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I don’t know what this one is called (I’m catching up on tagged posts, can you tell!), but @armsintheair​ tagged me, so here goes!

One insecurity: I’m always worried that I’m not “good enough.” Whatever that means. It’s always something different, but it holds me back from really excelling

Two fears: Rejection (typically in a romantic sense, but I don’t need to worry too much about that while I’m in this relationship [I HOPE][I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS][PLZ DON’T BREAK UP WITH ME]). I am also constantly afraid that I will get fired, even though I am a well-loved, competent, and hard-working employee who has had no problems (I even just got a promotion!)

Three turn-ons: being passionate about something, making me laugh, and beards.

Four life goals: adopt a dog, buy a car, run a half-marathon, retire

Five things I like: the colour pink, Hello Kitty, tokidoki, riding the bus, cooking

Six weaknesses: my insecurity and fears really hold me back, sweets (especially chocolate), dogs of any kind or size will distract me from anything, when B gives me that pouty look, free food, anything that’s more than 70% off

Seven things I love: sunshine, long chats with my bestie, sharing a home-cooked meal, cheese, fresh fruit (super-sweet, drippy, ripe, warm from the summer sun),  DOGS, my loving partner B <3

Eight people that I’m tagging: If you’ve done one of these or do not want to participate, no need to! @theotherstephencobert, @measuringlife, @aywaitforitla, @evolutionofacosfitter, @guac-addict, @bubbly-blonde, @wavesoflife13, @manyminniemiles

Wait wait wait, did you just make a joke?

•I am in love with the idea of Keith making jokes so only hunk can really hear
•and they are GOOD
•Hunk has laughed so hard hes cryed over some of them
•one time Keith’s joke got him so good that he skipped the laughter and went straight to crying
•but Keith is sneaky
•and no one EVER hears him exept Hunk
•Hunk is loosing it™
•im sorry buddy but ??? Keith has literally never???
•Hunk looking at Keith
•hes so smug
•Hunk making the “im watching you” gesture
• Keith taking it as a CHALLENGE
•a challenge to get sneakeyer and funnier
•when they are heading to their lion
•right before they enter a room with everyone else
•as hunk is taking a sip of space juice so he does a spit take all over lance and pidge
•at the table when Keith walks behind hunks chair
•Keith is brutal with his jokes tbh
•they are always relevant to something going on
•"Are we sure Galra Keith isn’t evil??? I think he’s tring to make me laugh to death! Is that possible?“
•Keith is so happy to have a thing™ with Hunk
•he feels so proud of himself whenever Hunk laughs
•he did that he made him happy
•Keith would do anything to make that laugh and that smile stick around
•and he finds that making jokes like this is a great stress relief for both of them so thats a plus
•keith dosnt know when he started to automatically seak out Hunk when entering a room
•Hunk doesnt know when he started keeping a constant eye out for Keith
•really tho if you see one of them you probably see the other too and they are probably most definitely both trying to stifle a laughing fit

I just really want to be in love with someone. I aspire after the physical part, I want to kiss them, hug them so tight and make out for hours, holding hands outside and hickeys everywhere. I need to have someone by my side, talking with them at 2 am about all my weird thoughts and “what ifs”, cooking together and laughing so hard.

Maybe I’m desperate, but I just want to fall in love. I’ve never been and it’s tiring to always write about la grande amour but never experiencing it myself.

Hexes {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

This really gave me a hard time. Hopefully it’s not that bad. I tried my best, lol.



(Y/n) felt her anger boil up inside her quietly as Sirius approaches her in the courtyard. There was nothing else that could silence the raging volcano in her as she watches her boyfriend smile and laugh before waving goodbye at his friends. She had just returned from the Hospital wing after learning about what had happened to Bertram Aubrey, a Ravenclaw student Sirius hated. His head grew twice as large and it had almost given poor Madam Pomfrey a heart attack.

(Y/n) had an idea that could possibly be the reason why Sirius Black and James Potter had decided to give him that treatment and she was not letting him get away with it so easily. She balled her fists furiously as he ran towards her.

“(Y/n)!” He said, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Charms was awfully boring today and–”

“Really?” She said, acting as though she was interested.

“Yeah! And Professor Flitwick was–”

“Nothing interesting? No ILLEGAL HEXES THAT COULD INFLATE SOMEONE’S HEAD?!!” She shouted. Students began to look at them including some Slytherins who watched them from under a tree.

“I can’t believe you right now, Sirius.” She said, her voice low. She shook her head in disbelief while Sirius tried to explain.

“Look, (Y/n), you have to see it from my point of view. He was–”

“From your point of view? I can’t quite look at it from your twisted perspective besides mine! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?!”

“He was beginning to get too close to you.” Sirius said. Everyone had gathered around them and as much as Sirius wanted to shout at them to mind their own business, he couldn’t.

“So you hexed him, huh? Well, next time, maybe you should hex Remus too when he tutors me! Bloody hell, hex James too!”

“It’s not like that, (Y/n). You know it.”

(Y/n) looked away, her tears falling down her cheek silently. She hated crying in front of a lot of people but she hated it more when Sirius was the reason behind it. He tried to brush it away but she turned her back. He did not know why she was even defending Bertram. He saved her from a pervert so what was she mad about? He deserved it and that should make him the hero, right?

Sirius sighed and tried to speak to her gently, “Can we talk about this, please? Somewhere private? I don’t want to lose you, (Y/n).”

“Sorry, Sirius. You just did.” (Y/n) walked away, leaving him to stand alone in the middle of the courtyard with a furious expression on his face. His friends had returned after receiving news from their fellow Gryffindors about what had happened.

“Padfoot, calm down. Let’s go out, hm? Perhaps for some fresh air?” James said.

Sirius followed them without a word and as they were walking outside, all the students whispered around.

“Make them stop, Remus. Before I do something.” Sirius muttered in anger.

Remus did not say anything and took long strides, James leading them to a deserted patch of a nearby forest with a view of the lake.

As soon as they reached far enough, they sat down and Sirius began to rant while punching and kicking a tree.

“Stupid Aubrey. Posh, stupid Ravenclaw and his little smirk and stupid head. Can’t even get a girlfriend of his own so he steals mine. I bet you’re happy now, aye? Stupid, stupid–”

“Sirius, language please.” Remus said.


“Mm, much better.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Padfoot, you’re hurting the poor tree. Besides, I took part in it too so it’s also my fault.” James said.

“No, no, James. He deserved it.”

“But what about (Y/n)? Did she deserve to get hurt?” Remus asked, the question lingering in the air. “She was obviously hurt about what you did. It’s not just about you hexing his head. It’s about you not trusting her.”

Sirius made no reply. It had just dawned on him the root of his problem which was mainly because he was feeling jealous and he felt like she had been spending more time with Bertram than him. He looked at his bruised knuckles which were now violet.

“So what, I apologize to her?”

“Well, yeah.”

“It’s not gonna fix anything, I’m sure. She hates me now.”

“But you haven’t even tried yet, Padfoot.” James said. After all, he was pretty much set on pursuing Lily Evans and he had never stopped no matter how much it infuriates her but Sirius only remained quiet throughout the day.

Miserable was an understatement to describe Sirius. Two days had already passed since his girlfriend broke up with him and he has been eating less. He did not participate in classes and no pranks were played for the entire week, sending Filch to celebrate at his demise. He had now realized his mistake on not trusting (Y/n) but now, he believed it was too late to take back what he had done. He spent his days depressed during detention with James and sometimes, they were even separated. Bertram Aubrey finally returned from the hospital wing but he was very traumatized and would often shake and shiver at the sight of Sirius.

He poked his food and flicked his mashed potatoes at first years, sighing constantly and pouting.

James watched him and put down his fork, leaning in to whisper at Remus.

“Moony, I think we should do something.”

“What do you suggest? Lock them in a broom closet until one of them comes out alive? I’ve told you many times, Prongs, my bet is on (Y/n).”

“No! Although, I agree on that one. But I think we should do something to help them.”

“I’m staying out of it, Prongs.”

“Look at Padfoot! He looks like a kicked out dog!”

“Because he is!”

“And look at (Y/n)!”

The two watched (Y/n) from the other side of the table, not eating as well. Her eyes were puffy as though she had spent the whole night crying and she was still wearing the necklace Sirius gave her for Valentine’s day. It was tucked out of sight under her shirt but the gold chain stood out.

“She still loves him, Moony, and so does our boy,” James whispered.

“Fine, but if she murders me, I will personally haunt you.”

“Wow, can’t wait to see what a were-ghost-wolf looks like.”

“You’re about to meet him very soon, Prongs.”

As the two constructed a plan, unbeknownst to them, Sirius had already stood up and left the hall. He was not feeling hungry so what was the point in staying at the table? He shifted into his animagus form as soon as he was out of sight and walked to the tree where he and (Y/n) would hung out on Fridays. He lied down and whined before falling a sleep.

(Y/n) gathered her things and walked outside to accompany her friends to pick out flowers. Lily had insisted they gather a bouquet to send to her sister, hoping it would cheer up (Y/n). Of course, this was all part of Remus’ plan. He knew where Sirius went after looking at the Marauder’s map and he decided to involve Lily Evans as well. The girls went out and looked around for flowers while (Y/n) stayed by the lake.

James, Remus and Peter watched her from behind a bush when a black dog approached her.

“Hello there. Where did you come from?” She petted the dog as it sat down by her side, its chin resting on her lap. “You know, you remind me of someone. His name was Sirius and he’s such a jerk sometimes but I love him, you know? I wish I hadn’t broken up with him.”

She continued talking to the dog as though it could understand her. He quite enjoyed having her rub her fingers on his head and stomach, his tail wagging uncontrollably.

“Look! He’s wagging his tail! I think it’s working!” Peter said.

“Great! Now he should know that she still loves him!” James said excitedly.

“Yeah but I feel like something’s wrong.” Remus said, watching the two closely and that’s when the three of them saw the unbelievable. Sirius was now standing behind her but the black dog remained by her side. The three were more than confused.

“I don’t know who you’re talking to but I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Sirius said, kneeling down and holding her hands. “You’re right. I was a jerk and I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me, (Y/n). I still love you but it’s alright if you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Sirius. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that in public and I’m sorry too. I just wish you’d trust me.”

“I know, I know. I’m really sorry.”

She pulled Sirius in an embrace and brushed his hair softly. “I forgive you, Sirius. Let’s not fight again, alright?”

He pulled back and placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her forehead before whispering, “So are we still dating?”

“Of course, baby.” She smiled and this time, she kissed his lips lightly which he eagerly returned.

James, Remus, and Peter went out of hiding and clapped their hands at the couple while Lily sent a bouquet of flowers to them. They pulled apart and watched their friends cheer for them before sharing another kiss.



Even Bech Næsheim laugh and smile Compilation. 

Please if you use it for any reason give me credit. (Because i worked really hard)

imagine your otp hogwarts edition pt. 2
  • i’m in the hospital wing because of a potions injury, and i’m just trying to strike up conversation, and i don’t think you really meant to tell me you’re here because you tried the engorgio charm on your dick, and i certainly don’t mean to be laughing this hard, and yet, here we are
  • i’m a quidditch player, and you’re the announcer, and i am trying really hard not to notice that your comments about me are becoming less and less about how i’m playing, and more and more about how i look in my quidditch uniform
  • i forgot to finish my history of magic homework, so i took a puking pastille to get out of it, but you are actually worried about me, and insist on escorting me to the hospital wing, and omg, after class you brought me soup from the great hall, i cannot ever tell you that i was faking it
  • i’m muggle born, and your pureblood and know nothing about muggle culture, and i’m so sorry, but i get just such a delight out of telling you elaborate lies, like, yes, electricity really is run by small rodents that power whole cities by running on wheels underground, don’t listen to what they said in muggle studies class, trust me
  • you just received a howler from your parents, and you look so embarrassed, and i can’t handle it, so fuck it, i’ll just moon the whole great hall, that’ll get the attention off of you
  • we’re in between classes, and we both hear a fourth year calling a first year a mudblood, and neither of us are having any of that prejudiced bullshit. unfortunately, my impulse was to hex them, and yours was to punch them in the face, and my jelly-legs curse hit you instead, i’m really sorry, and we both are probably getting detention now, but hey, plus side, you’re kind of cute
  • you’re muggle born, and you insist on wearing your muggle clothes on the weekends, and i just cannot get over the way you look in those jeans, like, god help me
  • i invited you on a date on our next visit to hogsmeade, too bad i can’t seem to do anYTHING RIGHT. SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO SPILL HOT BUTTERBEER ALL OVER YOUR LAP, I PROMISE I’M JUST NERVOUS
  • you are already dating someone else, and during our love potion unit, you get asked to explain what you smell, and of course you’re gonna be smelling things that describe your partner right? uhm, but then why are you explicitly describing me…?
  • we stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections

part 1

yj post s2 au: so the team has to run a mission against queen bee, and kaldur’s running low on people to send up against a villain who’s powers are based on attraction to women. artemis has just started dating zatanna, babs just came out as bi, and karen has taken time off of the team to focus on her studies, and there just aren’t enough straight girls on the team to make up for their absence anymore. 

so kaldur, very awkwardly and stiltedly, asks if any of the guys on the team are gay. artemis laughs really hard, and says, “you’ve got quite a way with words, kal.” he glares at her. bart and jaime have both been in a weird state of “oh god i’m totally crushing on him but i don’t know if he even likes guys” for months, and bart takes a breath, sends jaime a look, and then says, “i am!” and jaime just kind of freezes like, “oh gosh bart’s gay i have a chance how do i talk how do i do things-” 

and he just kind of blurts out, “i’m bi!” and everyone looks at him funny and kaldur is like, “i thank you for the information beetle, but that does not help us. queen bee’s powers are based on attraction to women, so attraction to both does not solve the problem.”

artemis looks between jaime, who looks like he’s going to sink into the floor, and bart, who looks like he just won the lottery, and she starts laughing even harder. whatever stories zatanna has from the league today aren’t gonna top this

asinglepetal  asked:

I've only watched the first episode of doodle episodes I wanted to know what do Arin or Ross say to Chris if his being rude or offensive do they say anything or just ignore him ?

Not really? They laugh sometimes and when the swastika stuff happened Ross didn’t really sound thrilled that it happened but he didn’t actively stop it or knock it either. Chris is their friend and I know it’s hard to stop your friends from being idiots sometimes, especially when other people think it’s funny. 

Also, just, it might not be as big of a deal to them since they know Chris and get his humor or whatever, but not much comes from them as far as stopping Chris, they laugh at what he does more than anything. 

laceandhalos  asked:

13. Be honest. What’s your opinion on the role play community on Tumblr?

I think it’s a wonderful thing. I mean, c’mon we’re all just trying to write some fanfic and have fun. I personally just try and make people laugh, but whatever you try and do it enriches the community. I think that it’s up to all of us to try and maintain and be cordial to each other.

I honestly am having a really hard time thinking of how to put this. I don’t want to sound harsh, but maybe shed light on issues people may go through. Every community has people who don’t get along, they have trolls, they have conflicting ideologies. I’m just gonna write some of the things I shake my head at.

I think a lot of people dwell on ‘being liked by everyone’, and that mentality without really understanding the space they inhabit. Especially on tumblr, like I see so many people get discouraged and just stop because they didn’t get a lot of notes and such. When I came on here (I literally thought it was stupid to RP on tumblr at one point) it was just to dump my dumb stories, what I found was a wealth of RP and interactions, like on a megaphone. It’s so much more inter connective then in game, I’ve met such lovely souls and great friends I probably would have never even heard of. A lot of people in conversation have referred to me as popular, and I guess I sorta am but I hate admitting it. It’s that culture of popularity that’s kinda toxic, I never really set out to get the most likes and follows, but it happened because I just had a good time with what I was doing. I feel like some people compete with others to be like the most recognized name on the server or in the sphere and its like x.x why. We’re here to have fun, recognition is great but honestly you should be proud of those 9 paragraphs you wrote (Something you set out to do and did, and wrote something cool), but they won’t think it’s great if nobody else notices it (Which is also kinda crazy because do you know how many people read/view your stuff without hitting the heart button? Likely out of some social anxiety (Which, dude, just hit the like button if you like something I bet the person will make a :3 face, I know I do) ).

And while on the subject of social anxiety, how many of your RP friends have you met who didn’t have that? It’s like a common thing shared between writers, there’s a -very- small group of people who are willing to reach out to someone they’re not comfortable with, even if they really like their character/works. I think more people need to recognize that everybody here has something that sort of holds them back from talking to another person, but trust me, everyone likes getting talked to. It makes it a hard environment to get a read on, and I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t get discouraged if someone doesn’t respond to you right away (Or ever). Persistence is so key I can’t even. If you ever- and I mean ever- are having trouble getting recognized, or feel like you don’t have people you’re friends with… make them. Spend the day sending nothing but asks, to random blogs you’ve never even read a post from, follow blogs that show up on your recommended, send out compliments, it says it right there on the chat box in tumblr ‘say something nice’ it’s the best advice that you will find on this entire site. And another less spoken of thing, never get content with the group you’re in. Always look for new people, always try and include people into your things- wouldn’t you like that if someone did it for you?

And finally, I think this deserves it’s own novel but…be compassionate to one another. You’re on a computer, it’s easy to overlook things, it’s easy for others to hide things. Every bodies going through something, whether they want to talk about it or not. Forgive, move on, don’t fight about stupid things, help others when they’re in need. Someone not doing so well with grammar? Huh, maybe they’re from another country. You should ask and find out! I tutored a couple of people in English (God bless their souls, I barely know english). Or maybe they’re new to RP and don’t understand that ‘lol’ isn’t something you really say. Just, be nice to people.

Er, here, have my jumbled thoughts on matters I can’t articulate @laceandhalos !

Charlie Weasley after the war

Charlie: No, mum, I’m going back to Romania..

Molly: Why don’t you stay with us, meet someone, have some fun, date some people?

Charlie: Oh Godric, Mum, I had hoped I wouldn’t have to put this so plainly for you..but..

Molly: What is it Charles Weasley!? If you’re gay just tell me!

Charlie: *Laughing so hard he cries*

Molly: WHAT is so funny!?

Charlie: Mum! I’m not gay, or straight, or anything really, I am asexual, no interest, just like to be with me dragons

And that’s how Charlie and Molly Weasley got into an all night conversation about Asexuality.

The signs during an argument
  • Aries: *punches you*
  • Taurus: *lets you win for the sake of the friendship/relationship no matter how hard it is for them*
  • Gemini: *wins, quit trying*
  • Cancer: *starts crying, you'll feel bad and stop arguing*
  • Virgo: The facts are (blah blah blah) and that's why you're wrong, bye
  • Libra: I don't wanna fight, why are you talking like that? What have I done? omg, don't hate me
  • Scorpio: *is the most calm or tries to murder you there is no in between*
  • Sagittarius: lol you just made like a really really hilarious grammar mistake *laughs and the fight's over, whether you like it or not*
  • Capricorn: You don't know shit!
  • Aquarius: *adjusts glasses* *clears throat* (36 hour long speech)
  • Pisces: I'm so sad right now, I want to write a poem about this...

I don’t really know how to explain this urge. Anyway always when I see OCs or their children. I get this urge to just blurt out some love and huggle them tightly. >> occassionally…trying to abduct some. because hey. the ocs I am following are just too wonderful. 

I just want them to be happy and snuggle them. 

You are all doing such great jobs and I am sitting here squeaking whenever i see aesthetics, chapters, scenarios, etc. Sometimes the chats even make me cry or clutch my chest. Or sometimes laugh so hard that i cry. 

I really just love all the oc blog and muns i follow. I wanna hug you all and tell you how awesome you are. because you all deserve it greatly, you deserve more credit and praise than you all get now. You all deserve much more love, because you all are freaking awesome people, with wonderful stories and beautiful Ocs. All so unique and different, interesting and just wonderful in their own way. seeing them all interact with the boys so differently. 

Well, before I ramble more. You all are freaking awesome. keep up the good work and never let anyone make you feel bad.

He had a sister!” I whisper in anguish to the empty air, in response to a question asked if someone else in a podcast recorded months ago several thousand miles from where I am. The person who asked the question already knew the answer I give, the person who answered did not.

I’m also laughing really hard because Justin just named his former carriage-driver “Sazed”, ie exactly the name of the character I referenced in my last post as the only person in a) the Mistborn trilogy, b) perhaps the Cosmere in general, and c) many other fictional worlds as well, including perhaps this one, who should be trusted with ultimate godlike power. What timing.

@bluebirswing tagged me to say 5 things i like about myself and then tag 10 of my favourite people. The post was super long though so i didn’t reblog and just started again.

1 My eyes bc they work really well and i am thankful for that because i would lose glasses every second day
2 My singing voice, because it’s very terrible and that makes people laugh and not be so self-conscious about their own
3 My legs because I have two of them and they carried me through all sort of shit as well as to beautiful destinations
4 My constant failure in everything math-related, because it keeps me grounded and let’s face it - i am arrogant enough already
5 My confidence because it’s hard earned and took so many years to hatch&grow

And I tag the fist ten people who like this bc i sure as hell ain’t choosing between my kids