i jsut have a lot of emotion

no offense lads but i love hippo campus with all of my god damn heart!! every fiber of my mortal body aches with my overwhelming love and adoration for them and their music!!!! their music is just so beyond anything else ive ever listened to its so colorful and evokes such strong emotions and i want to somehow make their songs a part of me because listening to them just isnt enough!! not to mention they’re super nice dudes who are crazy friendly and put you at ease when you’re talking to them i mean!!! they’re good guys making good music and they exude talent and passion in everything they do and they’re seriously such a unique and special band and sometimes i cant believe ive been lucky enough to have found them or to have even been here while theyre out there creating and sharing things with us!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!!!!!

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so i just finished reading the latest update. if u have more queer webcomic recs i am here. just here. waiting for more webcomics to ruin my life.

i’m not sure how serious u are but on the chance u actually want queer webcomic recs……


  • As the Crow Flies - queer kids at religious summer camp (willingly tho)
  • Autophobia - angsty high school boy nd the cutest puppy child u will ever meet 
  • Check, Please!  - college hockey and pie and angst
  • Eth’s Skin - fishers and selkie!!! 
  • Ghost of Agder - some supernatural kids decide to investigate a ghost at their school
  • Go Get a Roomie! - couchsurfing adorable lesbian meets always sleepy and dreamy girl. also trippy dreams and a bar and the best sidechars
  • Knights-Errant (reboot) - knight adventures + more
  • of course Les Normaux which is what u jsut read but since i’ve decided to post this public - more supernatural queer kids
  • Paranatural - kids nd ghosts (the queer kids here are sidechars but GREAT)
  • Shades of A(complete) + Shades After - ace parody of 50 shades of grey, but actually really great and emotional and wow
  • Sharp Zero - queer superhero nerds


  • Khaos Komix - the interwoven stories of 8 kids and 4 couples
  • YU+Me: Dream - super trippy lesbian high school romance. don’t stop halfway.

and of course i have lots more recs (queer and not) but since i’m reading 60+ webcomics i decided to only give u my absolute faves rn

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Red I don't know where else to go so I'm sorry but I'm venting to you (I'm also hoping you might be able to understand a bit). But like. basically. watching svtfoe and specifically watching marco has made me realize I might be a trans girl? And like. I'm just. I'm having so many feelings. I'm excited and terrified. Like this feels like it fits for me. ANd that's so exciting. it's such an exhilarating feeling to finally feel like "yes this is me this is who i am im not a boy im not even (1/?)

amorphous genderfluid (which I thought i was for a long time) i am a girl and i want to be pretty and that makes me so happy!“ but also like, it’s terrifying? in large part because im in STEM and as im sure you know, STEM is one of those fields with a weird mixture of progressivism and conservatism? and so i feel like ill never be able to really be out, not completely 100%, and probably not at all at work until i’m established in my career (so not for years from now) and i just. it makes me(2/?)

want to cry? im having so many emotions? i feel like im a teenager again in all the good and bad ways and its really confusing and a lot of feels and im 24 and i dont want to go through this a second time and i jsut. i just want someone to hold me and tell me it’s all gonna be ok and that ill get to be me because i jsut want to be me and wear makeup and go shopping for pretty dresses and im jsut so scared right now that i wont get to do that for a very long time without risking the career (3/?)

that i want and that ive wanted since i was 14. Anyways I’m really sorry about venting all this to you but this has been building in me for a few weeks now and all day today i’ve just wanted to shout all of this out and I felt like i was gonna explode. im so sorry


I’m proud of you.