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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: dan and phil are literally the real life version of yuri and viktor dan started off being a fan or phil’s just like yuri was a fan of viktor and knowing dan he was probably adorably awkward at first like yuri was and then they both go from being in an “i look up to you" relationship to an equals friendship not to mention the 4 year age gap between both couples and canon or not, we all know dan and phil love each other and yuri and viktor love each other i’m actually dead inside

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I love you. I love all the adorable Sam/Cait pics with the romantic Shakespeare quotes. I love that you're refocusing our attention away from Twitter and arguments amongst ourselves. I love that you've made this a happy place. Thank you for the early Christmas present.

Wow! Well if that is the result then I’m very pleased - I just started this as Shakey could
articulate a lot of my annoyance at things way better than I can, I was heading out the door on the whole lot of this mess. When I found the first quote I posted something clicked and voila! I’ll keep it up for as long as I can 👍

i think what especially makes me happy about seth turner sato is that he was specifically designed and written to be absolutely unlikable - he was the big jerk, the one who everyone in the story would hate (save for abigail, that sweetheart), and for the longest time i did get asks where people complained about him and wished that he would just go away!

and then i flipped him over, revealed him to be the most insecure gangly nerd this world has ever known, and now he’s turned into one of the most liked characters of the story despite the fact that he’s a character that no one in canon has ever truly loved, and that’s beautiful.

I finally watched 5x09

- Prometheus is a crazy son a bitch first of all, who needs to die, simple. I know there are so many theories to who it is and I’m kind of lost. I think the last one I read was it maybe being this Claybournes son. 

- Evelyn… well we all knew that was coming. I feel bad for Oliver because I think he was starting to bond with her and then bam she turns on him. 

- Paul and Curtis… someone hand me the tissues because I was a mess by he end when Paul left. Damn you Arrow writers stop messing with things. 

- Renee still trying to get with Thea cracks me up cause she’s just like not my type not interested… yet he keeps trying. 

- Rory is an adorable cupcake and I love him. Can we keep him forever. 

That Olicity flashback scene omg I literally died of happiness. They were so damn flirty I had to control myself. Seriously when he got down on one knee I think I stopped breathing for a moment. After seeing that how can anyone say they are not endgame…. I mean come on, they wouldn’t have that scene in there if it didn’t mean anything. RED PEN ALERT WOOHOOO!!!!

Ok so I actually cried when Oliver had to tell Felicity he killed Billy. And yes I just used his name because well I don’t want to speak bad of him anymore I mean the guy is dead and honestly probably didn’t deserve to die that way. I actually started to not hate him as much toward the end. Lets be real he was no real threat to Olicity. I mean for crying out loud Felicity still had trouble calling him her BF and said she wanted people to love him as much as she LIKES him. Yeah that relationship was doomed. And Oliver you could tell was so terrified she would hate him and I wanted to hug him. And the fact that she didn’t blame him and saw that it was Prometheus’s fault was good. I think it will be a bit rough going forward but they’ll make it through, stronger I think. 

Reporter Bitch can fuck off back to I don’t even care where. I feel so much anger toward her like argh. When she took his arm at the christmas party like she belonged there I screamed like no get away from him. I don’t trust her at ALL. She’s up to something and I can feel it. Confession I didn’t watch the kiss because well I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I can’t deal with that shit unless I want to activate my gag reflex. Also if he cared about Reporter at all he wouldn’t have gone to her place.. you know because of Prometheus. This shows he doesn’t really care. I think he was just upset and bit broken and I don’t even know. All I can say is he only has one women he loves and she is a blonde with glasses who is the cutest cupcake ever and her initials are F.S. and she’s crazy good with computers and yep. 

And what about a certain someone just popping back into the lair being like “Hey Ollie”. really that’s where you leave it. What the fuck is going on right now. I’m so confused. Can she either be dead or not and just stay one way like all this dying and coming back is messing with my head. 

I think some of you tagged me in things yesterday. Sorry it took me longer to watch I was crazy busy with work. 

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Can we just… not have hate today?

It’s going to be a 35 minute clip which means we’re all going to have an emotional time today/tonight and we need each other.

Please just ignore Simon Fuller and this attempt at an English skam. I promise you, whenever it comes about (if it does) it won’t be anywhere near Tumblr. And it’s not going to stop me and other English speaking fans from watching the show. I fell in love with THESE characters. I adore THESE actors. That’s all that really matters.

So let’s just ignore this, please. Let’s just all sit together and wait for what’s about to go down.

Because I am not ready!

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Which YOI character do you think has the prettiest eyes?

Hi, anon!

I’ve actually wanted to talk about this quite a while so thanks for sending in this question!

For me, Christophe’s eyes are so underrated. I mean:

Look at them. They’re the prettiest shade of earthy green/hazel I have ever seen. His eyes are such a soothing color. You could write poems with only his eye color and the adorable ditzy faces he makes as your muses.

The gentleness in his eyes & his expression makes him such a perfect person to look at and talk to. Look at him! He has “sweetness” written all over him. He seems like a person you’d approach when you’re down because his eyes just scream “I’m here for you.”  He looks like the person who kisses both your cheeks when you say hello to him. He’s the type who takes pictures with you while hugging you. He’d invite you to chat over coffee. He looks precious and he freaking is. 

And let’s not talk about those lashes.

This boy has better lashes than I do. God bless that ditzy face of his and how perfect of a man he isHe’s one of those dudes that’s your really good friend but you lowkey hate him because he’s got lashes he doesn’t even need. What the fuck boy who are you trying to impress with those lashes. 

Chris is such a beautiful man I mean look at him and how lovely his eyes are he did not just cum on the ice no no no . You can read him by just looking at his eyes.

So yeah, anon. Christophe is a)pretty b)amazing c)funny d)great overall and E) has the prettiest eyes in YOI. I love him so much he’s one of my favorites in the show.  Also F) He doesn’t deserve half of the shit he gets srs YOI fandom do better he’s just a bit flirty and a bit nutty *ba dum tsss* but he’s such a great friend and supportive person. Rate: 13/10

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Mod Sync, can I have some fluffy Storyshift!Asriel head cannons?

You can absolutely have Ultimate Goatson headcanons. - Mod Sync

Storyshift!Asriel fluff headcanons

- He does that headbutt thing normal goats do to make friends, except he does it to people he’s close to or considers close. He just kinda, gently bumps his forhead to yours, or rubs the top of his head into your back or shoulder. It’s literally the most adorable thing.

- He’s!!!! So!!!! SOFT!!!!!!! His fur is the softest of all the Asriels. It makes for the best hugs. It’s also slightly curly. He has Chara sometimes help him take care of it.

- His scarf is actually what’s left of an old blanket they found in the dump. The whole thing was too stained and torn to use as a blanket, but, there was enough to cut out and uses as something smaller, and, not wanting it to go to waste, cut it out and now he won’t let it go.

Okay but seriously Orange Junk is a very sweet story with well developed characters. Heldrad is like my comic bud and her and orange junk really deserve this. Even if it’s not normally your cup of tea, I would recommend checking it out. It’s a really fun and lighthearted story that you can’t help but to smile when reading! Not to mention in recent chapters there is boys blushing and ik y'all like that 😉😉😉

SO ANYWAY LOL If you can spare even a few dollars, please support an amazing artist and her kickstarter to get her comic printed. 😄💖💖💖

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticpress/orange-junk-series-vol-1-4-by-heldrad

Read Orange Junk online: http://sparklermonthly.com/series/orange-junk/

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[br] ahhhh, I love your blog so much! in the break I'll probably be catching up on all the tv shows I've missed and will be trying to find a new bujo because mine is nearly finished :(; also, I'd love to request a photograph as well! thank you!!

hello!! dAWW thank u so much, i’m really glad you like it! <3 hAHA SAME, we all got some binge watching to do  (´. ॄ.`) oh thats cool!! hope u find a good one <: no prob!

DESKTOP THEME: oH MAN LOVING THE pink-violet pastel and the gridded background in ur icon haha sucker for aesthetics but yes <: aLSO YES I LOVE COOKIES TOO!!

ORIGINAL CONTENT: omg ur planner,,, its just so adorable and neat !! <3 i love your notes too, your handwriting is lovely!! 

URL: hmm i dont rlly understand it (rip stupid me, iTS STILL WONDERFUL!!)


(for some reason u said u like starbucks so i decided to go w/ a coffee pic, hope you’re ok with it! <3) 

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okay not to overshare but my bf just said i love you for the first time over the phone bc he thought i'd fallen asleep, then he hung up n now he has no idea that i heard him im yelling though how cute

this isn’t oversharing at all this is so adorable and i’m so happy for you 💕

Reasons why I love having a Shih Tzu pupper.

They’re so smol you can just do whatever with them!

XD she fell off me in this one.

They’re playful. My pupper likes climbing onto my back when I pick her up.

Simba. That’s all I have to say.

Their tails are long and fun to braid(be careful of the tailbone, though. Don’t mistake it for very thick, stubborn fur).

They’re smol and can be treated like babies for like, all their lives. 

Also when they get sleepy it’s super cute!


sup fam, time for another korry discourse post.

so i’m chilling on tumblr when one of my mutuals brings up this nasty ass tweet to me. first, the number of retweets and likes is disgusting. let’s just completely erase the only woc on the show!!!! who also represents a minority that rarely gets rep at all. (((autism))). not only that but you’re ignoring a cast member who ALWAYS gets ignored it’s only really sad. and currently he’s not just getting ignored by the fandom but by the writers.

y’all hate peyton for not reason but every time i hear a fans met him it’s always good stories. ceci’s an adorable person who has great comedic timing and is an amazing actress. tf @ fandom.

I've falling into the Love Live! fandom and I can't get up

Sooooo For some reason Ive been avoiding LOVE LIVE, maiiiiinly BC it’s really mainstream right now and I always see people posting about it and I just really avoid those kind of anime bc I feel like I’ve seen the whole thing. BUT last week I started watch Love Live and omG I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! THEY ARE ALL SO SWEET AND PURE AND PRECIOUS AND HSLWHZOSKSJSKZL. IVE FALLEN IN LOVE SO HARD THAT IM ALREADY GOING TO COSPLAY AS BEST GIRL. WHICH IS WITHOUT A DOUBT KOTORI SHES SO ADORABLE I LOVE HDWKDHOSHSHSNSJJS AHHH WHOS YOUR GUYS BEST GIRL DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY SHIPS AHHHHH THIS ANIME IS WHAT IVE BEEN NEEDING IN MY LIFE

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(( aaaa oh gosh that drawing you did of eggs and michael is adorable ;A; i couldn't help but notice that michael's nails are painted and AAaaa i imagined eggs painting them for him and then them doing all sorts of other cute stuff together like watching the immortal and the restless all night c: ))

they certainly do,,, they just cuddle up all night,,,, watching soap operas and telling each other how pretty and lovely they are

✩Beautiful Happy Pearl✩

✩I haven’t drawn this precious gem in a while, plus it’s sorta a remake of the very first time I drew her! I really gotta draw her often because she is just so elegant, and I just adore elegance! Whenever she smiles, it melts my heart!! Plus I picked up a new coloring style for hair!! I hope you all enjoy!! I’ll have a speed drawing video of this up soon!!✩

✩The way I drew her pretty much slays my entire existence on planet Earth. Going to heaven bYE✩

✩Drawing by meh!! Don’t repost without credit, sources, or permission, please and thank you! If you see any stolen art of mine, let me know immediately. Enjoy!!!✩

because its holiday season

munchkin cats are absolutely adorable yes but they are also the cat equivalent of pugs with the specific breeding and eventual health problems due to said breeding

if you happen to come across one for free or a stray, sure as hell you should take it in. but I would heavily suggest not buying from breeders at all. not for munchkin cats or for flat-nosed “classic” pugs. the traits they breed them for are unnatural for that type of animal and cause future health problems and buying would just encourage the market to continue with it


Don’t do hate guys, it’s just sad.

Answer: Its funny because at first I didn’t even read it, I just looked at how good this is and how much effort you put in. Like that last picture. the doors boarded up, there’s food and omg I love this. You draw so well and the way you draw me made me feel all warm inside thank you so much this is so cute. I love it you’re so adorable and tiny and I want to cry!