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I personally don't see a big deal about the poly thing?? I'm poly myself but I know people have their opinions about stuff and they are free to express it however way they want if it's harmless. I honestly laughed at the sickened but curious thing. I honestly feel the same way about furries but again, everyone is entitled to how they feel, ESPECIALLY on their own blog. I just feel alot of people get butthurt over alot of things on tumblr :P

Oh man, same. (especially about last one lmao) And Im glad to know that it didnt harm you.

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Its just impossible not to hurt someone by your opinion, bc its normal, we all have different thoughts how to live and stuff. In my real life Im surrounded by people who doesnt understand many things which are very okay for me. But i dont care at all, bc, hey, live as you wish and I will do the same. 

Just dont be an asshole too much.

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.


When Alexander Lightwood was a child, his home was Idris. He remembered running down the streets, wind against his face, his skin soaking up the warmth from the sun, panting as he said hello to the other shadowhunters walking past. Maryse would call out for him when he ran too far away and moments later he’d hear Robert rushing over to him, lifting him up into the air. He remembered being high enough to see his parents laughing, smiles bright on their faces and eyes gazing up at him, full of love. When Robert puts him down, he’d run into one of the nearby stores to hide from them. He’d peer around the corner of bookshelves or the counters and sneaked a glance of his parents, hand in hand, as they crouched down, looking for him. When they turned to the opposite direction, he would let out a giggle before darting out of the store, running down the street again, feeling free.

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I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

One of the things I love about MacCready’s romance is that while at max affinity he can’t stop gushing over you and making romantic prose over how he loves/cares for you, I like thinking that it’s the opposite while the relationship grows, showcasing growing affection and care for the sole survivor with his actions.

- He’s always going to take the first watch. He’s not going to wake you up for second, claiming in the morning he just “wasn’t tired”.

- He won’t care how mad you about get about not waking you up, he’s going to do the same thing the next night. And the next night, and the next night …

- Even when the both of you can sleep soundly behind closed, locked doors, he waits until your breathing’s evened out before he even considers closing his own eyes.

- Always takes point when wandering in the open, makes sure you are hustled into cover before he settles in beside you. Occasionally a protective arm will wrap around you if the moment seems dire.

- Doesn’t hesitate to hold you back from entering the Memory Pod, the Teleporter, any inkling of danger. When you ask what’s wrong he’ll get flustered, not able to voice his concern, knowing he can’t stop you but wanting you to know he’s worried … even if he can’t say it.

- Always keeping stock on your ammo, counts the bullets you expend and makes sure to toss just the right amount your way at just the right moment.

- Might complain about carrying your junk but will secretly stash that extra box of Fancy Lads or fifteenth roll of duct tape when you’re not looking.

- Let’s you handle your own in conversations but makes sure to stand slightly behind you, rifle at the ready, just in case … just so they know who’s in your corner. He’ll throw a snark at them if they ask for it.

There’s so many other little things I think he does to showcase this, but I think at heart MacCready is a man of actions. His words are a close second, mixing well once you’ve earned his trust, but MacCready of all people knows simply stating “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let something bad happen to you” won’t protect you from the Commonwealth.

He’s got to be able to act on that.


Tangled in a thread of destiny you are power-less to change…your soul to never know peace or freedom…bound to endlessly lose, reborn of hatred enterally for reasons you know not of…you’ve met with quite a terrible fate haven’t you?”


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I’ve found the entire soundtrack of BOTW all in one video and in a playlist if preferred (and not just 24 songs like I got on a CD from the special addition) that goes in relative order of the game itself (I know you can go wherever you want in the game, but…I like it in some sort of order…) and it’s really nice and relaxing and great for studying I’ve found :’)

Just thought I might share! (er, spoilers in track names of course)

Fiika’s pirate disguise


Just vent art.


You are not the last dream of my soul. You are the first dream, the only dream I ever was unable to stop myself from dreaming. You are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream I hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.”

No but Souyo and Yosuke’s parents tho.

  • Yosuke’s mother having to watch her son come home from school lonely and depressed, it kills her inside that her son isn’t taking the move well and every time she tries to help him, Yosuke just assures her everything is fine. Then one day he comes home from school ecstatic talking about this new friend he made, a boy his age from the city, and she’s just so happy that her son is finally smiling again.
  • Souji being completely floored that Yosuke is the spitting image of his dad
  • Souji holding in laughter when he finds out that appearances aren’t the only thing Yosuke and his dad have in common, they’re personalities are similar too.
  • Yosuke’s mother breaking out the baby photos when Souji comes over….much to her son’s horror.
  • Yosuke’s parents being nothing but supportive of both of them when they tell them they’re together.
  • Yosuke’s dad looking out for the both of them while at work.He knows what Inaba is really like, and he won’t let the happiness of his son and his boyfriend be ruined by it.
  • Yosuke’s parents treating Souji like a second…..er third son (if you count Teddie) and Souji not knowing how to react at first because he’s had to cope with being emotionally distant from his parents for most of his life.
  • Yosuke parents offering Souji a place to stay if he ever wants to come back to Inaba, Souji assures them he’ll be fine at Dojima’s but they insist he keep it mind. After all, he’s a part of their family too!

I heard recently that a dear friend of mine, @forever-young-got7 , had recently gone through a break up and i just wanted to let her know that if she needs anything that ill always be an ear to listen. Honestly, Cheyenne, you’re my bestest and closest friend on tumblr because i just never put myself out there and when i was just starting off my blog and i talked to you for the first time, you were the nicest person to respond and you even reminded me to open my ask box (lol), and helped me with lots of things too. You request when my ask box is dead and your posts are really freakin awesome. I honestly remember when i first followed your blog a looong time ago, i was obsessed with ships and i requested one from you and i just stayed with you bc you’re an amazing person (and i love your posts ;)). Thanks for always tagging and including me too, my heart jumps when i see that someone even remembers my existence to tag me (haha), so thank you for your kind words and your kind heart. I love you. Without you, i’d be nowhere close to where i am now, i am so thankful for you in my life. You must not know what an impact that you’ve made, but believe me, its a pretty big one. Shed no tears, because You Never Walk Alone ;)
Much Love,