarke and that’s how i started picturing a friends with benefits scenario where everything is totally fine no strings to be seen until bellamy sees this mark that he definitely did NOT make and suddenly it’s like FUCK the thought of clarke being someone else causes fEEELINGS and he’s going slightly mad both in fighting said feelings and acting like he’s fine and never saw the hickey and then one day he just blurts it out and clarke interrupts like … bellamy … but no in typical bell fashion he starts his speech about how he can’t fight this anymore and how they’re going to have to call it off unless she by some chance feels the same he can’t hold it in anymore it’s kILLING HIM ! and by the end she’s just like … i burned myself with a curling iron, you giant dork

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Poly dmmd headcanon that they all sleep in one (huge) bed and sometimes theyre all like watching a movie and suddenly theres just a fart noise and someone laughs and theyre all like "if sOMEONE LIFTS THE COVER I SWEA- auuugh" aoba hates this and now its a normal ocurrence just to bother him

Lmao omg

Headcanon that one day Aoba farted while they were all chilling in bed and before he could be embarrassed about it Noiz just blurts out “oh thank god I’ve been holding one in for hOURS” before letting out another fart

Koujaku pushed him off his lap

Dok2 and The Quiett M&G Experience

JUST TO LET YALL KNOW: i am African American, yes.

Okay so first off I wanna say thank you to the staff and anyone who worked the event because everything ran so smoothly! So they line us up inside and made sure we all stayed in the order we were supposed to be in, there was a table in the middle of the floor with a spotlight on and I’m OMG IM REALLY ABOUT TO MEET THEM THO so the guy starts talking and letting us know not to try and sneak pics and whatnot or we might get kicked out blah blah blah and the he says “we gonna go thru and do signatures then line up again and do the pics” I’m like WTF I GOTTA TRY IMPRESS THEM TWICE?!? Then suddenly Dok2 and Q come walking from behind the curtain off the stage looking cocky as ever!! Let me tell y'all PICS DO NOT DO THE QUIETT ANY JUSTICE AT ALL he is so fine in person omg! Dok2 was looking good too tho but he always looks good to me lol so the line is moving pretty quickly and my friend and I(shoutout to you Potato!) are taking deep breaths and shit Tryna get it together. I was being so extra and putting on perfume so I’d smell nice lmao DONT JUDGE ME! So finally it’s my turn and this how it all goes down between them both:

The Quiett

I walked up to the table and he wearing sunglasses like always but he still looked so good! and my big mouth ass just blurted out “omg you’re so good looking” AND HE IGNORED MY ASS!! LOL either that or he was too focused on Tryna figure out where to sign my camera so I just said anywhere is fine lol BY THE WAY while he was signing my camera suddenly Dok starts TALKING to ME!! He asked something along the lines of “did you just get your hat?” Me being surprised that he spoke to me first didn’t quite catch it so I was just like yeah I just got it I love it!(for those wondering it’s the Illionaire branded ballcap that they just started selling!)


So Q hands him my camera and he started looking for a place to sign. Just so y'all know I had preparing for what I wanted to say to him for a while and I was too proud of myself that I did it! 😭👏🏽 so I excited told him “can I just say that I’m gonna perform with you one day!” so he looked up and me real quick and said “oh yeah? What do you do?” I said “I sing” BOI!!! As he handed me my camera I kid you not he looked up at me, smiled, and said “most definitely.” I CHEESED SO FUCKING HARD AND I DONT THINK I EVEN SAID ANYTHING I JUST WALKED AWAY 😂😂😂

So I get back in line and I’m geeked asf telling my friend what happened and such and we’re waiting in line again to take our pictures. I’m still in shock and can still see both of them still do signatures and I look up and SEE DOK LOOKING AT ME!! He didn’t look away fast enough so I saw his ass lookin! I turn around and ask my friend if she saw him lookin at me and she was like yeah I think he was lookin 😩😩💖💖💖 my heart..was beating too fast lol so finally they move the table and we’re about to take pics. So it was our groups turn and I was too thirsty to stand next to Dok 😂 I get next to him and he looks and me AND SMILES AND SAYS HI TO ME like boi..pls stop my heart can’t take no more so I say hi and then we take the pic. Before I walked away I was like can I hug you? It was a quick one arm hug lol but I was close enough to smell him (call me a creep idc) and omg..he smells so fucking nice. So we’re waiting for everyone to finish and I catch him looking at me ONCE AGAIN! At this point my ass needed to leave the room for some air cuz I COULD NOT TAKE ANYMORE!!

Side note
For the whole concert i kept making eye contact with him and I really couldn’t breath y'all 😩 if y'all wanna know how all that went just let me know 👀👌🏽

Intentions (Part 4)

       Happy New Year guys!! I hope you all had a blessed 2016, I kinda didn’t but that’s okay!! I hope you all the best for 2017. I’m thankful for all of you who read and keep up with my work, I appreciate it so muchh especially since I just started writing again. Much love!! ~ admin 143 

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff.. (guys idk ‘bout the smut anymore, im just a smol bean ahhh)
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing? nudity but like its nothing lmao 

Note!! This is a bit short and I apologize :’)

Parts : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

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Platonic Reynico headcanons when you have time?

:0 oh mannnn anon u are SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE. platonic reynico is the most important thing rick’s ever written ngl

  • CUDDLES!!!!! both of them are overall not very fond of physical contact/affection obviously but for some reason they just. cuddle constantly with each other. you know?
  • they hold hands in public a lot just because they luv each other that much + added bonus of not getting lost lol. but it means that everyone always mistakes them for a couple
  • they have a different answer every time someone asks them if they’re dating
    • “he’s my brother”
    • “she’s my mom”
    • “it’s a gay best friend thing”
    • *gentle gasp* “you can see him too?”
    • “no, i don’t even know her”
    • “we accidentally superglued our hands together”
    • “we’re off to see the wizard”
  • they talk ALL THE TIME. they are each other’s best friends. they’ll iris message each other talking legitimately all night because who needs sleep anyway?
  • they train together!!! except this doesn’t really work because reyna wins every time lmao she doesn’t even bother going easy on him
  • when reyna meets the mortal girl who will end up being her future gf (ask me about her her name is simone) she talks about him so much that poor gay simone is freaking out thinking that nico is some big intimidating manly man boyfriend 
  • so when she meets him finally she laughs for a minute for ever thinking he was a threat. (she quickly realizes she was right the first time & is very scared of him)
  • nico is the MASTER of the shovel talk i.e. “hurt her and i’ll make sure they never find ur body” (EXCEPT HE IS DEADLY SERIOUS & NOT EXAGGERATING EVEN A LITTLE BIT)
  • their fav activity is watching bad soap operas and eating chinese takeout while making fun of the actors
  • it’s a common debate among the romans & greeks about who nico likes best - jason, hazel, or reyna. all 3 of them say they’re nico’s fav. nico refuses to talk on the subject. (but really he just loves them all so much he can’t decide lmao)
  • !!!!! reyna was the 1st person nico (intentionally) came out to !!!!!! it happened at some point in boo & nobody will convince me otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • nico totally worked himself up about it, naturally, bc who wouldn’t? he had a nice speech planned out like “this is who i am, if this makes you uncomfortable or anything, i’m sorry” blah blah but he eventually just sorta blurts it out like “I’M GAY” (yes rick… u’re allowed to say that…) and reyna just sorta nods and goes “same”
  • they are each other’s safe spaces!! like if they are ever feeling down on life or stressed or angry or anything they just know they can talk to each other and feel better
  • they legitimately haven’t fought or even disagreed in their whole friendship. they just. get along so perfectly. u know?

im emotional

So… this happened. I know I look super gross, but I had just got off work and had a few hours to kill before my girlfriend’s bus from NYC arrived in Toronto. I was exhausted after being up since 5:00 AM for my school placement at a hospital in downtown Toronto. I went down the street to get us Chipotle and ended up walking past The Fairmont Royal York Hotel where I saw signs pointing “TO SET - Lost Girl”. I started freaking out a little because I had seen on Twitter that Anna, Rachel, and possibly Ksenia(?) were filming there earlier this week. I never imagined that they would still possibly be there days later and I just kind of walked past all casually, pretending I wasn’t a massive fan and dying inside. They were filming inside the hotel but I was too nervous to go inside, so I just sat across the street at a Tim Horton’s and decided to chill there until my girlfriend’s bus came. Anyways, I went and picked up my girlfriend an hour or so later and we decided that we were gonna go back to the set. We got to the hotel and it seemed like they were starting to pack up, so we thought none of the cast would be there. Then… we go upstairs to check out the hotel and we see more cameras set up. At this point I honestly thought no one from the cast would be there… but as we got closer we saw that they were filming a scene… and there was Anna fucking Silk standing there all cute and perfect. We met her before at Fan Expo, but I was still freaking out a bit. She looked so gorgeous and was wearing this all leather outfit. I think I died more because of the fact that she was dressed as Bo, and I had never met her “in character” before.

I am really trying to make this short but can’t seem to stop blabbing on. Anywho, we stayed quite a distance back and watched her film a scene, which was totally awesome to see. Anna was filming a scene alone and not much was going on, all we could see was that she was getting into this fake elevator and it was too quiet to hear any dialogue. Then she went and sat down in a chair beside one of the writers, Steve, and it was so dead and we were just standing like 10 feet away from them while they talked. I honestly felt so creepy and annoying and was too scared to go up to her. My girlfriend was being even more of a chicken than me so we both just kind of stood there like idiots for a couple of minutes… but she didn’t notice us… yet.

FINALLY… we slowly started walking over to her and I blurted out, “Hi Anna, can we have a photo?” She smiled and said sure all cute and happy, and then paused and said wait… I don’t know if I can because of spoilers? And I was like huh? LOL… she was like because of my outfit… and I was thinking you always wear leather… lol… but then Steve was like I’ll just take it from the neck up! I thought she was just gonna stand in front of the rope separating us from the set, but then she like flies over it and comes right up to us and stands super close and ughhhhhhhh so cutely says “Hi, I’m Anna!” and shakes my hand. LIKE HOW FUCKING CUTE CAN YOU BE. I introduced myself and my girlfriend and we started taking a photo. My heart was pounding and I was super nervous but trying to play it cool. Steve took like 4 photos and then we stopped to add a flash. I thought Anna would just leave after that but then she turned back to us to talk to us and I said so I guess Zoie isn’t here? *sad face* and she was like no, she hasn’t been here all week! She said that all confused and sad… (is Zoie even in the ep?!) Then we said something else but I honestly can’t remember, and Anna was just like staring at me with her big brown eyes and I was dying. We started to get super nervous and my girlfriend randomly blurts out, “I’m from Brooklyn!” - lmao, whut. She had her suitcase with her and Anna pointed to it and was like “Oh, that’s awesome! What are you doing here?” And she told her that I’m her girlfriend and she was visiting me. And Anna was all smiley and cute and said her husband is from New York.

This is probably unnecessarily long and lame but ughhh I’m still too amazed by how cute and sweet she is to properly express myself. We all said a bit more but I can’t even remember some of it. I felt my face going bright red and all three of us were all giggly and smiley and then we said thank you so much, and she was super sweet and said it was nice meeting you girls and I don’t even know anymore at that point I was trying to keep my fangirling inside and keep playing it cool. BUT ANYWAYS. Anna is honestly the sweetest person ever, and I know it’s been said a million times before, but ugh she really is. ALSO. She is even more gorgeous in person like JFC I can’t, which made me even more nervous and she smelled amazing and she was just gfjhdfgjdfhgjkdfg.

AND OH YEAH THE NECKLACE. In the moment I didn’t even notice she was wearing it and we never even asked about Doccubus, not like she would’ve been able to say anything, but ugh I wish I wasn’t such an awkward turtle and that we said more because she was just standing there waiting to talk to us, but I didn’t wanna make a fool of myself and thought it was best to not talk too much.

ALSO. I totally just remembered that when Anna said she might not be able to take the photo because her outfit might be a spoiler, she said she she’ll take off her clothes then… and we all just stared with poker faces and then she was like… well not naked… and we all were like…….. *blinks* :|

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I don't understand that scene where daryl says "you know" and beth says "....oh" and there is an awkward silence, like what he was trying to say? That he liked her? Or what? Idk lmao

“What changed your mind?”
“You know”

Of course this is Daryl Dixon so he didn’t/couldn’t just blurt out what he felt, but he still wanted her to know. That longing stare that followed says so much more than just ‘You changed my mind because you’re a good person’ it’s all of that and more. It was a stare of longing and deeper feelings. And the ‘Oh’ was the moment Beth realized Daryl had feelings for her. It was such an intense exchange between the two and such a powerful moment and barely any words were spoken. 

AMC themselves said:
“Over dinner, Daryl suggests they try to live peacefully with whoever is staying at the funeral home. Beth asks why he suddenly believes in good people. “You know,” he says, looking at her. Beth realizes Daryl has feelings for her.” 
(So we’re not reading too much into this it’s true)

Daryl was falling in love with Beth
and this was the moment they both realized it.

how about sherlock and john nearly dying because of a case, lying on the ground and bleeding a lot, but they’re so close and their hands are maybe brushing, and sherlock keeps apologizing and apologizing, he keeps repeating i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry and staring at john and his eyes are wet but john keeps staring at the sky and at one point sherlock thinks he has lost him, but then john blurts out you fucking idiot, i love you because they’re dying and it’s the moment to say it, and sherlock has just finally shut up and if this is how he dies he thinks he’s quite happy with it, but then he hears the ambulance sirens and maybe, maybe they can live, maybe sherlock can make up for all of this, maybe sherlock can try to deserve his love

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Imagine Skyhold goes through a musical phase like in Buffy (Once More With Feeling). Who gets the crazy tapdance song? What kind of songs do the companions get (topic and style)? And most importantly, will Jim lead a ballet of dancing inquisition scouts while Cullen sings about lack of privacy? (You are welcome for that mental image.)

oh god, you don’t even understand…. I had whole pieces of choreography memorized from that damn episode. I have no doubt that I could sing every song from memory even though I haven’t listened to it in years…


Honestly the thought of Skyhold having a sudden outburst of musical theatre is making me laugh hard enough that it’s difficult to actually conceive of a proper answer for this. For some reason the first image that popped into my head for someone doing a crazy tap dance number was Bull… mostly because it would be hilarious to watch. 

Jim and the scouts wouldn’t be backup for Cullen. They’d be staging an elaborate dance number in the background, completely unnoticed by members of the Inner Circle as they discussed how they were going to dispel the enchantment.

Leliana and Morrigan would be compelled to sing the world’s most unwilling duet. I don’t even care what the subject matter is. 

I picture Cassandra locking herself in her room because she absolutely refuses to let anyone see the spell affect her. 

And oh god I just remembered that the whole point of the spell was to compel people to blurt out their secrets.


Solas is so fucked.