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Good News - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 966

Warnings: minor captivity holding, pregnancy

Separated from the rest of the 48. You didn’t even know if they were alive. You never got the welcoming party, you never left the white room. The bump was growing. There was a child inside you.

You were given medication by the doctors in Mount Weather. They were somewhat lenient to your condition. You were just their experiment. You knew that.

Once the baby was born, it was to be taken away, tested on. Your DNA and the radiation filled ground. Endless possibilities, they’d say.

You never got the chance to tell him.

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William Nylander - The Blonde Smoke Show

Anon Request:  Hey! Can I request a willy nylander where ur at the game when they make the playoffs with like steph(Mitch’s gf) , lex and Sydney (matts gf) and then just being super cute after the game . Maybe you play for the Toronto furies too?

i know this took long but i hope you like it, i also added in a few of the plaers because who doesnt love them!! 

requests are open!!

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

here i was cheering at the top of my lungs at a toronto maple leafs game. i found myself wearing a blue jersey with the number 29. i made the transition from a washington fan to a toronto fan because of one very special blonde.

“this is so exciting!” sydney, matts girlfriend gushed. i nodded in agreement my eyes focusing on the puck. we were leading the pittsburgh penguins 2-1 half way through the second.

“yeah! they really need this win” steph smiled, steph and i had come to be really close friends over the past few months due to our boyfriends being on the same team. a few minutes passed and before i knew it sidney crosby had the puck, with a swift shot on goal the game was tied.

the second period ended and us girls went to go get some food. “i’m starving” lex laughed as we walked past a couple of food places in the ACC. i ended up buying a couple slices of pizza and some drinks for all of us.

once we got back to our seats a bit of the third period had started and we were all talking and laughing and having a good time. “wait guys look!” i said pointing to the ice. pittsburgh had possession in our end of the ice. there were a few passes made and a shitty shot was taken. but that shot found gardiners skates and from there i saw the few pittsburgh fans jump up in joy and jake smash his stick to the ground in anger.

i leaned forward as if the team could hear me. “common boys you got this” i mumbled focusing out on the game. i could hear the girl chatting about the new clothes got or how they wanna go for mani pedis but i was so focused on the game that when kapanen got the puck and got it behind fleury and in the net i jumped up along with all of the other blue jerseys around me.

“yes!” i shouted pumping my fists in the air and the girls joined in with me, we were all sporting big smiles on our faces. “now we just gotta break the tie!” lex shouted in excitement over all of the booming fans. there was only five minutes left in the third and a goal needed to be scored to break the tie but the question was whose gonna score it?

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The Wedding Crasher

I was watching Say Yes to The Dress when it hit me. Not too long ago I was having a conversation with my best friend about me and my wedding, in some distant future. He reassured me that no matter what he was going to be there with bells and whistles being a part of whatever I wanted. He thought I’d say he was going to be one of my bridesmaids, but I actually want him to be the one to walk me down the aisle because he means that much to me. Anywho… that is basically what got me to write this imagine! Enjoy :D

Taron finally sees you in your dress the day of your wedding day when he comes to realize his real feelings for you.

Warnings: None
Taron x Reader
Not my gif**

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Box of Chocolates

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Fem!Reader

AN: I’m going to be posting random Valentines Day drabbles this week . I’m sorry that this isn’t the best I blame it on my lack of sleep.

Summary: Philip gives you a box of chocolates and you are left with a surprise on the inside.

Words: 560

Warning: Drabble; fluff; proposal


“Hey babe!” Philip plops down on the couch besides you. He had a stupid grin on his face.

“What are you up to?” You asked him curiously, noticing his odd behavior. He looked at you innocently.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He replied, his face neutral but the longer you looked into those eyes of his the wider his smile became. Suddenly he wrapped you up in his arms, pulling you onto his lap.

“Philip!” You squealed, when he pressed against your sides. Leaning against him, you nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck.

“Happy Valentines Day.” He murmured. Your eyes closed, and hummed in content.

Happy Valentines Day to you too loverboy.” Your breath fanned against his neck.

“I-I got you something.” Moving back you looked at him incredulously.

“But I thought we agreed to not get each other anything.” He sheepishly smiled at you.

“I couldn’t help it.”  His hands placed themselves on your hips, lifting you off of him and onto the couch as he got up and walked to the kitchen. You watched him leave.

You were curious to know what he got you. A few minutes later he came back, his once happy expression twisted into nervousness. Sheepishly he haded you the box.

“Aw chocolates, thanks Philip.” You tell him, grasping the end of the lid.

“Wait, wait!” His outburst startled you, causing you to drop the box.

“What is it?” You asked, bending over to get it. Sitting back up you set the box on your lap and looked at Philip expectantly.

“I um. I love you Y/N. You make me happy, when I’m with you it’s like nothing else matters. You hold my heart in your hands. If I lost you I don’t think I would be able to live with myself.” He admitted. A soft hue of red raised from your face. His words touched you. Standing up you set the box down and wrapped your arms around Philip pressing your lips onto his.

“I love you too.” You said in between kisses. His hands were on your waist, squeezing them lightly.

“As much as I love kissing you, I need you to open the box.” He told you. Slowly you released him before taking the box of chocolates in your hands. Your hand lifted the lid open, A gasp filled the room as well as your tears.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, your hand covering your mouth which was left agape. Looking back at Philip he was down on one knee with a black box in his hand revealing a ring.

In the box each chocolate had a letter and they spelled out ‘Marry Me.’

“So?” His voice was soft. You looked over his features looking for a sign that this could be a joke and to your relief you found none.

“Yes.” Philip had to srain his ears to hear you.

“What?” He asked jumping back up. His voice held excitement and joy, trying to make sure he heard you correctly.

“Yes I’ll marry you.”

You laughed when he picked you up to spin you around.

After he set you down you pulled him towards you by his shirt smashing your lips onto his. Philip didn’t hesitate to kiss you back.

He slipped the ring onto your finger.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

selcouth // baekhyun

request: Hi, I don’t know if this is too long or really descriptive but can you do a Baekhyun scenario where him and the reader like each other but he acts as if she means nothing to him because he’s afraid of getting rejected, like he even treats her bad even though the rest of the members treat her good. So when she confesses to him he rejects her because he was shocked. But then she starts hanging out with her male best friend whom she used to be in love with and Baekhyun gets really jealous. 

A/N: This kind of sucks. I wanted to make it longer and with humour and more fluff but I’m not in a fluffy or humorous mood. I wanted to post this for his birthday too so its rushed, because I wont have time tomorrow. I hope you enjoy anyway!


(adj) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvellous.

When you were younger, your parents had always been there to give you tips on different aspects in life. Such as, what to expect in school, what to do when a stranger approaches you, what to expect as a trainee, etcetera. However, they did not give you tips on how to deal with rejection.

You had joined SM entertainment a few months ago, which you were ecstatic about. Your dreams were finally turning into reality. It was hard work, and you expected it to be but everyone was so friendly. Everyone except him.

Byun Baekhyun.

The other Exo boys became very close friends with you, and when you weren’t training you would eat with them, talk with them, spend time with them. Around the other boys, Baekhyun was his happy go lucky self, cracking jokes and being loud, however he never seemed to act like that with you. When you spoke to him, sometimes he would just look at you and say nothing, other times he just acted rude. He mocked you, he told you your dancing was sluggish and laughs when your voice cracks as you’re singing.

You didn’t really know why you developed feelings for him. Perhaps it was because you seen the way he acted with the other members. You seen how cute and happy he was with them, you had seen him comforting the other members and you longed for him to treat you like that. You were convinced he hated you. But you couldn’t have been more wrong.

To Baekhyun, you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Everything about you was beautiful, your soft and sweet personality, the way your eyes closed as you laughed, your voice, everything. The feelings he felt for you scared him, they were so real and he didn’t know what to do. They were selcouth. He had seen his friends in their worst states due to relationships, and he had seen what love does to a person.

Things he didn’t want to experience. Sure, love was beautiful, but the aftermath wasn’t.

So, when you confessed to him, he panicked. His mind went blank, and his mouth went dry. Instead of jumping for joy at your confession of love for him, he found himself saying,

“I don’t feel the same.”

Confessing your feelings for him was a long shot. You didn’t know what to expect, but you thought that you sometimes caught him staring at you when you laughed, sometimes you thought he looked at you with so much feeling, you thought his teasing was a way to express his fondness of you. You somewhat expected rejection, but you still felt so heartbroken.

You found yourself staring at him with your mouth slightly opened, as you attempted to find words to say.

“I…I-” you trailed off, adverting your gaze from him before turning around and walking away.

As he watched you walk away, Baekhyun cursed at himself for being so stupid.

You avoided Baekhyun after that. Weeks went by and you couldn’t stand to be in the same room as him, and he didn’t look at you either. You found yourself spilling everything to an old boyfriend of yours, Eunwoo. You had remained good friends after your breakup, despite the fact you both loved each other once.

Eunwoo and you had been spending more and more time with each other. He would sometimes lift you after you finished training, or he would sometimes bring lunch. The Exo boys cornered you once and demanded to know who he was and you explained, much to Baekhyun’s dismay. When Eunwoo entered the building, his mood dropped and he found himself glaring at him.

One day, Baekhyun had enough. Eunwoo had just dropped you off from lunch, and he gave you a tight hug, which lasted too long in Baekhyun’s opinion. He grabbed your arm and led you away, taking you into a practice room with no one in it.

“Baekhyun, what-”

“I love you. Like, a lot. And I’m a stupid asshole who denied loving you, because I was afraid of ending up heartbroken and I didn’t know what to do. Rejecting you was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”


“And seeing you with him makes me sick. It makes me mad, because I want to be the one hugging you like that and making you smile like that.”


“And you probably hate me now! I hate myself! Why did I do that? Why couldn’t I just admit to you that I’m so in love with you it makes me dizzy. I just-”

“Baekhyun!” you stopped him, stepping closer to him. He paused and looked down at you, blinking fast. “You hurt me.”

“I know. I’m…sorry. More sorry than you know.”

“You hurt me yet I’m still so in love with you and it sucks.”

“I don’t expect you to forgive me…wait, did you just say you’re still in love with me?” his frown soon turned into a wide grin as you stared at the ground. His fingers settled under your chin as he tilted your head up, making you look at him. “Say it again.”

“I’m still in love with you.”

With that, he kissed you and you gave in. His feelings for you were unfamiliar, he wasn’t used to it but they were the best thing he had ever felt.

Had my greatest experience I’ve ever had in Dark Souls today.

Was at the Ringed City Streets Swamp in the new DS3 DLC, with a far amount of souls when I got invaded by someone called “fist dude”

I was in no mood to be invaded as I was out of Flasks and hurting a fair bit already (I actually thought I was offline) so I went and lay down by the shrine, waiting for some dickhead to come put me out of my misery. Instead, this beautiful bastard, dressed as a Ringed Knight, comes in and starts emoting for me to follow him. He starts showing me round, first leading me to an item (that I had already found, but still) As we approached some Knights, and he noticed I was hurting, he dropped a Divine Blessing and, more importantly, a Seed of a Giant Tree. With the Seed crushed, this beautiful angel led me through the area I had yet to see, leading me to various hidden items, guiding me through the humanity puzzle (his little jump for joy when I became the spooky ghost disguise will forever be adorable) and leading me to the Purging monument. Unfortunately things would end as I accidentally fell to my death shortly after this, but for the time it lasted it was one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had with the game.

I will always remember you, fist dude.

anonymous asked:

I really love your writing! All the angst, fluff, angst, headcannons, angst, and did I already say angst? It gives me the greatest feels trip ever. >.< Umm can I request how RFA+V+saeran would react to MC having her labor and seeing their firstborn?

~This is so cute, yes!! I’m a huge sucker for this kind of fluff tbh.

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re screaming for him
  • He’s got his headset on, completely immersed in the world of LOLOL
    • “Yoosung!” you stood next to him
    • “What is it?” he gave you a glance and freed one ear from the headset
    • “It’s time,” you winced in pain
    • “Oh my god!”
  • Throws his headset and is scrambling around the apartment
    • “Do we have everything ready?!” he’s freaking out
  • Finally gets you and your bag into the car
  • Taking deep breaths during the drive
  • He’s read dozens of books on this and really studied up, so he is READY
  • Asking you how far your contractions are apart and if your water broke yet
  • So supportive
  • Never leaves your bedside in the L&D
    • “You can squeeze my hand, MC”
  • “HOLD IT TOGETHER YOOSUNG IT’S JUST A LITTLE PAIN COMPARED TO HERS” he’s screaming in his brain and forcing a smile for you
  • Encouraging you SO MUCH
    • “You’re doing so great, honey! Almost there, okay?!”
  • Makes you smile with how positive he is and how much he is cheering for you
  • Finally see’s the little bundle as the baby is placed on your chest
  • He’s got the widest smile on his face and he has a feeling it’s not going away for a long time
  • He starts to cry seeing both of you together
  • Bends down and kisses both of you several times
    • “She’s beautiful, just like you,” he nuzzles his head into you

◉ Jumin

  • You called him at work to tell him you were having contractions
  • He’s dropping EVERYTHING and Driver Kim is rushing him home to see you
  • His security already has your (several) bags ready for Jumin and he whisks you off to the hospital
  • He’s asking how you are feeling every five seconds
    • “Like my hips are ripping apart!!! SAME AS FIVE SECONDS AGO!”
  • He’s just flustered tbh he doesn’t know how to comfort you
  • So he just yells at Driver Kim to hurry up
  • You don’t have to wait at all before getting a bed
  • Everybody is setting up flowers for you in the room
    • “Jumin, please, I just want some privacy. There are too many people in here,” you moved to your side and winced with another contraction
    • “Anything you want, my love.”
  • Orders everybody out at once
  • He’s pacing in the room because he hates seeing you in pain and doesn’t know what to do
  • His tie is off and his shirt is partially untucked
  • Grateful when it’s time to push and the doctors tell him what to do
  • Holds your hand and kisses it
  • He is wide-eyed with amazement at the babies first cry
  • And when he sees your eyes wet with tears he starts to cry a little, himself
  • Pestering the doctors as they clean the baby up
    • “Is she okay? Be careful with her!! Why isn’t she crying anymore is something wrong?!”
  • He only breathes again when she is safe in your arms
  • Cries again when he gets to hold her, runs a finger on her face while she sleeps and kisses her forehead

◉ Zen

  • You pushed him awake in the middle of the night
    • “What is it?”
    • “I’m in a lot of pain,” you said to him in the dark
  • Okay now he is freaked out and turns on the light
    • “What is it?! Is something wrong?! Oh God, are you okay?!”
  • You have to try and calm him down
    • “I’m alright I just think it’s…time,” you spoke through the contraction
  • He’s smiling so big
  • He’s been waiting for this moment since you first found out you were expecting
  • He’s practically skipping to grab your to-go bag
  • Whistling with joy as you make your way to the hospital
  • He’s pestering the doctors
    • “How much longer will this take? When will I see the baby?!”
  • So impatient about it
  • Taking so many photos of you!!!
  • Sending pics to the RFA
    • Caption: 9hours into labor, no sign of this beautiful baby yet but hopefully soon!
  • Jumping for joy when it’s finally time to push
  • Never let’s go of your hand
  • Melts when he hears the little cry
  • You let him hold the baby first
    • “He has my hair, and your eyes,” Zen is crying
  • Asks the doctors to take some pics of the three of you
  • Cheesiest biggest grin in the world on his tear-streaked face
    • “I’ll send you a copy of the photo, so you can remember when you delivered the most beautiful baby in existence”

◉ Jaehee

  • You started to feel contractions while you were working at the coffee shop with her
  • But you couldn’t tell if they were BH or real ones
  • So you just kept on working
  • Then your water broke
  • Jaehee notices immediately and goes into freak out mode
    • “EveryBODY OUT! WE’RE CLOSED!”
  • Telling everyone to scram
  • People are being shooed out while still holding their cups
  • She takes several deep breaths and composes herself
  • Going through her mental checklist
    • “I’ve had everything packed and the bag has been in the car for two months now, let’s get you to the hospital!”
  • Doctors worst nightmare
  • Any time you wince in pain she is calling someone to check you out and make sure you are okay
  • Monitoring the babies heart like a hawk
    • “Oh my god it dipped I think he is on the cord NUUUUURSEEE!!”
    • “Jaehee we are FINE PLEASE RELAX!”
  • Basically leading you when it comes time to push
  • Interrupting the doctors to say it herself
    • “You’ve got this sweetie, one more push, come on!”
  • Both of you collapse together when you hear the cry
  • She is kissing you and you both are crying as they clean him up
    • “Congrats, mama’s!” the nurse places him in your hands
  • Jaehee’s heart is swelling just seeing him in your arms, so tiny
    • “I have written up…what I believe is a proper feeding schedule…here,” she is trying to pull out her notebook but she is sobbing

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys are eating dinner when you start to feel immense pressure and you know right away what is happening
  • He can see it in your face that you’re in pain
    • “I’ll grab our bag! Don’t move!”
  • He’s double checking to make sure he got everything packed correctly
  • His hands are shaking both from excitement and anxiety
  • He is a bundle of nerves thinking that it’s finally happening, and he hopes he is ready to care for a baby
  • Drives so.slow. on the way to the hospital
  • The jokes begin when you reach the desk
    • “What are you here for?”
    • “Well there’s either a bowling ball or a baby making it’s way out of my wife. Either way, we need some help, here,” he says to the lady
  • You smacked his arm with a laugh
  • He’s dancing around for you in the room
  • Messing with things to try and make you laugh
  • Just being his anxious self to distract you both from what was happening
    • “I’m sorry but the life insurance policy I took out on you is too tempting. I can buy so many baby cars with the money. I’m going to pull the plug, forgive me!” He pulls the plug on the lamp next to the bed, “beeeeeeeep,” he closes your eyes, “I’ll take a vacation in your honor. Goodbye, my love!”
  • Kisses you just before it’s time to push and holds your face in his hands, staring into your eyes
    • “You can do this, babe. Let’s get that baby out,” he says in a serious tone
  • It seems like forever and he is sweating and holding your hand just as tight as you push
  • The baby comes out wailing and he jumps for joy
    • “Make sure you cut the right cord, doc! Don’t make any mistakes!”
    • “It’s a girl…” the doctor sighs
    • “Is it? Or are you just saying that because you messed up with those scissors already?!”
  • You don’t even have the strength to tell him to shut up
  • They bundle her up and hand her over to you
    • “She has your red hair,” you say through tears
  • He has to move his glasses so he can wipe his own watery eyes
    • “Our little tomato,” he sobs
    • “Don’t call her that,” you scowl at him
  • You both laugh and get lost together staring at the tiny infant

◉ V

  • You were having some back pains so V drew a bath for you
  • Freaked out when you called for him from the bathroom, you sounded worried
    • “What is it, love? Are you okay?”
    • “I…I think I’m in labor!”
  • He’s calling for a car in a second
  • Bumps into things because he is so flustered trying to get to your to-go bag
  • Holding you close and rubbing your shoulders on the way to the hospital
  • When you get into your room he is a chatterbox
  • It’s helping to distract you
  • He is sitting at your bedside holding your hand and blabbering away about anything and everything
  • It’s hard when he hears you moaning in pain during contractions
  • He’ll lean in and give you tender kisses and whisper
    • “You are so strong. Thank you for going through this pain so we can have a beautiful baby. I love you so much.”
  • Nursing staff are in love with you two
  • Keep bringing you ice chips and sneaking in some snacks for you both
  • As the hours go on and on they tell him to get some rest but he refuses to leave your side
  • His heart jumps in his throat come time for you to push and he stands up
    • “This is it, honey! Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” he smiles
  • He’s sobbing as soon as he hears the whimpering from the baby
  • You both are a crying mess right away
    • “Congrats, you two. She’s beautiful,” the doctor and nurses coo as they hand her to you
  • V is smiling like crazy
    • “Can you describe her? What does she look like?” he asks.
  • He can make out the basic shapes of you but not much
    • “She has your hair…and your nose…she’s perfect,” you cry, “want to hold her?”
  • He nods and holds her close to his chest
  • He kisses her head with a smile, and breathes her in
    • “I never want to forget this moment,” he beams

◉ Saeran

  • He came home to see you laying on the couch groaning from the contractions
    • “Babe, what the hell?!”
  • Runs to your side
    • “It’s okay, they’re still kinda far apart and I didn’t want to call you and make you worry. Remember, the doc said we could stay at home for a while even when labor beg-ahhh,” you winced
    • “I don’t give a shit what he said, we’re going to the hospital.”
  • He doesn’t want you to see but he is NERVOUS
  • He even forgot where you guys placed your bags
  • He packed one for himself, too. He read on the birth forum that husbands should bring stuff too, just in case
  • Let’s you lean on him and walks you to the car
    • “I grabbed an extra pair of pants for you, just in case your water breaks on the way there,” he said as he drove you to the hospital
  • When you get into the room he is just tending to your every need
  • He’s suddenly nervous that he will forget everything he read and be a bad parent
  • He’s massaging your feet
  • Wiping a cool rag on your forehead
  • Bringing you ice chips constantly
  • He can tell your contractions are becoming more painful because you’re talking less and less
    • “I thought I would wait to surprise you with this but,” he rummages through his bag, “I thought this could be the first onesie he wears.”
  • He pulled out a small black onesie
  • Printed on it was the logo of your guys’ favorite band
    • “His first band t-shirt,” you laughed
    • “Yeah, gotta start him early, right?” he smiled
  • His pulse is racing when the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push
  • His eyes are wide with fear and nervousness and he grabs on to your hand
  • Constant words of encouragement and he wipes your forehead in-between pushing
  • When the baby cried he got a huge grin
    • “Hell yeah!” he laughed happily, “that was…the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he smiled and kissed you
  • All of his fears washed away when he saw his son
    • “Do you want to hold him?” the doctor went to Saeran first
  • As soon as he was placed in his hands, Saeran started to cry
  • Happy tears
    • “He looks like you, I’m so glad,” Saeran chuckled
    • “Except for his red hair,” you smiled and wiped your eyes
  • He gave you the biggest kiss and let you hold the baby
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll change all of the diapers while we’re here. I’ve…been practicing,” he said proudly. 

Anonymous asked: Could I please request a Sandor x starkreader were she has been injured so wears a bandage over her eyes. She’s still got it on when the royal family arrive and Joff makes Sandor lead her around all the journey from winterfell to kings landing. They talk a lot and grow fond and she touches his face and they cuddle and he’s nervous and awkward but when she takes off her gauze after they arrive. hes like sorry I’m not better looking and shes like but I think you’re handsome. Fluffy Sandor 😍

Here you are, lovely! I think this is one of my favorite Sandor stories I’ve written so far! I do not own Sandor, Joffrey, Robb, Robert or Ned. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: FLUFF!!!! Some low self-esteem

Pairings: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x fem!Stark reader, mentions of Ned, Robb, Joffrey and Robert. 

Originally posted by flameghosts

You stifled a sigh of frustration as you heard the royal carriage arriving. You were standing in between your sister, Sansa, and twin brother, Robb. Robb held your arm so you wouldn’t lose your footing and you could practically feel the guilt radiating off of him. After all, he felt it was his fault you were in this position. He’d accidentally injured you, causing you to lose your sight. Maester Luwin was almost positive that it was temporary, but until you knew for sure, you wore bandages and Robb was your eyes.

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•Lorac Pro Mega 3 Palette•

I have to admit, at first I was turned off by this palette; only because when I initially swatched “Dark Navy” it didn’t blend out so well on my hand. But after a few weeks of seeing GORGEOUS makeup looks using this palette, I simply had to buy it and I’m SO glad I did. I was worried (before I found it at Ulta today) that I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere and I would be SOL because it was a limited addition palette. But I was literally jumping for joy when I found this bad boy at Ulta!! These shadows are like butter melting on your fingertips. The pigmentation in this palette is absolutely unbelievable. I cannot wait to use this palette to create amazing looks this holiday!! Hurry up and grab your Lorac Pro Mega 3 palettes at any Ulta beauty near you!

One’s On The Way~Matt Jackson Imagine

Originally posted by frentique

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“ I can’t wait till you get here my little sunshine” your hands rubbed over your pregnant belly. You couldn’t wait to have your child in your arms. A hand placed on top of your hand, looking up seeing Matt, your husband. 

“ I can’t wait till the little rocket is here too” you were visiting Matt for a couple of days. It’s been so hard without him being home. You rarely saw him, you were mostly home due to you having to see your doctor for check ups and being pregnant wasn’t much fun when traveling. Matt insisted you stay home, he would be on the plane right away if you got into labor. But lately, the little sunshine wouldn’t stop kicking you. 

“ Little rocket misses his daddy”

“ He stopped kicking you, you don’t have pains anymore” you shook your head, “ No that hard.” 

He leaned over kissing your cheek then got on his knees, lifting up your shirt placing a kiss on your pregnant belly. 

“ Daddy’s here little rocket, I can’t wait till you’re here” you couldn’t help it but tears came streaming down your cheeks. This was too cute, Matt was going to be a great father.

 He was so happy when you told him you were pregnant. He yelled it, screamed it, tweeted it. 

When Nick found out he was going to be an uncle, he was jumping for joy. He cried when you told him he would be also the godfather of the baby. 

“ why are you crying baby?” He asks, getting up as his hands cup your cheeks with both his hands.

“ I am just so happy, I’m married to you, the best husband in the world and a child on the way. I remember when we were trying so hard for a baby. And finally, were bringing our miracle into the world” 

“ I love you so much Y/N” He says before leaning over, kissing you. You pulled away taking his hands from your face, holding them, “ I love you too Matt Jackson, so so much.” 

As you sat in the crowd, looking around at the fans. They knew who you were, stopping to congratulate you and tell you how you and Matt were perfect for another. Tonight Matt and Nick were facing Jay and Mark Briscoe. The two weren’t your favorites, one because Jay used to stop and flirt with you.

 It was nonstop with him trying but he didn’t get much as Matt came to the rescue. He pretended to be your fake boyfriend to get Jay away from you, it worked. The fake relationship turned into a real one, where you fell in love with him. Relationship turned into marriage and now here you were married with a child on the way. 

You saw Kenny, Adam and even Marty around. They greeted you with smiles, happy seeing you growing and they couldn’t to spoilt the little one. The boys already had baby merch out, “ Bullet Club Baby” was one onesie made for your little one. Another had, “ Superkick baby,” there were so many that made you laugh. 

You watched the match, the boys were having the upper hand throwing super kicks all around. Your hands were on your stomach when things turned around, a frown placed on your lips as Matt was held by Jay before his eyes settled on you. 

He pointed to you, “ Look at that. It’s Y/N, Matt’s wife. You took her away from me Jackson, she was mine” He tugged on Matt’s hair, Nick couldn’t get to Matt as Mark held him down. 

“ She was never yours!” 

“ I hope that thing comes out normal” 

“ Well no matter what,I’ll be sure to teach it manners which you lack!” 

“ Just look-

He continue insulting you which made you upset, Matt tried yelling something back to him but no matter what it brought you down. 

You had heard enough of this, you didn’t bother to stay anymore as you exit out through the crowd and outside where you got some fresh air. Looking up at the sky, a hand was placed on your shoulder. You turned your head to see Kenny standing there looking concerned.

“ Are you okay?” you shrugged, feeling the tears coming. 

He frowned, pulling you into a hug well kinda, your belly was in the way. You buried your head into his shoulder, letting the tears soak his shirt. He rubbed your back soothing you.  

“ I’m sorry you had to hear those words” 

Matt had finished his match with Nick, following him back. He asked Marty if he seen you which Marty shakes his head but says Kenny went outside to look for you. Matt didn’t even change, as he hurried outside. The sound of your cries breaks his heart as his eyes lay on you crying into Kenny’s shoulder.  

He walks over, placing a hand on Kenny’s shoulder. Kenny pulls away as Matt pulls you into him. 

“ Baby, don’t cry. I took care of him, I made him eat his own teeth. He won’t bother you anymore, I promise you” He kissed your forehead. 

Sniffing, you look up at him as he looked down at you with his chocolate brown eyes that you love. 

“ How hard did you super kick him? 

“ You don’t wanna know” the two of you chuckles. Kenny stood to the side, smiling to himself watching you two. 

Matt looks over to him, mouthing “ thank you, “ Kenny nods leaving you two alone. Matt shivers from the cold, he has no shirt on and still in his wrestling gear.

“ You need a shower” you mumble. 

“ I do, how about I take a shower and we go back to the hotel and cuddle?”
“ That sounds perfect “ He wrap his arms around your neck, placing a kiss on  the side of your head as you two headed inside.


TOURISM TIPS: Acqua, water, wasser, eau, H20 - Big Noses in Rome

A bit off topic, but since it’s a tourist season I decided to compile a list of Big Noses ( “water posts”) of Rome. Of course this list is just off the top of my head, so there are surely plenty more of them. Add yours…:-)

1. Trajans market
Climb the stairway that leads to the musei fori imperiali (Trajan’s forum), walk past the museum entrance  & street that runs downhill (right).After 10-20  meters walk or so take a next corner to the right and you’ll find a Big Nose there (next to a roundabout). Centrally located and one of my favourite “refueling points”. Other people seem to like it too, since there is frequently a queue.

2. Forum Romanum, Colosseum, Capitolium and Palatinum.

There is a sort of a fountain next to the entrance of metro station. Water comes straight from a wall, but in this case it’s “acqua potable”. Also ca. 10 years ago there was a “water post” on the opposite side of metro entrance and also at the foot of the stairs that lead to Palatine Hill. Don’t know though if they are still in use. On Capitoline Hill, behind Palazzo Senatorio there is also a “water post”

3. Campus Martius

A Big Nose can be found on the western side of Piazza Campo dei Fiori (next to the statue of Giordano Bruno). There is also a Big Nose at Largo di Torre di Argentina. It’s located on the Nort-Eastern side of the archaeological area. The third waterpost that I can recall is on Via dei Banchi Vecchi that runs parallel to Corso Vittorio Emmanuele. For me this was a real gem, since I had run out of water and was jumping of joy when i heard a familiar sound of Big Nose  :). Oddly enough I can’t recall any water posts on the northern side of the area, but surely there must be them (not along the main streets of Corso or Via dei Ripetta  though - IIRC)

4. Aventinus

There is a Big Nose and also a water fountain at Parco degli  Aranci (one of my favurite places in Rome btw). Two of the photos are actually taken there

5. Trastevere, Janiculum and Vatican area

My remembrances are a bit vague on this part, but in any case it’s a pretty sweaty climb from Trastevere to Gianigolo. I somehow recall that that there is a “fueling point” near Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. I’m not sure about this but at least there is  a one water post at the halfway of the ascent (intersection of V. Garibaldi and   V . Gottfriedo Mamelli). I somehow recall that there is also a Big Nose near the top of Gianicolo Hill though I’m not sure of this either. As for northern part of Gianicolo and Vatican area water posts are few and far between. The only one that I can remember is located on Via delle Consiliazione pretty close to river Tiber (on the right side of the street seen from St Peter’s basilica).

6. Railway station area

There is a water post at the Northernmost point of Piazza dei Cincuecento (close to the intersection of Viale  Enrico de Nicola and Via Marsala.) This is a good place to fill up your water bottle(s) since IIRC there are zero Big noses on the three main streets (Cavour, Nazionale and XX Settembre) that lead from Termini area towards Forum Romanum. And btw, if you need other refreshments there is a pretty good grocery store just one block away (between V. Gaeta, Solferino and Volturno).

7. Parco degli Aqcuedotti

IIRC on Via Lemonia, just before the entrance to the park there is a playground where you’ll find a water post. Also on Viale Giulio Agricola - a street that leads from metro station to the park - there is a grocery store where you can buy all sort of refreshments. And I certainly recommend  that you fill your water bottle(s) before you enter the park, since I couldn’t see any Big Noses there.

Stuck Soulmate!AU - Luke 5SOS

Luke was always a sucker for the classic romance story. The best ones in his opinion were the ones where the found each other by fate, and fate alone. The ones where they were truly meant to be, and you could tell just by looking at them. Every person could hear the songs that their soulmate was thinking of. Luke had heard stories about people communicating with their soulmates through their songs, and it bothered him to think that people didn’t trust fate to introduce soulmates on their own. He wanted things to be like they were in love songs. In his opinion, soulmates were based on only two things, love and fate.

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BTS reacting to their s/o being pregnant

Request: Bts reacting to their s/o being pregnant
Note: I’m doing this with the impression that their s/o is their SPOUSE. If you want me to do reaction to a pregnant s/o now (as in just dating/career and all), lemme know :)

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would be really happy about the news and would probably do something very romantic in reaction, like picking up his s/o and carrying them to a couch to rest. Jin would be a worrier, always keeping a close eye on his spouse to make sure that they weren’t uncomfortable or in need of anything. Jin would be very organised and thoughtful about it all, immediately starting to plan out things that he needed to get, or the design of the nursery. Jin would also be very practical, immediately calling his mom to ask what sort of foods his s/o should or shouldn’t eat. 

I’ll need to make sure to baby proof the house, oh I should look into fresh baby food recipes. And how are you, Jagi?

Suga (Yoongi)

Suga would definitely be one of the more lowkey members. He would smile proudly at his s/o when he heard the good news, but he wouldn’t be bouncing off the walls or anything. Yoongi would just not stop smiling, the whole time his s/o explained how they found out, when doctor’s appointments were, etc. it would just be gummy Yoongs. The whole time. Yoongi would just sit there, holding his s/o and occasionally asking questions about what needed to get done. 

Should I start writing a lullaby now? Or should I wait maybe a day or so? Aish, I can’t believe this.

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Rap Monster would smile super wide as soon as he was told and then switch instantly into BrainMon. He would go online that very moment and order as many parenting/pregnancy/baby name and childhood development books he could. He would probably spend the rest of the day sitting with his s/o going through as many medical websites as he could, trying to learn everything there was to know about babies and the needs of a mother during pregnancy. Namjoon would be chattering on to his partner about all the facts and plans he had already and would love hearing all his s/o worries or concerns. 

So it says here that you should be experiencing morning sickness…are you sick? Is it too early still? Yah, I’m just so excited. 

Jhope (Hoseok)

Hoseok would give his s/o a quick kiss of excitement before immediately calling his father and mother to tell them all about the announcement. Hoseok is super family oriented and would want to share this special moment with them. He would be a little teary when he thanked his s/o for bringing such happiness into his life. Jhope would be so affectionate with his spouse, never letting go of their hand and as the truth sunk in he would probably move from teary to full out crying. 

I can’t believe this is happening to us. I’m so blessed.


I don’t know how much Jimin has ever wanted children but overall, I think as soon as he found out he would probably jump for joy. He would swing his s/o into his arms and laugh happily! Jimin would be asking questions a mile a minute, just babbling on and on about how happy and excited he was. At some point, he would probably remember he wasn’t the one pregnant and start asking thoughtful questions about how his spouse was feeling. 

What should we name her? Her, maybe it’s him? When will we know? If we have a boy will he look like me or you? 

V (Taehyung)

I don’t think there are words to describe exactly how Taehyung would be feeling when he found out he was going to be starting his own family. It’s my personal opinion that Tae wants to be a father more than anything in his life - even his career. Taehyung would be completely speechless and would definitely cry openly, dropping to his knees in front of his s/o’s stomach. Tae would be reverent with his future child, everything around him would completely fade away and he would just be focused on the moment he would remember the rest of his life. Oh, Tae would be so beyond happy…it makes me emo.

H-how…how did I-…you are perfect. Both of you. 


Kookie would be the most nervous out of all of the members. He would be excited, definitely, when he found out the news but would probably spend the next few moments internally wondering if he would be a good, strong father. Jungkook is used to excelling in everything he did, so he would usually have confidence in himself, but with a child, Kookie would be afraid of the things he couldn’t control. Kookie would express some of his concern with his s/o and would want to speak to his members as soon as possible. 

What if I’m not a great father? What if my son or daughter doesn’t feel loved, or supported? I want them to follow their dreams jagi, to be good people. How do you do that?

anonymous asked:

Reaction from Jooheon I.M and Minhyuk doing a baby gender unavailing?

Baby Gender Unveiling (Jooheon, I.M & Minhyuk).

Jooheon: Oh my goodness. He would be one giant ball of nerves. The entire time in the car, into the clinic, checking in, waiting for the doctor, laying down and putting the gel on your 7 month belly, his nerves would be through the roof. But as soon as you took his hand and looked into his eyes he knew everything would be okay. You would ask if he was ready, even though knowing him he would say he was no matter what. “I’m ready. It’s been 7 months too long! Show me the gender first. I’m more import-” He wouldn’t be able to finish that sentence because you hit him in the stomach. As soon as the screen was turned and he saw the little arrow pointing to the empty place where a penis should be he jumped for joy. “YES! I KNEW IT WAS A GIRL! SHE IS GOING TO BE SPOILED! MY FIRST- I mean…. our first baby.”

Originally posted by peachyjyp

I.M: He would be calm because he knew that he had you through out this whole process and, he was going to make $60 bucks out of this. When he found out you were pregnant, all the boys placed $10 dollar bets. Except Kihyun because he was “above betting” For I.M the waiting for the doctor to find your baby was to much for him to handle. “Can’t you find her faster?” He would question. Even though you were only 5 ½ months along and it would be hard to find. Suddenly his face fell. There was a penis. “Well baby, looks like you all owe me $10 dollars. I can’t believe you ALL thought it was a girl.” Later that day you bought yourself and your son a nice lunch.

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Minhyuk: Complete and utter excitement. The first time you told Minhyuk you were pregnant you made sure to tell him twins ran in your family. He wasn’t worried, so when it came time to check the gender he wasn’t worried about a boy or a girl. All he wanted was a healthy wife and baby(ies). The doctor was happy to tell him that everyone was healthy and that there was more than one baby. After the news, he started to cry. Out of fear? Out of happiness? No one knew. You asked he what was wrong and all he said was What did I do to deserve you 3? I don’t deserve such happiness and joy in life. And I can promise you that he talked to both your son and daughter all day long.

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When I watched this scene I was not in the fandom and had not heard the word Olicity. I knew I hoped they would eventually get together. But I took this scene as a good bye. This is not going to happen.

Originally posted by scu11y22

I was so sad I waited to watch Season 3…wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. So when this happened - I literally jumped for joy!

Originally posted by westallenolicitygifs

Originally posted by westallenolicitygifs

Then the bittersweet kiss. Like Felicity, we knew it was over - at least for now.

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

I can’t help but think how I would have seen these things differently, had I found the fandom earlier….but I think that last scene in Season 2 will forever break my heart.

Thanks to those who made the gifs :)

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Right hand woman - business

Originally posted by monasax

A/N: Since I got so much positive feedback for the last one shot, I decided to kinda continue it. It follows episode 5, where Simon visits Hilltop and it is really random, but I like to write about their everyday life :) 
Also it’s the first time I had a beta reader <3
And @wafflii and @georgiagrl1990 asked for a tag and maybe @negans-network and @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash like it too!

Read the original imagine HERE.

You were sitting in the small secluded living room, which was kind of the reception for all high class members of the sanctuary. It was basically for Negan’s wives, Simon, you and sometimes the leaders of bigger groups, Negan only came here to discuss bigger matters with his two favorite people.
You were waiting for Negan to return to inform him, someone was seemingly cheating with points. Besides you, Sherry was awkwardly sitting on one of the smaller couches. She was your least favorite of his wives, not because she always treated you disrespectfully, but because you couldn’t quite figure her out. You knew she still talked to Dwight, you just couldn’t prove it yet.
A loud pair of steps echoed through the hallway. You got up, thinking it was your leader, when Simon came to a stop with a familiar snort escaping his throat. Sherry let herself fall back into the fabric in disappointment.
“Mind if you open the damn door, Y/N?“, he asked and you frowned.
“Why in hell can’t you do it yourself?“, you asked but swung it open anyway. It was when you saw him carrying a huge box and before you could take a closer look, the sharp smell of alcohol hit your nose.
“Thanks, darlin“, he huffed and placed the heavy package on a small wooden table. Your favorite thing about Simon was that he would still do the dirty work, despite the plenty of men who would willingly help.
You didn’t say a word, you just frowned at him with a questioning look. He leaned back and placed his hands on his hips. “Negan will love this“, he announced.
You reached out for a bottle and inspected the label. “Scotch?“
“Ah what happened to miss know-it-all? Don’t know your way around liquor? I bet I can convince you of Gin over that“, he winked at you and you couldn’t hide your amusement.
“Sure“, you said and laughed at his childish joy. “So Hilltop was a success?“
Simon tilted his head and raised his brows. “You should meet Gregory, you’d have fun.“
Leaning against the backrest of a couch, you slightly nodded and said: “Maybe I will come next time.“
A wide grin appeared under his mustache, when suddenly the door swung open again. “Well, hello there!“, Negan greeted, accentuating every syllable.
Sherry quickly jumped to her feet, you nodded and Simon looked at him like a proud dad. He gestured towards his baby, standing on the table. “Look what I found playing hide and seek with old Gregory.“
You held out the bottle, that was still in your hand and he took it into his black leather gloves. Negan leaned back and whistled. “That’s what I call a treat, man.“
Simon confidently raised his head. You stayed unimpressed by their excitement over the dim liquid.
He looked at his best man again. “I’ll make sure you’ll get rewarded.“
“I’ll go finish the work“, Simon exclaimed and went off with a huge smile.
Negan went to closely eye the content. You just opened your mouth, when Sherry cut you off: “Negan, do you have a second?“
He looked at you from the corner of his eye and seemingly noticed your heavy breathing of annoyance. “Go to your room, I’ll come when I finished the grown ups business“, he commanded.
“But…“, she started, but he raised his voice. “Do I speak swahili?“ She quickly shook her head and rushed outside.
You spent some moments in silence, while he took a sip. His raised brows told you it must suit his taste. He exhaled and licked his lips. “You really don’t like her, do you?“
Averting your gaze, you crossed your arms. “Do I have to?“, you snapped back. 
He leaned forward and you locked eyes again. “You know, you can tell me, when you’re… jealous“, he whispered with a dark voice.
You tilted your head and the frown was back between your brows. “Oh, you’d like that, don’t you?“
His smile revealed his perfect white teeth. “Damn, girl. I know why I got you that job,“ Negan lifted one finger and pointed in at your forehead. “You’re sharp as a fucking scythe.“
Some seconds passed where he just stared into nowhere. As he looked at you again, you could see the rare serious expression on his face. “I know you have a reason for not liking her.“
You nodded and said: “I’ll keep an eye on that.“
His brows furrowed and kept his voice low, as he explained: “I really wouldn’t like to get them into more trouble. Dwight’s doing a good job.“
Suddenly, you remembered the reason you were here in the first place. “Mentioning trouble, there is some hell for you to raise.“
Negan grinned at your annoyed tone. He loved to play the devil sometimes.

I love you, said Wolf to Rabbit
She was smiling full in her face
not knowing it meant so many teeth
not knowing joy can be frightening

I love you, said Rabbit to Wolf
but so quietly it didn’t escape
went out as a shadow whisper
Rabbit not yet ready to be brave

They curled clockwise on the couch
as Wolf brushed out Rabbit’s hair
gentle as a cherry blossom breeze

Rabbit boxed Wolf’s shoulder hard
and threw Wolf on the wooden floor
A warning of her tender strength

When they kissed,
both used teeth

Wolf grabbed the nape of Rabbit’s neck
as they went walking close in the dark

As Wolf got Rabbit lost
she learned her language
until they found each other
inside of invented words

The full moon made a crown for Rabbit
and Wolf bowed her head as she danced

When they slept,
their noses touched

In the morning, Rabbit punched
Wolf with a pillow and jumped
straight into the air

Wolf woke wide eyed and jumped
on the bed, bouncing too
blaming gravity

for the falling

I love you, said Rabbit to Wolf
She was smiling full in her face
knowing that joy can be daunting
but that she was born to be brave

I love you, said Wolf to Rabbit
so loud the sounds darted escape
and went to decorate the sun
but Wolf was not ready to leave

—  Lux, “Courtship Rituals.”
Seventeen Scenario: Make Up (Hoshi)

A/N: For the anon who requested a really angsty break up + make up Hoshi scenario! Hope you like it! I’m not really good at arguments so bear with me? ^^

- Admin Mochi ✨

Originally posted by parkchny

“Y/N! Wait!”

Wait? Fat chance that’ll happen.

You will your feet to walk faster so you could just get away from this house full of ear-shattering music and drunk teenagers. After pushing past a group of girls, you finally broke your way out to the front yard.  Without stopping, you sigh in content. The cool night air that blew through your hair felt pleasant after three hours in a crowd of sweaty people.

You had managed to get to the end of the driveway when you felt someone grab your arm. Whipping around, you immediately yank yourself away.

Hoshi was catching his breath, looking at you with regret in his eyes. You glared back. “What do you want?” You angrily hissed. “Go back to your other girlfriend! I don’t want you near me.”

The blonde boy flinched back at your harsh words but your anger did not deter him from seeking forgiveness. “No, please, it’s not what you think it is.”

You scoff, rolling your eyes. How many times have you heard that one? “Hoshi, I don’t have time to listen to your lies. I’m going home.” After finding a brunette straddling your boyfriend (in the middle of a hallway!) you have had enough of Kwon “Hoshi” Soonyoung.

“Lies? Why the plural? I’ve never lied to you ever!” Hoshi argued.

You threw up your hands in exasperation then angrily placed them on your hips. “So I suppose you just let any girl spread her legs over your hips, huh? I bet you’ve been dating her behind my back.”

“Y/N, for the last time, I did not-”

You were barely listening as you were slowly moving into rant mode. “What was I thinking anyway? Dating one of the most popular kids in the school? I shouldn’t have said yes in the first place.”

Hoshi did a double take at this. A few seconds pass when he finally spoke. “So, you’re saying you regret everything we’ve been through?” Hoshi asks, his voice as cold as ice.

You raise a mocking eyebrow, no pity within you. “I don’t know. Am I?”

Hoshi lets out a sigh of fury and frustration. “Fine! We’re done.” With that, he turned on his heel and stalked off towards the party again. A group of kids smoking cigarettes next to the mailbox who had been watching all the action were now staring at you in shock. But you didn’t care.

“We already were done!” You shout at your ex-boyfriend’s retreating back. You watch as Hoshi continues to walk, not even stopping to glance back at you.

I guess he never truly loved me.

Tears began to spill over your eyes as you pull out your cell phone from your pocket to call your best friend to pick you up. It was your brother who brought you here but you didn’t want to call him. Because when a person’s heart was broken, what they needed was a listening ear and a pint of their favorite ice cream.

The following Monday after the party, rumors had already spread throughout the whole school. Some said that Hoshi cheated you, some said it was you who cheated on him. There was someone who even said you were pregnant and that Hoshi was the dad. Sometimes, one of your classmates would turn around in their desk and ask you for the story to which you simply replied “It just didn’t work out.” As you walked through the hallways, eyes followed you and whispers flew around you. The cute smart nerd-meets-jock story had come to an end.

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finally yousana!!

oooomg i’m soo happy right now, i was honestly jumping up and down in my bed and squealing and squeaking out of joy when the nora&yousef text messages came on screen ❤❤❤
honestly i felt kind of the same happiness as i did when i found out my crush liked me back - might i be too emotionally involved with sana? maybe, but i dont care 😁

Badgirl!Y/N and BadBoy!5sos - Michael Clifford Imagine

A/N: I have come to the realization that we have a good amount of Punk/Badboy 5sos imagines, but no Punk/badgirl Y/N ones, And i was thinking…why can’t i be a badass too?? i wanna have tattoos and be ruling the school and not be the “geeky, shy, bookworm.” The way I am, is very not geeky and I’m Kinda out there and not shy, so this (shitty) imagine is to the girls like me who want to be badass too. Here’s to you. You fucking rock. 

TW: As you can tell by the authors note, swearing, maybe some smoking, maybe the mention of sex and Alcohol. I’m not sure, I haven’t wrote it yet, but it won’t be to terribly bad.

 Michael’s Pov

Another year another school. I finally was about to get through a hole school year without getting expelled, and then, BAM, I take one nerds clothes in the locker room and run it up the flag pole outside and now here i am. Going into my Senior year and another school. I guess the principal and gym teacher finally got sick of my shit. But it’s not like i haven’t done it before. 

The only thing good about it is my friends were in on my plan, and they got expelled too. My boys had too sink with there captain and there ship right? The fact that we actually all got expelled on the second to last day of school still floors me. Couldn’t we have just gotten suspended like before??

“Hey man you ready for this hell hole?” Luke asked on our drive to the shit hole. 

“Yeah man, lets go get Ashton and Calum so we can get this over with.” 

We pick up Cal, and as predicted, he’s in a fowl mood, due to having a hangover from the night before. I told him not to get to crazy, but what does he do? He gets shit faced and brings so twenty something year old home. Thank God his parents were gone on a business trip, Joy would have flipped. 

We were pulling up to Ashton’s house when he came bounding out of the house and jumped into the back seat, looking like he was about to burst. “Holy shit guys guess what I found out.” 

“That you didn’t brush you’re teeth this morning?” Cal responded rubbing his head.

“No, asshole, that Jessica Linkson has the clap.” he responded laughing. 

“Aw shit that’s nasty Ash. I was waiting for that bitch to get something!”Luke replied laughing at the misfortune of his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with half of the football team in 9th grade. 


Y/N pov

I got of my bike this morning at school, with a smile on my face. Not because I like being at school at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday, but it’s because I woke up with the feeling something good might actually happen today.

“What the fuck are you so happy about?” Lexi said pulling up next to me, on her flame red bike and pulling off her helmet. 

“I’m great best friend, How are you?” I sassily acknowledged, which prompted her famous eye roll. “Anyways I’m fine. I just feel like today might be good, you know, it’s our first day of our senior year, were gonna kick even more all.” 

My little speech prompted a smile and a happy eye roll from Lexi. Before anything else could be said Moriah and Morgan pulled up on there purple and blue bikes. All of our bikes were different colors, but matched to bind up together as a group, Moriah had purple, Morgan had blue, Lexi had red and I had black. 

We all got off our bikes after a quick hello and headed inside. The people in the halls parted like the red sea. Everyone staring at the girls covered in black, with tattoos and piercings. No one said a word to us as we walked to our homeroom, to scared one of us might snap. 

We all had an angle at the school, Lexi and I rained over the jocks, playing multiple sports and getting on the inside to take control from within. Moriah was is with the arts-y kids and the nerds, getting the dirt on the preps from the arts and band classes, and using it against them. Morgan was in with the preps, who commonly back stab each other, by talking when mad (or drunk). (Hints why we like going to parties.) 

We didn’t need dirt on everyone to keep the students in check, we just liked it. In case someone wanted to step out of line. People respected us and didn’t fuck with us because they were scared of us. I think this got established when Josh Richards wanted to spread a rumor he slept with Lisa Smith. I knew Lisa Since I was fairly young, and she was a kinda nerdy and shy girl, so when she approached our table at lunch and told us about the problem, i told her we’d take care of it, and we did.     Josh came into school next Monday with a black eye, busted lip, and a heart felt apology for Lisa. 

We never had a problem from him again. 

“Who the Fuck are those guys.” Moriah said in first period. 

I look over to where she gestured and there are four very tall boys walking into the science classroom and taking their seats at one of the other lab tables at the back of the classroom. They all had piercings and tattoos, wearing all black. Who the fuck do they think they are?  I made eye contact with one of the boys. Blonde, green eyes. tattoos, and an eye piercing. 

This guys fucking hot. 

Michael’s Pov

Shit that girls hot. 

“Mike quit looking at that chick, we’re trying to talk about the party this weekend.” Cal said, trying to get my attention. 

“You seriously wanna talk about drinking now? Aren’t you still hungover?” I asked. No one i knew could drink as much as Calum, not even me, and you have to drink a lot to beat me. 

“I took some pain meds, I’m fine now.” 

“Good, we need to get planning. It need so be perfect.” Luke said. He was always particular about his party’s, his next has to be better than his last. 

Time Skip

“Get out of the way ass hat” i sneered at some meat head jock blocking my way in the hallway. 

“Oooh look what we have here.. Some type of Bad boy? Are you new here? Don’t know the ropes? I’ll tell you them then. Stay out of me and my guys way, and we won’t hurt you.” he smiled, thinking i was scared, while looking at his idiot friends behind him. 

“And you think you’re scary? You’re just some stupid Jock riled up on some steroids. I’m not scared of you. And i shouldn’t be you Shitty, ass hat, Dumbfucking tw-”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I head a girl yell. I hadn’t notice a crowd had formed a circle around me, this dumbfuck, whoever he was, his idiot friend, and Luke, who was behind me.

I look to where the voice came from and it’s the girl. The hot one from earlier and she’s coming towards us.     A space opens up for her to get through and, may i say, she’s even sexier up close, but I’m not about to let this little squirt save me. 

“Listen honey-” I start, but I’m cut off. 

“What the fuck did you just call me? One, I’m not your honey, baby, boo, or any, anything. So address me with my name, or not at all. Two, I thought I asked a question. Now, Josh, did the new boy hurt you’re feelings? Tough shit, get going, you’ll be late to class. And we don’t want that now would we?”

Josh, The Meat head and his goon looked at the girl with a look of annoyance for a second before she clarified her command with a “Bye Josh, bye Brad.” 

The two guys leave trough the circle and mutter a “move” as they pushed through. 

“All of you, get to class! Now!” she yelled.  The sea immediately parted going their separate ways, and the hallway, that was once so quiet you could hear a pin drop, erupted with noise. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking down at the girl in front of me. 

“Y/N, my girls and I run this school. Who are you new boy?”

“Michael Clifford.” I stated “This is Ashton Irwin.” I Introduced Ashton and finally looked away from Y/N. 

“Well Clifford, you sure do know how to make an impression.” She looked away, down the hall and spotted three other girls coming. The hall crowd splitting down the middle for them too. “I have to get to lunch, I’ll see you later.”

Holy shit did she blush. The cute girl blushed at me . I’m panicking. Damn Michael keep your cool.  

“Yeah, maybe sooner than later. Do you wanna go to a party with me this weekend? I know we just met but-”

“Yeah Michael, I will, but I have to go. I’ll see you later.”  And she was gone.

She said yes. Holy shit she said yes. 

“Dude, Y/N never went to a party with a guy before. Lucky fuck.” Some guy in an All Time Low Shirt said. 

Okay Michael, Don’t fuck this up.