i just adore him * *

(Another “Arthur Returns” headcanon! I had this scene running through my head while getting some projects done and thought it couldn’t hurt to do a quick sketch… but then a fic also happened. Sorry for not keeping my priorities straight, like geez… but I hope this misuse of time is enjoyed!)

He’s just in shock, Merlin told himself as he watched the water rise. He’ll be fine, I just need to give him more time… Time. There’d been far too much of it. Too much waiting and hoping and hurting. Now, Merlin couldn’t help but wonder if being absent from this world for all these centuries might’ve had some grievous effect on Arthur. He always imagined that if Arthur returned (when he returned) he’d be the same as he was before. Was that so foolish? Wishful thinking, perhaps… because the man Merlin found on the shores of Avalon was a far cry from the King he’d known and adored…

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CW BASICALLY QUEER BAITED US INTO THIS, ALEX AND MAGGIE GOT LIKE WHAT 4-6 MINUTES OUT OF AN HOUR WTF, and mr mxypittldik got most of the show! AND MON-EW, Like bish she loves Lena not any of y'all

I know.

I’m so sad.

I’m like… numb.

Also because they got another cute kiss – and that’s fine, give me all the cute Sanvers kisses – but they don’t get a passionate kiss and yet that disgusting unmentionable thing (she spends the whole episode calling him misogynist and saying she doesn’t want him, as she’s been saying for many episodes, and then that, this is rape culture people) can happen right after?

But Maggie and Alex can’t get passionate in a very passionate setting and an extremely healthy loving relationship????

I just.

But also like trying to focus on the adorableness of them together?


Kondou Shouri was featured in W! Magazine recently!

Some highlights:

  • He really likes to go diving in the ocean so he has a custom-made diving suit.
  • He actually auditioned to be in Gekidan Patch (his home theater troupe) back in High School, but when the final audition conflicted with volleyball club activities, he chose volleyball.  He re-auditioned once in college.
  • Back when he was in the volleyball club, he had a shaved head like Tanaka.
  • When he heard about Engeki Haikyuu, he begged his manager to get him an audition.  Before he knew the results, he had several dreams that he had been cast as Kuroo.  
  • He thinks volleyball clothes look good on him.
  • He’s scared of roller coasters and high places.
  • In 2017, to improve himself as an actor, he would like to learn how to dance.
  • In the DVD portion that shows his photo-shoot, he’s very nervous and fidgety and tends to blink a lot lol.  
  • Since he had Kuroo on the brain, he chose the black question card first: “What are your main habits before sleeping” and he answered that he always makes sure to stretch before bed.  Especially his legs.
  • After that he picked the pink question card, which he liked a lot better: “What’s your best dish?”  and he answered that he makes a really good fried rice (mostly meat, not a lot of vegetables).  He added, “It’s… probably not that good for you actually, but I make it at home and it’s how I like it.  It’s comfort food.” 

Please do not repost my gifs.


@septicworld great idea :) @theyoutubersart (How we found out about Sean and why we love him) FANTASTIC QUESTION! 

How I found out about Sean?!

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  hmmmmmm…….. let me think about that for a minute… (hahahaha) 

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I found out about Jack through Markiplier when 5 nights at freddy’s happened!

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Why do I love Sean?! 

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I’m so blushing right now! 

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I love Sean because he’s so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so adorable! Hes so HARDWORKING, DEDICATED, LOVING, and he has a KIND HEART! I admire Sean’s work ethic :) I just love Sean to pieces <3  

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I find your zombie drawings funny cause for like 2 months now I've been developing a whole plotline to a zombie apocalypse AU and Tord gets bitten again and he pretty much adores Edd the whole way through and Edd want to just keep his friend safe even if he tries biting him a few times lol


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ok but evak going to a gabrielle concert sfsfsjsjf

OMG I loooove the way you think my friend. Gosh can you imagine? 

hahaha aww they would be soo cute. Even would be screaming every single word and waving his hands in the air like a total adorable dork. And then he will grab Isak and move him side to side until Isak starts dancing himself. And then he will kiss him and make sure he can see and ahhhh it would be adorable. They would be so so happy. And when she sings Fem Fine Frøkner. oh em geee Even gets lit. He is just freaking out, singing along grabbing Isak, and Isak - omg Isak is actually singing along to this one. And dancing horribly. It is honestly the best image I have ever seen. 

ahhhh I wasn’t going to add this but I had another ‘If evak have kids’ thought and I can literally imagine the Valtersen Næsheim family going to a concert and because Even is so tall he will like lift their son/daughter onto his shoulders and they will just sit there for the entire concert and omg I’m sorry I need to stop.

OMG SO CUTE I hope it is ok I have bin drawing him whit my OC zane 

FUN FACET : Zane was was actually me tried to draw your OC Zalgaroth but I am not that good at it so I made Zane yaaaa

(hope my English is ok)

WalkingMelonsAAA: OMG IT’S SO CUTE!!!  I adore it!!!! XD Hahaha wow I thought people just gave up on this blog or my OCs considering I have been so dead for so long about it! Omg I love this so much aaahgg thank you for making it!!!

Your character is adorable and cool! what’s their name? :D 

Dreamer: Prologue (HamilSquad x Reader)

Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr

Length: 447+ words


A/N: This is the Prologue of the new series I’m writing! It’s an Avatar x Hamilton fic! I’m so excited to be writing this! I’ll probably be posting this fic as I write it, so enjoy the prologue! The next chapter will be posted soon! I just need to cut it off at the right place. 

Alexander and Aaron narrowed their eyes at their new leader- No, they refused to accept him as their leader. He was just another sad excuse of a Firebender. A title which would have anyone stare in awe or adoration, but now had everyone tremble in fear. They packed up their bags, and left the clan- refusing to take part of his crazy plan. They encouraged anyone to come with them, but everyone feared for their lives, and their families- something that both boys couldn’t comprehend. They had no families, and nothing to lose. With just a small bag of their belongings, and essentials, they made way to the new world.

“Alex, we should settle for the night. We can pick up the pace in the morning,” Aaron suggested, beginning to take off the weight of his bag from his shoulder

The boy looked back, looking hesitant, but nodding. They found a cave in the forest, picking up a few sticks along the way. With a snap of a finger, a fire blazed on the small wooden bed.

“See you in the morning, Alex.” Aaron settled in his corner, resting on his side.

“Yea. See you in the morning,” Alex mumbled tiredly, his figure facing the fire. It was nights like these that he felt the most loneliest. His parents died a long time ago, and no one told him how. The only friend he had was Aaron, the only other boy in the orphanage that was his age. They grew up together, always competing against each other, but it was good for them. They were one of the most skilled Firebenders across the nation. Despite their troubled childhood, they were respected. He had always been proud of a Firebender, seeing their history full of glory and honour. It was everything he strived to be. When the past leader died without a wife or children, there was an uproar on who was to be next in line. The elders in the nation revealed that he had left a will, and that the person to be in charge was Charles Lee.

Just thinking about him made the fire in front of Alex flicker. He calmed himself down, taking reigns of his anger, just as Aaron would’ve told him to do. Charles Lee was a fool, he was the Chief Advisor for the past King, and there was no doubt that his grimy hands had something to do with his new title that he clearly did not deserve. For centuries, the Fire Nation were honoured with being the most regal country, and that was what Alexander and Aaron were taught. Until a few weeks ago.

They met someone. A Waterbender.

With all the affection in my heart for Liam, I really don’t get why we always hear about people being the nastiest to him. He’s talented and enjoys what he does. He’s cheeky and one of the most adorable dorks ever. He’s big-hearted and generous, like he’s proven many times. He’s gentle and sensible. He’s an incredible singer and a family person. So many things to like about him, yet people always seek a way to shit on him.

If you don’t like him, that’s okay. Just go do whatever makes you happy (besides being abusive, that is) and leave him to the people who care about him. It’s not that hard.

Hi everyone. My sister’s old coworker, Al, just lost his wife to stage 4 colon cancer today. I only met him a few times, but during each encounter he showed me nothing but absolute kindness. He had such a wonderful light around him, and my sister says that he adored his wife.

He now has to raise 2 kids under the age of 12 by himself, so please lift him and his children up in prayer as they go through this painful time. If by any chance you’re not into praying, please send him all your good vibes and love. I couldn’t imagine going through what he is right now.

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Oh heck I just thought of something really cute: San's friend/crush/etc. buying him galaxy-themed bath bombs.

This is adorable.

  • he loves you forever
  • seriously
  • if you’re his s/o and you two are at that stage in your relationship he will def invite you to join him (to admire them together get your head out of the gutter)
  • he uses them whenever he takes a bath now
  • in fact, he’s more inclined to take a bath
  • Papyrus loves you because you helped make Sans clean again
  • he no longer smells like mothballs

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Any clancy hcs?

I love him so.


-The man runs a youtube account dedicated to retro bits and spooky places. His name is ‘ClancytheCameraMan’

-Sometimes he just uploads random videos of him and friends goofing off

-His laugh is adorable. It’s a little huff with giggles and a small snort at the end.

-He has a tumblr which is full of quotes, old film photos and information on technology

-He follows another tumblr who posts lots of camera information and info on technology. It’s one of his most visited blogs.

-Clancy knows the tumblr off by heart and it’s called ‘Techboi1019′

-Clancy ties his hair up a lot and likes to wear beanies 24/7

-Sometimes he ties his hair up in a man bun

-He SUCKS at video games. He’s only good at retro games.

-The guy probably has lots of flannel shirt in his wardrobe

-Clancy has yet to throw away all the edgy and ripped clothing he owned from his teenage years

-He’s gone through depression and still came out of it on top! He tried so hard and now he’s all smiles and he’s happy with life.

-Clancy would probably meet Lucas when exploring the Bakers’ swamp and they’re pretty much best friends.

-Lucas and Clancy started off very rocky, but they have a lot in common and CLANCY FREAKS OUT WHEN LUCAS GIVES HIM HIS TUMBLR NAME


-He likes to gush about a lot of things and overexaggerates cool things that happen

-Like all humans, sometimes Clancy has bad days and just buries himself in his bed. He texts his parents and Lucas to cheer himself up and to pass the time.

-He listens to Fall Out Boy and quite a few edgy emo bands

-He was a huge fan of MCR before they disbanded


-Clancy loves rabbits. They’re his favourite animal.

-He loves the Baker family. 

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Okay, but what if Warren got sick and he is just the biggest baby when he is sick. He is needy as fuck being like "no baby stay in bed with me don't go." and like "it's too hot to wear clothes can't you just get the crackers from downstairs for my babe." he is a real menace when he is sick but you still love him anyway because eve if he is a sick whiny birb sometimes he is amazing

this is adorable i am weak for needy warren

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Sometime I'm like bruh tom is soo white but I see his soft curls and he so adorable and his arms 😳and he seem so genuinely sweet and kind don't get me started on the video with him and the kids at the hospital and I just want cuddle with him 😂😍

He does the whitest shit sometimes that makes me side eye him😂 But those curls

and everything else you said got me like😍 But then sometimes I’m just like mehhhhh. 

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What would you say is your favorite scene and quote from the entire BTTF trilogy?

okay. this has been in my inbox for like,, two months (im SO sorry agh) because this is such a hard question (i also haven’t had anytime to type up an answer hah) so im gonna finally answer it cause if i don’t do it now i might never:

oh also, brace yourself, this is gonna be sort of long.

so. this is a really hard question. i do really like the part in the beginning where marty is talking to strickland in the hallway and tells him that history is gonna change… probably because he does the adorable, iconic, mjf eyebrow thing (i have a tag for it, it’s wonderful). i’ve also always liked the bit where george talks about confronting biff and says “im just not very good at… confrontations” and does this thing with his hand, cause i always say that whenever anybody talks about confrontations. oh oh oh!! i think one of my favorite things that doc ever says to marty is the future boy quote “then tell me, future boy, who’s president of the united states in 1985??” because i LOVE marty being called “future boy” for some reason. always have, always will. so yeah if you see anything (like an edit or merch or anything with future boy,,, hit me UP) oh and lou telling marty “if you want a pepsi PAL you’re gonna have to PAY for it!!” i’ve also always liked “dad, dad, daddio” and when marty is frantically flipping the oh la la book cover back and forth screaming “oh LA LA?!?!” in bttf ii. to be completely honest, i don’t really have many favorite quotes from bttf iii… cause i never really liked it too much. sorry!!

now onto favorite SCENES. now, i know i said i don’t like the third movie very much, but you can’t disregard the amazing scene where buford is screaming “DANCE!” at marty and the whole saloon goes quiet cause he starts doing the moon walk. i’ve gotta say that two of my favorites are definitely the first and second ones. first, where marty walks into docs lab and demolishes the speaker, and second where he’s skateboarding around hill valley (i was a sucker for skateboarding marty when i was a kid) (im still a sucker dodie skateboarding marty now). oh oh and OBVIOUSLY the 1955 skateboarding scene, cause, what a badass.

okay okay i’ve said enough. bless you if you sat through reading that, cause damn it was long. and i probably forgot things so i might edit or reblog this and add things to it later on. thanks for listening to me ramble about my favorite movie (and thank you sO much for the question i love getting asks!!)

have a wonderful day!!✨

{edit: (see? i’ve already forgotten something) i also like the part where marty says “lets see if you bastards can do 90” because i always yell at the screen and say “marty,,, YOU can’t do 90!!” i also really love the part where marty is telling george and lorraine to take it easy on him when he accidentally sets fire to the living room rug hah}