i jsut feel


“Pretty much, I just met him as Amazingphil, which inspire all of you out there to just stalk your youtube subscriptions until they become your best friend but yeah pretty much like, I just used to @reply him on twitter like ;You saw that film? Hey dude, I like that film. You’ve got Muse’s new album? Hey, I like Muse’s new album’ and then he was like ‘We seem to have things in common, wanna chat on Skype?’ and then a couple of months later it was like ‘Hey dude, wanna hang out in town sometime?’ and it sort of went on from there…”  *

you all need to realize the power you hold through social media, like all of you on here with follower counts that exceed city populations need to use that power and help spread awareness for shit like this. social media is our biggest most accessible and most powerful tool. USE your audience


“Being around you drives me nuts! And not being around you…drives me nuts.”

calum promising coach that he’ll lock up after he’s done doing some extra practice on the ice and as soon as the door closes he tells you to come out of hiding from behind the back row of seats and you two spend the rest of the night dancing and falling and laughing at each other and before it’s all over with you have bruises on your neck and your lips are swollen from the two of you making out against the glass