i jsut want you to be happy.

listen I want some real angst. i’m talkin, muse a is in this dumb ass relationship where their s/o is actually a piece of shit and muse b is just so DONE with muse a’s shit like you know you can do better why the fuck are you sticking with them just fucking go. and it’s not that happy full support crap because muse b has seen where being nice about it has gotten muse a, and they know their friend just needs some real tough love. and then like one day muse a and b are arguing hardcore over how irrational muse a is being and muse b is like  ‘i would treat you so much better.’

I just want to say, ever since I got more comfortable about my presense here, and not giving a shit what I post, I feel happier. 

I did kinda care about notes and attention. But it was not just that. I enjoyed my art, and I enjoyed the attention. Now I’m just happy that hey, people like this! Hey, I’ve improved so much with art! whoa! who cares if people don’t like, I do and that’s good enough :D

Thank you to everyone who sticks around and likes my stuff. <33 



because you can see how big of an influence is hoseok on yoongi’s mood and how much yoongi loves him???? like yoongi is so happy to go along with hobi’s antics and he’s honestly having so much fun and they both look so happy being all ridiculous and beautiful and i’m SO. IN. LOVE.


exactly three years ago, on 5th may, 2013, Troye has published on his channel video that completely changed his life. the fault in our stars. and this is one of millions reasons why i love him so much. 

this music video really makes me cry. and when i think that  the weight of a simple human emotion weighs me down more than the tank ever did, when everything goes wrong, i’m starting to remember about all this little boys and girls and how strong they are. and how they stay so. how they stay grand. and i want that they don’t say goodbye even when someone tell them why. i want that they jsut see the stars.

thank you, @troyesivan, for all these happy simple human emotions that i feel every day when i’m listening to this song. 

Know how we’re all fangirling over Harry’s b-day today? Well, jsut imagine the entire magic world doig the same! Parades, tv and radio only showing specials about him, maybe it’s even a holiday by now? Imagine how overwhelming it would be for a man whose first birthdays were spent ignored and lonely?

(But also imagine Hermione calling him like “HARRY POTTER I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED EVERY 15 SECONDS FOR “30 FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW BOUT HARRY POTTER” WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?” “Did you at least know them all?” “Yeah, the ones that weren’t made up. Stop griNING HARRY JAMES POTTER I KNOW YOU’RE GRINNING STOP!”)

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@ primrose anon: yay I'm so round if you too! I know we don't even know each other but I feel like maybe I know you a little bit jsut from reading your questions? Anyway! I just wanted to say that yay I'm happy for you and also I'm here for you too new friend! Although it may feel like you're alone sometimes, at least now you know you have at least two people rooting for you! (Me and Amanda that is haha) have a lovely day and you're so strong and epic and and amazing! -sunshine ☀️

^^^^^ see we’re one big happy family 💕

i just wanted to share what happened tonight at the voice for the voiceless because darren was so amazing. so they wanted to double the given money for the charity which was $50000 with an auction and so far they had about $15000+ for two prizes and gifts (including josh groban tickets and a trip to watch ellen in LA and a big bang theory taping all expense paid) before they introduced darren serenading you as the third auction. and it was slow at first before someone started bidding higher and higher until it was about $8000 and darren came out before he was supposed to because he was so overwhelmed with gratitude and said “my voice is only worth about $23!” but then two people were fighting over him - a little girl who was only 7 years old and the cutest little thing and a woman and in the end they both bid $15000 each which totals to $30000 FOR JUST DARREN’S. he kept going “wow!” and “oh man thank you all so much!” honestly so humble. and everyone was so happy and cheering because they got the money ALL BECAUSE OF DARREN. they didn’t need to do the rest! and he was so humble and kept saying thank you and since a little girl won he asked if he could add another song from glee so teenage dream was impromptu. that’s how much he wanted to thank them. and during the first song he kept wanting to dance with her and smiling at her and during teenage dream was hilariously cute because he was singing “let’s go all the way tonight…that'sreallyinappropriate!” and then at the end with “got my heart racing in my skin tight jeans” and everyone started laughing and darren added “in 20 years maybeee!” and sounded so amazing and was so, so, so beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.