i jumped for joy when i found this


•Lorac Pro Mega 3 Palette•

I have to admit, at first I was turned off by this palette; only because when I initially swatched “Dark Navy” it didn’t blend out so well on my hand. But after a few weeks of seeing GORGEOUS makeup looks using this palette, I simply had to buy it and I’m SO glad I did. I was worried (before I found it at Ulta today) that I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere and I would be SOL because it was a limited addition palette. But I was literally jumping for joy when I found this bad boy at Ulta!! These shadows are like butter melting on your fingertips. The pigmentation in this palette is absolutely unbelievable. I cannot wait to use this palette to create amazing looks this holiday!! Hurry up and grab your Lorac Pro Mega 3 palettes at any Ulta beauty near you!


Imagine Ressler getting protective because he’s in love with you.

You were clearing the upper floors when Ressler heard a clattering noise from above his head. He sprinted up the stairs, gun raised, ready for action. “[f/n]?” he shouted, practically kicking down one of the doors in his haste to get to you.

“I’m fine!” you called and, several seconds later, Ressler found the source of the sound. A large golden retriever must have been shut up in one of the rooms and had gotten pretty excited when you entered. The creature was wiggling with joy, jumping up and licking at your face. Its tail whipped back and forth, thudding against the wall. You were trying to calm her down, crouching on the ground to pet her and she had practically bowled you over, showering you with its excited attention.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, you’re a cutie, I know,” you were assuring the pooch, grinning as you tried to sit up. The dog was climbing all over you in her joy to finally see someone for what was probably the first time in days. “You’re a good girl, yes, get off me, it’s alright.”

Ressler blinked and holstered his gun, feeling a little silly now for his overprotectiveness. He crouched down and the retriever bounded over to him, sporting a grin that caused her eyes to nearly close completely. You stood and came over to scratch her ears. “Thanks for distracting her,” you laughed. “She took me by surprise, that’s all.”

Ressler smiled somewhat awkwardly, trying to keep the dog from licking his face. He was sure he was blushing with embarrassment as he straightened. The dog continued to weave between your legs, tail whipping back and forth a mile a minute. “You’re sure you’re alright?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

You nodded and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, “I’m sure.”

Ressler stared at you in surprise, “What was that for?”

You smiled. “For being my knight in shining armour. Come on, I think she’s hungry.”

Gif Credit: Ressler

All I know about Daniel-Andre Tande (asked by anon)

Daniel-Andre Tande was born on 24th January 1994. [I can’t wait for celebrating his next birthday in Zakopane, I hope.] In 2013 he graduated from high school Drammen Videregående Skole. He is the member of IF Kongsberg -  Norwegian most prestigious ski jumping club. The pioneers of ski jumping like brothers Asbjoergn, Birger i Sigmund Ruudowie represented that club.
He has one sister Ida-Kristine (older) and dwo brothers Jens-Alexander (older) and Hakon (younger).


He did his first ski jump in his older brother’s ski trails when he was 2 years old but did not take up the sport properly until age six. He continued with ski jumping because he found it “an amazing sport where you can fly. The feeling on the skis and the incredible joy while jumping is why I love the sport. It feels as if the ground disappears from under you".
His first contest was junior competition in summer 2008 in Zakopane. Unfortunately, he took 3rd place from the bottom and he was beaten by Romanian, Hungarian and Turkish ski jumpers. [Do you know, these countries aren’t strongly associated with ski jumping.]
He debuted in Norwegian national team in 2009 during FIS Cup in Notodden. In 2014 he debuted in WC on ski flying hill in Kulm. His first WC victory took place in 2015 in Klingenthal (first contest of 2015/2016 season). [Do you remember the moment when he was WC leader? It didn’t last long but I  miss it so much.] But his road to being one of the most important Norwegian ski jumpers wasn’t straight at all.


Just after his WC debut, Daniel was called the master of early landing. It was the result of his strong fear of height. On day he wanted to help his mum with painting the window frames on the second floor. When he got in the middle of the ladder, he was so scared that he just closed his eyes and clinged to the ladder. It took him about 10-15 minutes to get down of the ladder.
He felt the same during the competitions. It was hard to him to jump on the ski flying hills. “I always fell double shot of adrenaline during my jumps - because I have to fly high and land long”. When he felt the his jump may be long, he blocked himself mentally and landed too early.
In 2014/2015 season Daniel wasn’t doing very good so he lost his place in Norwegian A team. He was moved to B team so he had to pay for the place in it (it’s normal thing in Norway). Luckily, he managed to find some sponsor and his results in summer period (especially in CoC) were pretty good.
Unexpectedly, his result changed for the better. Not to mention, he double succeed in Norwegian championship in 2015 in Trondheim. But what was the reason of his improved performance?


Just after being moved from A to B team Tande was a bit disappointed but he started to see bright sides soon: “It’s additional motivation for me. I mobilize myself to work very hard, maybe harder than the rest of my team mates. Moreover, B team is pretty good. We have totally professional coaches and trainings”.
During the summer 2015 Daniel mastered his balance and technical aspects of his jumps. His couch from B team told him to do notes describing his progress in ski jumping. From the very beginning of the spring 2015 he has described his experiences, feelings and thoughts about his jumps. It helped him to find bad and good points of his jumps so he could establish a scheme of good jump and use it on a daily basis. It also helped him to eliminate possible problems in the future – he always could back to his notes and find the solution. “It makes me not only make a proper conclusions but it also think more about my jumps, analyzing them”.  Moreover, all the ski jumpers from A and B team started to attend obligatory couch courses. Tande told that it really helped him in his individual trainings, especially technical aspects.


* According to official sources he is 1,82 m tall.
* He used to work in a net shop called Rimi.
* His sport inspiration is Norwegian ski jumper Birger Ruud.
* He is used to sort all his equipment on the left side first - tying his shoes, tightening his belt, putting on his skis and checking his bindings.
* His sporting motto is “Ski jumping is more or less everything to me. I am not quite sure what I would have done if I did not choose ski jumping”.
* Do you remember the cat from Tande’s snpchat? It is special cat specie called Norwegian cat. It belong to his mum who used to take the cat for special contests and exhibitions. Daniel used to help his mum.

* He usually is Gangnes’ rommate during the competitions [the pic taken by Gangnes below].


I must confess that I made Daniel-Andre Tande the slippeers king. After SGP 2015 in Wisla I wrote funny summary of the individual event on my Tumblr and I described him wearing the slippers all the time. And it is how slippers thing started. ;)


“My success in Norway championship in Trondheim was just like consequence of my hard work during last summer. It gave me the motivation to work hard till the beginning of 2015/2016 WC. It isn’t end of my good performance”.

One of the joys of replaying The Last of Us is noticing that Joel actually talks to himself A LOT.

Obviously he talks to himself quite a bit when he’s on his own (stuck in the hotel basement in Pittsburgh or going to find Ellie in winter), but even just at the beginning of the game, I found:

  • In the office building in Boston, when you get jumped by a clicker that first time and Tess has to haul it off you and shoot it in the head – right after that, I had Joel wandering around in a room by himself, and he mutters, “It’s either them or me out here.” Like he’s actually really freaked out by the encounter and didn’t want Tess or Ellie to know.
  • When you have to go out on the window-washer scaffolding, just after Joel gets onto the ledge but right before he jumps in the window, he mumbles “Oh boy.” Again, Tess and Ellie are already inside the building and probably can’t hear him talking to himself about how freaked out he is.

Just little things that really add to this character. Damn, Naughty Dog. Your attention to detail is ridiculous.

I remember the night you first kissed me, we were outside and the sun was setting. The sky was pink and orange, there was a breeze blowing through my hair. You kissed me and I have never felt more alive, I couldn’t even remember my own name. I felt such joy I can’t even explain. When you pulled away I felt breathless, I was so in love with you. You kissed me again and I felt like I was going to burst. When I think of that night I can still feel your lips, pressed against mine. I want to kiss you so badly right now, just imagining kissing you makes my heart jump. The way your lips are so soft and warm, I felt like I found where I belong.
—  Anonymous
I hope so. First of all, I love working with Elizabeth. I just feel like May has really become Mama May, she’s become the mother hen of the group. These are her children. As much as she didn’t show it to Andrew in the phone conversation when she found out she was back, she actually smiled when she made the announcement to Hunter. That’s May’s way of saying she’s really happy. She’s not going to be jumping for joy like Hunter does, but you can just tell that she’s relieved and thrilled that Simmons is back. I hope she can help her in any way to get back to her normal self.
—  Ming Na Wen on “Will we see any May and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) interaction?” [x]


I am pleased to present to you guys my concert outfit!! I’ve worked so hard on this and some of the time it was so stressful (like when I ordered lights and one pack didn’t come so I had to order 1 night shipping which cost $18 😊) But in the end, it was worth it. I am SO PROUD of what I made. I’ve been waiting for July 11th since November 7th and it came so fast it feels like just yesterday I was jumping for joy when I found out my dad got tickets!! I will be attending this concert with my sister and mom and this is all our first Taylor concert ever and I have never been this excited for something (it sounds so cliche but it’s SO TRUE OMG UAHDUAJDH) If you want, feel free to come and stop by and take some photos! I would love to meet to many of you :) Please help by reblogging my outfit because maybe, just maybe, Taylor will see!! Thank you guys so much ❤️
Xoxo, Ava! taylorswift tree-paine officialtaylornation the1989meetups 1989costumes 1989tourcostumes 1989tourupdates taylorswifttourcostumes

I think for a long time I thought I was going to get found out, that I really didn’t know what I was doing, so I tried to overcompensate for that. The fact that all of these things have been able to continue and my life is so vastly different every day…I mean, I get to go to work, and I honestly jump out of bed when my alarm goes off. / What’s your secret? [Laughs] / My secret is that I’m in a very small percentage of people who gets to utterly love what I get to do. And people pay me for it! What a joy that is.

How A Band Helped Me Be Myself

Okay, so I have always had an obsession with the night sky. Stars, the moon, planets, outer space, all that jazz. I never let anyone know, though, because I thought it was a weird obsession and was afraid people would call me out on that.
Then I got into Queen.
So I quickly became obsessed with the band, hence my blog is mainly Queen. My favorite member is currently Brian. Brian loves astronomy.
He is very open about it, too! Almost every Queen fan knows how passionate he is about this stuff. I saw that, and I started to let it be known. Even better, when I found out that I’m taking astronomy in my senior year in highschool, I squealed and literally jumped for joy. It’s brought up in a lot of my conversations now.
People say music doesn’t do much. Music, and the people behind the music, had made me show my true colors.


On Grad School and Stress
Written by Kris.

I’m a very cluttered person. Sometimes I get in the mood to clean – and I do. I scrub surfaces viscously until my hands are red and dry, I dust corners forgetting I’m allergic until I’m in a coughing fit, I fight stains just as stubborn as me, hoping that this time, I will win. But usually, I’m cluttered. I’m just an all around mess. Many times when I get in those cleaning moods, I get joy from seeing the product of my hard work and productivity, but it only lasts five minutes before I make a conscious effort to make little nests everywhere. In fact, as I am typing this, I am sitting next to a giant pile of clean clothes that I have neglected to fold and put away a week ago. 

I am a very cluttered person. And sadly, that messiness is also found in my mind. Thoughts jump everywhere. Much too much, much to fast. Everything is constantly happening too much and too fast and I can’t get it to stop. Things slip. And being who I am, I cannot handle when I do drop the ball as I feel it is not only a reflection of how others see me, but a reflection of what I think is okay to be seen as. It’s silly, I know. But that’s how I feel. 

I am a very cluttered person. My readings, thoughts, assignments, and goals mean nothing. Time slips and does not make sense. As a result, strict rules are made. Very strict rules, lists, calendars. I know I cannot fix my clutter or forgetfulness. But I can try to tame it. I can soothe the migraine in my head. 

You see, I missed my university’s internal grant deadline recently and have been working to remind myself that it’s alright. It wasn’t completely my fault – it was, but I did everything I could with what I was given. And it is okay. There are other opportunities that my committee and I were looking into. This isn’t the only one. 

What’s frustrating is not that I didn’t make it – although that certain was the catalyst. What’s frustrating is knowing that no matter how many lists, how many mini goals I set myself in advance, no many how many cushion I give myself – I can’t always win. I don’t always win. And I won’t always win.

It sucks.

But it’s okay.