i just *have* to make something or i will burst from feels

this is probably kinda messy but i just really need to get all my Trollhunters thoughts out before I burst. beware of spoilers, my dudes.

I love that I feel some, if even a small bit, of sympathy for each of the “villains” in the show. Draal begins as Jim’s first major adversary wanting to be the Trollhunter, but as he steadily becomes a close ally we learn all Draal wanted from the title, from beating Jim, was to make his father proud, something he learns to do by helping Jim instead of going against him. Strickler is a ruthless and cunning guy who literally admits to being power hungry and only having his own best interests in mind, but he has a soft spot for Barbara that brings out his more human side, that makes me feel bad for him despite everything. NotEnrique is a (quite literally) shifty, selfish brat that betrays Jim and co. before officially moving to their side, but his genuine care for Claire and her feelings, the budding sibling relationship they grow to have, makes me like him, makes me sad to think about him leaving after Claire gets Enrique back. Angor Rot is a cruel hunter who enjoys torturing and destroying souls, but the flashback where we learn he’s so bitter because his own soul is trapped in a ring and he wants to be free, made my heart clench when the ring shattered right before his eyes. Even the little gnomes who are shown to be selfish and mischievous, are shown another side by Chompski, another turned ally of Jim’s, who just wanted a home.

The characters are multi-dimensional, and because of this we see gray spaces among them. NotEnrique especially goes back and forth for awhile before settling his allegiance with Claire, but I appreciate the gradual change as opposed to a sudden one because it feels more realistic. You can feel that inner conflict going on. It becomes very clear that villains are people (creatures, whatever) too who see themselves as doing right but are capable of shifting their perspective into a new idea of right. Aaarrrgh is another great example of this. He used to fight with the GumGum long ago, but then realized he was wrong and dedicated his life to repenting for all the death he caused, choosing to do good and be a pacifist instead. The show doesn’t define by fixed black and white, but by the choices characters make. This extends to the “heroes” too.

The best example probably being when Jim faced the ethical dilemma of trusting Angor Rot to follow through on their deal or not. Both of his friends stood for these opposite choices; Toby wanted Jim to trust Angor Rot and hand the ring over, and Claire wanted Jim to keep the ring and control Angor Rot with it instead. It’s hard to say what the better choice is because both raise good points. Ultimately Jim seemed to lean more Claire’s way, going a step further and trying to steal the Killing Stone from right under Angor Rot’s nose, but that backfired horrendously resulting in the ring shattering and utterly destroying any chance of some sort of truce/alliance ever forming between them. Angor Rot was after blood from then on out, putting Jim, his friends, and all of Troll Market in serious danger. We don’t know if all of that could’ve been prevented had Jim acted differently, we don’t know if something worse would’ve happened had Jim acted differently, but it just goes to show the moral complexity behind ethical decisions like that, something I deeply appreciate the inclusion of. Its great writing.

Jim is faced with smaller decisions of this nature as well, such as when he lies to his mom once more after promising to tell her the truth when she recovers and doesn’t remember anything again, though we have yet to see the outcome of this decision, whether its the better course of action or not, as again each choice has its drawbacks and benefits.

That said, I find Jim’s character progression in a moral sense very interesting, particularly when it comes to “finishing the fight”. The story begins with Jim vehemently against this, choosing to spare lives like Draal’s (”House rules. Not mine.”), going so far as to start a speech in front of the disappointed trolls about how he doesn’t want to live by their rules until he’s yanked off stage by Blinky. This continues up until about the middle of the season when he has to kill Gunmar’s son out of self defense. My first thought watching that scene was ‘Oh no. The first kill’ He was trying to dance around it in the fight, trying to get out of doing it, but in the end he couldn’t get out of it. Kill or be killed. And as the stone body tumbles into the water, you see Jim’s conflicting emotions on his face. You see the resignation, the realization that this is something he’s gonna have to do sometimes whether he likes it or not, and your heart breaks a little for him. Then in the finale Jim doesn’t hesitate, jamming Angor Rot’s sword right through his own chest without looking back.

And it hurts, watching this young, loving kid realizing you can’t spare everyone, having to adapt to this harsh warrior lifestyle so suddenly, but its realistic development. Too many times stories will try to argue that killing the villain makes you just as bad as them, but that’s just not how it works. That’s not how war works. It’d be nice in theory if everyone could be spared, but that’s not reality and Trollhunters does a great job of showing that, and the emotional burden that comes with it.

Switching gears a bit, there’s a decent amount of foreshadowing of Jim’s father having been a changeling, and consequently Jim having some of that troll/changeling blood in his veins as well; his father’s mysterious sudden disappearance, the fact that the amulet has only ever chosen those with troll blood before, the quip about Stickler being a changeling “If he’s one, I’m one” in which we find out later Stickler is one. I don’t know if the theory’s true or not (it would explain how the amulet could’ve chosen Jim), but I wanna play around with it for a sec, as well as the Daylight and Eclipse powers, in relation to the morally gray spaces in the show.

If Jim is part troll/changeling, it would symbolically represent the amulet really well; Daylight representing his humanity, Eclipse representing the changeling. On the surface, like a human compared to a changeling, Daylight seems more “good” than Eclipse. The suit’s blue and silver, there’s no ill intent behind wanting “the glory of Merlin”, and Blinky says Jim’s (as well as all humans’) greatest strength is their ability to love each other. Whereas Eclipse is black and red, is drawn from Gunmar’s eye, is to be used “for the doom of Gunmar”. But, like a human and a changeling, despite appearances, neither force is more inherently good or bad. Humans are capable of doing evil, and Daylight is capable of being used for evil, like when Angor Rot was using Daylight against Jim. Changelings/any creature from the GumGum are capable of doing good, like NotEnrique and Aaarrrgh, and Eclipse is capable of being used for good. Nothing is inherent, nothing is all good or all bad, all that matters is your choices, how you choose to wield those powers, what kind of person you choose to be.

And Jim himself would be the amulet that binds these two forces together. He is neither all human or all troll, all light or all darkness, all good or all bad. He is not one side of the coin or the other. He is the coin itself. He is the literal balance of these forces, bridging the gap between them as well as the gap between the “good” creatures and the “bad” creatures, and then all the creatures and the humans. He commands these forces. Regardless of appearance, regardless of blood, he gets to choose how they’re used and what kind of person he is, and that is what defines Jim. Not either or, but both. Both sides embraced together. That is of course if Jim really is not all human. It’s certainly something I’d like to see.

living with schizophrenia is living with the fact that every day i can just suddenly change who i am completely, that i might not remember anything that happened before last month, that i might not be able to distinguish my friends from any other people on the street. 

i try to think, ‘what do i like doing?’ and every day, that answer is vastly different. i hyperfocus on one thing usually every week or couple of days to try and feel something. 

i try to think, ‘what makes me happy?’ and every day, that answer changes - sometimes it’s everything, sometimes nothing at all. i can go an entire day filled with fuzz and not much else, disconnected from everyone around me, like there’s a glass wall between higher consciousness and what i feel. i don’t know how to explain it. 

some days i feel so much, my heart is bursting & i have so much love to give, i cry with how much of it i feel and some days i just do nothing but stare at a wall.

i try to think, ‘what do i like about myself?’ and some days i can come up with so much, and other days i look in the mirror and i can’t mentally grasp there’s a person there and that person is me. i look like a completely different person every day, it’s like i’m seeing myself for the first time and don’t recognize anything about myself. 

i try to think, ‘how do i feel about X?’ and every day the answer is different, every day it gets harder and harder to articulate myself, i have to write everything down to sound coherent, talking trips me up and halfway through sentences i’ll completely, suddenly, forget everything i was saying or thinking about. it’ll just be gone. i stutter over simple words, i can’t defend myself except in writing.

i try to think, ‘this is real and i am real’ but it’s so hard to think that when i can dissociate out of most pain, i can will myself to feel nothing and it gets so much easier to feel that way than anything else and i can’t remember how to feel in a normal and consistent way. i think that none of this can be real, and it affects how i live my life, i take entire days thinking about what i would do if it turned out none of this was real and how i would deal with my new life in wherever i was taken. 

i get lost in delusions and sometimes i just never come out of them. it can be really disheartening. it’s kind of scary. and i’m really afraid of it getting worse the older i get and i’m afraid of people disappearing. that’s why i’m really glad usernames and stuff exist because otherwise i’d probably just not know anything. it takes me months to get used to it when someone changes their icon/user and usually if they change them at the same time i never really get the same image back. it’s so frustrating. idk why i’m writing this. i just feel like i needed to?

Mistake pt. 1 [Jimin Angst]

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“One stupid mistake can change everything.”

Part 2

“Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I’m still here. I want to leave so bad but I can’t”

“It’s because you don’t love her anymore and probably have never loved her either. You just don’t want to break her.”

You were standing behind the slightly open door that lead you in to your shared bedroom. You wanted to burst in there and let him know that you knew and that you heard all of it. You wanted to make him feel like shit, guilty, for breaking you. But you didn’t want to see him in bed, with her.

“Why don’t you just leave? You will hurt her more if you saty.” You heard her ask him. You knew from the beginning that she had feelings for him. There was no ‘just friends’ between the two of them. Jimin would always say that you were stupid for thinking that they could be something more than friends.

But you weren’t dumb because you were right. It did happen.

“I should. But I’m still unsure about my feelings for her. It’s like, I want her, but then I want you. But I wished she was a bit more like you. You’re the perfect one for me and I regret not choosing you two years ago.” You shut your eyes, your fists clenching. It hurt too much for you to breathe properly.

Everything was breaking, especially your heart. It felt like someone was holding a knife that repeatedly stabbed you where it hurt the most. It felt like nothing was worthy anymore. Nothing could make the pain go away. Not even time.

“It’s in the past, Jimin, don’t think about it. The important thing now is to make the right decision.” The right decision? To leave you?

“I love you, Naru.”

The feelings that you were feeling were something you never wanted to go through again. 

Was this the meaning of love? Was love supposed to bring you happiness before breaking you into peices? Was it supposed to be like this? Were you supposed to fall in love to only get your heart broken?

I love you, Naru.

Love you, Y/N.

The difference.

You turned around before walking out of the house, leaving them behind. The house where you once shared happy memories togetherm you and him. Laughing, smiling and loving. All that was now gone and to say it broke you was obvious.

Did he lie to you all this time? Did he ever love you, like Naru said? Or was all this just a stupid misatke?

You couldn’t stop thinking that this might have been your fault, all of it. That all this time, loving him was a big, mistake. It might has been a mistake to care and to love him more than he ever would and could love and care for you. Perhaps, you were the one to blame for loving to hard and for falling for him.

Perhaps this was the meaning with love. To break and to heal. But were you ever going to heal from this nightmare? Will you be able to forget about this day? Will you be able to look back on this day and not think about how broken and hurt you were?

Were you going to get through this? You had not a single clue, no answers about it because deep down, you were already broken into a million pieces that were impossible to heal.

The road that you were walking down felt like a never ending road to hell. Every step that you took, every breathe that you took and every tear that you let fall, everything reminded you of his words.

“You’re the perfect one for me.”

“I regret not choosing you two years ago.”

“I love you, Naru.”

Where were you going? You had no idea, you just kept walking while your phone was ringing until you no longer had the energy to take another step. It was dark, rainy and cold. You missed sleeping in your warm bed. You missed smiling brightly at him and giving him a good night kiss. You missed being near his touch, feeling loved by the one and only in your life.

Where were you going after this? Home? Home to America? A place where you once left just to follow him to his home, Korea? Leaving without your parents permission. Were they even going to accept you after all these years?

No one could hear you, not during this time of the night and not with all the rain drops falling down like a waterfall. But there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the rain and in the middle of the pain, you broke down in tears adn nothing could stop you from breaking apart.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, please answer me,” Jimin shouted on his phone before throwing it on the bed. Where the hell were you? He placed a hand on the wall, took a deep breath to try to calm down. But it didn’t work and he ended up punching the wall, again.

It had been a week since the last time he saw you. Jimin thought that maybe he would be able to enjoy life after that you left. That Naru might had been right about him leaving you as the right decision. But after only two days, he felt like his whole life had collapsed. Days without you didn’t feel as bright. Nights without you were cold and empty.

But where were you? He hadn’t even told you anything about breaking up. The two of you didn’t even have a fight before you disappeared. Where could you be?

“Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, she heard your conversation with Naru? Y/N came by the dorm and asked for you because apperently you had told her that you wanted to hand out with us for the rest of the day. But since you weren’t therem she left to go home.” Taehyung said thinking back to that  rainy day.

“Oh, hi Y/N. What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked, surprised to see you there. The weather was terrible and your clothes was wet from the rain. “Hi, is Jimin here?” You asked, trying to ignore the fact that you were freezing to death.

“Uhm, no. Why?”

“Oh… no, it’s just, he told me that he would be here because he wanted  to have some alone time with you guys. I’m just here to give him his phone that he forgot at home.” You said truthfully and handed him Jimin’s phone.

“I’ll give this to him when he arrives. Do you want to stay? The weather’s horrible and you’re going to get sick.” Taehyung asked. He was worried about your health since he knew you weren’t the strongest and healthiest person. He knew you could get sick easily and that it would be hell for you if you got sick.

You shook your head and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, I’m heading home anyway.”

“I’m so worried, Taehyung. I’m going to go crazy. I miss her so damn much.” Jimin cried and pressed his forehead on to the wall, letting his clenched fists rest next to his head.

“She will come back, She loves you.”


Jimin stared at his phone for minutes. It was you. He could feel it. 

He knew it was your message.

From: My baby 12/8-2018 5:43pm


I’m leaving.

I know you have had thoughts about leaving me, breaking our relationship and to be honest, I can finally say that I do understand you and your decision. A relationship where you don’t love me feels like somethign that will lead me on and I will only get more hrut by the end of the road.

These past week has been the worst in my whole life. Living without you felt and still feels, like a nightmare that chases me every night. I have learned a lot. I have learned how to deal with myself. How to make myself understand and to not let myself be selfish.

I am broken. I won’t deny it, because I am and even if I never wanted this to be true, you were the one breaking me.

Loving you has been beautiful. It has been like a dream come true. I lived in a dream for a long, long time where everything I felt and saw was all perfect. I had you in my life and I can’t wish for something more.

I am leaving to start over. I am leaving for good and I won’t come back. But I’m fine, Jimin-ah. I don’t regret loving you. I don’t regret anything with you because although you broke me, you still gave me happiness throough these years and I am and will always be grateful for you.

Please forget me and live the life that you deserve.

I love you, Park Jimin.

As promised, another scenario is here!! This timne, a very emotional Jimin angst and I’m really positive with the result. I cried while writing the last part so yeah HAHAHAHA.


It’s been such a tiring year with so many memories. This school year has been the best so far. I have become friends with so many new people, both irl and here on tumblr. I now have friends for life and I am so thankful for that. 

Writing here on tumblr has been something I do when I want to get my mind off from school and other stressful thoughts. And I want to thank you guys for reading and for keeping up my motivation to keep writing.

I will post another scenario on Sunday or Monday again, as promised.I hope you enjoyed this scenario and if you did, give it a like and if you want part 2, let me know!

I will talk to you soon, mwah ~


More Soundwave x Jazz stuff

I just love the idea that when Soundwave cares about something, he really, really CARES and goes the extra mile. He’s intensely invested and committed 100%.

I also love the idea of Jazz coming undone through the mere experience of someone like Soundwave caring for him– not out of obligation or an ulterior motive, but actually PAMPERING him because it makes both of them feel good.

I like the concept of someone as erratic as Jazz to have not just something but someONE consistent to come home to; someone who understands him– where he’s come from, what he’s seen– someone who makes him happy. I like seeing Soundwave as his rock and support.

But they’d support each other, you know? Like when Soundwave gets overwhelmed, Jazz is able to be there for him, either to bring him back or wait it out and prepare for aftercare.

Both feeling their sparks swell, EM fields bursting with genuine love and awe and respect and adoration for the other. Celebrating their accomplishments; mourning the losses. Knowing each other’s limits, working in tandem, their movements so complimentary you’d swear it was a dance…


Imagine #60 || Request #38

A/N: Wow, I can’t believe we’re already at 60! Well anyway, here’s another shortie… hopefully I can do more longer ones in the coming uploads because I’m just waiting for that burst of ideas that I can incorporate with the requests. Enjoy! :D


You felt yourself go silent at the response he gave-you honestly felt hurt in a way considering that you would think that the werewolf in front if you would at least consider you as something significant in his life.

“I don’t have anyone, so…” the words that trailed off from his lips echoed in your ear on repeat and it only made you feel more somewhat disappointed that even just a tad bit you’d hoped that you were making an impact in his life.

You tried to clear your thoughts and busy yourself with whatever it is you can busy yourself with in the animal clinic while the three people with you conversed on a serious topic concerning about the alpha pack that was creating quite a problem in Beacon Hills. Patting the white dog’s head that they were trying to help just moments ago, you carefully lifted the fragile little thing up into your arms-making sure that the IV on its arm didn’t jostle too much-before walking towards the warmth of the apartment-type cage it was in before. If one pup didn’t feel like he didn’t have anyone in this world-much to your heart beating sadly at it, you were going to make sure that this one would at least feel that someone is fighting for it until their very last breath.

Running a curved pointer finger up and down the dog’s nose bridge in a comforting and lulling manner, you closed the cage before turning around to join in the conversation. But only to be met with a form seated on the chrome exam table, his eyes watching your every move while he quietly played with his fingers.

“You have someone, you know.” The words flew right out of your mouth not really giving any second thoughts to it. Isaac’s eyes could focus on you more at what he just heard, and was about to hear as he gave you his full attention.

“You have me,” you gave a quick small smile before leaning against the cage, your eyes avoiding the piercing blue ones that watched you by looking back at the puppy who was already asleep. “Don’t think that you have no one because I’m here, you have Scott, Stiles, Ly-”

“I’m… not part of your pack.” He cut you off making you look back at him, pointing out that as of the moment, he was somewhat a rogue seeing that he wasn’t part of any pack, groupies, or anything.

“Okay, so you’re not.” You shrugged your shoulders, because technically since he came to Scott for advice since he trusts him, he was already starting to become part of. “But the point is you’re not alone in this.”

There was a moment of comfortable silence that enveloped the two of you, only of the movement of you standing in front of Isaac could be heard. He was looking down, already feeling ashamed that for a moment he had forgotten about you because of all the things that has been happening to him for the past few days now.

Isaac knew how hurt you felt just by the tone of your voice and the small scrunching of your eyebrows when you tried not to show the hurt and the eventual teary sad eyes he grew up with. Slowly but surely, he was falling more and more as he looked up and stared deeply in your eyes, his heart making that same skipping a beat that it does whenever you were around.

Taking your hand in his, he pulled you in and before you knew it, you were locked in his tight embrace that felt like he wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. He nuzzled his face against your neck, something that the wolf in him found comforting in your scent that always registered to him as a safe haven.

It didn’t take you too long for your arms to wrap themselves around Isaac’s waist, as well as feel something wet against your neck. And this just tightened your arms more as you tried to fight your own tears.

After minutes that ticked by, you both pulled away but only to have Isaac’s arms still wrapped around your waist so that you didn’t pull away as far. You cupped his face and wiped the few last tears that escaped his eyes with the pads of your thumbs before giving him a smile that you only reserved for the werewolf. Standing between his legs, you tiptoed and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his forehead-something that you both grew accustomed to whenever you knew he was feeling down or worried about certain things.


A/N: BUt fo real though? Like if I heard my best friend say something along the lines of ‘i dont have anyone’ I’ll be like “GURL??? HOW ABOUT ME? WHAT AM I? A BUG?” Like daaamn what am I to you then, huh?! 
But anyhow, hope that was a-okay :)

The signs as Divergent quotes
  • Aries: “Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”
  • Taurus: “Sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them.”
  • Gemini: “It must require bravery to be honest all the time.”
  • Cancer: “Then I realize what it is. It's him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.”
  • Leo: "I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren't all that different.”
  • Virgo: “We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
  • Libra: “Politeness is deception in pretty packaging.”
  • Scorpio: “Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up”
  • Sagittarius: "Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.”
  • Capricorn: “Somewhere inside me is a merciful, forgiving person. Somewhere there is a girl who tries to understand what people are going through, who accepts that people do evil things and that desperation leads them to darker places than they ever imagined. I swear she exists. But if I saw her, I wouldn't recognize her.”
  • Aquarius: "Who cares about pretty? I'm going for noticeable.”
  • Pisces: “People tend to overestimate my character," I say quietly. "They think that because I'm small, or a girl, or a Stiff, I can't possibly be cruel. But they're wrong.”

I am so fucking proud to be a geek. Why should I be made fun of because I have the ability to care about something so much that it can make me loud and excited or burst into tears? Why should I feel bad for being so passionate about something that when my favourite characters feel pain, I feel it too? quite frankly i don’t understand why you would want to rip something that someone is so in love with away from them just because you don’t understand it.
It can be a comfort, an escape from the real world into a fantasy one where everything you were worried about is insignificant.

It can be a shining beam of hope, that actually, things might get better for you.

It can teach and remind you what’s really important and restore your faith in the world.

It can be the one thing that never lets you down.

So now, before you make fun of someone for being overly enthusiastic about something…maybe just don’t.

Death of a Jack-o-Lantern Spell

Spell-a-Day: Day 27

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Description: Don’t even get started with me on “it’s too early for Halloween.” You are wrong and you should feel bad. Anywho, this spell is designed for you to chuck your worries away when they won’t leave. This is good to perform before a vacation or even just nightly if you are me and want to sleep at some point in your life. This is designed to help you let go of things that are taking over your life so that you can have some rest.


  1. Candle
  2. Carving knives
  3. Hammer (optional)
  4. Pumpkin (small)
  5. Yarn


  1. If you want to add materials so you can do something with the pumpkin innards, that would be great. Maybe cook the seeds. Or make a pie.
  2. You will also need a good drop. This spell is best done from a balcony or roof onto concrete. You can do it other places too, but the pumpkin is less likely to burst, which is kind of the point.
  3. Black is the color I would suggest for the yarn and pumpkin, though this is not necessary.


  1. Perform any pre-spell rituals
  2. Light the candle.
    1. I am burning up for you. I have given my time and resources to fuel your creation.
  3. Cut open the pumpkin and carve the gnarliest face into it. It should look as if it is jeering at you.
    1. Despite my efforts you jeer at me during every waking moment, as if I am not enough.
  4. Take the candle, yarn, and the pumpkin to the desired space.
  5. Wrap the yarn around the pumpkin and hang it or hold it up over a long drop.
    1. You will not leave me be. I cannot rest, my countenance constantly turned towards you. I am burning up for you. I have given my time and resources to fuel your creation. And you will not give me rest. So fuck you.
  6. Take the candle and use it to burn through the yarn, causing the pumpkin to drop and hopefully break apart.
  7. If it doesn’t break, go at it with the hammer.


  1. This spell has fire. Make sure you remember fire safety. Put out the flames as fast as possible and do not perform this spell near anything flammable.
  2. Don’t have time to carve? You could use a sharpie. But note that in this case it is less likely to break and more likely to be messy when it does.
  3. You obviously don’t have to use my words, especially the curse word if it makes you uncomfortable. Just change it to something you like.
Seeing Green (pietro maximoff x reader)

           ‘Alright keep your cool,’ you thought to yourself trying to contain the goofy smile making its way onto your face. You were making your way to the training room to visit Pietro, something that was normal enough, except for the butterflies seeming to take flight in your stomach whenever you thought of him. It took you about 2 weeks of spending time with Pietro for you to realize that you had a monster crush on your best friend. It had since been several months and you took pride in the fact that you had managed to hide your feelings from everyone so well. Wrapped up in your thoughts you didn’t notice Clint until you slammed right into him.

           “Oh shit, sorry Clint.”

           “No worries,” he said smirking, “I just didn’t see you coming is all.”

           You spluttered and a blush made its way onto your face before Clint downright burst out laughing.

           “I, uh – have to go,” you said rushing off.

           When you reached the training room you expected to find it empty, save for one silver-haired hottie. You certainly did not expect to find him there training and talking with a SHIELD agent. One look at the woman he was training with and you could instantly tell that she wanted to get in his pants. The worse part of it was that she was really, really pretty. They stood close to each other and something he said made her laugh.

           You frowned, ‘only I’m allowed to laugh at his stupid jokes,’ you thought.

           That technically wasn’t true. Everyone laughed at his stupid jokes, but you didn’t like the way she was putting her hand on his forearm. You turned around to leave before either of them could notice you, but you ended up backing into a stray weight that was lying around. In the milliseconds before you hit the ground you wondered why you were cursed with clumsiness, but the impact never came. You felt a soft breeze and then warm arms wrapping around you. You looked up to see Pietro smirking at you.

           “Not. A. Word.” You said trying to give him your best glare.

           He only chuckled, setting you upright. The SHIELD agent made her way over to where the two of you were standing looking a bit surprised.

           “You’re interrupting a training session,” the agent said.

           You rolled your eyes before saying, “Yeah, well I was just leaving.”

           Pietro looked at you, “You can stay if you want.”

           You shook your head brushing past him. If he wanted to go and flirt with everything that had a pulse, then go ahead! But you weren’t about to just stand there and watch.

           “I’ll just talk to you later,” you said bristling.

           Confused Pietro made to go after you, but the agent gave him a stern look that said he wasn’t done with his training.

           You walked off feeling indignant. You reached the common room where the rest of your friends were already lounging about.

           Huffing you sat down.

           “Lady (Y/N), what’s wrong?” Thor asked concerned.

           Realizing that you didn’t have an answer that wouldn’t give you away you looked to Steve hoping he would save you. You had accidentally told him about your crush one night when you were completely wasted.

           Wanda who had been looking at you knowingly, cut in before Steve could say anything.

           “Draga there is no need to fret. My brother does not have feelings for that new SHIELD trainer,” she said only trying to make you feel better.

            Her sentence had the complete opposite effect as you looked around at everyone’s smirking faces and groaned wishing you could disappear forever. Apparently you weren’t as good at hiding your feelings as you thought you were.

           “Ah I see. There’s a little green monster in this room and it’s not Bruce,” Tony said with the most shit-eating grin on his face.

           You and Bruce both turned to shoot him a nasty glare, only making everyone snigger some more.

           “You need to just tell him already,” Nat said, “it’s getting real hard to watch the two of you when you obviously like each other.”

           Damn them and their stupid smirks.

           “Fine. Am I jealous? Yes. Because right now he’s with that agent “working up a sweat.” They’re probably getting all snuggly in that training room. I mean sure, why wouldn’t they be? He is absolutely gorgeous and amazing!”

           You looked around seeing that everyone’s eyes had widened and you felt a surge of pride knowing that you had caught them off guard. That was when you noticed that they weren’t looking at you, but at something behind you.

           “Who is absolutely gorgeous and amazing?” A rough accent sounded from behind you.

           If it was even possible, your cheeks turned a darker shade of red. Too afraid to turn around you just stood in place mouth hanging open. Pietro moved quickly taking his place in front of you where you could see him. To everyone’s credit they were at least trying not to laugh out loud.

           “You are upset,” Pietro noticed. “Did this someone hurt you?”

           You shook your head, not trusting yourself to speak.

           There were a few long seconds of intense silence, Pietro looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

           “For Christ’s sake, she likes you!” Steve yelled.

           Everyone gasped.

“Grandpa Steve! Watch your language!” Tony said, silent laughs starting to wrack his body.

You immediately looked down at the ground still silently praying to every God there was to disappear. Suddenly, rough hands were cupping your cheeks forcing you to look up into dazzling blue eyes.

“(Y/N) is that true?”

You sighed, “Yeah Speedy, it’s true. I guess I got a little jealous back there and I really shouldn’t have, I mean it’s not like you’re mine or anything, I just –“

You were unable to finish that sentence because Pietro had placed his lips over yours. When he pulled away he smiled causing you to do the same.

“You need never to be jealous. I was always yours, from the very start. I wouldn’t mind however, hearing you call me absolutely gorgeous again.” He said smirking slightly.

You rolled your eyes and kissed him again. Clint groaned in disgust and Pietro smirked before wrapping his arms around you whisking you off to somewhere you could be alone.

You would thank Steve later.


a coda to 2x12

note: because im very mad about a lot of things in 2x12 and had to write this to make myself feel better. so. hopefully it makes you feel better too.

She comes back to him at 3:56 AM on a Thursday night.

For a moment, as his door swings open to reveal her standing there, clutching her bag, trembling and teary-eyed, all Frank can do is stare. For a moment, he’s certain he must be dreaming, that he’s seeing things, delirious from exhaustion – and so he blinks, expecting her to disappear like a mirage. He hasn’t slept in days, not since telling her. He must be going crazy, seeing things.

Laurel, however, doesn’t budge. She just looks back, raising her chin and meeting his eyes. Even in the dim light Frank can see her lower lip trembling, notices the way her breathing is fast and shallow. She looks like a dam of a girl, all stopped up and ready to burst, spilling over her sides.

“Laurel,” he says her name lowly, and it’s like holy communion on his tongue, as sweet as anything he’s ever tasted in his life.

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Let's fact check

My inbox is full to bursting with anons, and I am not sure which are genuine worried Carylers and which are stirrers trying to make Carylers worried - although I CAN tell which ones are Chandra! (Chandra, read my posts and you will see I have already said I don’t think they are having sex in the house. Just because you are obsessed with it, doesn’t mean the rest of us are!)

Anyway rather than relying to each ask, I’ll just go over some facts:

1) When asked if Ezekiel has a thing for Carol, Rocket Dog said “yes, sort of”. This clearly isn’t a clear cut crush, it is something more complex.

2) Carol is “conflicted” about it. That doesn’t mean she likes him back or doesn’t. It could mean anything from her being flattered but not returning the feelings to her feeling uncomfortable but wanting to be nice to him, and who knows what else in between. The point is Carol is in emotional turmoil and this seems to be one more issue, not a solution.

3) We don’t know at all that Daryl has left her. We know Ezekiel was at the house first then left in a rush. We know Daryl and Carol were alone in the house. And we know Daryl filmed with Richard on a piece of road. We have no idea if that was before after or during Daryl being at the house. It"s entirely possible Daryl can go outside the house without “leaving” Carol.

4) And this is the big one… we know that if Ezekiel was the answer to all Carol’s problems, if they were going to get together and she would be happy…there is no need whatsoever for Daryl to be there. That story could and would be done without Daryl in sight. Why would Daryl be there if that was the story?

It seems to me that Carol is still dealing with her emotions. It sounds like she hasn’t had the breakthrough yet, and it’s very possible Daryl hasn’t completely opened up to her. There is still equipment set up to film at the Creepy House. This story hasn’t been told yet. Them being in the same place is just the beginning. This is Gimple remember. ;)

Mika suspects that Shinoa likes Yuu so he decides to confront her.

Mika: Shinoa, I have something to discuss.

Shinoa: *looks up from paper work* Hmm?

Mika: *serious face* I believe that you have feelings for Yuu and I’d just like to make it clear that Yuu is my boyfriend and I’m not going to give him up to anyone else no matter who they are.

Shinoa:…. *bursts out laughing*

Mika: *blushes* w-what! Why are you laughing!? I’m being serious!

Shinoa: *wipes tear away* Sorry mika! It’s just that you looked so serious I couldn’t help it! Don’t worry, your boyfriend is cute, but he’s not my type. So you don’t have to worry about me making a move.

Mika: *sigh of relief* Oh! I see! Sorry for accusing you of such a thing.


Mika:…. If you don’t mind me asking though…. What is your type then?

Shinoa: Hmm… Well I suppose I do like the trouble making type which Yuu fits very well, but he’s missing that tsundere feel that I find really cute… *winks and walks over to Mitsuba*

Mika:…… Oh.

(Shinoa x Mitsuba is my guilty ship no hate please 🙃)

You know these posts about fantasy themed stories where asexual people go on a quest? I just read another one a few minutes ago, and I burst out laughing as I realized that the whole MU universe qualifies.

Imagine siren-like or succubi/incubi-like monsters making the moves on anyone from the Matoran Universe. Or just anything magical / whatever that hinges on sexual desire.

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He’s alone when it happens. Dean has ensconced himself in the library, going through the same five books over and over in hopes that they will turn up something new, and Sam needs some time to work the kinks out of his shoulders and to try for a new burst of inspiration, away from the constant reminders his brain sends him that Lucifer is back he could come for you any time he wants and you’ll be utterly powerless to stop him, just like the last time. So he makes his way to his room, crouching down almost automatically to tug out the small wooden chest from underneath his bed. The weight of it in his lap provides a strange form of comfort as he sits down, and he lets his hand linger on the clasp for a moment, a single finger running across the slightly uneven surface. Flipping it open, he moves that same finger along the assortment of oddities which dwell within, letting the familiar memories wash through him, a temporary release from the stifling pressure he has been feeling of late. People are still dying, and the world is still going to hell, but these small snippets of the past serve to remind him of the future he is fighting for. A wave of sudden calm encompasses his chest and he shifts aside the top layer, reaching down deeper in a deliberately lazy, meandering search through the different scenes each item conjures to mind. When he reaches the bottom layer, though, his hand jerks back of its own accord and a sharp hiss escapes his mouth.

Something is hot.

It takes a couple of seconds for him to work past his wariness before he reaches back in, pressing down on the sudden flicker of fear that the sensation was all just his mind playing tricks on him again. The item is still there, however, its shape almost more familiar than his own body has proven to be, and he draws it out with a sudden jerk, the raw heat forcing him to toss it straight onto his mattress. An echo of words spoken years beforehand rings through his head, and for a moment it’s almost like he’s back there again- twenty-six years old and newly disgraced, standing in a crowded hospital room as an Angel of the Lord discusses their futile plans to clean up Sam’s mess.

“I did come for something. An Amulet.

“Very rare. Very powerful.

“It burns hot in God’s presence.”

Something tingles at the base of his neck, and Sam spins around, eyes widening as he takes in the vaguely humanoid shimmer of light in the centre of his room. Multitudes of faces and forms flicker through it almost faster than he is able to register, and for a moment he could almost swear he sees Kevin’s face among them. Then the shifting stops, coming to rest on a body he hasn’t seen in almost six years. His brain grinds to a shuddering halt.


“Hello, Sam.”

The form is Chuck’s. The voice is Chuck’s. But there’s something extra in there, too- a rich, warm power the prophet himself had never shown- and Sam just knows.


“Got it in one.”

The entire world seems to freeze. There’s a thrill of electric power practically buzzing in the air, and Sam is painfully aware of just how dirty he must seem- this filthy little not-quite human, unkempt and undoubtedly repulsive, right down to the core. He can practically feel the taint of his blood. The stain it has undoubtedly left on his soul. He, of all things, has no right to be before God, of all beings, not with all the crap he has pulled in his life. Not with what he is.

God’s brow furrows in what looks eerily similar to empathetic grief. “No, Sam. Don’t think like that. Please.”

He can barely speak past the stubborn lump in his throat. “What- what are you doing here?”

God smiles, at once both unassuming and awe-inspiring. “I need your help, Sam.”


Slowly they seemed to drift into a corner, further away from everyone else. London stopped suddenly, stepping closer. His piercing eyes looked straight into Archer’s, making him feel nervous & unsure. All he could think was that he had gotten himself wrapped up in a moment he shouldn’t be a part of at all. 

Are you really going to pretend like I didn’t say anything? London muttered just loud enough for his companion to hear. I told you that I have feelings for you. That doesn’t bother you? It doesn’t make you happy? Pissed off?

London, look I… Archer stuttered as he felt his back go flat against the wall, London’s body pressed lightly against his. As wonderful & attractive as London was, this was wrong, very wrong.