i just added the comic sans

Client: This is the last ad we had made. The copy’s fine, but just look at how unprofessional it looks! We’re looking for something more professional.  

I make a slick new ad, and it looks great. I send the proof to the customer.

Client: This is great and all, but… can you change the font to Comic Sans?

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Archerotale is my favorite UA, thanks to create this amazing art! I love you!!! 💖 Hope you have a nice day so far.~

Thanks for your words! And I am glad you like the story!

He is now supposed to wear the top all the time as he doesn’t have other new clothes to wear lmao, but he prefer to gear up his armor in the same time because he is a silly goof AN ARMOR IS THE PROOF OF A TRUE WARRIOR! He only takes it off for the washing, and well, sleeping (which is half-forced by Sans), and maybe funny stuffs happened…? It is up to you. 😏

Ahhh don’t panic people! Of course I remember his scarf: it is probably being placed somewhere else for drying up, just like his armor.
His scarf can be another subject for a main-plot comic coming up though…

PS: From now on all the asks posts related to the story of Archerotale will be added into the Archerotale Masterpost!

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could you do a pidge/reader imagine where they go to the space mall all domestic together n shop n stuff!!? thank u 💕💕

I LIVE for domestic loveliness omg I am so excited for this

“Didn’t you say that everything that could go wrong did go wrong last time you were here?” I asked nervously as we walked into the surprisingly normal looking space mall. From the crazy way everyone had described their last trip here I was expecting … I wasn’t quite sure. Something like a black market that wouldn’t look out of place in star wars? Not this upper middle class suburbia looking place. I actually half expected to see a starbucks and a victorias secret.

“Yes well last time we were on a mission and in true paladin fashion had to make a fool out of themselves,” She responded with a scoff and very conveniently forgetting that she had waded around a fountain to buy a game system she couldn’t play. Lance sure hadn’t and had made sure to give me all the details before I left. I figured I would be kind though and just smile knowingly to myself.

“Besides last time none of us had any money. Luckily it doesn’t take very long to hack into a monetary system completely electronic based. So now we are practically the richest people in the galaxy,” she added mischievously, a certain devilish gleam in her eye when she held up something that looked similar to a credit card except it was clear and full of wires from the look of it. I couldn’t help but remember how excited she had been to have the task of making it when I asked if she could take me here after hearing so much about it. In fact I doubted she actually wanted to come back so much as she wanted to show off her skills but I didn’t mind. It was just nice to spend some alone time with her and act like semi normal teens.

“Well this just means you get to buy me whatever I want,” I teased hooking my arm through hers and sticking my tongue out at her. She responded with a small blush and scratched her cheek muttering something about that being the general plan. I beamed up at her before taking another look around the large shopping center. None of the stores were familiar and it was all kind of intimidating if I really thought about it longer than a couple seconds. So my first reaction was to not think about it and to just rush right into the first open door that we saw.

At first look it was a bunch of nonsense, just flashing lights and off beat music that almost at once made your head feel like it was caught in a vice. Then as I was turning around trying to find the exit I realized what we had stumbled upon and I burst out laughing. “Oh. My. God. This is the alien hot topic,” I said with almost too much excitement as I saw the familiar pop culture references (though non of them I actually recognized since you know space) plastered on shirts and the teenage worker with brightly colored hair and piercings I didn’t even know the name of.

“Oh quiznak I think you are right,” Pidge said snickering as she ruffled through a bin of bargain items. She held up a shirt with four arm holes to herself “I’m not sure what ‘Shut up its sprangdorf’ means but I get it,” she said tossing it to the side. We then proceed through the store with way too much glee for a couple of people who didn’t understand any of the references or bands plastered along the wall. We each took our turn trying to find something more ridiculous than the last until we were each decked out in the most eye bleeding outfits imaginable.

We had just gotten to trying to put everything back where we had found it, though trying to find the places was hard since we didn’t understand the names of the shows, when I came across the best thing I had ever seen. “Pidge you have to look at this,” I said with awe, all the other items abandoned on a nearby shelf “they have an EARTH SECTION” I screamed bouncing on the balls of my feet, my whole body wiggling with the excess energy.

“This is it,” Pidge said her eyes growing even larger than her glasses “we have found the most perfect thing in this entire mall. Real question though do they have meme shirts? Cause if they do I think Lance’s closet needs a complete new wardrobe.” I giggled at that flash in her eye she got whenever she was hatching a plan. It was an almost manic look but it was so full of passion that it was infectious. It was an ocean of intensity that was intoxicating and I was willing to jump into every time. She may not rest til her plan was done but no one else who was around her would either cause they wanted it done for her just as she wanted it done for herself. It was that passion that pulled me in deeper each time I saw it.

 “You know I think that he would love that and i also think that Keith wants matching best friend shirts with him,” I added rummaging through the racks and pulling out neon colored couples shirts with a smirk of my own. Pidge brought her hands to her face and I was surprised that she didn’t float off the ground. “They are more perfect than I could have ever imagined,” she said dreamily reading the comic sans print that said ‘99 Problems’ and ‘Ain’t 1′ respectfully.

The next hours was nothing but a pleasant blur of giggles, changing room doors and the crinkle of shopping bags. It turns out that no matter where you went in the galaxy that people wanted the same non sense that they did on Earth and it was surprisingly comforting. A little slice of home that could make them feel like normal teenagers having a normal weekend together. It was something that I could only dream of usually and yet here I was living the dream as we crashed down into an empty booth.

“I half expect my mom to call me and ask if we need a ride back,” I laughed my hands reaching out to her side of the table which was slowly being covered with gadgets and books she had got. She seemed to be looking for something but my eyes were growing sleepy and the happiness of the day seemed to be dragging my body into fatigue. I got a curt nod in response and heard her grumble before tossing herself into the sea of bags. “Pidge, dear, what are you doing? We have time to go through this back on board,” I said stifling a yawn as I tried to make sure nothing fell from her garbage mountain.

“No I got something and I need it now,” she said with gritted teeth and a flurry of curses in several alien languages. Well at least her studies seemed to be getting on nicely in the very least. Then with a fire lit in her eyes she reemerged and held a small box in her hand high above her head. “Aha! Here open it hurry,” she said frantically, her eyes burning a hole into the table, suddenly very still for all of the fuss she had just been making.

“Okay, okay geez,” I said taking the box, not even thinking much of it at first. It wasn’t like Pidge was the sentimental type so it was probably just something I had gotten mixed up in her stuff or I had dropped. So when I opened it and found a delicate length of fabric inside that was a soft shade of green. Some where between the color of jade and forest light filtered through dark green leaves. “A scarf … with your lions color,” I said gently picking up the scarf and feeling its softness against my cheek.

“You can always take it back if you don’t like it, I kept the e-receipt,” she said with a small gulp and tinkering with her watch nervously. “But um I thought maybe it might be nice if you had something like that. You know how royalty would wear the color of their favorite knight? Or vice versa? Well paladins are kind of knights and uhhhh you’re kinda my royalty in a weird way I guess? So I thought it was appropriate anddddd I wanted to get you something nice okay?” she finally managed to say in a long sigh like the words were painful to get out. It was the same way I looked when I practiced a long speech and still managed to mess up.

It was the cutest thing I had ever witnessed. I scooted through the booth to sit next to her and slung my arm over her shoulder. “I think that it is perfect and very us,” I breathed into her hair with a smile. She linked our fingers together and saw a relieved smile relax her features. “You know I think it is. Maybe I am better at this then I thought,” she said leaning against me casually, trying to hide the rosey hue lighting up her skin.

“You’re just perfect,” I muttered back kissing her hand and promising myself that green was going to become a staple in my wardrobe.


Struggles of Parenthood

Gaster’s shortcut took him right to the front of his apartment door; he searched around his pockets looking for the keys, -he should’ve teleported inside the room- finally finding them. He tried to open the lock but he was still to shaken from the few drinks he had, it took him just a few tries before he was finally inside his living room. Gaster threw the keys at what he taught was the nearest couch before darting straight towards Sans room almost tripping over some toy.

Pushing the door open, he searched  around the room with his eyes in panic before settling them on a small bump on the crib; he sighed, relieved that the little bundle that was a peacefully sleeping Sans was safe. He approached the crib resting his hands on the frame of it, looking down at the baby… ‘my baby’, he thought. He contemplated for a while how much had changed in such a short time especially when it was so sudden. Gaster still couldn’t believe he had created such small thing. 

Sans stir a bit in his sleep; he probably has been sleeping for a while which meant it awaited a very long night for Gaster. ‘I deserved it…’ he scolded himself. But, looking at Sans in his peaceful slumber, he thought,

‘but it’s worth it. Every part of it.’

((just a late night thought I had a few days ago. btw have I told you guys how much I love drawing Gaster with silly faces?))

((Edit: i added the words they are signing as captions, except one.. which I forgot.))


“First Meeting”

100% linked to AU story, just some separated plots that are not necessary to be added in comic. That’s how I imagined them meeting for the first time, at Core, at least in my headcanon. If Sans did run the show as comedian, then there’s no mistake some kids would definitively watch it, especially Alphys. Cute, huh? XDD

So, LOOK AT THEM! How happy and innocent they were back then! Now, in the current situation, they’re nothing but some “gRUSTY married couple” loool.

Also, meet one of Gaster’s followers here, in the very last pages. Possibly Alphys’s teacher and Sans’s mentor as well. First time I tried designing him in my style, but pretty sure some things might change or need little improvement overtime but I am still happy with the result~ 

Enjoy and hopefully everything is readable~


Just adding onto this post I made a couple years back :D Yes, that’s my tattoo, and no, 99% of them weren’t trying to be friends with me. (looking at all those guys who posted on that other post saying I was the wrong one because he just “ wanted to spark a conversation”)

((Error used to have a big problem with this in Studiotale. Not so much a problem since everyone’s just accepted Error’s habit of bringing in lonely AUs to Studiotale and turned it into a haven for them. 

*FLOPS* UGH, I’m so glad to be done with the comic. I got it done in a day but I had this comic sketched out with the cruise and just never cleaned it up because I didn’t have a tablet. So I’m happy. 

Also these little cuties are from @tinygaster and I’m considering adding these three to Error’s bitty family))

*He knows something’s up





Snowy Panic
Ian Murray

Another Undertale comic I provided a voice over for. This was was fun to do. but I also added an extra pic to go along with a scenario I came up in my  head xD

Comic = lavalamp-of-epicness -> http://lavalamp-of-epicness.tumblr.com

Voice and 1 pic = myself

Music = Nyeh Heh Hehe | Undertale | PC

             Run! | Undertale | PC

             Snowy | Undertale | PC


<AC>> what do you mean whats with my ears?… theres nothing wrong with them…

and gross,you guys,i am not gonna flirt with my brother. 

<Sans>> are you talking to the voices or somethin’?… wait, did they tell you to flirt with me??? 

<AC>> yes. though who even are you guys and how in the world did you get in my head???? the dog noises was enough and now someone added peoples voices??? great.just great. oh and look,i’m melting- 





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I know Goth has a “slow kill” but I thought this idea was too cute not to attempt. And the “Anon” scared him so maybe that would set his powers on overdrive? I added the “*GROAN” at the end because I realized that it implied that the Anon died and I really just wanted them to pass out.

I want to submit this to Nekophy again but she JUST posted one of my works and I don’t want to spam her, I’m sure she gets lots of submissions everyday… Ah, well. I’m REALLY proud of this one! My first “comic”!

Props to all of you creators who do this, I find panel layout really difficult. I need more practice but in the meantime, here it is! I have taken the first step!

Goth by @nekophy

Reaper!Sans by @renrink

Geno!Sans (implied) by @loverofpiggies

Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016; All You Need To Know

If you logged onto your tumblr today, you’ll be greeted with that big banner that says tumblr ExecutiveSuite: Productivity Edition 2016 that screams click me like a cereal killer in a horror movie. So what will happen if you click that banner?

Once clicked you’ll be redirected to a page with  a video player that seems to be an advertisement about the suite that tumblr is releasing. The video clip reminds me of those 90′s advertisement. It’s all over the place and sloppy but yes funny! Bad advertisement tumblr.

But then strange things will happen once you go back to your dashboard. The post icons will change, a reminiscent of those tacky windows icons of the past. Your tumblr name will also change.

New post type will also be added to your list of icons; the data post type. It’s like a spreadsheet within your dashboard. 

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doodling. my tablet’s been acting a little funky so my linework’s kinda jerk-y, oops. i’m hoping i just need to replace my stylus battery.

uhhhh so, some karabita doodles- some misc out of context drawings from a really scribbled comic i did, soooome drawings of ichi n jyushi bc WOW the nii-san thing from last ep was so sweet and i love their friendship, annnnd shit boop

edit; added a doodle i forgot! chibita’s probably so used to being a protag from the ‘-kun’ shows he can pretty much recognize and steer clear of antics. usually. 


so here’s dan’s tweet, unedited, he probably took the ‘okay? okay’ thing into photoshop, used a black brush to wipe out ‘okay’ & wrote banana -in comic sans ofc- & repeated on the bottom, right?

well by mistake he didn’t pull the color selector all the way to white. can’t see it?

how bout if i outline where the different color is, it’s right over where the word ‘okay’ would be -i’m in a car its messy sorry-

think i just drew a random line? here lemme adjust the contrast of the & shadows of the picture, i’m not adding colors just changing the brightness of certain ones to pull them out. now stare at any point where i drew a line in the previous image

still don’t see it? lemme zoom in, this is still the image from the tweet not a new one, just very zoomed, i only added the grey-ish line between the two colors

ok still don’t believe me? i’ll use a color reader, -hopefully you can trust numbers- this is pulling the colors straight from the image so my screen has nothing to do with it. so here’s the white part of the image, -yes i enlarged the cursor bigger so you could see it-

now here’s the pink part, close to the letters

white has equal levels of red, green & blue while the color daniel used has more red in it than green & blue thus causing it to look pink

its a slight difference, the numbers show you how slight it is, but it is different, i made that post teasing dan -outta love- bc this isn’t a big deal & honestly i thought it was cute, dan was in a rush to make this photo, he’s busy, he has things to do but he’s still willing to open photoshop just to make a tweet for us.