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YO GOING ALONG WITH THE JASPER AND ERED RELATED HC COUNSELOR JASPER AU WHERE NIKKI IS LIKE ASKING ERED QUESTIONS ABOUT HERSELF LIKE "you got any siblings? Are they as cool as you?!" And Ered like "Yeah, I got an older brother" "REALLY?! WHERE IS HE?!" And Ered just points to Jasper

“listen my sister may be pretty cool, but you know i’m ice cold B^)”


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Does eyecandy like sweets?????? How would he feel if his s/o wanted to cuddle with him in a pillow nest they made and give him smooches??? ((I'm sorry if I'm spamming, I jsut love eyecandy he's such a bab))


He  l o v e s  sweets a lot, can’t have too many cause like a normal blueberry he’s going to have a sugar high if you feed too much of them to him but a reasonable amount’s okay. he has a little more tolerance fore sugar then most blueberries but that’s just more sweets for him.

- Also for the pillow nest and smooches be prepared to be illiterately pulled into the pillow nest with him and get nuzzles and smooches back and thank yous because he really appreciates it.

- Just cuddles and smooches for the rest of the day cause he ain’t letting go. He’s going to be a clingy dork for the rest of the day

- Just kind of leans in on you or rests his head on your lap while he eats his sweets with a lovey dovey look in his eyes,,

-aaaa don’t worry about it the spam’s making me really happy !! I love writing characters

I love that out of all the sensates, Lito is the only one to ask permission before sharing.  I mean, I know everyone is in super dangerous situations but so is Wolfgang with a gun to his head.  Like Lito could have jsut taken over but he talks it out with Wolfgang and then is like “do you mind?”

It’s even funnier because he has a gun to his head.  Like, he’s likely to die soon and Lito is like “I could lie for you if you want?  No big.  Thanks for the permission, I’ll just slide on in here.  Thanks a lot.”

And Wolfgang is totally cool with it.  Because he’s the chill sensate. 

answering asks!!

HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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Honestly I like the wrestlers who are apart of Bullet Club but a lot of people seem to forget that NJPW isn’t just about bullet club and the non-japanese wrestlers. It’s a japanese promotion with wonderful wrestlers such as Sanada, Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Evil, Bad Luck Fale and Hiroshi Tanahashi amongst many more. 

no offense lads but i love hippo campus with all of my god damn heart!! every fiber of my mortal body aches with my overwhelming love and adoration for them and their music!!!! their music is just so beyond anything else ive ever listened to its so colorful and evokes such strong emotions and i want to somehow make their songs a part of me because listening to them just isnt enough!! not to mention they’re super nice dudes who are crazy friendly and put you at ease when you’re talking to them i mean!!! they’re good guys making good music and they exude talent and passion in everything they do and they’re seriously such a unique and special band and sometimes i cant believe ive been lucky enough to have found them or to have even been here while theyre out there creating and sharing things with us!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like your work, what's your inspiration?

Hello and thank you! 

Good question, well I fell in love and she has been a huge inspiration for me to write about. Like how she makes me feel, good or bad. I also take inspiration from things that happen in my everyday life. Sometimes I can watch a movie and think of something so it sometimes jsut comes randomly and I write it down. Something I like to do is to just listen to a song or see a movie and put myself in their situation and it gives me lots of great ideas about things I could write about. But I mainly base it on stuff that goes up in my own head! 

Hopefully that was a good enough answer! 

- R 

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So I just caught up on Watercast AND THEN found your YOI fic set in the Watercast universe AND THEN see your note about maybe doing a victuuri one and I just wanted to let you know I love these fics, love the way you write the characters, would die if you did the victuuri, and you've stolen my soul

;A; *huggss* thank u anon… I’m so stuck with Victuuri because I don’t know how to start … i think after watercast i’ve become a lot more conscious re how others read my stuff?? and also cus i’m intimidated by some truly beautiful prose in YOI fandom. The range of fic and styles is crazy haha. 

im gonna try jsut write by self indulgence………..i hope no one hates young viktor because i want to write so much of his off-screen stuff… ;A; 

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i have to come up with an ap art concentration concept and im really struggling to come up with ideas, how did you decide on yours? do you have any tips for how to choose one?

choose something youre actually passionate abt!! If you end up choosing something jsut bc you saw someone do it or bc it looks easy its gonna feel a lot more like a chore and all your pieces are gonna feel forced. at the time when i had to decide my concentration idea i was SUPER obsessed with Ballet and Ballerinas for some reason lmfao (i still am) I jsut find a lot of beauty in it so I focused on a specific Ballet that I already really liked and tried to make an artistic interpretation of it bc i already loved the idea of it in the first place. You just gotta do what you actually like and have an actual interest in to go into depth with it.

This fandom has been having sad times because some people decide to ruin things! So I am calling out the good beans that I interact with in the RP community, in particular, the BATB community.

All love is below the cut because I have lots to say.

Also, this is not an exhaustive list so if you have any good beans that you feel need to be called out send stuff to my ask and Ill @ them!!

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so at the beginning of the shift ruby had this family that was split between two booths cuz it was 4 gisl 1 boy and the parents and i had them and their other family friends one time as a big top and they LOVED ME and i loved them and anyways both the mom AND the dad came up to me SEPARATELY and told me that they had me last time and they loved me a lot and they wished they had me now and i was like :’-) and another regular of mine came in tonight, my manager said “your friends are gonna sit at 43 so get ready for that” and im like ? my friends ? and it was these regulars. its just this handsome young man and his beautiful girlfriend and theyre so like, calmly involved in what each other has to say and theyre so kind and sweet and theyre not like talkative but theyre jsut so good to me and each other. anyways the guy at the end said “you know weve had you like 10 times now, and we ask for you every time, so i just wanted to introduce us. my names jake, this is my girlfriend haley” and it was SO CUTE i love you

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Hey roni! My girlfriend and i are in hs. We're both going into our senior year and we've been dating for 3 years now. We both want to have sex. We've talked about it but we jsut don't know where to start. I am a girl. We are lesbians. Thank you so much in advance and I love your blog so much.❤️

Make out, set the mood, lots of touching and foreplay, and honestly just start touching and exploring each other. 

You can have ya girl lay down and start fingering, you can eat each other out (entering the vagina, but also focusing on the clit), etc., 

Tbh, it was visuals that really helped me figure out what to do when I first had sex, so I’m going to include some for you

I also find that getting on top of the other person and having there knee up against your vag and your knee on theirs while grinding works well, too!! 

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Ahh sorry! I was just wondering Idk if any of my asks send to anyone and I got kinda worried. I didn't mean to make you feel like I was rushing you or anything!! I'm really Sorry! Please keep up the hard work! You have a lot of asks and I'd never want you to think I was unhappy with you or anything I love your blog!

Ahhh, no don’t worry, I’m jsut really slow with things and always worry that people will think I forgott about their asks :’)

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can I ask for some jinson and/or jackbum fic recommendations (if you read them) pleeeeeease ily

 oF COURSE!!!!!! tbh i read anything that looks good (aka everything) as long as it’s got7 haha

let’s start with jackbum ye?

Big Hearts -702 words

Summary: “Jackson is a fucking ten years old” (( jackson makes jaebum a card and it’s heart melting))

Just Smile Again -5063 words

Summary: “Jackson’s been lowkey nursing this crush for years, but he never meant for Jaebum to ever find out. Mark and Jinyoung have other ideas. Also, they’re terrible friends.” (( kinda self explanitory haha its really cute ))

I’m Cooking With Microwaves -859 words

Jackson wants to cook for Jaebum lmao (( look all of these are gonna be cute what do you expect from me ))

Sharing (read:Stealing) Clothes - 669 heh words

Summary: “Jackson is way too fond of wearing Jaebum’s clothes and Jaebum has no clothes to wear.”

Sleeves - 5642 words

Summary: “Jaebum had had a system. Ignore the feelings, certainly ignore the craving. Take whatever Jackson was voluntarily, willingly giving and enjoy the close friendship. It had been a good system. It had been a working system. Until it was wrecked. Until the pink and white sweater happened.” (( READ ITTTTTT there’s a sequel that’s rated M and hehehe yeah its the greatest pls read it ))

5 am - 930 words

Summary: “Jackson comes home super late/early after drinking with his friends and Jaebum happens to be awake still.” (( lots of cuddles and drunk!jackson ))

I’ve been looking for the answer (I couldn’t see that it was right there) - 348 words

the title is longer than the fic but it’s just the right amount of short and sweet and it will take like 2 seconds to read jsut do it

Are You Afraid Of Horror? - 515 words

Summary of the summary: jaebum wants jackson to get scared but he gets scared instead and yessssss it’s beautiful 

Just Right - 431 words

Summary: “Preppy sweaters and snapbacks don’t go together, but Jackson makes it work, and Jaebum is kind of in love.”

His Bark - On Going ( 32+ Chapters ) Rated M

ok this is literally one of my favorites right now so i really really recommend it. umm jackson is kinda like a hybrid?? it’s hard to explain asklfjl just check it out it’s great

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Okay on to Jinson haha otl 

Trapped With You - 10650 words

Summary: “Jackson and Jinyoung have been at loggerheads for months. It takes freezing temperatures and an abandoned warehouse to cool things down.” (( this is honestly so good really ))

Wanderlust - 1695 words

i didn’t even know it was that long wow.. it’s really really well done and i have no idea how to take it lol just read it it’s great

15 Reasons Why - 3894 words

Summary: “Jinyoung and Jackson are neighbors and they pretend to hate each other and constantly bicker and fight, until Christmas Eve, when Jackson leaves a present on Jinyoung’s doormat…” (( not too christmassy so don’t fret.. it’s soooo good and i love how junior was written aslfkjs ))

Pinky Promise Me Your Ring Finger - 7045 words

Look ok they’re childhood friends in this and jinyoung is so clingy and it’s the freaking. cutest. thing. ever. read it like right now

Reach Out (And Touch) - 546 words

Quote from the fic which is all you need to know: “jackson smiles and leans back, wraps his hands around Jinyoung’s waist and pulls Jinyoung back into his chest.” (( honestly i cried ))

Never Shut Us Down - 13200

MY FAVORITE THING ON EARTH aka fan x idol fic mmmmM Fansitemaster!jinyoung and idol!jackson and it’s great and amazing and askjflsfkla read it

Anyway i’m sorry this took so long to reply askldfj i’ve been eh lazy sorry haha bye

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p.s. if you guys want more recs im happy to give them but make sure to give me specifics ( either the ship or the au or the rating ohohoh )

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top or bottom frank?

definitely TOP…

I know many people will disagree with me….i’m sorry but i see it this way.

What a lot of people fail to see is that Frank’s super powerful,super strong, super aware of everything, he knows what he wants; Gerard’s the lost one…

Thing is, Gerard, since he’s the lead vocalist, he’s trying to appear like he’s the powerful one, the leader, like, okay, as far as the band is concerned, yeah, he might(‘ve been) the leader….but when it comes to their relationship, you can tell Frank’s the one who decides, he’s the stronger one in the rship, he lets Gerard feel like he’s the one who shows the direction while in fact Frank’s the one who keeps a tight rein on it ;) he might be all like, “take me” but that’s only to heat it up,like during projekt revolution, i think that was when ppl concluded F was a bottom, while /me thinks/ the contrary’s the truth

Look at Frank, the way he grabs him like, he’s the one with the power, trust me..

And Gerard knows when he has fucked up, that’s when you see Frank not caring and Gerard doing his best to please Frank cuz omfg omfg Frankieee, noo, i’m here, look, i’m sorry, omg, look at me……..

Gerard may be generally like, stubborn…but Frank’s as stubborn as G is if not more…

Also, remember, it was GERARD who phoned Frank after their 2years’ break, it was him to phone and suggest they got it back on….well….——-

so i say….Frank tops, or they’re switching………but Gerard’s typical bottom…he has to act like the leading,topping one cuz c’mon,he’s the leader of the band….but in reality, Frank’s the one having the say, always, you can tell, it’s not that hard when you stop watching them on stage but watch their behaviour off stage…. Gerard’s all ‘omg,love me’ and then when F gives him all the attention and Gerard’s all like ‘see,he’s my bitch’ and F just doesn’t care either way,may Gerard have whatever attitude he wants to have as long as they get to be together, Frank can go with that…cuz he’s the one who decides and leads the way off stage ;) Gerard’s the insecure one and Frank with all his love and attention and adoration he’s giving G the feeling of being the master of the world and like he can achieve anything he wants with F by his side,with F rooting for him,supporting him,worshiping him….and F’s just glad to do that for his G…

see, G’s the one who holds on to F for dear life…this is literally their rship in a nutshell…hah

Frank’s the boss. And lets Gerard feel like the boss cuz they both know G needs that..for his confidence, his ego which used to be well, non-existent… Frank gave him the feeling that he’s the king….

And then it all got fucked up during ProjRev cuz G thought he was awesome enough to do well without Frank, he kinda thought that whoa, he was awesome and confident enough without anyone’s help,worshiping,adoration, …and so we saw him get with lynz -who’s confident and feels awesome enough on her own. She met G when he already thought he felt that way too, so she never felt the need to make a king out of him,to treat him like he’s basically heaven sent, the feeling F used to give him….

…that’s why 2 years later Gerard crawled back to Frank,craving for more……

It wasn’t all that easy to earn him back……that’d be why Gerard acted so desperate for F’s attention during the entirety of Danger Days and later too, he was acting like he needed F as air….i mean, DD was like Gerard pleading for F’s love and attention……maaaan….

And Frank enjoyed it, why the hell not…..

Gerard really did go lengths to show F he needed him…Gerard had never done that before, he always expected Frank to be the one on his knees, showing him how much he cared… but G had fucked up and had to earn the admiration and love back…by basically being really fucking obvious with Frank in public, something Frank has obviously always wanted….just remember how many times F basically suggested they had “a little” deeper bond, ehm, if you know what i mean…

and in danger days…..well,….Gerard confirmed it.

Gerard basically pretty much outed everything there was about the two of them…

DDays was huge as far as FG’s rship’s concerned…it revealed a hell of a lot…more than we could imagine…and to think it was mostly thanks to Gerard……well….who would’ve said, right….;)

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Talk about your favorite blogs

i’ll just do top 5

  1. @theflirtmeister - she and i both hate the same people and hate the same things. she’s who i always go to when i see bullshit bc i’m too chickenshit to call ppl out on their shitty behavior (like i seriously saw someone post a picture where they had a photo of blm members and n/e/on/az/is side by side and said ‘only one of these groups have been labeled as thugs’. like seriously? they’re fucking ne/on/az/is, why would you want to downplay them?? they’re fucking dangerous, not jsut random racists on the fucking street) and she’s always so lovely to me and basically supports me no matter what
  2. @sennasational - a lot of what i said for flirt also goes for key as well! but we discuss different topics and she also helps me with my art! we talk alot abt a bunch of random shit and i genuinely enjoy seeing her horse posts! 
  3. @sebrai - my rp partner and someone’s who’s always concerned abt my wellbeing and i appreciate that. she’s super nice and i genuinely enjoy our rp together
  4. @theianitor - theia is so nice and i love it when she gives me analysis of my fics!! she’s drama free and super helpful with writing tips and stuff like that. fandom mom.
  5. @alosainz - i havent been following her all that long but i love her blog!!!! her blog is always so positive and i enjoy seeing all the different stuff she posts!!! honestly she’s so nice and helpful, she’s great!

i literaly dont have an opinion about anyone…. if youre reading this i literally dont care… like i dont mean that in a rude way im jsut meaning like i dont hate any of you i dont love any of you just like whatever. but like not in the nihilistic way. i dont know what other way there is but theres another way its like i dont care about shit. wait no thats not the thing the thing is that i feel lots of emotion but its all temporary and theres like 999 different mental states i switch between that cause certain things to trigger emotions but like i dont hate or love anyone you are all just people. i enjoy your posts and personality usualy

Your Touch Part 1

Hey would you please write an austin imagine where you’re friends with the guys and one day you all go out together and you share moments with austin (like touching hands and stuff ). Then he asks you to drive you home and then you end up in bed and it’s really gentle and sensual sex with a lot of kissing and touching and stuff 😊😊 I’d love you if you could write that for me 💛

Sorry this is shitty. The second part will be better…hopefully


I locked the door to my house and ran down to meet my friends. Hopping in the car, I was greeted by loud hellos and a lot of smiles. 

“So, where to first?” I asked Phil, the one who was driving. 

“First we’re gonna have some lunch!” he told me excitedly. I smiled at that because I was very hungry myself. After a few minutes of driving and loud conversations, we pulled into one our favorite restaurants and headed in. Austin sat next to me and gave me a warm smile.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Pretty good. Yourself?”

“Same,” I told him with a laugh. After a short pause, he leaned in close to me.

“You look really nice today, by the way,” he said. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Austin was probably my best friend out of all the guys. We hung out a lot and we were always just really comfortable and relaxed with each other. Him complimenting me like that wasn’t anything new, but always loved when he told me sweet things. Coming from him they always jsut seemed so…genuine.

We ordered our food and made more conversation, laughing obnoxiously and acting like idiots. A few people gave us looks, but we didn’t care. God, this was why I loved hanging out with these guys so much. After finishing and waiting for a few others, I felt Austin’s hand graze my leg. His touch sent shivers up my spine, but when I looked over he was just smiling at me, his cheeks pink with a cute little blush. 

After lunch, we decided to go mini-golfing. We were all so bad at it, so there was no point in trying to take any of it seriously. We yelled discouraging things at each other, messed with other peoples’ shot, blocked the hole, screwed with their concentration, and so on. 

“Guys, shut up, I’m trying to putt!” I yelled, laughing as I did. They let out a few giggles, but kept quiet. I looked down, my face hurting from smiling so much, and tried to focus on the ball. Just as I brought my club back to tap it, a pair of large hands grabbed my hips, the fingers digging in and causing me to laugh hysterically. I turned to find a laughing Austin. “Austin, stop!” I begged as he tickled me. “I’m gonna- peeeee!” 

“You’re so ticklish!” he replied in a fit of chuckles, finally releasing me. I tried to catch my breath and give him a death glare at the same and it wasn’t working. We calmed down and he gave me a lovely side hug as an apology, his lips brushing my hair ever so gently. Throughout the rest of the game, our hands would brush or I’d knock into him slightly. His touch was driving me wild.

“I vote we get ice cream,” Alan said as we headed back in with our putters and golf balls. There was a loud chorus of agreements. Our group made its way to the front and ordered our treats. I got a delicious ice cream cone.

A delicious ice cream cone that Austin did not hesitate to sneakily and gently shove into my face the first chance he got. My nose was covered in the sticky goodness as he sat there laughing at me.

“Austiiiiiiin,” I whined, giving him my puppy dog eyes. He sighed, caving in and going to grab napkins for me. He gently wiped off my face and gave me a grin. I shook my head and then dipped my finger in his sundae and spread it down his cheek. Austin gasped and I started giggling.

“Not. Nice,” he said, glaring at me playfully. I just laughed and smiled at him, sticking out my tongue. 

“That’s what you get, mister,” I replied. He shook his head and wiped his own face off, throwing away our trash. 

“Sooooo, whose down for the beach?!” Tino asked excitedly as we headed toward the cars. We all cheered and piled in, eager to get to one of our favorite hang outs. After a short drive, we reach our destination and hopped out, running for the sand and the waves. Phil grabbed some stuff out of the trunk for us to enjoy, like a frisbee and football and a blanket to sit on. We kicked our shoes off and went for it. 

After running around and playing games for a bit, I decided it was time for a break. I headed for the waves, standing in to my ankles and looking out over the water. The sun was starting to set and this was one of my favorite sights to see. I always felt so at peace. 

“Hey,” Austin said softly, breaking my reverie. 

“Hi there,” I replied, not looking away. He stood next to me for awhile without saying anything. The silence was actually comfortable.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded in agreement. I felt him inch closer to me and smiled to myself. Soon enough, his arms was resting nicely around my shoulders.

“Today has been wonderful,” I told him. 

“Yeah. I think everyone has had a lot of fun.” We stood for a bit and I laid my head against his shoulder. Everything felt so perfect, so in-place. I couldn’t shake the feeling of content washing over me no matter how hard I tried. After a bit, Aaron’s voice broke our moment.

“Guys! We’re heading back, dark is falling!” he called. Austin kissed the top of my head and squeezed my frame with a happy sigh before we turned around and headed for the car. The ride back was relatively quiet, most of the boys worn out from the long day. We grabbed some quick food for us to munch on before arriving back at Phil’s house.

“Bye everyone! We have to do this again sometime soon!” Tino shouted, getting into his car. The others shouted their goodbyes and started to head for home as well.

“I’ll drive you home, Y/N,” Phil said, moving to get back into his car. 

“No, I can do it!” Austin interjected quickly. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow and giving a smirk. “You- you’ve driven all day today, man, and you’re already home. Besides, it’s pretty much on my way,” he saved, rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled at his efforts to not look nervous.

“Thanks, man,” Phil said. “Y/N, I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah! Thanks for today,” I told him, hugging him goodbye. I walked to Austin’s car and got in, smiling to myself. When he slid into his seat, I looked over with a grin. He gave me a wink and started the engine.