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To. Everyone who helped Eddsworld to keep on spinning.

Congratulations for 11th anniversary of Eddsworld on YouTube! I know this is pretty late but ah screw it.

First of all, I really want to say ㅡ THANK YOU. I only knew Eddsworld for only 6 months now but I have never fell so deep in love with anything before! Eddsworld is such a masterpiece. Comedy and puns, good characters, and good storyline? Best thing ever! The show cheered up so many people, including myself and I really really want to thank you for that.

I can’t even describe how much I adore this show and how much it inspired me. Every single crew that worked and participated on Eddsworld, I love you guys. You guys did an amazing job and I JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND THE AWESOMENESS AHHHHHH

Here’s a little fan art I drew for you guys. Again, thank you all, and I just want you to know that there are a lot of fans out there that looks up to you guys and love you all. You guys are heros and thank you for keeping Eddsworld spinning. ((Hey, that rhymed!))

P.S Sorry for bad grammer, English is my second language haha.

Oh, and I also have a pun!

A-hem. What is a house’s favourite clothe to wear?


From. Yours truly, Car.


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I have seen somewhere that "bunny huggers do not make good keepers" and I would like to ask why is that? I do not understand the sentiment behind that statement, I am not even really sure who would one call a bunny hugger?

In animal management fields, people who just want to love on the animals all the time and treat them like pets and friends because they adore them are frequently referred to as ‘bunny huggers’. 

They don’t make good keepers because frequently when they’re applying for an animal care job, they’re doing it because they want contact with the animals. That’s not the job, and it causes a couple major issues when you’ve got someone like that on the team. Speaking from personal observation and summarizing the frequent things keepers talk about having to deal with: they’re often not willing to do the actual hard, dirty work that comprises 98% of the job because they thought they’d just get play privileges, and they’re also unfortunately more prone to breaking rules to try to touch or feed things. When people talk about bunny huggers not making good keepers, they’re talking about the fact that people who approach the job thinking wild animals want to be friends with them are often in no way prepared for the job at hand and are generally unwilling to do it. 

If you’re interested in the animal management field because you primarily want to hang out with / play with / touch animals, you’re straight up in the wrong field. 

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I see you are blessing the world with Mishalecki porn again.

I would never

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Who are these two adorable puppy men

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Are they friends?  Did Misha, just hurt his hand on Jared’s butt?  I mean who

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Personal spaaace

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I bet they hate each other

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Wow. That’s what you’re thinking about in the middle of our moment?

Jughead Jones

Riverdale Appreciation Week (And a half)
Day 5: Favorite quote

I love this quote for so so many reasons. I love that Jughead is acting all offended that Betty ruined the moment, but really he doesn’t mind because she is just being Betty and her one track mind for finding the truth is one of the things that he loves about her.

Also, his adorable little smitten smile as he looks at her when he says this. He doesn’t care that she is sidetracked, he is just so happy that they had their moment.

I could seriously go on an on about this quote and dissect it a million different ways, I just feel like it says so much.

I also wrote this post on why I love that Juggie calls it their “Moment”

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Okay so I'm not sure if you've done something like this or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. How do you think the guy's would react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time? Also thank you for all the work that you do because your blog is amazing :D

I’ve had this for quite a while and I’m so sorry that I’m just now getting to it 

Noctis is honestly in awe, mouth agape and heart racing, and he looks away as the blush creeps over his face. He wants to look, but he can’t bring himself to. You might have to guide him to turn his gaze back on you with a palm on his cheek, but when he looks again, there’s nothing but adoration in his eyes.

Prompto is just as bad of a blushing mess as Noctis, and he’ll gasp sharply through his parted lips. He’s fidgety and stuttering, trying to find a way to compliment you and tell you that you’re so, so beautiful. He can’t tear his eyes off of you, and his gaze becomes more and more intense with each passing moment.

Gladio immediately sighs heavily, eyes travelling up and down your body until he shakes his head and grins. He’s never seen anyone quite like you, and he makes sure you know it and believe it by the time he’s done feeding you with compliments. Honestly, he could admire you for hours without having anything on you except his eyes.

Ignis appears to have a combination of the above reactions, but not as severe. A light blush will creep onto his cheeks as he takes in your form, trying to discretely survey your entire body, and he’ll be at a complete loss for words. Until he finds the motive to speak, Ignis will stare, biting his lip and wondering how he got to be so lucky.

My Review of The Originals 4x02 - No Quarter

Can you believe that we’re only 2 episodes into Season 4, but yet it’s already 100% better then TVD’s entire 8 season! I loved this episode, from the minute it started to the moment it ended. I’m sorry but this is why The Originals is far more well developed than TVD. From the storylines to the characters, I mean they just pull you in. And the fact that a season 5 renewal is still up in the air, pisses me off.

Everything about this episode was top notch. Seeing all The Originals back together (minus Finn, Mikael and Esther sadly), is what makes this show amazing. I loved the little bits of comedy with got from Josh and the sassy moments we got from Kol. I especially adored seeing Cami again and watching her interact with Klaus and I couldn’t contain excitement when The Originals came back stronger and more united.

This season has only just started but my god, it’s turning out to be a hell of a good one!

- Favourite Scenes

1. Cami/Klamille!

The first moment Cami appeared on screen the tears were already pouring. I’ve missed her so damn much and to see her again was so bittersweet.

No other relationship that Klaus gets into now or in the future will ever compare to his one with Cami. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Klamille shipper. I’m saying it because this episode along with the whole development of their relationship proves that. Cami will always be Klaus anchor, if you will. She is the only person that gets him to open up, gets him to be vulnerable.

Their dynamic is beautiful, it’s real and it’s one that will never burn out. I love how Klaus had so many other people he could of hallucinated, but he choose Cami. Their connection is undeniably solid and like Klaus said he’ll always carry her with him.

So to be able to see that after 5 years, just made me smile. It made me fall in love with them all over again, and it reminded me that Cami was truly one of the few people that managed to teach Klaus and to show him, that he does have some good within him. She never stopped believing, she never stopped showing how much she cares for him, but most importantly both of them will never stop loving each other.

I won’t lie I’m still bitter that the writers killed her off, considering she still had so much more potential. So in saying that, I do hope that they can at least bring her back again because I love watching Klaus and Cami together.

2. Kol’s Sass
Hands down Kol was one of the highlights this episode! The level of sass and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude Kol brought was bloody brilliant.

Watching Kol this episode just proved how vital and important he is within the family, and why he shouldn’t be killed off over and over again just for dramatic effect. I know that it comes down to the actor, busy schedules, etc, but I have my fingers crossed that we do see more of Kol. Because The Originals work best when it’s centered around ALL of the family members, and this episode showed us how amazing it is when every family member is present (well minis Finn, because they sure like to kill him off without giving him a proper storyline first, and just when he was starting to get interesting too -__-).

3. Klaus Sees Hope
My heart melted when Klaus looked at Hope for the first time. One of the most interesting storylines this season is most definitely going to be Klaus and Hope’s relationship, and I’m excited to see a part of that play out next episode.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk Klaus had with Cami about not wanting Hope to have the same life he did, and to me that just shows what a long way Klaus has come. I can’t wait to watch the growing bond that will surely develop between father and daughter, because I’m really curious to see what traits Hope has picked up from Klaus.

- Least Favourite Scene
“Despite being raised by you people, I’m nothing like any of you”. - Marcel Gerard. It wasn’t a least favourite scene, more like a least favourite quote. And when Marcel said the quote above, I instantly didn’t agree with it.

For my perspective, I wouldn’t say that Marcel isn’t like any of The Originals. He may not share the same name, but he does share the same qualities. Both would do absolutely anything to protect the people they love, both would go to extreme measures to defeat their enemies, both would do anything to win and both share the same need and want for control and power. That is why I don’t agree with what Marcel said.

Just because his willing to show mercy (although let’s see how long that lasts), doesn’t mean that makes him different from The Originals. Because they’ve been times when they too have been able to show mercy. Maybe not so much Klaus when we first meet him, but Elijah demonstrated that he can be fair and I’m pretty sure Rebekah has too.

I said in my first review for 4x01 that Klaus and Marcel are different but yet the same, and the “I’m nothing like any of you” part to me, is completely bullshit and false. Because no matter how much Marcel want’s to denial it, he too can be just as brutal, ruthless and power hungry as The Original Family.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 9/10

- Favourite quote/line
KLAUS: I miss you Camille
JOSH: Okay, why do you guys even need me? I know I’m adorable but I’m extremely small potatoes
Rebekah: If it’s a trophy you’re after, then you’re not much of a man to begin with
KOL: Save the compliments when he comes to kill us, flattery might give him pause
KOL: Oh for god’s sake, you were never a Mikaelson, get over it.


Like on father’s day the kids have to write about the gifts they got or want to get for their dads. Jungkook giggles as he stands in front of the class and talks about how he wants to give his Yoongi papa some new baking pans and new sweaters. The teacher coos over the bunny teeth and eye smile and wow Kim Jungkook is so adorable. It gets even cuter when she ask him what he wants to give his other dad and Jungkook hides his smile behind his small hand;

“I want to give daddy a new watch because he got blood all over his old one!” 

Oh….. The teacher just lets out an awkward laugh and calls up Jimin next to give his talk. 

“What about you Jimin? What do you wanna get your papa and daddy for Father’s day?” 

Jimin grins just as wide as Jungkook did.

“I wanna get papa new shoes because he wants some Puma ones and i want to give daddy uh… um… oh! I want to give daddy a new knife because he lost his the last time he went to go play with uncle Hobi!” 

(poor teacher just wants to teach she didn’t ask for this weird as fuck shit) 

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Gay anon here. I would never harass him that would never be my intention. I'm just worried because I've had crushes on straight guys before and all of them have told me it makes them feel uncomfortable knowing a guy feels that way towards them... Also huggable as fuckie that has got to be the most adorable way of saying his huggable.

That’s good, but I get it. Just if you feel like that would happen, don’t bring it up. I don’t think he’d feel that way tbh, but try to not make him uncomfortable by just not bringing it up. That goes for everyone who has a crush on him. Just keep shush about it. At least in person/ @ him.


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You know the more I think about Molly and the way she treated Hermione, the more heated I get. I understand that she's super intense and has her flaws but she doesn't seem to hover over Ginny at all. And I just sometimes wish Hermione would stand up or wouldn't deal with it. Like the girl is 15 and she's tormented all the time by people who seem too invested in her life. This is just me ranting lol sorry.

I absolutely adored Molly in the movies (which I watched before reading the books). I actually think that Harry Potter was the first think I’d ever seen Julie Walters in. And God … she’s just perfection. I adore her to pieces so much. She made Molly into this amazing multi-dimensional character who you could sympathise with and understand on a deep level. 

And then I read the books. And I thought … what the actual fuck?

I’ve written a bunch of posts ranting about my issues with Molly, no need to apologise for one paragraph ♥

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did you see the Travis interview where Martin interrupted and then waved as he was going through the door in the background? SO cute. I saw it on Tim & Sid's insta so I assume it was on the show.


That wave I think is my fave part! 

As much as I want ST to end I do really love how chill everyone is. Especially Russ. Those photo @jaysgirlemily posted aren’t often the photos you get to see in the regular season of him but it’s pretty much all we’ve gotten all Spring long. . 

For those who haven’t seen the Tim and Sid video here you go:

A post shared by TimandSid (@timandsid) on Mar 24, 2017 at 4:29pm PDT

Also, how does Devon get all these awesome Birds to crash his interviews. 


Screenshots from I AM GOD HERE | Universim #1! :D

Oh my god this game was so cute! :D
I agree with Seán with this game having potential for being a very good game. For this game only being in Alpha I was very impressed with what it had in it so far and some of the things it said that might be added later. I think my favorite thing about it is the name of the people characters that live in your civilization Nuggets, that name is super adorable! I also love the little details like when you move the camera into a cloud your screen gets all wet. Plus I just like the idea of of this game of you basically being God and controlling a whole planet and growing and evolving civilization on it. Plus with the idea of there being multiple planets you can control too in later updates sounds awesome and so much fun if you like games like this. I’m very interested to see what this game is going to turn into the future and I’m happy that Seán gave it attention this because I’m very interested and intrigued by this game now. :)


the thumbnail for the video is awesome! :D

Diabolic esper voice: So I heard you were enveloped in corruption from a certain demonic incident, and now pray to no goddess anymore.
from [ x ]

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why is it a common thing in the sims community to have sims with un naturally red ears and noses or mouths that are shaped almost like play dough,, i'm all up for cute little trends but this just seems strange and un natural to me, this isnt hate to you or anyone doing it, I just dont understand it can you explain?

idk really, i know personally i was just getting bored with my average sims and i thought it was cute look to try. playdough sims are an adorable way to describe them tho tbh 

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How do you think the paladins, Allura, and Coran would react to finding out their s/o can tap dance?

Man dancing is so rad. I wish I could dance like at all. Being talented must be nice.


-Hes a bit taken back, he prides himself on being very informed on all things, but curious to see their skills

-He probably knows famous tap dance routines, things from movies and such, and asks them if they know how to do that

-He mostly just finds it adorable and he hopes that they enjoy it. He hopes they werent forced into learning like he was with ballroom dancing

-Omg no he didn’t just admit his mother made him take ballroom dancing …. these things never leave the privacy of their bedroom


-Hes is mostly just confused

-One he wants to know how this topic even got brought up and two he wants to know the point in learning something like that

-He is a very practical person so he just doesn’t understand the concept of learning something that isn’t directly related to helping you survive or w/e

-Yet still … he wants to see them perform. He has heard of tap dancing but he doesn’t think that hes ever seen it

-He finds it cute how into it they can get but the noise … he can’t stand it. So then s/o of course has to use it to their advantage whenever they need to annoy him. Lance also finds this hilarious and wants to learn how to tap dance to achieve the same effect


-The way she finds out is actually kind of funny. She gets slightly irritated when s/o is tapping their foot while she is trying to work so she tells them that they should just pick up tap dancing if they want to make so much noise 

-S/o is petty and tap dances out of the room

-She has so many questions about this but isn’t sure where to start. Her main question is why? Tap dancing seems like such a old school style she wasn’t even aware that it was around any more

-Its not something that really effects her every day life so she doesn’t think about it too often but she does smile any time she hears s/o tapping their foot now


-He is HYPE

-He wants a TALENT SHOW and he wants PRIZES and he wants this cause he knows that together they can WIN

-They would totally do a cute dance routine together cause Lance is surprisingly a good dancer and quickly picks up the steps

-He acts as if its all for the sake of the joke but really its all some elaborate ruse to spend more time with s/o

-S/o figures this out pretty quickly but doesn’t mind and deliberately messes up just so that practices take a little bit longer


-Just when he thought that s/o couldnt get any more cute he finds this out and !!! why are they so adorable!!

-He wants to know everything about why they chose this and when they started and if they have ever performed and just a billion questions

-He just loves knowing everything about his s/o so he looks forward to listening to everything and wants to see them perform


-She isn’t sure what tap dancing is but is sure it is a very difficult task and is very proud of them

-Once she sees what it is she is mesmerized and intrigued   

-She wants to learn how to tap dance too! Its such a unique form of dance and like nothing that she is use to 

-She isn’t very good at it, she actually has two left feet when it comes to dancing, but s/o thinks she is super cute and is more than willing to help her out


-Anything that his s/o does is the best thing in the entire universe and he is sure that this is no exception

-And surprise! He was right and he gushes over their talent and absolutely wonderful sense of timing and rhythm

-He wants to watch them all day and wants to show it off to anyone who is willing to watch. It gets to the point where s/o is tired and everyone else hears tap dancing in their nightmares

-He on the other hand never gets tired of it and just finds it to be so pure and innocent and he is so lucky to be able to experience this piece of Earth culture with his s/o

just saw a thing happen on my dash. not really conducive to the “my dash did a thing” screenshotting thing but i will describe it nonetheless.

i saw a post on my dash that included saying in a self-depreciating way that one has “the charisma of a goat”…

and immediately afterwards followed a video of the most goddamn adorable little goat i’ve ever seen.

so if you think you have the charisma of a goat… well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all

So I’m working the Choirs of America event at my school (Copland) today as a student ambassador. Basically I just take a choir from place to place, keep them on schedule, and answer any of their questions. It’s always fun because you get to watch all their master classes and performances and interact with other choir dorks.

Anyway, I took my choir over to Colden Auditorium and as the kids were walking in through the back, this one kid stopped, looked at the sound console, and his jaw dropped like it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen in his life. I wanted to grab this adorable nerd and be like “YOU THINK THATS COOL? YOU GOTTA SEE THE SHIT WE HAVE AT COPLAND!!!!! MY DUDE WE HAVE TWO RECORDING STUDIOS AND ALL THE EQUIPMENT YOU COULD EVER WANT”

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Okay. I hope you don't think this is too weird(But it's really random). I had a dream that you were in my facebook notifications and it told me that it was yur bday. And then i was all like WHATT IT'S STEPH'S BDAY. And I went through so much to write this great birthday post And i think it's so funny but weird bc I nvr talked to you before or asked anything(and I am so shy I had to write this anon) But i just wanted to let you know bc I woke up so confused and i also love yur blog. Ok. Ahh. Bye.

SADFASDF OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY EVER THOUGH?!?!!? <3 <3 You are so precious :D I do have a facebook, and it would tell you that my birthday is on August 27 ;) :D

*HUGS* You’re so Lovely, thanks for sharing this!!

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You will get up eventually!*hugs*

Youre so adorable i cant hnnnggg

Like i just said that im kinda down are youre all like “WOT M8 IMMA FUCKING LOVE U *Throws support*”

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Okay, human wearing cute themed socks (knee length or thigh highs) and just being silly and like "check out these cool socks. Am i seducing you?" Sticking the leggy really far. Just ...picture.

i’m envisioning Starscream being very unfazed by this and just saying “no.” all deadpan-like

he’s not an easily amused mech.

but if you continue being all cute-like he’ll warm up a little and smile and hold you a li’l bit. his precious human is adorable and he wants to snuggle them. c: