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Things get slightly more suspicious.

Also Undyne don’t call your future wife a dead end, that’s just rude omg.


…I… I actually did this I can’t believe myself…I’ll go hide now for the rest of my life >_>;;

I have to apologize for changing some of the dialogues,since some of them were wrong or didn’t fit the song.

Also sorry for the weird laughing and stuff,I can’t laugh properly even when I’m actually doing it xD

You can see the original comic created by @rahafwabas here ^^
Also the picture that I used in the middle of the song was made my @jokublog and you can see it here :D

Nightmare!Sans and Dream!Sans belong to @jokublog
Cross!Sans belongs to @jakei95
Killer!Sans belongs to @rahafwabas
Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies
Murder!Sans belongs to @ask-dusttale
Horror!Sans belongs to @sour-apple-studios
Swapfell!Sans belongs to ???
Here’s the instrumental that I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq6kiHH_Kwg


“First Meeting”

100% linked to AU story, just some separated plots that are not necessary to be added in comic. That’s how I imagined them meeting for the first time, at Core, at least in my headcanon. If Sans did run the show as comedian, then there’s no mistake some kids would definitively watch it, especially Alphys. Cute, huh? XDD

So, LOOK AT THEM! How happy and innocent they were back then! Now, in the current situation, they’re nothing but some “gRUSTY married couple” loool.

Also, meet one of Gaster’s followers here, in the very last pages. Possibly Alphys’s teacher and Sans’s mentor as well. First time I tried designing him in my style, but pretty sure some things might change or need little improvement overtime but I am still happy with the result~ 

Enjoy and hopefully everything is readable~


<AC>> what do you mean whats with my ears?… theres nothing wrong with them…

and gross,you guys,i am not gonna flirt with my brother. 

<Sans>> are you talking to the voices or somethin’?… wait, did they tell you to flirt with me??? 

<AC>> yes. though who even are you guys and how in the world did you get in my head???? the dog noises was enough and now someone added peoples voices??? great.just great. oh and look,i’m melting- 





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Snowy Panic
Ian Murray

Another Undertale comic I provided a voice over for. This was was fun to do. but I also added an extra pic to go along with a scenario I came up in my  head xD

Comic = lavalamp-of-epicness -> http://lavalamp-of-epicness.tumblr.com

Voice and 1 pic = myself

Music = Nyeh Heh Hehe | Undertale | PC

             Run! | Undertale | PC

             Snowy | Undertale | PC

modeling goals

pb_sans.mdl: flexed eyesockets, non-flexed mouth, follows sprite head shape

pb_comic_sans.mdl: flexed eyesockets, flexed mouth, follows fanart head shape

i know adding cheekbones on sans would be weird for some people but I’m putting it in for style consistency because my Papyrus model has those too (and other realistic-cartoony bits), for me, those zygomatics would translate to a skeleton’s cheeks that puff up when they smile

slippers, sneakers, shirt and turtleneck bodygroups would be available for both models its just that making the head with functional flexes would take long, I spent 2-3 days on Papyrus’ head but prolly shorter with sans since I’ve already learned a lot about flexes in those days… but then i still have to learn iris flexes

thats enough model function ramblings, you’ll find out more when its done, i won’t be able to work on this soon since im doing some commissions and still have to finish my own vid using my papyrus model


so here’s dan’s tweet, unedited, he probably took the ‘okay? okay’ thing into photoshop, used a black brush to wipe out ‘okay’ & wrote banana -in comic sans ofc- & repeated on the bottom, right?

well by mistake he didn’t pull the color selector all the way to white. can’t see it?

how bout if i outline where the different color is, it’s right over where the word ‘okay’ would be -i’m in a car its messy sorry-

think i just drew a random line? here lemme adjust the contrast of the & shadows of the picture, i’m not adding colors just changing the brightness of certain ones to pull them out. now stare at any point where i drew a line in the previous image

still don’t see it? lemme zoom in, this is still the image from the tweet not a new one, just very zoomed, i only added the grey-ish line between the two colors

ok still don’t believe me? i’ll use a color reader, -hopefully you can trust numbers- this is pulling the colors straight from the image so my screen has nothing to do with it. so here’s the white part of the image, -yes i enlarged the cursor bigger so you could see it-

now here’s the pink part, close to the letters

white has equal levels of red, green & blue while the color daniel used has more red in it than green & blue thus causing it to look pink

its a slight difference, the numbers show you how slight it is, but it is different, i made that post teasing dan -outta love- bc this isn’t a big deal & honestly i thought it was cute, dan was in a rush to make this photo, he’s busy, he has things to do but he’s still willing to open photoshop just to make a tweet for us.