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Here, have the start of a beautiful con-man-ship.

I’ve been doin a s h it ton of sketches with my dadsona Justin and Robert, so I can only assume this is canon endgame for him?? I just love Robert a lot and I have a thing coming up involving him that’s more polished than a dumb colored sketch.

im so sick of people reblogging that post i made about age gaps and being like “but adults date older people all the time!!” “op not every age gap relationship is abusive my cousins bfs friends 18yo gf is happy with a 24yo” jfc youve missed the point completely


Photo edit courtesy of one of my best friends, @janticsantics
Aren’t anons awesome? 8D Just got back from a visit with my therapist to see these in my inbox, gotta love that…mmm…that thought, and the effort, that went into thinking these messages through. I’m sure it probably took them a long time, like at least 10 seconds!! 8D Which, as it happens, is also their IQ.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

anonymous asked:

Who's your favorite character in Kuroshitsuji?

a very very important boy who i would die for (look at him he’s so cute!!)

i love him so much! i’ve never liked a character for as long as i’ve liked ciel, it’s been over 4 years since i first discovered him and he’s still easily in my top two. and it’s even more wild because i don’t ship things with him and that’s usually the main drive for my interest. he’s just that special! ; - ;

i really admire how he’s so smart (and a bit cocky)

though he can be a be total brat i definitely love it

plus his scary side! that makes him so interesting, he’s somewhat machiavellian and it really fascinates me

his strength is really impressive, especially in the face of a demon who has made it clear that he’ll turn on him if needed.

but despite that he has his soft side too…

i’ll have to stop there, i could talk about ciel all day!! there are endless things about him which interest me and yet he still manages to surprise me every month, this must be how sebastian feels lol. to me, he’s perfectly imperfect :’0