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So the Death Note fandom has been around for almost 15 years and a lot of fandom chatter has happened about the series over that time. Because I think keeping track of the tone of fandom debate is kinda interesting, I thought I’d compile a list of my observations over the years. Please note, these are simply my personal observations which are obviously limited by my own experiences in specific sectors of the fandom over the years, and your experience may differ.

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jokes that will always be funny - canine characters, no matter their personality or intelligence, falling prey to spherical objects being thrown.

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leaving aside the angsty end scene, I loved the fact that the three family units we’ve been given at the end of Dirk Gently season one are

  • a homicidal dirt muppet, her hacker hostage-turned-partner, and the corgi they stole from the corpse of a body-swapping cultist
  • an actual cinnamon roll psychic bean man, the ex-bellhop he got fired, and a one-woman militia with $4 million in the bank
  • a badass drummer girl and her four ultra-violent anarchistic psychic vampire saviours

i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him


The Fake Bi Blarkes Club is now accepting new members! Want to join the new, most exclusive club in the Bellarke fandom? Well now you too can be a fake bisexual for the sake of fandom arguments!

 Space is currently limited, so serious inquiries only please! 

Slytherin Common Room

Slytherin 1: Draco is getting obsessed with that Potter boy.

Draco: I AM NOT!

Slytherin 2: He joined Quidditch team just to be with Potter every fu*** ng time

Draco: I DID NOT!

Slytherin 3: He Is still heartbroken since Potter rejected his handshake

Draco: I AM NOT!

Slytherin 4: He was worried for Potter after that dementor incident

Draco: I WAS NOT!

Slytherin 5: He actually died from anxiety attack when Goblet of Fire called Potter’s name.


Slytherin 6: He literally joined Inquisitorial Squad so that he can follow Potter all the time.

Draco: I give up.

Slytherin 7: He cried in the bathroom for days for hitting Harry in Hogwarts Express.

Draco: It’s enough seriously

Slytherin 8: He refused to recognise Potter in Malfoy Manor I heard.

Draco: I..

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I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

Worlds 2017 Updates 

Canes: Lindy, Rasker, Nordy, and Lacko for Sweden, Skinny for Canada, Sepe for Finland, and Hanny for USA. 
Bolts: Heddy and Stralsy for Sweden, Killer and Pointer for Canada, and Vasy and Kuch for Russia. 
Stars: Klinger for Sweden and Rouss for France.
Avs: Landy and Soderberg for Sweden, Picks, Tyson, Nate,and Dutchy for Canada.
Flyers: Giroux, Simmonds, Konecny for Canada. 
Islanders: Lee and Nelson for USA, de Haan for Canada.
Coyotes: Larsson for Sweden, Murphy, Dvorak, and Keller for USA, and Rieder for Germany. 
Hawks: Panarin for Russia. 

Games start May 5th and go on until May 21st. 

What other people in the ANE fandom title their fics: Really cool titles reminiscent of the story, often which have a strange sense of irony and/or foreshadowing, often even go so far as to research outside their native language to search for the perfect name.

What I title my fics:

[IDEA] Crimson Frost

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Word count: 1,200+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Idea: After Peter’s fight against Vulture, Tony wants to officially announce Spider-Man as a new member of the Avengers. Peter declines, much to the dismay of another addition to the team - you.
A/N: Spider-Man: Homecoming finally hit German theaters today, and I had to see it ASAP! It was so fucking good, gosh. Anyways, a rough idea of this came to my mind after Civil War, Homecoming added the final touches, and it would be fantastic if some of you guys could give me a piece of their thoughts about this. I would love to continue this, maybe in several parts! (Oh, and don’t worry; the request isn’t forgotten, I already got quite of it written down!) Enjoy! 💕

It seemed too good to be true.

Peter stood in awe (and shock), glanced to Tony Stark, Iron Man, who threw him a charming smile, and then back to the suit. The new suit, which looked really, really cool. If Ned could only see this.

And let’s not forget that Tony next to him wanted him to join the Avengers. Officially. Tony even had a a press conference planned. Peter would live in the new Avengers facility, he would train with the team, he would finally meet all of them properly!

“Mr. Stark, I … um … I am really honored to be offered this, joining the Avengers, with Iron Man as a mentor.”

Tony looked at him curiously, his smile a little bit fading. “Don’t beat around the bush, kid, spit it out! Is this a ‘yes’ or a ‘no?’”

Peter cleared his throat, looked to the ground and quickly back up to Tony. “A ‘no.’”

“You sure about this?” Tony asked, brows furrowed.

“I just have the feeling I have still some things to learn before I am ready; I’m gonna lie close to the ground and continue being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Keep helping the little guy.”

“Well,” Tony said, moving a hand so the doors closed around the Iron Spider suit. It pained Peter a little to see this, but he wouldn’t change his decision – for now.

“I respect your decision,” Tony continued and turned, laying a hand on Peter’s shoulder and leading him back to Happy. “Taking back the suit did help you after all – even more than I expected.” He smiled once again, now patting Peter’s shoulder. “Happy’s gonna bring you back to Queens. Greet your aunt for me.”

“She … she doesn’t really like you.”

“What? I’m hurt, kid, really hurt.” Tony touched his chest, where his heart lay, jokingly. “Greet her anyway.” He smiled. “Good luck out there, Spider-Man.”

Peter smiled back, debating whether he should try this luck out again and go in for a hug, but he decided against it. “Yeah, thanks, Mr. Stark.”

“Wait in the car,” Happy said to him, moving his hand in the direction he originally came from, “have to have a word with the boss.”

“Alright.” Peter nodded and awkwardly waved Tony. “Goodbye, Mr. Stark.”

Tony smiled, waving back before shifting his attention to Happy.

Peter turned, a tiny part of him sad that he had to leave all of this behind before it really started.

“This was a test, right?” He spoke up, looking back to Tony. “This was a simple test of my character, am I right?”

“Of course,” Tony answered, smiling once again. “You did well.”

Peter chuckled, and continued his way back to the car. “Soon,” he said to himself when he nearly reached the doors leading to the garage. “When I am ready.”

“And then what?”

“Huh?” Peter flinched, head jerking into the direction of the new voice. A girl was standing next to him, a couple of feet away. She smiled at him curiously.

“What happens when you’re ready?” she asked, stepping a bit closer, head now tilted to the side. The h/c tips of her hair pulled up into a high ponytail fell on her shoulder.

“I … um … I-I’m not gonna -” Peter stuttered, not really sure if he could just tell this another person he didn’t know. “W-who are you?”

The girl’s e/c eyes widened, her mouth forming an ‘o’ shape. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot you don’t know me. Yet.” You laughed. “Time to introduce myself, I guess. Hello, Peter Parker, I’m Y/N L/N.”

Peter kind of expected an offered handshake, but instead you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a quick hug.

“It is so cool that you, Spider-Man, are joining the Avengers!” you said excitedly, hand on either side of Peter’s arms, keeping body contact. “I saw all the videos on YouTube, and the fight against Captain America’s team, and I know of the fight against Vulture! I am so impressed! Can’t wait to get the chance to train with you, and getting to know you, and I’m sure we’re gonna be amazing superhero friends!”

The words flew out of your mouth in a rapid speed, and Peter believed if he hadn’t been bitten by a spider he wouldn’t have been able to understand anything.

Suddenly, you stopped, your eyes widening again. “Sorry, I keep babbling, how rude of me. I’m just really excited, and – oh, god, you don’t have to be friends with me if you don’t want to.” You drew back your hands, clutching them to your chest, a nervous smile on your face. “’M sorry.”

“N-No, you don’t have to be!” Peter reassured you, holding his own hands up. “You seem really nice, and I’m sure we would get along just fine, but … I am not joining the Avengers.”

A pause.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


Your smiled faded in record time, your facial expression going from sad to angry, and back to sad (or rather utter heartbreak) in a mere second.

“I-I-I-I don’t think I understand what you just said. You are not joining the Avengers? Why? I mean … did Mr. Stark show you the suit? The new, totally awesome suit? Did he tell you about the room next to Vision? I’m next to Vision, too, and it’s totally awesome … and … and … and,” you seemed at a loss of words, “Like, really awesome.”

Peter stared at you shocked, watching how you visibly swallowed. Then you noticed something behind his back.

“Happy!” you called, not even waiting until he reached the two of you. “Peter says he’s not joining!”

Happy looked to Peter, then to you. “Well, he isn’t. Tony had said you shouldn’t get this excited about the whole thing.”

“But Mr. Stark said-”

“-that you shouldn’t get this excited about the whole thing,” Happy repeated. “I’m sorry, Y/N, but you aren’t supposed to be here anyway. You had to wait until after the press conference.”

You stood there like a kicked puppy, and Peter had the strong feeling to be the one who kicked. He searched his brain for the right thing to say, not longer wanting to see this sad look on you. He didn’t know you, but he just knew he would do anything to keep the sad expression away from you.

“You have a phone?” he asked, making you furrow your brows.

“Y-yeah, ‘course.” You reached into the back pocket of your jeans, pulling out a Stark phone.

“Would you open your contacts for me?”

You nodded, realization quickly dawning. The phone unlocked with your thumb swiftly touching the screen, and you opened your contact list, giving the phone to Peter. He noticed that the only saved numbers were from Happy, Tony, and Rhodey.

“You can text me,” Peter said, tapping the button to add a new contact, “we can meet up anyways, train, chat, whatever. Get to know each other.” He handed the phone back to you.

You accepted it carefully, as if you might break it, and stared at the fourth contact. Peter Parker. A spider emoji was next to his name.

As you looked back to Peter, a bright smile adorned your face again, making it impossible for him not to smile back.



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