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How would everyone react to finding out their partner was only 4'11

I’ve done all of them again, but the last three are below the cut~

  • Yoosung’s not exactly a hugely tall guy himself - he likes having a small partner. Having someone who he can press against his chest when he’s hugging you is nice, and it’s even better when you wear heels, and still don’t reach his full height. He likes feeling tall.
  • Seven just finds you adorable. The cameras made it difficult for him to figure out how tall you were, but he had kind of got the idea through watching you struggle to reach the kitchen cabinets. He teases you about it a lot, but really, he loves how small you are.
  • Zen loves how small you are. He’s fairly tall, although not extremely tall, but he loves having access to your hair. He can bury his nose in it, press kisses to it, all without bending down. Most importantly, of course, your height means you make a very good spooning partner.
  • Jaehee doesn’t notice how short you are until she sees herself next to you in a mirror one day. She’s not exactly short for a woman, but she’s not particularly tall, either - and for some reason, seeing your significantly smaller frame next to hers pleases her.
  • Jumin is the tallest of the lot, and he notices your height the most. He actually finds it a little concerning, at first, and wonders if there’s a specific reason you’re that short. It only takes him a little while (and a few hits from you), however, to realise that your height only adds to your charm. Besides, your height only gives him another reason to keep you by his side at all times - it would be too easy to lose you, otherwise.

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Where were we? Your speech. Okay, here’s what I got. I’ve been watching you this past week, Baker. Seems like you got a lot of people telling you who you’re doing this for and I wonder if it’s not about time you start doing this for yourself. Just you. Screw all the attention! And you know what, screw all those adorable little girls in the crowd with their Ginny Baker signs ‘cause you’re not a girl scout leader, rookie! You’re a ball player. You do this for you, you do this for your team or you don’t do it at all. ‘Cause you can’t aim your pitches if you’re aiming to please everyone. – I literally just came up with that on the spot, I mean “aim your pitches, aim to please”? Damn, I’m good.

Can I be real for a sec?

I adore you. I adore and love all of you. So many of us suggestion blogs seem to be struggling with mental sickness and I’m just so sorry. You are so talented. It brings me joy to see your posts and I’m G L A D that you vent here on Tumblr. I know you often feel silenced. Know that I appreciate and see you.

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AJ Cook's hair is actual certifiable goals

I dare you to even TRY to find a picture where her hair is not 100% perfection. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN CHALLENGED. But first, look at these wonderful pictures of this adorable sunshine child, please.

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Chubby Gym Leaders!! °˖✧◝(  ⁰▿⁰  )◜✧˖°

Here they are! My Pokemon GO! charms and stickers to be sold at Anime Destiny and SacAnime Winter (ノ*゜▽゜*)

I’m actually opening limited preorders for these if anyone is interested. They will be available for preorder until October 28th (●´ω`●)ゞ

Get all stickers as a thank you gift when you preorder the whole charm set! For more info just head on over to my storenvy, Secret Garden ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Somebody feed Spark please…

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Hello!! So I am fairly new to the got7 fandom and I wanted to know where you watch all the tv shows they are on? Just on YouTube? And I'm just curious, who is your favorite?? They are all so freaking adorable I'm so happy I found them omg. Do you also like k-dramas? Sorry I'm rambling. Anyway, thanks!!

welcome!! youre never gonna get out ;) my bias is mark!! although theyre all fricking adorable. i love k-dramas!! but i havnt been watching bc school has been eating me :(( 

hmm. i watch their shows mostly on youtube and kshowonline! here are some enjoyable ones w subs! 

Real GOT7 Season 1 (10 Episodes)

Real GOT7 Season 2 (10 Episodes)

Real GOT7 Season 3 (10 Episodes)

GOT7-ing - Reality (10 Episodes)

After School Club (Episode 41, 77, 122, 170, 182, 205)

MarkSon on ASC (Episode 58, 80, 84, 144, V-Day)

A Song For You (Season 3 Ep 2, Season 4 Ep 3)

Weekly Idol (Episode 146, 156, 177, 220, 261, 262263) [open different source if it isnt working]   

Running Man (Episode 272316)

you can check out GOT7s vlive and go through fuckyeah-gotsevens subbed tag for vids (all members+solo activities) too!! enjoy!

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I will always think that hook showed Emma how to sword fight between season 4a finale and the season premier of season 4b. Can u imagine the cuteness!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes! It would be absolutely adorable and electric. I think it would also look a lot like the scene in 4x22 where Emma teaches Cowardly Deckhand Hook how to handle a sword (only in reverse). After all, where did she get all of that from? I don’t buy that she just yanked that out of nowhere, because Emma Swan is not that smooth. Case in point:

Compare with:

This whole scene drips with the kind of sexual energy Killian excels at infusing into everything he does, and you can tell from the way she turns his wrist once his arm is extended that she’s not just playing around, but is actually guiding him through the finer nuances of technique. Considering she suggests that the very movements she’s guiding him through may trigger his muscle memory, she’s not just showing him generic sword technique. She’s showing him his sword technique. Because she knows it well. Because he taught it to her. Just like this. And no one will ever convince me that this scene isn’t Emma using Hook’s own seductive teaching moves to utterly demolish the pure little peanut mind of his alternate reality self. And enjoying every second of it. You go, Emma.

Just Tonight (Biadore) - Chriz

A/N: Hey all! Thank you so much for your nice comments on “Frenemies”, I am so pleased you liked it! xx I will definitely be writing more Pharon, but today I had to try my hands at Biadore - I’m not sure I got Bianca/Roy right, but oh well, here’s my version of them :) All fluff, inspired by a video clip where Bianca jokes about Adore coming to her room, and Bianca  slamming the door on her. I hope you enjoy it! xx

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I would not only like to thank God, but also Jesus, for Shin Hoseok

I mean, he’s literally the cutest most adorable person on the planet 

brown haired Wonho is my undoing omg

Minhyuks face tho

what a fuckin dork

But then he just does a fuckin 180 and turns into a little shit, acting all hot and sexy


okay but he looked absolutely sinful in this outfit, am I not wrong?

he’s hot and he knows it

yo remember that time monbebes thought he got his titty pierced bc of this gif?

like hes hot just standing there???

absolutely sinful

Also look at this kinky motherfucker 

ft. Changkyun (fuck these two)

dat booty do

do you see that leash. fuCK this boi

Well that was a long post…

How would you guys feel if made more appreciation type posts like these? Maybe every Sunday?? Idk man but Wonho’s got in a fuCKING MESS FUCK ME

(None of the gifs or pictures are mine)


I know Onew’s has a different theme but he’s so adorable in that pic i couldn’t resist. Also so sorry for the black border, my phone just doesn’t want to work with me. Buuut, i hope all of you enjoy^^ also send in some more asks please! 💞💖

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Hi :D I just wanted to say that I simply adore You! You are truly a blessing to Tumblr, making us be in agony and inhuman laughing fit at the same time <3 I'm sure we all are scared about Sherlock 4 and it being "deeper, darker and more devastating" but you being here alleviates that fear ;) Thank you once again and I sincerely hope that good karma comes back to you!

Oh my god. Oh my god, thank you so much thank you darling. I’m speechless now, I can’t even start to say how happy I’m to see this message. You made up my day you know. Thank you. *hugs*

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This Manon/Elide art is so fucking mind blowing (excuse the swearing) , but I'm just speachless right now. First I screamed, because this art portraites Manon and Elide just the way I see them. And Manon is so bloody awsome in it, my love for her grow up so much more after your drawings of her. You are incredible and amazing, and I adore you so much for giving us this beautifuly crafted arts. And can I just say that you carve woman empowerment in your drawings so magnificently. You rock! 😉

Ahah, you’re excused;) Manon IS awesome, period.
Well, thanks! I just like when girls are all smart & badass ^_^

FMLS90 2016 - Week 9

Welcome to the FMLS 90 Challenge! Our theme for this week is going to be Have a little fun! We are nine weeks into this journey, so let’s step back and remind each other that the journey is supposed to be fun.

Please note I have made a change to the day / date format. There was ongoing confusion about when to do the days. With people all around the world doing this, I just simplified it. 

Pick one of the following challenges and when you are done with it, come back and blog about it.

Option 1 –   Plan a fun exercise activity with friends and or family. Think kickball, or a water balloon fight! :) Take some pictures and share it with us.

Option 2 - Get some play / exercise time in with kids you adore.Kids know how to play, let them remind you. When you are done, come back and tell us about it.

Option 3 -    Start some kind of a visual goal tracking board or jar with defined goals and rewards along the way. Make time to celebrate the Non Scale victories as you go.

Option 4 -   Tell us your most embarrassing/hilarious fitness story. The goal is to be able to laugh at ourselves and know that everything is going to be just fine.

Option 5 - Dress up RIDICULOUSLY and then go exercise. Take pictures! (Ridiculous poses get bonus points)

Monday -    How do you keep your journey fun?

Tuesday -   Do you make time to reward yourself along the way? If not, plan some goals and rewards right now :)

Wednesday -   Tell us a joke and or share a funny picture of yourself. Try to get some genuine LOL :)

Thursday -  Scavenger hunt day - I am putting this on the 4th day of this week to give you some time to gather these. Post the following pictures in a photo collage. Pick at least 5 (extra points if you do more, double points if you do them all!)

  1. Something you ate
  2. Something you love
  3. Someone you admire
  4. An animal
  5. Something that shows your personality
  6. A silly selfie or a picture of monkey wearing clothes
  7. A picture of a sound you love
  8. An accomplishment you are proud of
  9. A goal you are working toward
  10. A picture of 3 of your tumblr friends

Friday-   Spend 5 - 10 minutes today sending some thank you letters. Showing gratitude has an amazing side effect of returning joy to you. Pick at least one of these

  1. Send 5 anon messages to people you rarely talk to but who could use your support
  2. Write a note to a IRL friend and let them know how much they mean to you
  3. Publicly recognize a few of your favorite blogs and thank them for motivating you
  4. Do something nice for a friend or significant other. Really try to make their day.

Saturday - What have you learned from this week from your or others posts that you can apply to your ongoing journey?  

Sunday - Weekly report time! Weekly reports are a critical part of my success so far. They are a form of public accountability and can help you make adjustments as you go.

You can make these as simple or as complex as you would like. A Basic sample report is below. A complex sample report can be found here.

Basic Weekly:

  • Weight:
  • Gain / loss from last week
  • Gain / loss from baseline
  • What went well during last week that I should continue?
  • What did not go well that I want to change?
  • How are you doing on your healthy habits?

Optional Task - Send John a note telling him what you like and did not like about this week and any helpful suggestions for the remaining weeks.

This Alternate Universe’s Sans is such an adorable goof.
Okay. So we raided another warehouse last night, an abandoned one.
And I collected all the souls. 56 of them.
I took them home and went to bed.
I’ve woken up this morning and they’re all gone. No dust.
Just… Gone.
Then I hear Sans throwing up.
My Sans has eaten every. Single. Soul.
And is now carrying the biggest litter on record.
56 Babies…
I just hope he can manage it…?



“Shuuuut up!” Jack laughed, pushing Mark away.

“Noooope! C'mon, just admit it! You’re adoooorableee~” Mark argued, poking Jack on the nose. Jack’s nose crinkled up, giggling a bit.

“I’m not adorable! Shush!” Jack put his finger to Mark’s lips to silence him.

“Oh, would you like me to list the ways you are adorable?” Mark asked, leaning back on the couch. Jack leaned against him.

“Be my guest.” Jack replied. There was no way he could-

“Your eyes, the way you act all embarrassed when I compliment you, your smile…Speaking your smile, I’ve been meaning to ask…” Mark paused for a moment, smiling up at Jack “Are you ticklish?”

Jack still seemed focused on the first few compliments. After several moments, Jack shook his head and replied.

“Oh, uh, of course not! Me? T-t-ticklish? Definitely not!” Jack turned so his back was against Mark. With a small bit of suspicion, Mark slowly shook his head.

“Uh-huh…suuure…I believe yah.” Mark laughed, ruffling Jack’s bright green hair.
“Now, where was I?”


“Jaaaaack, I’m hoooome!” Mark called from the living room. He unlatched Chica’s leash and she bolted into another room.

“Oh, hi guys!” Came another yell, along with Jack rolling out of his recording room on his sliding chair. Chica bounded up to him, her paws resting on his knees. Jack smiled down at her, lightly scratching her head.
“Hehe, aw…Hiya, Chica!”

“Fine, show more attention to the dog then to your boyfriend!” Mark pouted playfully, huffing. Jack scoffed, standing from his chair and walking over to Mark.

“Aww, I’m sorry…c'mere!” Jack laughed, pulling Mark close to him. Mark wrapped his arms around him in a hug, pulling him to his chest. The two walked over to the couch and sat down. Mark reached for the tv remote, grabbing it and flicking it on. He then turned back to Jack who had his head pressed against Mark’s shoulder. Mark smiled, putting an arm around him and resting his own head on Jack’s.

“…What did you do while I was gone?” Mark asked suddenly, breaking the silence. Jack looked up at him.

“Huh? Oh, I edited for a bit. Nothing really fun happened.” Jack replied with a sigh. Mark muttered a soft ‘oh’ before turning back to the tv. Mark put his arm around Jack, his hand resting against his neck. He used his free hand to turn on a movie they both liked and turned to the smiling Jack.

Jack, though he was glad he was watching a movie cuddled up with his boyfriend, he was smiling for a different reason entirely. His smile only widened at the feeling of Mark’s fingers trail across the back of his neck. No! He was not admitting he was ticklish! Not now, not ever! He tried to convince himself. As he was lost in this thought however, he hadn’t relized he was beginning to giggle. This cause Mark to stop, pulling his hand away and grinning over at Jack. After several seconds, Jack turned pushed himself back.

“I’m…I’m dead, arn’t I?” Jack asked, more to himself than Mark. Mark chuckled, his grin widening. His eyes narrowed, a whisper barely audible being heard through his lips.


Jack was gone. He bolted off the couch and down the hallway. As he was running, he tripped. He glanced back after hearing a dog-like yelp. Chica. He tripped over Chica.

“I need to watch where I’m running.” Jack mumbled, scrambling back into a corner. Chica, confused by Jack’s sudden behavior, stepped up to him.
“Shhh, Chica! Sit!” Jack commanded in a whisper. Chica didn’t seem to understand, her tail wagging behind her.
“You’re gonna give me away!” At those words, Chica scurried off. Jack sighed, backing more into the corner. Mark walked past him, Chica trailing behind. She stopped and turned to Jack. Jack froze. His thoughts were confirmed by Mark peeking his head around the corner. A large grin overtook Mark’s expression, walking up to the curled up Jack in the corner.

“…Hi.” Mark chuckled, looking down at Jack. Jack shivered, weakly smiling back up at him.


Mark outstreched a hand to him. With confusion, Jack took it and pulled himself up. He was instantly pulled into a hug, making him sqeak softly.

“So.” Mark whispered, resting his head on Jack shoulder with his hands poised on either of Jack’s sides.
“You’re ticklish, arn’t you?”

Jack felt shivers run up his spine as Mark spoke these words. He knew he had blown his cover, but his might as well stall best he could. He squirmed in Mark’s grasp, quickly relizing it was useless.

“N-no…” Jack attempted to convince him. Mark didn’t believe this for a second. His fingers began tapping across Jack’s side slowly. Jack felt sfoft giggles bubbling up inside him, squirming away from Mark’s hands best he could.

“Oh, Jack. You wouldn’t-” Mark paused, taking this opportunity to squeeze at Jack’s sides.
“-Lie to me…would you~?” Mark cooed teasingly. Jack shook his head quickly.

“No! I-I-I would never l-lie to you!” Jack stuttered nervously, weakly pushing at Mark’s hands.

“Oh? So you’re not ticklish? Well that’s good, ‘cause that means I can do this!” Mark hands suddenly began scittering across Jack’s sides and stomach. Jack gasped, instantly bursting into hysterical laughter. He fell against Mark’s chest in an attempt to squirm away from his grip. Luckily, this managed to get Mark’s hands away from his sides and onto his back.

“Nahaha! Mahark, s-stop it!” Jack giggled, his back arching away from the tickling sensations up and down his spine.

“Hey, what’s so funny? Why are you laughing? If I recall correctly, your not ticklish, riiiight?” Mark replied matter-of-factly, stretching out the final word as he scribbled up Jack’s ribs.

“I’m nahahat!” Jack barely managed through his fit of giggles. He knew exactly what would happen, and that’s JUST what he wanted.

“Well, thats perfect! I shouldn’t have to stop, then!” Mark responded with a large grin spread across his face. Jack’s eyes widened and he let out a shrill squeak. Mark had turned him around so Jack’s back was against his chest and began spidering his fingers across his torso. Jack’s giggles soon morphed into loud laughter, twisting and turning in Mark’s arms in an attempt to free himself. It was to no avail, however. Mark’s tickly hug kept him firmly in place.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, Jack was let go. He panted, his legs seeming to give out and he fell to his knees with his arms around his waist. He took in a lomg deep breath, before letting it out again. He looked up and saw Marks hand outstretched to help him up. Jack smiled, before suddenly glaring and swatting Mark’s hand away. He pushed himself up and brushed himself off.

“…I hate you.” Jack growled, though there was no anger in his tone. Marl snickered, pulled his own hand back.

“Aw, I’m sorry…c'mere!” Mark opened his arms, the same way Jack had earlier that day. Jack reluctantly stepped into hid arms, feeling Mark pull him quickly into a hug. He couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend. His smile only widened as he felt a blow in his ear, causing him to giggle.

“Hehe…Fihine…I forgive youhu…” Jack giggled softly, sinking his neck into his shirt. Mark chuckled, nuzzling against the side of Jack’s head.

“Good to hear!”

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I know I may have said this far too often. But I love LOVE how you draw your characters. each one is unique, adorable, funny, sexy and I just love their interactions with all these asks :3

Thank you so much, all of you n_n
I’m really happy you like those stupid characters!
Thank you for all your support!

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I have such a kink for player/bestfriend!luke being in love with shy little y/n all his life and when he tells her she doesn't believe him bc of how he is w girls and lots of sad angst, why do I enjoy pain

oh my god i just envisioned this and busted so many nuts like IMAGINE!!!!!!! he’s constantly playing w girls and just being an overall asshole because he wishes he could forget his feelings for you but whenever you smile he feels his chest ache with adoration and he can’t stop himself from picturing you underneath him whenever he’s on top of his latest pick-up from the club :-((


HEY GUESS WHAT!! I just released the second chapter of my comic Fast Food Friends! Check it out >>> here <<<

This chapter deals with some LGBT concepts and I decided on this for the second chapter because I really wanted to make all my characters identities clear. I would absolutely adore if you checked it out and reblogged this post to get the word out! Thank you <3

p.s. sorry this chapter is late!! i had an ER visit, i moved, and i actually rewrote the chapter halfway thru drawing it… more info on the page !!

Guys I haven’t even gotten jumin’s route yet but he’s so fucking nice and appreciative??? He isn’t like what the other characters say at all? He’s actually caring and kind and he just loves cats and nature so much. he’s not at all a jerk. He tries to understand the people around him a lot too. He’s such a big softie for his cat and you don’t think that’s adorable I’m-????

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Just read that you're thinking about the Jurassic Park story, and I thought I would help by saying- personally it's not a story I would read and like. Not trying to be mean, just giving my opinion to help you out!

Then don’t read it?

Not all of my stories are for everyone. I know this. Not everyone likes supernatural creature stories, so TBiaM and IKMY aren’t for everyone. Not everybody likes angst, so GL an ANbaHD aren’t for everyone. CGBtY has divorce, and MMU MMY deals with non-con and abuse. Those aren’t for everyone. There are some fics by authors I adore that deal with subjects that hold no interest to me, and I don’t read those. Nobody should feel obligated to read someone’s stories just because they like others by the same writer.