i just accidently deleted this


A few pages out of an oingoing project based on synesthesia. The rules are : I can listen to the song once to decide on the exact shape and palette, and once to paint for the duration of the song.


Wanted to make my big return because I started feeling better and now the rp is on hiatus- my luck. I never experienced a group hiatus so this is new-

Ah, I’m so sad. This has been one of the nicest rps I have ever been in and you all are so amazing (admins you too you are the sweetest bless)

Your characters are all so beautiful I don’t want to miss them. If you guys ever wanna talk or continue something or whatever I’m always here. Just hit me up in the dm’s. 

I might finish my replies because I don’t like abandoning them in my concepts but who knows.

 And again if you guys ever wanna do something I’m here- 

Ahh, *is too attached to Noeul to let him go*


Enter Midnight Star Part 5 B


((so it seems that i accidentally deleted this too, mobile tumblr is ass ain’t it? Other than that nothing is different, just need to make sure i don’t delete posts on accident. Next update is coming, should be out by the end of march))

Hey, I'll be on a lot less today but I'm not dead!!!

I just deleted the Tumblr app from my phone by accident and Apple is being a bitch and not letting me re-download it.

..don’t ask how you accidentally delete an app it was two in the morning